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kgl Dec 2018
when different in city,
far in distance, we keep afloat
with a tenderness that anchors us
unwavering, in sight of shore
we move with the current,
rising and falling,
finding our bedrock
on the ocean's floor
i can't wait to see you again
kgl Aug 2018
unlike the moon overshadowed by sun
i will not diminish myself
just to see you shine

unlike a scarf reached for on a stormy day
i will not wind myself around your neck
to keep you warm

unlike dust escaping old pages disturbed
i will not rise, nor fall, nor settle
nor make anyone happy
before myself
A draft saved from Nov' 17 - seems a world away now
kgl Aug 2018
if your body is a temple then i am my safe house
but even the safest places can be seduced by a flame
and every time you touch me, you set my world ablaze
I found this on my notes from June 29th - I'd obviously woken up and written it while I was semi-asleep because I have no recollection of it and the timestamp on the note is 03:42. Thought it could live here for a while.
kgl Nov 2017
our lips met because our minds couldn't
and when they parted, you felt further away than ever
we ruined everything, didn't we?
kgl Oct 2017
it used to be a landscape
where our souls would intertwine
but you left me, four whole months ago
and now both sides are mine
i found this on my notes. i started it a while ago, back in May, but had forgotten to finish it. but now it feels complete
kgl Jul 2017
i miss you is harder to say than i love you.

i love you is difficult, it's true.

but i miss you suggests something more;
"you were here, now you're not, i'm hurting from a lack of you."

and that somehow feels more vulnerable than love
whose fleeting, temporary words
i have said to those
i now most abhor.

love's promises and delights
are crushed into dust
while i miss you means
"i want more."
not really a poem, more a thought.
kgl Jun 2017
if, while on the other side of the world,
you buy me a book
and post it to me
along with the words
'i read this and i thought of you
and i knew you had to read it too'

then what else is left for me to do
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