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Elmo Cross Jul 10
Oo aaminin ko,
di ako perpekto
Oo alam na alam ko,
sa sarili ko di ako kuntento

Marami akong pagkukulang,
marami akong kamalian
Ngunit hindi kailanman
Na ako'y nagsisi na pinili ka

Maaaring hindi nga ako talaga magiging perpekto
Pero ito ay ayos lang
Basta kasama ka
Ang nilalang na nagpalimot ng aking pagkukulang

Bakit ba sadyang kay Ganda ng mundong ito
Kung tutuusin ay wala naman perpekto dito
Siguro ako'y masyado **** nabighani
Siguro ay ikaw na ang aking mundo

Oo aaminin ko, hindi ako perpekto
At kailanman ay hindi magiging perpekto
Pero ito ay ayos lamang
Dahil ikaw naman ang bubuo sa aking pagkukulang
Binababa ko na lahat ng yabang ko at inaamin na hindi ako magiging perpekto kailanman. Ako ay isang mortal at makasalanan na iniligtas lang ng Diyos. Pero sana ako pa rin ay tanggapin mo kahit na ganito ako, aking iniirog.
Amanda Jul 4
Reached the tipping point
No medicine can fix me
Broken too badly
Is brokenness two ns or one?
A Jun 11
Hours have gone by
Days have gone by
A year
A full year has gone by
Since meeting you
Since touching you
Kissing you
Falling for you
I remember it like it was yesterday
Your memories haunt me everyday
I think about you like your still apart of me
Making me wish I could relive just that one day
Will I ever learn to forget you? Or will you always be apart of me?
You consume me
A touch
Makes me remember is how you held me
A kiss
How yours is still the only one that will staisfy me
I meet strangers to forget you
But all it ever left me was wanting more of you
Wolfatheart Jun 6
My heart has been broken for too long now.
It seems like an eternity of all now.
Nothing's the same and everythings gone.
But as much as I want this to end somethings wrong.

The brokenness just doesn't feel like normal heartbreak.
Though I know I can never make up for your mistake.

So I'm just stuck
For ever
Wondering how.
It makes my
Feel so
Mister J Apr 19
I'm choking on oxygen

My palms are sweating too much
My heart is jumping inside my chest
My brain is on a drunken haywire
I'm literally left speechless and dazed

I didn't see this coming

You're standing in front of me
Once again I get a glimpse of you
A glimpse that I would've killed for
In what was like a lifetime ago

You render me helpless

I thought I was done with this
My life was back on track again
My heart healing from the wounds
That your departure inflicted on me

And yet here I am

Time froze again for me
Because as the pain resurfaced in me
You seem like you're having fun
Living life as if nothing happened

And yet you left me in misery

How dare you smile in front of me
Showing me expressions that I've never seen before
Your smile a mockery of the harrowing experience
Of everything I went through because of you

I'm trying not to sob

You look like you own the world
Being happy with someone else nowadays
Yet here I am frozen and dumbstruck
As you blatantly ignore me when our eyes met

Here I go again

Spiraling in a downward depression
Feeling used and abused
When I simply gave my all to you
And you show me how insignificant I am to you

I'm done with this

I'm done with you and your cruel heart
That enjoys the misery of those she left
That craves attention only for self fulfillment
And leaves destruction in your wake

You are a storm

As storm that passed by my life
Who's torrential downpour I craved
But left me destroyed and broken
Leaving me to die out of breath

This is the last goodbye

I never want anything from you
Whose love is too hellish to earn
I never want to go through this again
Even if it leaves me wanting more from you

See what mess you left me in?
Outburst of words and emotions

Hi there!
Thanks for reading!

-Mr. J

I grew up in the putrid decay of trauma
Trying to reconstruct the systems drama
Playing a part of victimized slaughter.
Of every word of hope I had, every laugh
Every stab, every push in the back every part of love I lack
Every piece of hate I contract. Man I'm losing track.
Keeping every Jenga piece in the stack.
And I hate the negativity I attract.
Thats why I’m trying something new.
Turning my progression into something true. Every copy, Every piece, Everything I do
Constructed into a new brand of truth
And as time is passing. Voices are still asking. Why is this white kid up here rapping.
And I ‘ll tell you why this is my passion. I hate the thought of our trauma crashing.
Making the better of us while the devil is laughing. And in a corrupt world where body’s are stacking and hurt is open traffic. And the only frequency we receive is static.  And the fact that my mom was an attic only adds comfort to my panic. This system is nerving ending. And the shock is sending a mixed wave of pending impulses. And when the action is constructed, Their only thoughts are the past your stuffed with. Gagged and fed in. The hate of what you did that you’re continuously stuck with. And no matter your current sins. You are still given the opportunity to be forgiven.
Points are misconstrued. Any question, Every answer. Anything you choose.
Lets pick one to re-construe.
Our systems are filled with hate. Abuse to recreate. Siblings are disconnected.
And our worlds are fed with the continuous negativity within our media that our minds our sent with.
Peace within the races is drifted apart. And theres no light in the dark. Only bodies of morals that were taken from the start. Blood fashioned into a negative art. There’s racial divide right where the lines are. And the distance of peace is mile like far. Crimes committed every hour by the powered while someone innocent is arrested every hour. And when the diverted posture of hate is playing a part to keep our mouths sour. Eyes are closed. Centuries of neglect rose. And hatred is like fire ready to emerge from the stove. And our ideas of morals are completely distorted. Warped and contorted. Flooded with the pattern of systematic blood. Ideas of change are purposely adverted. Not enough pineal glands Removed  from the skin when the knife is inserted. The system designed to keep us devoured. Within the difference of civil slavery and power. You want something to pray about. What about the neglect of the deaths of the ones who are left. And yet we are still having *** with the devil, who is the one to meddle with our lively hood.  And yet those things aren’t understood. The first thing to truth being unearthed is.  
The possibility of the word ‘could’. And then change can finally give birth.
blackbiird Feb 6
She was a beautiful disaster
waiting for you to rebuild her.
Nathan Chittum Oct 2018
My heart hurts... and I feel burned... I feel USED! AND ABUSED! AND TORN!

I'm not mad at you but at me. I just.... want.... to flee....

**** you don't like rhymes, I'll stop. Why could not I have been ready for you when you were ready for me... I'm sorry.

I cried when I saw your book of scraps and pictures today. Never have I ever, felt, so, loved. I guess I thought it was a game. Time to stand up cause I lost, never have I ever.

Because you weren't a game but a person, that's been used and abused yet somehow stayed true despite the blue....**** there I got again. I do it cause it's easy. Unlike you, I just...
wish we could anew.
I'm not sorry I still love you
I'm not sorry I still love her and I'm not sorry it still hurts this bad. The worse thing is I don't know if that was the best love I've ever had or the best love I will ever have. The only thing I'll actually be sorry for is if she she's this and is conflicted after I promised to be easy. I just wish I could scream this for the gravity in which it's in me.
Damaris ZA Mar 2018
a stone
             that falls
                              down a
a­ mind
                that escapes
but a
           heart that
                              bleeds out
                                                      ­               breaks.
Kelsey Chupp Dec 2017
i was in love with all the broken things
and the things others left behind
like guitars with missing strings
old record players that skipped a few beats
dusty books that fell apart
and people with already broken hearts
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