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Escaped from past pain and can now explain.

The epic fall and tragedy from within humanities food chain.

I said I can explain,
as I have begun to train.

Looking towards a light that illuminates the darkest of eyes and times.

How much of such brightness can I contain and retain?

What I know is I've already lived my last dark days.

I said I can explain,
no longer connected to a ball and chain.

Freedom is now in the sunrise,
see the brightness in my eyes.
Fearful and lost in the despair of time.

Debtful to most in this life of grime.

Hopeful and dishonest looking for some change.

When all this time the key to the cage were just letters on a page.

The will to fight, true discovery and insight. The power to finally view with clear sight.
 Feb 2018
J Robert Fallon III
Desperate claws towards the fading sunset, wishing for one last duet.

Pestering pleas towards the fading trees, withering leaves as I can never please.

Inevitable tears as I accept this is the end, as I see you float away from our riverbend.
Poem on the last desperate attempts we’ve all made to save a relationship.
 Dec 2016
You're sorry you say?
Now have pity for me?
I laugh in your face
I know what I see
You've heard of my past
And now you feel bad
But you still used to judge
Used to make me feel sad
Don't come to me acting
Like your sympathies are true
You want to feel better... right?
*I hope guilt consumes you
tired of everyone around me being fake... my female friends, cousins, grandparents, im so tired of everything
 Dec 2016
J Robert Fallon III
The human definition of humanity is becoming a conundrum-filled calamity.

Vivid memories of eclectic booming sounds continue bursting around veterans as they lose sanity.

Mothers work through their pregnancies as their children are born into a materialistically filled world of profanity.

Has the wheel of morality begun an uncontrollable spin in our growing urbanity, or is because of the religious wars we fight, the likes of Christianity?

A travesty amongst us all, but this pain brings an unorthodox form of healing, as we learn from our mistakes and fantasy.

We ******* band together, with our thoughts in groups, to determine a path back towards our morality.

We fight with vigor such as if we were the Roman General Antony.

These fruitless and segmented fights can make the matters worse no matter the strategy.

We must all wake up at once from our mindless love of insanity, and finally, throw to the wayside this world's cruel vanity.

Who or what will ignite the single uniting thought to spread instantly throughout, the thought that will bring peace to our mind, sanity.
 Dec 2016
J Robert Fallon III
What does it take to feel alive?

The hug of a mother? The pull of a trigger? A new high to desire?

The social networking of this world has lost its true form and art. The mouth is not for lying rather for cleansing.

Honesty is a form of quenching.

You'll never lose the people and things that truly matter, those are the artifacts and tools to feel alive. Life itself.
 Dec 2016
isn't it unfair?

how someone can earn control of the stars in your eyes
and turn them into comets
or supernovas--

i don't believe in religion, but,
i relented to
you, my God.

i'm sick of being sick over you
 Sep 2016
J Robert Fallon III
Through anarchy, you gain fame.

Through monarchy, you claim an executive name.

Through trial, you earn a new automobile.

Through a steal, you gain a first class meal.

Throughout it all, you learn that the battle is not worth the fall.

Throughout it all, you learn how to find your natural call.
One of my better poems I think, as it can be very difficult creating rhymes aligned with the same rhyme throughout; without losing any authenticity or creativity. Hope you enjoy.
 Sep 2016
Maddie Paige
I'm such a ******* ****** you say?
hahaha no.. i'm insane
Yeah i'll admit I got ****** up thoughts in my brain
Like for example my last writing I wrote 15 minutes ago
yeah, that's ****** up but I was sitting here doing it while writing about doing it...
I don't word things correctly, but who cares?
I sure as hell don't unless i'm giving a speech
If I don't word things correctly then, i'd freak
oh yeah did I mention I'm an idiot too?
My ex-girlfriend called me that and I agreed to that and also me being a fool
wait those are the same things, right?
Hahaha i'm out of my ******* mind
 Sep 2016
Rachel Mena
I ask for peace
and You hold my hand.
I ask for mercy
and next to me You stand.
I ask for truth
and I drink from Your cup.
I ask for love
and You show up.

You say You are faithful
though I do not believe
for I ask for all these things
but You say You're all I need.

But when I picture peace
is it not Your hand in mine?
And when mercy is my desire
is it not a craving for Your time?
When truth is in question
do I not yearn for Your Word?
And when Love become the answer
is that not found in You, Lord?

You tell me You are faithful
as I begin to see
that all these things I long for
are all that You would be.
 Sep 2016
m i a
i remember
being pure and free
but it all stopped eventually
and slowly
and more things begin to pressure me
but i guess
i should be thankful
for these things have
greatly changed me,
to the beautiful diamond i've
come to be.
i still don't know if they changed me in a good way or a bad way.
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