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Sitting under a sea of stars,
Searching the black velvet sky
For lost dreams of you
Whispers of your poems are carried
On the gentle summer breeze
Reminding me that I can only
Have you dreams
The unending nights
Your smooth moves
Hot and heavy kissed
Touches that burning my skin
The witch laugh and cackles
She takes pleasure from my pain
She listens for the sound
my heart breaking 
She places one last curse upon me
To see nothing but your eyes
In each dream I have
Now all we share is the night
like the moon and the stars
We are miles apart and I am
Left never to feel the one touch i
Crave the most.
While on lockdown I have been spending some time with my poetry and learing how to make it better
As things fall
Apart you
Will remember how
I was the glue
That held everything
#glue #remember #together
Lost in
Dreams of you
That never last
My heart is heavy and
I can't breath.
Home feels like a prison
Without the bars.
Nine weeks of lockdown
Is finally getting to me.
My mind is fragile.
Walking in dreams.
Escaping this jaded reality.
The news pushes Bill gates
Dangerous vaccine.
Listening to my family agruing
Over 5G and of this virus is real is or not.
While I am just trying to keep my
Head above the water, and keep the wolf away from the door.
Turning off the news because I really
Don't want to hear it anymore.
All I know is this thing is pulling my family apart day by day.
I wrote this because my family are so divided by this virus and this poem came
From an argument between my brother and sister my brother thinks China is innocent and my little sister is against Bill Gates and trump its a mad time within my family.
I once had space,
Which was mine and now its anything
But mine feeling trapped
The only freedom comes in dreams
Which can't last forever
Trying hard to hold it together but I can feel everything slipping
Trying to keep the flood gates of anger
But they keep opening so slowly
I can feel the red mist falling
Preying hard hoping God is listen to me hoping he will take the anger from
Heart before it erupts and I rise hell
On please safe me before it is to late
#save #god #preying #opening #mist #red
A silent misery sitting in a golden cage.
Watching the day's passing by
My heart feels like an over flowing astray
Listening to another dead man's tale
Dreaming of the moment where I can
Get on that highway to tomorrow
Leaving this day behind.
These where from some writing prompts I have been using
A heavy heart.
A mind close to breaking
Been strong for to long
Scared to say no I am not okay
Painting on a fake smile upon my lips Playing the part of the happy clown
Who is never sad when they don't see you crying in the darkness
All they ever see the happy lies you keep telling everyone.
I just wish someone would love
Me as I am and give me wings to fly
And say i will take care of you
Anxiety is really hard to live with and you just want someone be to able look past that and see you
#care #love #wings
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