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Vii HunniD Aug 2022
Do it BIG

Until they envy you
Until they hate you
Until they miss you
Until they wanna be you
Until they cannot stand you

Until they cannot afford to be around you


I ain’t got time, I got a certain schedule

If I give you my time, you gotta be important to be in my schedule… (excluding my real ones)

Don’t bother putting me in your schedule 🚮
Just let ‘em know,
Whose who,
Vii HunniD Mar 2021
It’s been heavy on my shoulders, hard and I’m in a loop of breakdowns every-night...

I’m standing up but I’m falling down...

Time keeps on ticking, I wish I could slow it down... as to moves me further from the last time I saw you...
Reference: Chris Brown Fallin Down

It’s about me and others going through such situations
Vii HunniD Feb 2021
I was an empty vassal,
She poured out her ocean of love
As lucid as I am, it permeated through me
Now I am feeling amorphous, vivid chemistry reaction...
Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin, Serotonin
Vii HunniD Sep 2020
We all see colors through different spectrums

We’ve all experienced life in different trances

They asked me “why I walked bumping” and I replied that I’ve grew to the agony so I bump to it
I lost my dad and I still can’t believe this is how life goes
Vii HunniD Apr 2020
She has that look in her eyes,
That could immediately break one’s heart.

She brings out that Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin, even though she isn’t mine I still find myself happy when she replies my messages
Vii HunniD Mar 2020
Then Vii said,
"She filled that voidness when Vii was empty"...

Vii had a broken purple heart,
After Vii met her,
Vii melted...

She moulded Vii...

Thus my emotions have a lot of different precincts
I thought I would never change
Vii HunniD Mar 2020
My vivid thoughts got me feelin' like a narcissist,
I'm nothing like a senseless nihilist.
Compelled with false accusations I become an arsonist,
I'm stuck in the moment like a horologist,
My actions have me feelin' like a monotheist,
The gist is I'm a God crafted mere automaton.
Mere Automaton
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