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an unbelievable sight
an indescribable feeling
tell me what would you do
if i didn’t hold you tight
i can tell you the truth
take your heart and confuse it
walking, running, and tumbling
on an unstable ground

it’s a new us
our neverending story
nowhere else to go
but here with you
i’m not afraid the waves will swallow me

understand when i say
we will get our chance
tearful, fearful, but beautiful
a journey we can see

it’s a new us
there’s nothing keeping us here
i’ll chase you anywhere
i’ll be right there
will you catch me when i fall?
inspired by A Whole New World (Zayn ft Zhavia) can be sung with that melody
there shall be no ignorance
in my fair, lonely skies
for love might be blind
but justice is all eyes
prince of the forest
growing inside of me
antlers feel like gold
to my searching fingertips

stag caught in headlights
warning signs on hazel eyes
yours were even bluer
than the bluest skies

hunters with silver knives
chasing our bumpy trail
but your hooves fast as light
they chased to no avail

young deer kissed the fox
yapping at its feet
predator and prey
in peace can finally meet
find me where I'm most alone
before my fleeting feelings
turn to stone

don't let me turn the other way
if you ever think I'm slipping
hold my gaze and make me stay

hold the coffee to my nose
the warmth smells like home
and keeps me close

don't you ever say you're sorry
for taking care of me
for helping to melt away
the ice I was meant to be

*be my compass
guide me for our sake
for you're already the direction
I want my life to take
seeing you there
smooth skin, long neck
reminds me I still care
about all the pretty things
i'd forgotten were there

and so, tiny flower,
with the biggest heart,
if looks could kiss
our lips would never part
we're used to disappointment
our eyes shine brighter
without lights to guide them

we'll hold hands when we're done
when the moon isn't  the only thing
capable of outshining the sun

the night whispers in our ears
and the days rush forward
turning into years

we're used to disappointment -
we can't find stars in clear skies
so we don't need them to guide our eyes
and at the edge of madness
they offered him a hand
tragic acts of kindness
for with him
they later
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