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Miguel Muller Dec 2014
She rides alone
alone with her
baby alone
on a train
of many passengers
together making
a long journey home
home for Christmas.

She has a gaze
as she looks about
the train that puts
her mind some hundred
and more miles away
longing to be home
longing to be no longer
alone for Christmas.

The night long extending
as her baby sleeps
peacefully to the slow
gentle lullaby of the train’s
nightly flow through the
gentle falling snow as
she quietly prays
for happier days ahead.

As morning breaks
the sunlight beams
through hers and every
nearby window
projecting the radiance
of her fare blonde
beauty and bright blue eyes
with lovely art inked on her shoulders.

Time passes as do
many miles of track
as she finally arrives
home emerging with her
baby to her love
on the platform who
takes her in his arms fulfilling
her dreams for Christmas.

Miguel Muller Dec 2014
The flavor of the winter
on a cold morning after
a storm starts with a kitchen full
of busy hand making
while snow is flaking
a warm oven baking.

Steam laced with scents that
engage the heart in happiness while reawakening
childhood memories.

Mugs filled
with the warmth of coffee, tea, or cocoa
that soothes the throat when sipped.

Eyes smiling as
family members not together recently
give good company.

Thoughts of hope and
Happiness fill the soul and the mind
as the holidays usher the year’s end.

Miguel Muller Nov 2014
In this life we
live there is a
time to give, to
give thanks for
what we have
what we do
who we are
as we stand and
shine like the
brightest star.

In this time of thanks
we try to see
the goodness of gathering
with family
hoping that the closing
will hold the key
to an opening for better
in the new year to be.

The gathering of family
at holiday events
should NOT be about
the bling
the amount of presents.
It should be about
time together
that idea seems so
given, hello
maybe its just me.
Miguel Muller Nov 2014
Walking along an
Autumn afternoon
in New York
where in New York
somewhere upstate
somewhere downstate
somewhere leaves fall
in front of where
I approach
but land as a crash
like a stray piece
from construction
high above.

An afternoon
where dreams
of new
where visions
of more
than just a few
begin to fade
to black
as the sun’s
signature upon my
recluses from
the greyer skies.

Now lost in New York
I attempt to recover
and sojourn forth
from where I had
been to somewhere
somewhere different
somewhere inspiring
somewhere that brings
out the best
of not just a few
but all the rest
who wish
who dream
who ignite
like fire
as the presence
of Autumn’s
dimming light
truly and finally
does expire.

Miguel Muller Nov 2014
And so we elect
we elect
to reject
we elect
to disconnect
we elect
which one
showed more

Hardly do we
hear that the
winner will
an approach
to the issues they
really need to dissect
instead letting time
simply ride to neglect
the many whose
rights they should
be out to
the many whom
their lack of direction
will affect.

Miguel Muller Nov 2014
Through happiness
through sadness
we walk
the journeys of life.

We do not know how
we do not know why
a plague
a sickness
an epidemic
ever begins
what was it
that changed
as it was not
there before
in Africa
just a while ago
but now it is
and how it is
we may never know.

We do not know why
the bullets are chosen
again to fly
even when the media
“tells us why”
the knowledge
does not
wipe our tears
it does not
the next
who will die
no matter
how much
the hospitals

Let us pray
let us hope
as we journey
for healing
of the body
of the mind
and a better path
by those of
the destructive
Miguel Muller Oct 2014
Sinus Pressure
Up all night coughing
Losing sleep til morning
Next day many body aches
Off to Urgent Care I go
Ear infection diagnosed
On antibiotics
Going home to rest
Feeling better
Coughing less

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