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Summer grass
Rushing towards the sky
Disregard for itchy ankles
the swatted fly bursts
      like the Big Bang
I am God
The blind old dog keeps watch
On those same porch steps
- Lucky squirrels scurry past
the moon hangs at half mast
mourns the passing of the day
-  another star burns out
Mom neatly packing
Leftover rice - down the road
Orphaned ducklings await dinner
chalk faded
         from the sidewalks
the kids are grown now
****** death
- The fly swatted
by the cow’s
dung-tipped tail
Disjointed thoughts writhe
Like the cut worms from my sixth
Grade science project
I sink my teeth
Into cotton candy clouds
Lick the sweet crystals of sunset
Off my fingertips

Lips dusted with light
I savor this day
lonely morning tea
          sorrow in the sachet's  sigh
as the clock turns three
sobbing clouds
storm off
in a fit of pique
hairy patches
below painted toes
am I less of a woman now?
Cow grazing
- unapologetic existence
the flyswatter hovers  
      hesitating -  
should I play God today?
the languid bee
sulks on parking lot weeds
soon we all will rest
strip mall church
selling rosaries
and hope
beach seagulls
chasing one other
the sunset follows
the sun drops
through the hourglass
drip... drip... drip...
damp summer night
used ******
in the parking lot
hostile rain
strikes my cheeks

crimps  my pressed
white collar
in icy fists

shakes my shoulders
like a soggy ***
of singles at Venus

with the violence
of all-consuming
drips down my ear
with the seduction
and precision
of a diamond blade

thunderously shouts
     "WAKE UP"
Wet nose twitching
Against summer air
Interpreting the breeze

In her eyes
A profound understanding

Of June
It’s the static
In the airwaves
A frequency suspended
In purgatory

Between smooth jazz
And traffic reports

It tingles on the tips of my fingers
As they grip the steering wheel

I turn the dial
And land on that chaotic hymn

both relentless yet irresolute
like the cars in rush hour’s panicked standstill

I revel in the cacophony
For I am the static
In the airwaves
A frequency suspended
In purgatory
My mind is blank
yet reeling
like a skipping record
I choke
and turn in place
never thought I’d go out this way
bursting colors turn to gray
belly up in a pet smart display
sidewalk ants
faire la bise
- celebrate spilt soda
Like rice and beans
On U.S soil - mis idiomas
Se mezclan
Unleash my demons -
Animalistic fiends who
Prey on purity
From daydream to daydream
My thoughts skip on the surface
of consciousness
Seems as though I'm always falling
or behind
With eyes the embers
Of wildfires
She approaches
Igniting the night
With raw curiosity
I'm the shell
rocking in place
suspended in the surf
as the waves come and go
-- and trust me, they always go --
weathered by the sea's
rhythmic betrayal
with the wave's triumphant
and lustful crash
followed by its
sorrowful retreat  
-- a song as old
as the tides themselves
-- heartbreak
I don't know if it's
you or the Heineken but
My heart's on fire
there are countless stories
tucked in the creases of your skin -
read to me
Drunken clouds stumble
Across the sky ******* on
Hope of sun in spring
My chiropractor
And therapist agree -
I’m out of alignment
The warmth of fresh clothes
from the dryer hugs me
like you used to, Mama
You were my North Star -
With your light now gone
How will I find my way home?
The clock  ticks

Pounds on the inside
Of my skull -

Need an aspirin
Jimmy Buffet crackles, harmonizing
With undertones of desperation
- “Please continue to hold”
Though I know I’m just
Pleading with my palms -
I say a prayer anyway
Hurry up and kiss me -
Our love’s fleeting like snow
On the street we met
Naked and raw  
I bear my soul to the sea
Freed from a shell outgrown
It pants, tugs, strains, yearns
Wrestles with its collar
Tags clink and chime
Songs of persistence
Orchids plie in fifth position following the cadence of spring
I look down at the buildings below
Twinkling with celestial grace
And map the constellations
Of journeys to be
They shut down
the world
around me
but I’m still sublime
because I exist entirely
inside of my mind
the streets are quiet
the world is still
i finally notice
the birds chirping
on my windowsill
This stupid, *******
good-for-nothing pen is
always running out of --
Hung by their ankles
Coins drip on the floor - pennies
Red as the blood drained
#haiku #daily
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