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1.2k · May 2019
on reciting the kaddish
Though I know I’m just
Pleading with my palms -
I say a prayer anyway
921 · Apr 2019
Love culminates with
Delicacy between our
Shaking fingertips
913 · Jul 2020
sun bleeds red
through closed eyelids
can’t escape the day
870 · Mar 2020
quarantine - day six
the streets are quiet
the world is still
i finally notice
the birds chirping
on my windowsill
812 · Apr 2019
missing you on laundry day
The warmth of fresh clothes
from the dryer hugs me
like you used to, Mama
754 · Apr 2019
You and Sashi(mi)
Caught from that rich jade
Sea, you slice me thin, bearing
My raw abundance
672 · May 2019
Orchids (10w)
Orchids plie in fifth position following the cadence of spring
584 · Feb 1
578 · Apr 2020
on the liberties of molting
Naked and raw  
I bear my soul to the sea
Freed from a shell outgrown
556 · Apr 2019
I don't know if it's
you or the Heineken but
My heart's on fire
530 · Apr 2019
My chiropractor
And therapist agree -
I’m out of alignment
519 · May 2019
See the world through Van Gogh
Soften your focus and
look out your window
Haiku, daily
487 · Nov 2019
I sink my teeth
Into cotton candy clouds
Lick the sweet crystals of sunset
Off my fingertips

Lips dusted with light
I savor this day
434 · Jun 2020
A Hound's Inhalation
Wet nose twitching
Against summer air
Interpreting the breeze

In her eyes
A profound understanding

Of June
411 · Apr 2019
I held two flags
Both  red white and blue
You said I could only choose one
356 · Jun 2020
the moon hangs at half mast
mourns the passing of the day
-  another star burns out
342 · Apr 2019
I long for that sweet,
Ephemeral moment of ecstasy:
Your kiss
337 · Jul 2019
wasted days
Blank like an unwritten checkbook
Try to recall
Days unspent
333 · Jul 2020
In my wallet, rummaging
will this one decline?
- panicked, next in line
308 · Mar 2020
the key (10w)
the key that opens also locks - choose your actions carefully
303 · Apr 2019
unsolicited advice
From the undone dishes
rotting in the sink
a maggot crawls
to me and says
“Get  your life together”
293 · Apr 2019
Like rice and beans
On U.S soil - mis idiomas
Se mezclan
287 · Apr 2019
laugh lines
there are countless stories
tucked in the creases of your skin -
read to me
283 · Nov 2019
With eyes the embers
Of wildfires
She approaches
Igniting the night
With raw curiosity
282 · Jun 2020
The blind old dog keeps watch
On those same porch steps
- Lucky squirrels scurry past
280 · Jun 2020
on approaching 5 o'clock
The clock  ticks

Pounds on the inside
Of my skull -

Need an aspirin
272 · May 2019
may showers
Drunken clouds stumble
Across the sky ******* on
Hope of sun in spring
265 · Jul 2020
strip mall church
selling rosaries
and hope
252 · Apr 2019
The Rat Race
I scaled the wall of
Your maze - to hell with your cheese
I will churn my own
247 · Mar 2020
the chinese virus
He washed his hands until they bled
And then a little more

He bolted every window
And he locked every door

Through the cracks he peered out at his neighbors
And said “oh for heaven’s sake!

Those bat-eating chinks
We outta burn them at the stake”

Like that no-good ****** Yang
They’re infecting our country

UBI’s for lazy *****!”
Though he could really use the money…

Cause he’s been out of work for days
And has not received a raise

For the last 10 years
Amid corporate fears
of the left’s socialist craze

Yet he still angrily paces
Says “I don't mean to be racist

But they’ve gotta go - all of ‘em!”
As his face turns pale and fever runs

Poor sick thing, he doesn't know
That the hate is just for show

A trick, a guise, a twisted rouse
To turn me against you

Amidst  our misguided attacks
They extort and contort the facts -  

Our communities decay
We rot and waste away

You think it’d gone undetected?
We were always infected
238 · Apr 2019
writer's block
My pen sputters and stalls -
Check engine light flashing
Behind my eyelids
237 · Apr 2019
spring fling
Your honeysuckle cheeks
Leave the saccharine taste
Of spring on my lips
232 · Mar 2020
quarantine - day 7
They shut down
the world
around me
but I’m still sublime
because I exist entirely
inside of my mind
220 · Jun 13
Main Street clairvoyant
With her $5 revelation -
We’re all going to die
211 · May 2019
falling (10w)
Seems as though I'm always falling
or behind
195 · Apr 2019
My chest and spirits
Rise in tandem as I breathe
The essence of you
193 · Nov 2019
Prepare for landing
I look down at the buildings below
Twinkling with celestial grace
And map the constellations
Of journeys to be
Hurry up and kiss me -
Our love’s fleeting like snow
On the street we met
190 · Aug 2020
liver spots
on the streets
we grew up in
184 · Jul 2020
grumble of the semi’s
greedy gut, gobbling my ancestors
wheels turning like time
175 · Apr 2019
running out of ink
This stupid, *******
good-for-nothing pen is
always running out of --
174 · Apr 2019
Unleash my demons -
Animalistic fiends who
Prey on purity
162 · Mar 2020
on the persistence of will
It pants, tugs, strains, yearns
Wrestles with its collar
Tags clink and chime
Songs of persistence
160 · Mar 2020
I'm the shell
rocking in place
suspended in the surf
as the waves come and go
-- and trust me, they always go --
weathered by the sea's
rhythmic betrayal
with the wave's triumphant
and lustful crash
followed by its
sorrowful retreat  
-- a song as old
as the tides themselves
-- heartbreak
159 · Jul 2020
the swatted fly bursts
      like the Big Bang
I am God
156 · Aug 2020
soggy cherrios
left on the slide - forgotten
in mid-imagination
148 · Aug 2020
florescent buzz
of the streetlight fleeting against
the infinity of night
143 · Mar 2020
eternal lake sunsets
From daydream to daydream
My thoughts skip on the surface
of consciousness
140 · Mar 2020
i wish i could ask
you what you think of me now
that you are gone, Mom
138 · May 2019
North Star
You were my North Star -
With your light now gone
How will I find my way home?
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