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Dissipating  too  slowly
in this life..

I should believe

in more...



Boiling up
into a million


Maybe I should   just
take it slow.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

You're killing me







Deep beneath the cover
of another perfect wonder

Where it's so white as snow

Privately divided
by a world so undecided

And there's no where to go

In between the cover
of another perfect wonder

Where it's so white as snow

Running through a field
where all my tracks will b e concealed

and there's no where to go

I said hey,


Oh yeah...

tell my love, now.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
I open my eyes
But can't open my heart
It's a door tightly shut
So new love can't start

Looking for an antidote
To take the pain away
Heal my brokenness
I want to feel okay

Find myself between two walls
One is hope
The other fear
I can't climb over either
Frozen in place here

I know I'm not the easiest
Soul to love and adore
I try my best most days I live
But still should be doing more

I push away caring arms
Force myself to be alone
It's safer to suffer solitude
Than risk venturing into unknown

The past haunts my every move
Reminding me of my mistakes
So foolish though I never learn
How much more regret will it take?
Open the eyes of my heart
There she was.
A beautiful little rose.
But heartbreak after heartbreak.
She looses her precious petals.
Until nothing was left of her.
Poppy Gallagher Feb 2020
There he was
With his black velvet heart
Smooth to touch, to feel, to love
Drawing me into that luxuriousness of this man
Something so soft, but so dark, so dark.

So I continued to be drawn by the softness, the richness
The dark eyes, dark hair, oh the lair
Once captured there was no escape
My heart forever was bound by his sultry all
No escape for whom we fall.

I shall never leave my cell
Of love that is lost and at great cost
Was my love was for him.
In my dreams he does come
But only with pain
To hurt me, break me over again
Oh the love that was lost at such a great cost.

I lost my heart to him and to him alone
My sweet innocent heart placed at his throne
Till death do us part was so very wrong
It simply did not last that long
But for him my mind does still roam.

To love again I will never impart
Because of his black velvet heart.

The End
This poem is about the first and only true love of my life.
Madelle Calayag Jan 2020
your "together"
was only
"to get her" ,
nothing more.

Love was not present on that relationship that she once had.
Tom Atkins Jan 2020
No longer the guardian.
No longer the hero.
Simply a soldier, a pawn in the battle,
unnoticed, fighting your own small battles,
your shield and skin and soul marked,
somehow still standing,
somehow able to wake in the new morning,
stand, and prepare for battle one more time.

There are no victories,
only the tide of war, the ebb and flow.
and a determination not to drown
in your own blood,
sure now, after a decade and more,
that you will not die of your wounds.

Even the broken
have power.
It is all a matter of how, or if
you choose to wield it.
One of my strongest beliefs is that even broken, we have power to help and heal the world around us.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2019
Reached the tipping point
No medicine can fix me
Broken too badly
Is brokenness two ns or one?
Abby Jun 2019
Hours have gone by
Days have gone by
A year
A full year has gone by
Since meeting you
Since touching you
Kissing you
Falling for you
I remember it like it was yesterday
Your memories haunt me everyday
I think about you like your still apart of me
Making me wish I could relive just that one day
Will I ever learn to forget you? Or will you always be apart of me?
You consume me
A touch
Makes me remember is how you held me
A kiss
How yours is still the only one that will staisfy me
I meet strangers to forget you
But all it ever left me was wanting more of you
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