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Farosty Jan 2017
You're 1, you made it past.
You're 10, you made the pass.
You're 20, you didn't pass.
You're 30, that was your past.
You're 40, you walked past.
You're 50, you get a pass.
You're 60, you let it pass.
You're 70, you should pass.
You're 80, and now you're passed.
Farosty Jan 2017
Every day I am reincarnated.
I am inspired by something or I lose complete interest in another.
I fall in love with an idea, a concept, a person.
But I give up. I am defeated. I lose hope in something other.

Every day I learn a lesson
and I am surrounded by my teachers.

I throw yesterday away in search for tomorrow.
I care less about tomorrow if the past brings back sorrows.

I cover my eyes if it is too bright.
To the darkness I bring light.

Because I am only a spirit in the body of a man
and every day I am born again.
Farosty Dec 2015
Almost bought some clothes for you, instead I got a Rose for you
And I chose a Lily 'cuz don’t **** me but it reminds me of you silliness
The Daffodils were really wet, so I took two trips
'Cuz you’re cooler than these other Tulips
I picked you this Daisy because you raised me
A Dahli to say I’m sorry, an Iris since you forgave me
For you gave me the most important in growth
I was your Sunflower, now look at what I’m becoming
You’re my flower darling, I’ll always keep the flowers coming
Farosty Nov 2015
Hello child, beautiful child
Don’t be scared to cry just stay true to that smile
They’ll kiss you and they’ll dress you, then you’re through to the wild
Crawl. Walk. Run, fast. You’ll run for a while

Run 'till you meet your wits and you’ll gain a couple witnesses
They’ll shoot you, they won’t miss you. It’s actually ridiculous
They’ll take your wallet for a gun and then ask you who did this
Money runs the world child, welcome to the business

Get your tie on, they’ll get it tight on
The noose is fitting right on
They fed you every bait and all you had to do was bite on
Dear child, stay in the wrong. You’re better off an icon
Farosty Oct 2015
Chance knocks, don't miss it
Dreams talk, just listen
Moms rock, don't diss em
Life stops, so kiss em
Kiss em again, miss em
Promise if you're afar, you'll try not to be distant

Winter's just on a string and
Birds sing it's the spring and
The past calls it's ringing

Let it go to voice mail

It's got nothing new to say
And there's only fewer days

Yesterday's already boring
But tomorrow's got a story
Farosty Aug 2015
So ugly
But it doesn't even bug me

My hair is dated, my clothes are faded
But this photo of me is my favorite

Crooked teeth, eyes begging for sleep
All the things that make this picture complete

My smile is bright
But you should've seen what was glowing in front of me

This is the photo I wasn't even looking
Because I couldn't take my eyes off of the person who took it
Farosty Aug 2015
Dear rain,

        You are
my favorite song and so I hope that you keep playing. You are

my favorite show I hope you don’t think I’m insane. You are

the greatest friend I hope for you I am the same. You are

the greatest cure I hope you see all of my pain. You are

his big achievement but he won’t tell us the game. You are

his biggest secret so he won’t tell us your name. And so

again the time has come, again the seasons look to change. And I’ve
seen them come again but these autumn leaves won’t look the same.
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