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Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
you had always been a different kind
with dreams so far away

of a life lived with a greater meaning
nothing shy of unconventional

i had loved that bit about you
but it’s also what drew you away

you had a course
and i had mine
i just wanted things
that were in uncharted waters

so when you find yourself
in new adventures
don’t forget to send me a postcard

Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
you aren't my missing pieces
or my better half
you're just a shared part of my soul
we’ve pieced together
that i never want back

Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
we were millennial lovers
spending too much time drinking coffee
always talking through our phones
sharing ear buds with strangers
and standing up for things
we barely understand

Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
i want to be the home
you come home to
where keys are dropped on tables
coats are hung on hooks
and shoes are left at the door

Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
one day
i hope to see you
do all the things you’ve dreamed of
sail the ocean
and climb every mountain

so get lost
in every connection you make
in every adventure you take

one day
i hope to see you
do all the things you’ve dreamed of
so you can tell me all about them

Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
so send me a postcard, love
when you find where you belong
it may be among the trees
or where cities never sleep
it may be along mountain tops
or the middle of nowhere
it may be beside the sea
or among the waves
it may be hours away
or minutes
just as long as you remember
where you first called home
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