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Oct 2018 · 610
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
you had always been a different kind
with dreams so far away

of a life lived with a greater meaning
nothing shy of unconventional

i had loved that bit about you
but it’s also what drew you away

you had a course
and i had mine
i just wanted things
that were in uncharted waters

so when you find yourself
in new adventures
don’t forget to send me a postcard

Oct 2018 · 655
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
you aren't my missing pieces
or my better half
you're just a shared part of my soul
we’ve pieced together
that i never want back

Oct 2018 · 5.2k
millennial lovers
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
we were millennial lovers
spending too much time drinking coffee
always talking through our phones
sharing ear buds with strangers
and standing up for things
we barely understand

Oct 2018 · 106
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
i want to be the home
you come home to
where keys are dropped on tables
coats are hung on hooks
and shoes are left at the door

Oct 2018 · 112
one day
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
one day
i hope to see you
do all the things you’ve dreamed of
sail the ocean
and climb every mountain

so get lost
in every connection you make
in every adventure you take

one day
i hope to see you
do all the things you’ve dreamed of
so you can tell me all about them

Oct 2018 · 103
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
so send me a postcard, love
when you find where you belong
it may be among the trees
or where cities never sleep
it may be along mountain tops
or the middle of nowhere
it may be beside the sea
or among the waves
it may be hours away
or minutes
just as long as you remember
where you first called home
Sep 2018 · 136
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2018
to new beginnings
she said raising a full glass
because life is short
and too many things end
before they are finished


Sep 2018 · 75
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2018
i am not broken
i am not breakable

Sep 2018 · 73
the rain
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2018
every day
i want to feel like the rain
to the earth

Sep 2018 · 692
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2018
i want love to feel
like i am out of breath

throat burning
heart pounding
chest heavy
lips gasping for air

lungs on the verge of collapsing

Aug 2018 · 74
Kelsey Chupp Aug 2018
we are all fools
drunk on ideas
of love and money
and living forever
but few remember
that death has no currency
nor mercy on the greedy
Jun 2018 · 259
Kelsey Chupp Jun 2018
just as flowers grow
to reach the sun
so will i grow
to reach you
Jun 2018 · 85
Kelsey Chupp Jun 2018
at night we sit on rooftops
watching the stars and holding hands
waiting for the days we will one day be them
all while granting wishes for long lost lovers
and for our lives that are yet to be
Jun 2018 · 917
free spirit
Kelsey Chupp Jun 2018
she was a free spirit
the kind whose hair smelled like the wind
and who ran with wolves
she walked barefoot up mountains
and danced in the rain
she picked wildflowers
and sang songs to the trees
she waited down seasides
and whispered secrets to the stars
she was a free spirit
the kind that need not be tamed
Jun 2018 · 255
no plan(et) b
Kelsey Chupp Jun 2018
the Earth whispered
rustling the leaves of the trees
making ocean waves move
and the animals scatter
as She tells the tales
of life
and the reasons
for why the rain falls more in the spring
why stars look best in autumn
why trees speak underneath the ground
and why mountains move without being seen
She is mystery for no one to solve
but for everyone to admire
Mar 2018 · 162
Kelsey Chupp Mar 2018
there is nothing like the breath of spring
of fresh fallen rain and blooming flowers
the sweet tune of songbirds
calls me out the door
sometimes i find myself wondering
why flowers bloom
and the names of the stars  
the trouble is
you’ll never find the answers
if you always stay indoors
Kelsey Chupp Mar 2018
am i the kind of girl
a guy comes back for
or am i the kind
that waits forever to see if he will
Mar 2018 · 105
Kelsey Chupp Mar 2018
we shut doors to the past
but we never say we lock them
only the lingering secrets
Mar 2018 · 85
Kelsey Chupp Mar 2018
the tide rolled in
waves lapping at the cool sand
as the sun moved its way below the ocean
and pastels illuminated the sky above
it was dreamy
and i was never more in love
Mar 2018 · 115
simple things
Kelsey Chupp Mar 2018
it’s okay to love the simple things
like the way coffee smells in the morning
rainy days
long car rides
messages from old friends
good books
hellos from strangers
lost pennies
puppy kisses
and the casual way that i am just me
30th poem
Feb 2018 · 113
Kelsey Chupp Feb 2018
the only state
where dreams
are encouraged
and they almost
feel real
Feb 2018 · 737
love & airplanes
Kelsey Chupp Feb 2018
i waited
i fought
i chased
for the things that would never stay
like the love i held for you
i was like all the guys in movies,
chasing after the girl
desperately hoping
for another chance
but you boarded the plane
and so did my hope
in ever finding you again
Feb 2018 · 131
Kelsey Chupp Feb 2018
you say hello
like you practice it in a mirror.
you have never been sincere.
for as long as i have known you,
all that ever mattered
was what you saw in your own reflection.
Feb 2018 · 102
Kelsey Chupp Feb 2018
nothing about her was steady
i miss you
she whispered out to the stars,
her voice quivering with on coming tears
i miss you more
than you could understand
and yet
the worst part is
you are still around
and i have to live knowing
that the dreams i wasted on you
will never come true

i miss you
she said again, almost correcting herself
her voice a little louder and steadier this time
but not as much
as i miss myself
Feb 2018 · 73
the wind
Kelsey Chupp Feb 2018
there is something about the wind
its frigidness
and cold whispers
that seep into my bones
it calls for me at my window each night
it always warns. . .
a part of me knows
that it is only the cold wind that blows
casting its shadows against bedroom walls
but my door is always open
in case other company shows
for mrs. thornburg
Feb 2018 · 493
leaves and flowers
Kelsey Chupp Feb 2018
she was a leaf
holding up the blossom
that grew above her

it is hard to love a flower
because beauty
is sometimes vain

that is why i love her
and not the flower
for leaves are not vain
they do not envy
they are kind
and they are true

it is easy to let beauty blind you
for leaves fall before petals wilt
Feb 2018 · 192
Kelsey Chupp Feb 2018
is like a flower
growing steady
in the sunlight
and growing
even when it rains
Dec 2017 · 226
Kelsey Chupp Dec 2017
it is not the height of which a plant has grown
that makes it important,
or even its beauty,
but rather
the love
and dedication
that made it grow
Dec 2017 · 136
Kelsey Chupp Dec 2017
under our breaths
we all but whisper
of the times
we have lost so long ago
that still haunt us in our dreams
Dec 2017 · 93
Kelsey Chupp Dec 2017
it takes a strong person
to forgive the people who have hurt them
because they never come back quite the same
they’re always a bit more broken
but always stronger nonetheless
Dec 2017 · 116
Kelsey Chupp Dec 2017
he loves me
he loves me not
he loves me
he loves me not...

the last petal falls

he loves...
Dec 2017 · 103
antique shop love
Kelsey Chupp Dec 2017
i was in love with all the broken things
and the things others left behind
like guitars with missing strings
old record players that skipped a few beats
dusty books that fell apart
and people with already broken hearts
Dec 2017 · 158
missing you
Kelsey Chupp Dec 2017
missing You
is that gut feeling
that apart of me is hollow
but i just don’t know how to fill it
without those little pieces of you
Nov 2017 · 297
Kelsey Chupp Nov 2017
we are nomads
finding love in things that change
finding homes in our adventures
and finding ourselves in the in-betweens
Oct 2017 · 29
dear sailor
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2017
for you
i would buy a boat
so you could sail far away
and adventure in a life
that only existed in dreams

for you
i would buy a boat
so when the ocean waves whisper
and beckon for you
while it calls you to blue waters
to its sandy beaches and waves
it will know there is not much longer

for you
i would buy a boat
because you are not you
unless your heart is covered in sand
and your lungs are filled with salty air


an old gift for a old friend on their birthday
Oct 2017 · 183
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2017
so we leap
taking daring chances
into the things we do not know
but holding onto the feeling
that it will be worth it
Oct 2017 · 156
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2017
do not be afraid to express emotions
for they are yours and no one else’s
there is no such thing as overreacting
because like chemicals
we are made to react
so produce emotions
shout out your anger
speak your sadness
love loudly
whisper your passions to the stars
and tell the wind your frustrations
do not be afraid to feel
to change
to fight
to question
for you are made for so much more
than bottled up emotions
Sep 2017 · 160
our foundation
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
we were crumbling bricks,
walls with scattered graffiti,
and broken windows
but our foundation was sturdy
so from the ground up,
we built ourselves again
making ourselves greater
than we used to be
Sep 2017 · 77
beautiful imperfections
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
there are simple things about you
the ones you find yourself to hate
like stray freckles
and skin that wrinkles
or even extra parts of you
it is in those little imperfections
where i find myself falling in love
with every inch of you
Sep 2017 · 78
the rose
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
she was a rose
then one day,
someone plucked her
now all that remains,
are the thorns
they left behind
Sep 2017 · 109
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
and so
with a flower tucked behind her ear
and feet bare
she took her first steps
to the start
where not even she knew where it ended
Sep 2017 · 99
dreary days
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
there are days where i wish
that time moved more slowly
so that laughs were more often
coffee was served just right
dogs lived a lot longer
less people were lonely
and leftovers tasted better than they did yesterday
Sep 2017 · 179
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
we exist
only for brief moments in time
so when we die
we better hope the end
is only just a new beginning
Sep 2017 · 124
among the wildflowers
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
it was among the wildflowers
where she found refuge
where the winds always sang
and trees always danced
when the rains came
she danced along with them
keeping to the beat
of the deep rolls of thunder
she was as wild as the beasts
and as free as the birds
it was only there
in the shelter of the meadow
among the wildflowers
where the forest kept watch
that she found
who she really ought to be
Sep 2017 · 98
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
she had secrets so deep
that not even the depths of the ocean
could understand her
Sep 2017 · 92
two words
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
you asked me for two words,
so all i uttered was this:
look up
Sep 2017 · 99
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
as children we are told to fear monsters
for they lived under our beds
and dwelled in dark corners
casting shadows while we slept
leaving closet doors cracked open
but no one told us  
we could be monsters too
now every time i look in the mirror
i am afraid of what i see
Sep 2017 · 101
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
I, with all the power in the world,
could not stop you from falling.
you, with all the force of the ocean,
could not stop Me from rising.
Sep 2017 · 99
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
we are setting suns
and stars after dark,
just when the moon finds itself in the sky.
our youth makes us wild,
makes us reckless.
we tell ourselves,
we are the matches that light the sun,
burning endlessly into the unknown.
Sep 2017 · 210
Kelsey Chupp Sep 2017
you came like summer rain
and i
like autumn leaves
to the places only your feet would go

— The End —