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Aug 8 · 77
florescent buzz
of the streetlight fleeting against
the infinity of night
Aug 3 · 77
soggy cherrios
left on the slide - forgotten
in mid-imagination
Aug 1 · 119
liver spots
on the streets
we grew up in
Jul 31 · 72
duck bobbing merrily
feet fluttering in the summer air
another quaint death
Jul 29 · 840
sun bleeds red
through closed eyelids
can’t escape the day
Jul 28 · 73
injured bird
in my shoebox
**** Darwin
Jul 27 · 138
grumble of the semi’s
greedy gut, gobbling my ancestors
wheels turning like time
Jul 19 · 80
jaybird shrieking
cursing God or Gravity
- her egg still falls
Jul 15 · 66
“To Hell with Descartes!”
          Scream anxious knots in my back
Tangled like body and mind
Jul 15 · 75
the languid bee
sulks on parking lot weeds
soon we all will rest
Jul 14 · 120
the swatted fly bursts
      like the Big Bang
I am God
Jul 14 · 59
the flyswatter hovers  
      hesitating -  
should I play God today?
Jul 14 · 73
chalk faded
         from the sidewalks
the kids are grown now
Jul 13 · 46
the sun drops
through the hourglass
drip... drip... drip...
Jul 12 · 77
hairy patches
below painted toes
am I less of a woman now?
Jul 11 · 71
footprints in the sand
       confirmation I exist
washed away
Jul 11 · 80
damp summer night
used ******
in the parking lot
Jul 11 · 295
In my wallet, rummaging
will this one decline?
- panicked, next in line
Jul 11 · 62
beach seagulls
chasing one other
the sunset follows
Jul 10 · 70
sobbing clouds
storm off
in a fit of pique
Jul 10 · 76
Mom neatly packing
Leftover rice - down the road
Orphaned ducklings await dinner
Jul 9 · 227
strip mall church
selling rosaries
and hope
Jul 9 · 26
on hold
Jimmy Buffet crackles, harmonizing
With undertones of desperation
- “Please continue to hold”
Jul 9 · 78
block party
sidewalk ants
faire la bise
- celebrate spilt soda
Jul 2 · 53
hostile rain
strikes my cheeks

crimps  my pressed
white collar
in icy fists

shakes my shoulders
like a soggy ***
of singles at Venus

with the violence
of all-consuming
drips down my ear
with the seduction
and precision
of a diamond blade

thunderously shouts
     "WAKE UP"
Jun 29 · 102
betta fish
never thought I’d go out this way
bursting colors turn to gray
belly up in a pet smart display
Jun 26 · 311
the moon hangs at half mast
mourns the passing of the day
-  another star burns out
Jun 24 · 92
What should I write about today?
Love, death, or foreplay?
It’s all the same
Jun 24 · 73
Summer grass
Rushing towards the sky
Disregard for itchy ankles
Jun 23 · 207
The blind old dog keeps watch
On those same porch steps
- Lucky squirrels scurry past
Jun 22 · 63
Cow grazing
- unapologetic existence
Jun 22 · 23
****** death
- The fly swatted
by the cow’s
dung-tipped tail
Jun 20 · 77
The turtle
The turtle wades
In water blistered by the storm
- Bathes politely, still
Jun 20 · 50
Tuesday Morning
Addled Joints mumbling incoherently
Creaking obscenities as they stir
Stiff fists shake at the relentless sunrise
      -   ****
Another day
Jun 20 · 54
Disjointed thoughts writhe
Like the cut worms from my sixth
Grade science project
Jun 19 · 89
lonely morning tea
          sorrow in the sachet's  sigh
as the clock turns three
Jun 19 · 153
on approaching 5 o'clock
The clock  ticks

Pounds on the inside
Of my skull -

Need an aspirin
Jun 19 · 360
A Hound's Inhalation
Wet nose twitching
Against summer air
Interpreting the breeze

In her eyes
A profound understanding

Of June
Jun 18 · 62
Skies darken, bellow
Thunder or gunshots?
I can never tell these days
Naked and raw  
I bear my soul to the sea
Freed from a shell outgrown
Mar 28 · 116
I'm the shell
rocking in place
suspended in the surf
as the waves come and go
-- and trust me, they always go --
weathered by the sea's
rhythmic betrayal
with the wave's triumphant
and lustful crash
followed by its
sorrowful retreat  
-- a song as old
as the tides themselves
-- heartbreak
Mar 24 · 106
eternal lake sunsets
From daydream to daydream
My thoughts skip on the surface
of consciousness
Mar 23 · 214
the key (10w)
the key that opens also locks - choose your actions carefully
It pants, tugs, strains, yearns
Wrestles with its collar
Tags clink and chime
Songs of persistence
Mar 22 · 197
quarantine - day 7
They shut down
the world
around me
but I’m still sublime
because I exist entirely
inside of my mind
Mar 21 · 760
quarantine - day six
the streets are quiet
the world is still
i finally notice
the birds chirping
on my windowsill
Mar 21 · 100
i wish i could ask
you what you think of me now
that you are gone, Mom
Mar 21 · 166
the chinese virus
He washed his hands until they bled
And then a little more

He bolted every window
And he locked every door

Through the cracks he peered out at his neighbors
And said “oh for heaven’s sake!

Those bat-eating chinks
We outta burn them at the stake”

Like that no-good ****** Yang
They’re infecting our country

UBI’s for lazy *****!”
Though he could really use the money…

Cause he’s been out of work for days
And has not received a raise

For the last 10 years
Amid corporate fears
of the left’s socialist craze

Yet he still angrily paces
Says “I don't mean to be racist

But they’ve gotta go - all of ‘em!”
As his face turns pale and fever runs

Poor sick thing, he doesn't know
That the hate is just for show

A trick, a guise, a twisted rouse
To turn me against you

Amidst  our misguided attacks
They extort and contort the facts -  

Our communities decay
We rot and waste away

You think it’d gone undetected?
We were always infected
Mar 19 · 78
My mind is blank
yet reeling
like a skipping record
I choke
and turn in place
Mar 7 · 52
slaughter on wall st.
Hung by their ankles
Coins drip on the floor - pennies
Red as the blood drained
#haiku #daily
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