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I don't have all the answers.
I will make mistakes.
I will get things wrong.
But i have a heart that's big
As the ocean.
I am only human.
#human #mistakes #ocean #heart
Behind my smile lies a rage you
Have never seen before.
So please don't push me too hard.
Sometimes you meet that one person who pushs all your wrong buttons
#don't #me #push
My dreams that full of colour
In a place of happiness.
Feeling no sadness.
Then my eyes open and it's back
To the same black and white
World I know so well.
I have my good days and bad day sometimes all you can do is take the good with the bad
A broken mind can still be a
Beautiful mind.
My intention with this poem was to show that a person with a mental illness can still do beautiful things I have a mental health problem myself I hope this doesn't upset anyone
#beautiful #mind #mentalhealth
There is no learning to love.
Because I don't feel it.
I can't pretend that I do.
You want more than I can give.
So sorry if your hearing something
Different fall from my lips.
There will never be love.
I need you to listen.
Don't hold on to hope that my mind
Will change because it won't.
I need a friend nothing else.
If you can't be that then this is won't
Work between us.
#friends #listen #lips #love #never
Come see see me and we can live
After midnight.
Touch me under the silver moon light.
Kissing me under the stars.
Hold me tight pull me close to you.
Make me say your name.
Promise me one thing.
After tonight never let me go.
How do I start this poem?
How do I tell you that I love you?.
Because the bed is burning and my mind is full
Ready to burst.

Your the secret that I love to keep
Waiting onĀ  your message with anticipation.
Feeling my heart beat so hard.
Feeling things words can explain.

Longing to feel you pull me close.
Longing to taste your kiss.
Dreaming of being alone in your arms.
Getting lost in your eyes.

Your more than just a secert
Your my favourite to secert to keep
#secert #kiss #touch
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