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Vii HunniD Nov 2019
The mind is logical and the heart is emotional...
The heart can't even explain itself...,
Because their frequencies are vibrating in different realms, their always missunderstood...
The heart doesn't make any sense when the mind is made
Vii HunniD Oct 2019
My vivid thoughts got me feelin' like a narcissist,
I'm nothing like a senseless nihilist.
Compelled with false accusations I become an arsonist,
I'm stuck in the moment like a horologist,
My actions have me feelin' like a monotheist,
The gist is I'm a God crafted mere automaton.
Vii HunniD Oct 2019
She's the left and right ventricles of his heart,
Inseparable affection leads him to
Her magnetic amorous forces...
Affiliated to his instincts
But attracted to her.

She's has everlasting irresistible feel and touch,
Her magnetic amorous forces,
Still pulls him towards her enduring soul.
His heart makes no sense when,
His mind is made up and magnetise by her...
Vii HunniD Apr 2019
An intense face in its most general form and comprehensive sense, it signifies a rule of action, that applies its indiscriminately to all kinds of action and emotion, whether animate or inanimate, rational or irrational.
Vii HunniD Nov 2018
The 7th dream was already in limbo.
It takes a thought to make up an idea.
While in the subconscious world of,
Persevering an idea through the means of thoughts
That was passed on in a dream (Inception)...
Vii HunniD Nov 2018
To the extant,
That love is an expression,
Of familia any over time,
My excess to infinity time lines
Precludes in excessive of a time line...
Vii HunniD Nov 2018
On some mental shish,
Some hyper bolictime chamber shish,
Working out, unpreferred peripherals.
How quaint thinking hyperbolic thoughts,
Translation, non-medicinal words got me hollering...

"Cacophony cosmic cluster concussions"

Thinking sarcastically recklessly on a regular,
Causing mental anguish when thought of.
Vii HunniD May 2018
Have you ever been
Touched gently,
Kissed sweetly and softly,
To make you think is it reality...?
Deep down I felt
Your voice kissing my soul slowly
As you pronounced words.

Have you ever glanced
To the stars at night
And asked yourself,
How could there been i and u
But their so many alphabets inbetween
And wish u and i are always together,
As it is on your keyboard?
Vii HunniD Apr 2018
Merging Quantums, Quarks and Quarks,
Watch Vii Paint Pristine Pictures,
It's never Equivocation,
How Peripheral...,
Ain't it Quaint?
Ain't it quaint?
Vii HunniD Feb 2018
What if
Time never began
In the first place?
As it exists
While it's always
Been an illusion...?
Which is it???
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