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When the first man first achieved consciousness
So that he knew he had fallen asleep,
How can you imagine his nervousness
That he had died and gone into the deep?

Or the first time thunder roared overhead,
Having never seen lightning in the sky?
Primitive man must have thought he was dead,
Or in the moments to come he would die.

Before there were mirrors or reflection,
Could man know that he had a human face?
For without any form of inspection,
He’d have thought himself alone in his place.

I feel like I know only a bit more,
But I only know what’s already here.
What’s coming has never happened before,
It’s arrival will stun me into fear.
BOBINA May 2018
A poison so sweet, irresistible,
Much like the nights where those fictional thoughts creep up your throat and run down your eyes
Leaving you alone to your own demise
I despise how your own physical disappears with your mental as you, poison yourself with something demented but, yet, you swallow knowing of its effects on you.

As your mind soars afar yet you stay near as the wind brushes pass your ear, whispering the things you need to hear.
While hoping that it'd take you anywhere that would save you from the immortality that is the endless depth of your mind that seems to never diffuse into the  darkness of irrationality.
Yes the home,  of insanity that is cozier than your rationality that picks you apart, spurns you around and knocks you down into an abysmal bliss of  a reality that is split into two, with the question am I really me or am I  really you ?
I wanted to eat and eat and projectile ***** the aches of this soul into the oblivion that is thee unknown.
Emily McClelland Oct 2017
Distorted reality as which to become,
A land full of joy and excitement.
Where candy is as sweet as love,
Followed by words of true intention,
Laughter as satisfying as lust,
In a world so unknown, yet kind.
Kelsey Chupp Oct 2017
so we leap
taking daring chances
into the things we do not know
but holding onto the feeling
that it will be worth it
Miss Me Jul 2017
I turn and glance
  And she does it too

I lean to test me
   And she pushes me right on through

am i
Am I
am i

At the end
Only feeling this blue at times
I will never succumb to these atrocities!
Mays Benatti Jul 2017
Words can be described
Though when they're felt it's magic
If I felt sunshine would it be magic? Or did I just describe another word without knowing
The Ripper Nov 2016
These arms
  are yours
to break,
So steal me
in the clench
of your teeth.
Lull me into your *******;
make me your little
**** ***.
to connect,
release your
blackest sunset;
Let us not forget
one another.

in your
I'm eternally
&& Grateful.
once you know the truth there is no going back
you cannot unsee it
there is no longer a choice to stay oblivious to the unknown

all these answers you search for cannot be found for a reason
watch the show
stay in front of the curtains

don't look behind
for ignorance is bliss
and wisdom is prison
Cordelia Rilo Oct 2015
my lids are heavy
held down by pain and dried blood
I can feel the ground
my fingers wet
the smell of a public toilet
it's dark
I feel like I've just lost my mind

Two days later I'm pressed against hot benches
light blaring down on my
now red
bare chest
I know I can't move
"Sit Down!"
if I stretch my legs
just for a second
I could be in here the entire day

Five years later
sewing in thick gloves that don't fit my once feminine hands
I can see past the windows that can't open
men walking in the grass
gray clothes
gray hair
walking together as if they were chained
or had been
for far too long

One year later
the walls laugh at me
their pathetic attempts at a
"***** feel"
I see my friend in the corner of the room
I'd missed her
I start walking towards her
and notice her chin caked in spit
and her eyes glazed over
with emptiness

will I ever be free
will I ever convince them
will I ever run again

*will he ever find me
Clara Cartwright, 1929-1931
Claire Gleeson Feb 2015
O' retched creature,
Un hand me from thy grasp!
I must be free,
And then you'll find,
I'm worth being kept alive.
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