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Hurricane Jul 3
I don't live within the walls,
I don't live between parentheses,
I don't grow towards the light,
I live underground,
Overwhelmed and dissatisfied,
Detached and fretful,
Still thinking my life is my own and my choices have meaning.
I'm back , divinely uninspired to a hellish extent

for the yellow wallpaper & HMT
Hurricane Apr 22
I read over the poem I wrote for you a while back,
I'm secretly hoping you have it saved somewhere,
I think I want to be back in your life,
But as the one in the wrong,
The one patiently waiting on the sidelines,
I know that's not my call.

You are in control here,
And I've already passed you the reins,
Go ahead - change this or don't,
But please don't say I never tried.

In a heartbeat I could write another poem about you,
Mapping your good qualities,
Declining to write about the bad,
I want to read your poetry again,
I want to hear about your day, how you're doing , what you're up to this week,
I don't want to watch your story,
Wishing I was there with you .
I messed up and I accept that , so did you but you still seem right
Hurricane Apr 16
I can plan out a lifetime based on one look,
A glance in my direction,
Though disputed,
Can prompt my imagination.

Our life would be happy,
Without harsh judgement,
You'd hold me close,
And laugh when I made the coffee wrong,
But we'd be happy.

This disputed glance,
Probably aimed at her,
Not the deeply loving girl,
Slightly to the right.
for the conscientious , hard worker always sat in the corner
Hurricane Apr 10
If a proxy war could end this town,
I'd spend the day searching for those eyes,
your eyes,
I'd take up arms in a secret spot,
our spot,
I'd barricade myself within,
a steel fort,
And refuse to leave without a fight.
In order for a conflict to be considered a proxy war, there must be a direct, long-term relationship between external actors .
Hurricane Mar 27
I think maybe if we believed we were worth it,
For more than one second each day,
the world would become a brighter,
more welcoming place .
inspired by one of my favourite poetry collections
Hurricane Mar 7
Your name was used in class today ,
Talked about for at least five minutes ,
Possibly more once I'd processed what was happening ,
I forgot about you ,
for that I apologise ,
you were a silent hero of mine and as I observed situations I felt you observe me ,
of course you weren't ,
but I still miss your presence .
n.h. you'll always be one of them , one of the best ones.
Hurricane Mar 7
writing poetry is like writing to an old friend ,
one you haven't heard from in years ,
one that , frankly , you forgot existed ,
you meet for coffee , discuss weekend plans and live in each others light ,
you'll still try to prove something ,
whether you're ready or right or fine,
eventually you'd part ways after promising you'd meet up again ,
for coffee in that same corner shop ,
on a gloomy day ,
to reminisce .
for Anna , whose love for coffee and friendship will always bring me joy .
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