Apr 2018 A W
aubrey sochacki
i wasn’t scared of meeting you
and not feeling a single thing
i was scared of not meeting you
and never knowing

i’m almost certain
that we’d feel something
so why couldn’t we
just try?
 Apr 2018 A W
first kiss
 Apr 2018 A W
feels like putting my hand
on something sharp kinda day
invincible temporary, of course
fight the system on a february dawn

where the lamp's lambent spheres
bob in and out of existence
as the sunshine overcomes their presence

first kiss with you, like hands
dancing in the fires
trying to stay warm in the winter light
an ogre of a dream, a curse to be this shadow

compared to the glow of an angel like you
 Apr 2018 A W
Bite down hard.
There can be no question of who’s in charge here.
There can be no doubt about the alpha- sheep.
Make sure you hit an artery; we can not allow that kind of blood to flow unbroken inside their veins- and remember that we are only trying to help them remember their place. Because we love them.
Stand back, and let the smell attract the vultures.
Let the laymen see-
And make sure you lick your teeth clean.
Make sure your breath smells like honey.

***** them, strap them down, parade them through the public square, declaring,

What a spectacle.  

Why can’t we all just make peace?
 Apr 2018 A W
 Apr 2018 A W
You were once my lighthouse,
shining over the darkened sea
Now the light has gone out,
only memory guides me
Beacons flashing,
waves crashing
Where can I go from here?
My view is corrupted by tales of the past
My lighthouse, my saviour,
make my time last
 Apr 2018 A W
Emily Dickinson

Some say goodnight—at night—
I say goodnight by day—
Good-bye—the Going utter me—
Goodnight, I still reply—

For parting, that is night,
And presence, simply dawn—
Itself, the purple on the height
Denominated morn.
 Apr 2018 A W
Liam Kleinberg
I was at the risk of being overweight
and everyone's so normal.
They are all so skinny.
and I'm *not
I asked my 9 year old sister to write a poem.
This is what she gave me.
 Apr 2018 A W
Olivia Rachel
You told her if she wore that dress,
She'd be the prettiest of  all,
You told her she should wear high heels,
Because she needed to be tall

You told her how to cut her hair,
And how much skin to show,
You told her exactly what to wear,
Trust me because I know,

You told her if she wanted boys,
she had to change her ways,
You told her to wear make - up,
Because plain skin's not okay,

You told her who she could love,
That anything different was wrong,
But you made her feel secluded,
Like she would never belong.

She hated wearing dresses,
And she couldn't walk in heels,
She couldn't live to your standards,
And all your ideals,

So you told her what she felt,
Furthest from the truth,
She couldn't be "depressed",
Because she was in her youth,

You told her she was a " freak",
That she never would fit in,
But then you told her nothing,
As she pressed a blade up to her skin

And once she had decided,
That you would tell her nothing more,
You wish you'd told the truth,
As she collapsed onto the floor,

She didn't need the make - up,
That being her was just fine,
She could wear what made her happy,
That she could not be defined,

Then when you came to realize,
That she never knew you cared.
You wish that you'd have told her.
The world was better with her there.

                                       - E. H.
 Apr 2018 A W
Lilith Reid Brown
you were my first cigarette
so fast you burned, and sweet,
and made the spinning in my head
and sped my heart's slow beat.

when the last of you i'd breathed
and you and i were done
there were burns all over me
and an aching in my lungs.
for david. too bad, huh?
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