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Vii HunniD Nov 2016
Shooting a premature dream
Within diapers,
Never stressingout,
But I remember feeling,
Left behind like a stepchild
Thy were not feeling me then
But I'm a threat now to thee
Right afterwards feeling like Kratos
Now stand up tall and fe/male up.
Vii HunniD Nov 2016
Why do they say, "we are meant to be"
When in the end, it's only history.
Why do we breathe, only to die...
Why is there such a thing called trust
When constantly, there's a knife in your back.
Why are we together, only to separate...

The devastation eats from within
Causing you to sink deeper and deeper...
Trapped in the fog...nowhere to go.
No sense of being.
Lost outside...
All alone.
Vii HunniD Dec 2016
Am I an apperception?
I got "someone" who needs me in her life,
I got "people" who need me six fit under,
I am an ambitious person so...
They dislike me for my ambitions...

Am I the chosen "one"?
I pray everyday when I wake up and before I sleep,
Including everyone who's important to me...
I see things that happened when I wasn't there,
I see things that will happen before they do
Sill not going to church, yet...

Am I who I am?
Is What I see in the mirror an illusion,
Or pretentiousness...
Do they dis/like me for my fractal expression,
Or something else unknown...
Am I an appreciation to this world?
Vii HunniD Dec 2016
Limits are push overs

If you want to know who you are,
You have to look at your real self,
Also acknowledge what you see...
We do not know what kind of people we truly are,
Until the moment before our angers of love,
Anger of hatred is Unleashed,
That comes to embrace you,
You will realize what you truly are.

That's  what anger is, don't you think?
Vii HunniD Jan 2017
The imbalance on my rivals
Shows the lack of knowledge
Can not compete against me,
Elevated in enlightenment / of vivid devotion...

Solitary thoughts made me bias,
Cipher rivals got me satire -
Y'all know my chicness, can't compare.

I am emitted to make a decision,
I will not give none my "treasure chest",
I will take a chance and risk my on,
Facing my decision it's a funny feeling...
It's about a girl I like
Other guys are competing with me
To get her...
Vii HunniD Mar 2017
Is that your friend or a snake in disguise,
If that person gives a advice that will lead to your demise.
Just some questions?
Snakes in the grass,
The only why to see them,
Is to lawnmower the grass...

Since young even now I still dream of being rich,
I'm on the road to the rich side,
How can you blame a black man, who works for fiends,
By serving them, doing the ***** jobs,
How can you blame a black man that never had things???...
There are only two ways...
The good news is you on your way to the rich side,
The bad news is you on the wrong way of the side,
I personally think being poor is better.

The only thing that a male wants,
Is a Rolex or AP so he can flex with his left rist,
Can never compare to someone,
Because we all disequilibrium.
All blessed but people thinking the blessing is not enough,
Always gonna be a shoe that's better than yours,
Always gonna be an apartment that better than yours,
The struggle contains beauty and all types of happiness.

I think being poor is better.
Live your life to it's betterest level,
Always esteem yours...
Vii HunniD Nov 2016
Life and time...

In life, leave
In time, use
In life, live
In time, ideal

Why do we exist but not sist to exist?

Water is useless to time,
Fire is unnecessary to time
Water is essential, to life
Fire is nonessential, to life

What happens if planet's rotate backwards?

Will we'll ungrow and get young again,
Will the medulla metamorphosis diminish,
If time could move much more fasters
We would had towards future
Travelling through speed of light towards future
If time could move more fasters but backwards,
We would stop reminiscing and live in a nostalgic life.

It takes time to make greatness,
Greatness is also timed by time it self.
Vii HunniD Nov 2016
We live in a world where perfection
Is deemed as an illusion by phony people
Losing someone important without a variable
Shows no value to the one who cares,
It diminishes excitement of emotions
While elevating sadness emotions level.

Unnoticed good people are treated unfairly
Like me, I remember in the darkness, waiting
On my daylight, thirsty and I couldn't cry no more
Still treat people with care because I know how it feels,
While trying to shed tears and still thirsty...

We turn a blind eye to the one who cares
Bothering the one who don't care
That's the thing with emotions...
They always find a way to resurface.
Vii HunniD Apr 2017
I will tower like an obelisk,
Egyptian subologist try to follow them words I wrote to paint pictures,
My hieroglyphics are the hardest script to read...
Vii HunniD Nov 2016
The clocks are ticking
If you haven't noticed
They gaining much more,
Momentum at each and every split second
It's time to make a move
Life is a chess game, played with blinks
You better not blink...
You better make a move

I'm against the universe
I'm just waiting for it to make it's nonsensical move
So I can show y'all that,
I stood up and I ain't going to sit down
I strategized and I'm 10 moves ahead of it
No matter which move it makes
It's time for checkmate...
Vii HunniD Nov 2016
Just take a minute and think of it,
As in one second is one breath ,
Fifty split seconds are two heartbeats.

What happens when time stops?

Your heartbeat stops too.
Now time is speechless cause
Of the way people miss using time,
While time is timeless
Vii HunniD Dec 2016
Solitary confinement
With my thoughts
Scrutinizing hip-hop's;
Southern and western rapper's lyrics
Making my annotates
Trying to explain my thoughts,
Beyond Hellish...

Analysing stealth notion
In a taciturn booth
Making my annotates
Alone with my "Endeavour—able" thoughts,
Forking folks like a chess game,
Queen for Knight or checkmate...

Metamorphosis reactions,
Merging quarks and quarks... ,
Forming viihunnid, I —
Will be causing earthquakes
From the southern hemisphere in the north side.
Vii HunniD Apr 2017
My confidence was confiscated by the one I love
More confrontations, shortened patience
I'm aggravated, agitated
Hate to say this...
And I feel like I been a ***** up...
To God I pray
To each his own, I can't condone
I compensate, the **** relates
And freeze the mind of my mistakes
I smoke and drink, I contemplate
I start to think, I hate my life existence
But that ain't true, but that ain't true
Wear my shoes, I bet you couldn't fit in them if you tried to
And I'm feeling like I hate myself
I hate this game and sometimes I feel like,
I hate this world too...
But it's going change, yeah yeah, this **** going to change
I hate it had to be this way
My heart beats this way
Now why my heart beats this way...
I hate it had to be this way...
That's how I feel...
Vii HunniD Jan 2017
My intuition is telling me,
There will be better days approaching...
I'm attempting to approach the approbation
Of my career that I is going to fulfil...
My thoughts get real rational,
My feelings get real vivid,
My chic get elevated,

My intuition is telling me,
There will be better days idiosyncratic...
My intuition is never incorrect,
My intuition is illumine not an illusion...
With my intuition I'm imperturbable
Not everyone has the same one...
Not everyone has the same one...
Not everyone has the same one...
Vii HunniD Jan 2017
Preparations came with opportunities
Play time limited due to accomplishments required
Cautiously took an optimistic view preparing optimism
Potential doing better than previously
Rivals can't compete or compare
Functioning on better level than optimum
Stay pious opposing fiendish creatures...
Vii HunniD Nov 2016
"People Live their Lives bound by what they accept
As correct and true,
Not the incorrect or the probabilities
Of something...
That is how they define Reality."

But what does it mean to be correct or true?

They are merely vague concepts...
Their Reality may all be a mirage.
Can we consider them to be simply living,
In their own world, shaped by their beliefs?
"What if we are living in a world of phony-mitty,
With pretentiousness while pretending?"
Vii HunniD Mar 2017
This is that remarkable shish,
Extra ordinary type of writing,
That makes me feel some type away,
With my thoughts, solitary.

Befuddled by my own mindset conspiracy
Contradicting predicaments.
No Coachella for me,
My thoughts on parole,
Lost in a pandemonium with pious fiends
Blunted thinking of the known, unknown,
Unknown of the known, unknowns.
Things that we know we don't really know about.
At that time I felt like somebody chose me,
Feeling amorphous as a "POET" should be.

As it is written,
I am gifted,
I know it's fugazi
Come learn something...
Vii HunniD Mar 2017
This is that remarkable shish,
Extra ordinary type of writing,
That makes me feel some type away,
With my thoughts, solitary.

Befuddled by my own mindset conspiracy
Contradicting predicaments.
No Coachella for me,
My thoughts on parole,
Lost in a pandemonium with pious fiends
Blunted thinking of the known, unknown,
Unknown of the known, unknowns.
Things that we know we don't really know about.
At that time I felt like somebody chose me,
Feeling amorphous as a "POET"should be.

As it is written,
I am gifted,
I know it's fugazi
Come learn something...
Vii HunniD Apr 2017
Writing this, in inflammatory sinuous paths,
Maybe, me, I am too ambitious.
Knowledge and awareness are vagues,
Perhaps better called illusions...
Even the strongest of opponents,
Always have blind spots...
But only a blind person can spot those weaknesses.

Is it foolishness to fear what we have been told,
Yet to see, possess and know it?

People never understand the chosen ways
Of perspective persevering life forms.
The ways of uplifting felonious,
I have seeing them malicious fiends,
They considering themselves as idols.
They all took some sacrifices,
Just to get in such positions...
Maybe them, they too religious.

Non-know about our sleepless nights...
There those who do not know no better ways,
They get cold and turn to be nousless.
Safety comes to whoever knows of righteousness...
These corners contain all types of predicaments,
That combine with our treacherous nights,
Into be some sort of amorphous,
Like somebody chose us.

Weeks back I had nightmares,
Stack with fiends in them trenches,
Sinking in them trenches,
Stretching for my dreams,
While dreams are said to be thoughts,
I dare you to think about pandemoniums.
Malevolently they want to see me breathless,
Inevitable for it to occur in any case or cases,
Or to contemporaneous in my dreams...

Solitary thoughts made me piously bias,
With all the words and papers I am pathos,
It is golden, whether it is speech or speechless,
Action acts with expression louder than words,
But words are stronger and meaningful than any type of action, acted,with any type of expressions,
Said in strangest terms..
I had a lot of things I was thinking of...
Vii HunniD Apr 2018
Merging Quantums, Quarks and Quarks,
Watch Vii Paint Pristine Pictures,
It's never Equivocation,
How Peripheral...,
Ain't it Quaint?
Ain't it quaint?
Vii HunniD Dec 2016
We all of the same breed, after all...
Motives for love & war are of no concern.
Religion, ideology, resources,
Spite, love or just 'because'.
Even if it's a pathetic reason,
Like lack of communication --
It's still enough to start war.

Would love be senseless if war sist to exist?

War will never cease to exist,
Reasons can be thought up after the fact.
Human nature pursues strife.
A lot of people show lack of education,
By acting upon their emotions...
Vii HunniD Jan 2017
I am strong enough to be felt like pain?

I am in forever endless pain,
My crumpled heart is still aching none stop...
Senselessly I am still following my heart,
The heart doesn't make no sense
If the mind is already made up,
I,m talkative, but I won't argue -
I was lose within my unconsciousness,
I wish to follow but I will abide,
Sorry for being a burden,
But if you let go I will abide...
Vii HunniD Feb 2017
Woke up in a state of mind,
I delivered.
Had unconsciously tête-à-tête with the
Creator of the universe,
I believe in...
I prayed to...
I wrote it...
I thought it...
I seen it...
Gazing at the cosmos,
Like a telescope...

Climb like the stairs,
To have a tête-à-tête with him
that's my clairvoyant.

Asked him,
What's the deal Lord?
What's the deal God?
What's the value of life?
What's life?
& Why do we live to die?

Dislike hellish predicaments,
That's I rebuke the fiends away
Only Lord has foreseen everything about me...
Only lord knows the truth I wrote
Lord knows I rebuke my rivals...
A dream talking to God...
Vii HunniD Jan 2017
The strangest thing is...
I was lost in a 03:00am dream as I wrote this,
The strangest fiend that I ever saw was
Riped with pain, in front of my eyes...

The strangest thing is...
I was still unconscious (Flashbacking)...
I opened the door and found the lightning next to the mirror
Ready to strike with unpleasant sensation...

The strangest thing is...
Still watching them strangest diabolical things happening,
That made me piously bias even more.

The strangest thing is...
I could not find my way back home
But I was escorted by a centaur...
I had a dream about all that...
Vii HunniD Apr 2017
You know...
If you never been amorphous,
It's going to be hard to feel me...

In this Verser, it's just a message
To get you baffled.
The "Apple" of their (I) eye,
Has got manipulation on the "Monopoly..."
That's why he's unorthodox,
He move's in sinuous paths...
Just some thoughts for the mind...
Vii HunniD Feb 2018
My balmains full of dead  
President they mixed needs
With pure root of all evil
As I pray five times everyday
To clean my sins up avoiding fiendish demons

Only if I could float out off Earth and space
I would do Tsimtsum...
I am a omnipresent being unconscious meantal wise.
Sometimes I get emotional and turn to be
Amorphous feeling really emotionless

Never sell your souls to Mephistopheles
Since the devil & the government
Got a monopoly, without knowing
God is watching us on a one sided mirror
The sea that will never be diminished
Why is the sea water so salty?
As pure as it is they will never purify it...
If I could I would
Vii HunniD Jul 2017
This shish is deeper than an ocean,
It's harder to harbor but that's all I digest.
As Adam took a bite of the apple,
They see us through the eye (i) of the apple
The world they put in our visualizing sight of mental,
Is to own an APPLE while they pull away the real world
Using evolution, entertainment & electronics forming fugazi.

Presidents in our pockets, these people all dead.
As we aimed for the pin point that we won't miss
Instead we should missplace jealous, aggression & hate.
The more we act upon our emotions we turn to be emotional
Vivid devotion holds us tight than tighter.
We're that over loaded vessel of pure vivid devotion.

These days we have people treating others carelessly
Elevating motionless emotions over, metronome & loyalty.
As he was moguls, he should have not been mulish & took a bite.
A pious way of penalizing sinners would be...
Imagine the weight of the universe on our minds & shoulders
Falling down into the matter of endlessly space...
That's how it would feel like.
Most of us want an apple...
Vii HunniD Nov 2018
The 7th dream was already in limbo.
It takes a thought to make up an idea.
While in the subconscious world of,
Persevering an idea through the means of thoughts
That was passed on in a dream (Inception)...
Vii HunniD Apr 20
An intense face in its most general form and comprehensive sense, it signifies a rule of action, that applies its indiscriminately to all kinds of action and emotion, whether animate or inanimate, rational or irrational.
Vii HunniD Feb 2018
I wish her a
Blossom of my heart
That will never
Wilt away...
Just some thought of LOVE I have to share
Vii HunniD Nov 2018
On some mental shish,
Some hyper bolictime chamber shish,
Working out, unpreferred peripherals.
How quaint thinking hyperbolic thoughts,
Translation, non-medicinal words got me hollering...

"Cacophony cosmic cluster concussions"

Thinking sarcastically recklessly on a regular,
Causing mental anguish when thought of.
Vii HunniD Jul 2017
Left, right, upside down accommodation
Of her beauty took place
Within my eye into
My yellow spot of visualizing
Sight but that's all hallucination...
Vii HunniD May 2018
Have you ever been
Touched gently,
Kissed sweetly and softly,
To make you think is it reality...?
Deep down I felt
Your voice kissing my soul slowly
As you pronounced words.

Have you ever glanced
To the stars at night
And asked yourself,
How could there been i and u
But their so many alphabets inbetween
And wish u and i are always together,
As it is on your keyboard?
Vii HunniD Feb 2018
When blamed we are impeccable
Our incorrect mistakes are imperfectible
Truthlessly resistance is lethal
We are imperious also impertinence
The truth is improper inaccessible
Just my thoughts
Vii HunniD Feb 2018
When blamed we are impeccable
Our incorrect mistakes are imperfectible
Truthlessly resistance is lethal
We are imperious also impertinence
The truth is improper inaccessible
Just my thoughts
Vii HunniD Nov 27
His lips
Her lips
Vii HunniD Oct 18
She's the left and right ventricles of his heart,
Inseparable affection leads him to
Her magnetic amorous forces...
Affiliated to his instincts
But attracted to her.

She's has everlasting irresistible feel and touch,
Her magnetic amorous forces,
Still pulls him towards her enduring soul.
His heart makes no sense when,
His mind is made up and magnetise by her...
Vii HunniD Oct 29
My vivid thoughts got me feelin' like a narcissist,
I'm nothing like a senseless nihilist.
Compelled with false accusations I become an arsonist,
I'm stuck in the moment like a horologist,
My actions have me feelin' like a monotheist,
The gist is I'm a God crafted mere automaton.
Vii HunniD Jul 2017
It's simple extremely hard
To become, piousful mogul man
With no Elohim's dominion
Vii HunniD Feb 2018
My deeply scared thoughts
Have been escapisming mind games
For undying tranquil amorous
Vii HunniD Jul 2017
My deeply scared thoughts
Have been escapisming mind games
By undying tranquil amorous
Vii HunniD Feb 2018
Status quo freedom is
Far from a true prophet...
Seen vision of seer
Just my thoughts
Vii HunniD Feb 2018
What if
Time never began
In the first place?
As it exists
While it's always
Been an illusion...?
Which is it???
Vii HunniD Nov 6
The mind is logical and the heart is emotional...
The heart can't even explain itself...,
Because their frequencies are vibrating in different realms, their always missunderstood...
The heart doesn't make any sense when the mind is made
Vii HunniD Jul 2017
My skin is brown pigment
Brown skin but classified black.
Living life being humble,
Took chances since I am affable
The system just want me to famble.

My imagination's chi got me thinking
Of mixing Visage with Maverickness
Can't pronounce my mixed up thoughts (Scurr)
I mastered different types of variation
I am so wax poetic, portray the unseen...
Vii HunniD Nov 2018
To the extant,
That love is an expression,
Of familia any over time,
My excess to infinity time lines
Precludes in excessive of a time line...
Vii HunniD Dec 2016
" Vivid"
Our Hearts get Vivid to each other
Wish to hold on tight and tighter,
But tight than tighter,
Wish to Neologism unspoken
Loveish words, to explain my feelings.

I need unconditional vivid love
I got to keep it real vivid...
Vii HunniD Jan 2017
O' give thanks unto the God of gods:
For his mercy [endureth] for ever...
O' give thanks to the Lord of lords:
For his mercy [endureth] for ever...
To him who created the pleasant universe:
For his mecry [endureth] for ever...
The massive sun to rule by day:
For his mercy [endureth] for ever...
The moon and stars to rule by night:
For his mercy [endureth] for ever...

— The End —