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Skye Jul 2018
was i not worthy enough
of any affection
or any attention
that you'd go out of your way
just to push me away?
00:00 am thoughts
rosecoloredpoet Feb 2018
I am
         am I?
Vii HunniD Dec 2016
Am I an apperception?
I got "someone" who needs me in her life,
I got "people" who need me six fit under,
I am an ambitious person so...
They dislike me for my ambitions...

Am I the chosen "one"?
I pray everyday when I wake up and before I sleep,
Including everyone who's important to me...
I see things that happened when I wasn't there,
I see things that will happen before they do
Sill not going to church, yet...

Am I who I am?
Is What I see in the mirror an illusion,
Or pretentiousness...
Do they dis/like me for my fractal expression,
Or something else unknown...
Am I an appreciation to this world?
AM I told what to think? Without gaining knowledge on how to think.
AM I taught how to feel? without understanding why I feel.
AM I raised in what to believe?  Not given the freedom in what I want to believe.
AM I told what to be?  Without allowing to simply be.
To know thy self is to gain understanding and knowledge of self. That is to individually and authentically  find who I am and what my purpose is .
How do I gain knowledge on what I retain in my mind including:    subconsciously and consciously
and how do I learn to understand my emotions, feelings and hear the purpose of my soul
physiological identity crisis in me is so surreal that I do not how to be real
In progress of Inner child work
WistfulHope Dec 2014
He's a freshman.

Does that make me a pervert?
A junior would be fine,
A sophomore isn't too bad;

But he's a freshman.

If I was a guy and he were a girl,
     Would I feel less weird?
Am I a cougar?
Because I'm a senior, and

He's a freshman.
I kinda have this weird attraction to/crush-thing on a freshman in one of my electives...
- - -
What is this?

— The End —