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He watches the news for hours.
She watches videos that says this
Virus is not real its a hoax.
They never can explain why the
Death count keeps on rising.
Instead they blame politicians
And Bill Gates.
She believes the vaccine has a
Chip in it while he says  its made
From dead babies.
Angry when say its not real once
My response is.
Tell that to everyone who has lost
Someone that this is not real.
Tell those front line hero's this
Is not real.
Telling them both to share no
More narrow minded views with me
Because this is very real.
I wrote this today after listening to my brother and sister arguing over the lock downs and pandemic being real and it really got me the so call facts they where throwing at each other it was really annoying to hear their views on it to me this very real and people are dying from it
Voice of
Self doubt gets
Louder with every last
I feel that there are time when night comes everything catchs you
This was
Never meant to
Last so I'll say
The love you wanted
Was always right in front of you,
You where just to blind to see it.
Feeling envious
Of the butterfly who flys
To a freedom I'll never know.
Teach me to forget beauty such as his.
Let not these eyes gaze upon his warm smile
It's no lie nor a secret, the recalls
of his tender torso still feeds my desire.
When he and I meet on the edge of dreams,
We live in moments I won't remember.
If you must sigh and roll your eyes at me.
Show me another love as fair as him.
The thought of life without him tortures me.
Would one kiss be such an illicit deed?
Do you recall butterflies' cheering wings?.
Mock me if you must, by showing me it is
nothing other than unrequited love.
I've seen people waiting for empty hope.
He fires me to dream of him, does this make
me a fool?, or just a woman in love
Spare me the lecture!!!.
I know that I fall in love alone.
But this isn't a feeling that you
Can turn off.

I wish that i had never laid
My eyes on that man.
Hating myself for being unable
To let him go.

I can't think.
I can't breath.
I can't dream of someone else.
Maybe I deserve the pain.

I shouldn't answer his message.
But this sick love as you call it
Is better thank having nothing.
Call me crazy tell me it's on my head.

Just because I can't be with him.
It does mean that this love just
Dies because it doesn't die.
This from my unequeted love collection the woman in this poem is telling her friend that doesn't matter how one side this love is she still loves him and nothing will ever change it
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