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kgl May 2022
let go of dreams that aren’t serving you
let go of dreams that will never come true
you’re still sitting sobbing in your room to songs you were crying to at 14
and what the **** is growth anyway?
doesn’t pain throb the same at any age?
why hang on to possibilities when the potentiality of everything is right there in front of you?
shut up, you stupid *****: you’re brilliant
I love you
I will keep on loving you until you figure out what’s going on here
who you are
is not all you will be
and I love you
you’re mine
what else could I do?
kgl Sep 2021
i am trying to take care of my body
nurture it as if it were a newborn
cherish its hills and valleys, winding channels and perpetual rainfall
trying to help it move and sit and walk
and perhaps someday it will dance again

i am trying to take care of my mind
gather it up into my arms, tenderly
push away the clouds that gather and threaten to obscure the sun
throw open the curtains, unleash the riotous day
flood its rooms with light and the inevitability
of unwavering hope

i am trying to take care of my soul
nurse it carefully, puckered lips towards the sky
awake in anticipation for all the things that are yet to happen
the may-nots, the mays, the possibilities, the junes
and all of the beautiful days
that are sure to follow

as i push away the fury in my heart.
kgl Oct 2019
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my rain pelts down harsher than the
words you spit
in vehement violence
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my lightening strikes brighter than the
empty promises you made
(brighter, but just as fleeting)
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my rage is vast, immeasurable
filling oceans with its ferocity
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and this too will pass, leaving
chaos in its wake.
kgl Jan 2019
there is an exquisite kind of despair
especially reserved for those with a secret
that possesses the mind with a violence

if loose lips sink ships
why am i drowning in my silence?
kgl Dec 2018
when different in city,
far in distance, we keep afloat
with a tenderness that anchors us
unwavering, in sight of shore
we move with the current,
rising and falling,
finding our bedrock
on the ocean's floor
i can't wait to see you again
kgl Aug 2018
unlike the moon overshadowed by sun
i will not diminish myself
just to see you shine

unlike a scarf reached for on a stormy day
i will not wind myself around your neck
to keep you warm

unlike dust escaping old pages disturbed
i will not rise, nor fall, nor settle
nor make anyone happy
before myself
A draft saved from Nov' 17 - seems a world away now
kgl Aug 2018
if your body is a temple then i am my safe house
but even the safest places can be seduced by a flame
and every time you touch me, you set my world ablaze
I found this on my notes from June 29th - I'd obviously woken up and written it while I was semi-asleep because I have no recollection of it and the timestamp on the note is 03:42. Thought it could live here for a while.
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