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Cotton Candy Jun 2019
your heart is too accepting
it was awfully gaped
that anyone can dock
anytime at unusual time

close your harbor
be the right place
for one certain ship
we all allot too much of our time for someone or something that are not even the right things or person for us. i guess we should not let this consume us. it would be not worth it. have a good day!
Cotton Candy Jun 2019
i am the shoreline

i face storms

and sunny days

and i don’t break

slowly my sands

are stolen

washed away

and yet i remain

i am fiercely determined

to succeed

and all these things

will simply help define me
Cotton Candy Jun 2019
swim like a mermaid

through the ocean

to me

swim through

rough waters

until you reach

the calm

under moonlight  —

surface my soul

entwined with yours
Cotton Candy Jun 2019
the fire burns bright,
clouding my mind
with the smoke
of an angry heart.

she tries
with all her might
to put the blaze out —

will she succeed?
i am so frustrated right now.
Cotton Candy Jun 2019
a fire burns
in my soul —
for him,
small at first
before it grows.

it's a forest fire
that starts
from my toes
and up
through my belly
into my heart
to my head

i am thrilled —
by the burning
i am basically writing anything in my head right now sorry if it feels empty
Cotton Candy Jun 2019
a pearl sat on the softest piece of you, 
at the crossroads of your hips. 
I lean in and kiss it, the delicate taste of salt,
and my cold nose is warmedby your skin, 
the gentle smell of aftershave and flesh.
I look up at you, your prickled jaw looks back, 
you look at your eyelids,
the sensation overcoming you.
that little pearl, a bleached version of your skin,
it is the riches of a thousand oceans.
Cotton Candy Jun 2019
i can not be the only one
who has those nights
where you feel
a power deep within
as if you could pull the
oceans into the earth
make the sun set
and the moon rise
turn the masses
to turn to you
those nights
where you feel
as though
you could save the world
where you feel
as though as you could
save yourself
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