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Eric Fraley Mar 2018
Can't you see you're hovering
High up off the ground
Clear as day above me
Always looking down
Whisper with a glance
As loud as silence sounds
Ringing in my ears
Judging with a frown
I see those eyes they stare
When there's no one else around
What's it like up there
With that golden crown
Do you feel admired
While I sit here all alone
Do you have an emptiness
He then stopped me as I spoke
All though there's admiration
It's still a lonely throne
He told me not to get there
Having nowhere left to go
If you think you found your calling
Make sure its not bestowed
Others try to trick you
False truths that they behold
Do not take there help
For in the end you'll only owe
Though it may not sound as glorious
You have to travel many roads
They will not all be glamorous
But soon you'll find your own
I screamed and said I've tried
Though, nothings quite at home
He said to look alive
That was many years ago
The keys to keep on trying
No matter what the journey holds

You try

And try

And try again
Until you reach your goals
Eric Fraley Feb 2018
Slowly drifting
Thoughts abound
Frantic scripting
Lines aloud
Pain with purpose
From poets’ mouths
Emotions flowing
Hear the sound
Pen on paper
Forever bound
Human nature
Hear them out
Down to earth
High in the clouds
Vast universe
Questioning now
Life and death
When and how
No rules allowed

Each of their lines
One slab of stone
But now a tower
Through their words
Feel the power
Whether peace of mind
Or darkness devour
Up late at night
The witching hour

So wide awake
With tired sighs
Challenging fate
Deep inside
Calm insights
And raging tides

Their better side

Within creation
True knowledge lies
In every question
Double meaning hides
They draw it out
They shed new light

Thoughts on paper
Passing through time
Hand prints on history
They cannot die
Painting portraits
For readers eyes

True emotions
On the rise
Touching hearts
And changing lives

All is possible...

Within Poets' Minds
Eric Fraley Feb 2018
One man's life....
he's the creative type,
even despite....
His lack of freedom to use it in a fair fight,  
he ain't taught right they keep saying but there's a quote that keeps replaying and rewinding and it seems to be constantly reminding and finding its way into his head....
into my mind....
making me give it deep thought...
Keeping my attention constantly caught,
Let me tell you what this saying said ....

"creativity is a part of human nature,
it can only be untaught."-Ai Weiwei

so apparently I was taught right even though I stay up late nights,
had no other choice,
nowhere for my thoughts to go so...
all this emotion...
I hope it makes these lines flow because I'm just expressing the freedom creativity-is-giving-me ...
Life builds up then comes crashing down so how does freedom sound...
Great but it sparks a lot of debate,
what it means to be free,
what it means to stay true to what others can't see.

Who do you need to be or want to be,
hope you're taking this seriously because it's your life on the line while I'm writing this rhyme to pass time,

I tend to find a peace of mind that no one these days would spend a dime to realign with reality and find their place becuasewe all suffer humanity...

it just comes in different forms of insanity...

Stay tentative-to-your-feelings before they get to the extent-I've-been dealing  because we try to repent but our minds are unwilling
So all these thoughts,
into this next verse I'm spilling,
these rhymes I been drilling harder n harder into this paper till it's to the extent and the length the height from the top to the base is so great you gotta say hold up,
I ain't ready...

But it's too late,
can't change fate,
already too much on your plate time to grind or commit the crime that is false hope
When life sends a clue...
don't pass the note that's a notion of the answer to all this commotion  that tells you which path to set your devotion because although distortions-high I can still see off in the distance a sunny-shore-line....
but rough seas ahead,
can't turn back,
the tidal waves on your ***,
get the gears going instead before too much time has passed  

They say it's all so easy but we all know that thought never lasts because you can't change the past but you can forge the future,
Straighten up,
have a better stature because we have to learn so early how to mature in a world so unworldly,
it tends to send you hurling outta control but you press pause your feet stand still but your mind stalls,
now the world's spinning,
ask for it to stop but it’s unwilling
That's life in a place where hard-work and effort sometimes never suffice,
sometimes the worlds as lucky or unlucky as a roll of the dice but that's the price we pay in the world we live in today where behind a thousand thoughts is only one-action...
but forgot to mention the amount of care the world's-lacking You give it your all but even then,
in the end
It still sends you  packing
I found this poem in my old notes and could not remember writing it so I titled it Forgotten Thoughts.
Eric Fraley Feb 2018

are like poetry,

At least metaphorically,

The metaphors are like falsified honesty,

So unreal and yet they express how we really feel,

Maybe that’s why we cannot dream

When we feel insane,

Because are honest nightmares are now the real deal,

So we lay still,

Eyes open,

Reality broken,

Stuck hoping,

That the ceiling has the answers

But it's shy

It hates talking,

We lay there thinking

What this life is,

What it represents,

Waging wars in our heads,

It’s a crisis of identity

When all the past mistakes

Leave so many things unsaid,

When those big dreams of the past have gone and fled,

Laying in our comfortable but uncomforting bed,

We ask ourselves

Who we could have been,

Who we could be,

If only those shooting stars could grant our wishes and help us see,

If each star in the sky...

Gave each person their identity,

If only it was that easy…

I guess for now we’ll just stay stuck...

With these identity crises
Eric Fraley Feb 2018

We all used to fear the dark whether we admit it or not.
Just take a few seconds to develop your thoughts…
We used to fear getting lost
The fear of never being found
But then we grow up and our fears are flipped upside-down…
We went from being afraid of the dark,
To fearing spiders,
Then turn 18 and begin going out late,
Pulling all-nighters…
Now let's just think...
And realize,
Other people could be our real-de-mise…
And since we're now talking about real-life,
Let's look at who's committed the most crimes…
And determine where evil sins really-have-been.
Terrorism provoked by optimism.
A race unwilling to combat conflict without bloodshed.
Unwilling in the fulfilling of world peace…
But instead…
Prefer to count the number of dead…
I am not afraid of the boogie man,
I am afraid of the rich man,
The religious man,
The army man and yes…
Even the police man,
And I know plenty of other people who also aren't a big fan…
I'm terrified because I just can’t-see-why…
So many people die within the borders of a country…
Protected by one of the world’s strongest military.

You see if I become a soldier,
The boogie man may not catch me but a bullet sure can.
Fathers and sons fighting to defend from the outside world…
One we think's so cold...
When children in our own schools have been on the receiving end…
Of gun men.
We look at the world around us and provoke hate,
Yet demand so much peace …
Then behind a closed gate  
We advance weaponry…
To greaten the casualties of our enemies...
Rather than promote farm fields in starving countries.
Think about this…
Now let's look at the sadistic statistics…
Two million seven hundred fifty-six thousand one hundred and fifty-three
That's how many human beings were killed in the in Conflicts Involving the Americans ever since the Revolutionary War happened...
Back in Seventeen Seventy-Five to the present-day Isis,
Not to mention,
The one war with the most casualties and gore
Is known to have the word civil in it and...
Started only because we were enslaving other men…
Need I say more ...
Don’t you wish we could rewind time?
Talk out the problems and maybe all those people would be fine…
Rather than found dead,
Then put in a record sheet of weaponry…
To create an effective deterrent against a World-War-3…

We all know somewhere more evil will emerge
Encourage violence…
Form alliances…
And then eventually overpower provinces…
Before anyone deemed powerful can stop-all-this.
Now I’m not saying humanities a monster,
And the only threat to humanity is our own lack of civility,
Even though we hide nukes like every other powerful country,
Or that every American politician emphasizes on the greatness of education…
Yet lack willingness to lower the tuition…
And instead, raises it above the workingman's paycheck.
Causing them to slave on the weekends,
Feeling tired like he’s at his weakest,
Instead of spending time working on his dreams which are now just old friends.
Or the fact everyone blames our access to guns for crimes of society and then begin to obsess
When actually,
Way back when…
Firearms were created by men
Such pointlessness…
How everyone's so unserious and delirious…
Over the lifelessness of our distant relatives,
Our unofficial cousins and sacred brotherin.
The Human Race,
And I can honestly say that the evil of humanity …
   Seems to outweigh the good when it comes to reality …

We all may hear these words and realize them but there truly just a warning.
You see I’ve been dreaming….
That this generation makes up for humanities sins,
Not punished with pain but are rewarded for kindness,
The reward of fixed bricks of a world rather than ones broke and crumbling; Stacked in an unstable mix of pain suffering lies and tricks.
You have it in you to stay true to what is good and what is great,
All I'm asking is not to succumb to the same fate…
Caused and created by the corrupt governments and dictatorships,
By racist haters and religious degraders,
The unimaginative politician,
The biased lawmen, and created by
Destructive weapons wielded by unmoral nations.
We are America
The land of the free,
Don't be afraid to be young and naive.
Let's make this the world of the free,
Rather than a world full of greed and one so full of need
But one closed off to the free will of evil….
“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed” Said Martin Luther King Junior.
If only people had realized his words sooner.
He is an example that one man can change the world.
Don't let a destiny created by others unfold and take hold,
Sometimes a man must first walk alone and on his own path to show simply that he can,
And remember
Life won’t get easier…
You’ll just get stronger,
Holding onto dreams a lot longer than most can ponder so let's allow
and Kindness…
Become the roots of our Happiness.
Because right now…
It’s just not fair you see…
That all these blaring sirens…
Are drowning out the sounds…
Of our sanctuary

I sincerely hope this is only temporary
Sirens Over Sanctuaries  is a spoken word speech that I wrote when I was a freshman in high school.
Eric Fraley Feb 2018
By the time you read this...

I will have faded and frayed

Gone and decayed

Like pencil on paper

I've been erased

By the time that you read this

You may be afraid

Of what they may say

But don't be ashamed

By the time that you read this

I know you'll be grown

I know you'll be changed


Deep down

I know you're the same

By the time that you read this

I'll have hoped and have prayed...

That you became your own person

Not just a slave

By the time that you read this

I hope you'll be proud...

Of the life that you’ve made

Now that you're reading this

I'd just like to help you remember

I'd just like to help us and convey

We had a dream once

The world was something we'd change

But now it's just you

I've been away


It's just you

By the time that you read this...

Ten years have gone by

Since I promised I'd stay
Eric Fraley Feb 2018
Here today

Here we sit

Amongst our friends

Our fellow classmates


Teachers and staff

It’s hard but…

Now that so much time has passed

We must admit

The highs and lows

Of these four years

Came and went

Beginning to end

Our time here went by so very quick

As for our teachers

They only know

How in the beginning,

We may have been dim

But with their support

We began to glow

So we would  like to say thanks

Because of you

We’re now able to burn brightly

All on our own

Because of you

Who knows the journeys we’ll travel

Or the places we’ll go

These four years may not have been easy

But that's made us stronger

That's helped us grow

To ourselves and our teachers

We now owe

A continued pursuit of excellence

On the paths we take

And for others

The paths we chose

It’s our turn now

To be the future

It is to the whole world that we must show

The skills we've learned and the knowledge we've earned

It is our time now to take the first steps

Towards our destiny

With our own two feet

For us to do what we have to do

For those of you with heavy hearts

And for those who feel this is the end of a small part of your life

It’s true

But it’s also a new start


In our own two hands is a fate in which we are holding

As we’re getting older

As we are growing

One by one

Our fingers begin unfolding

leaving hand prints on history

Touching hearts and minds

On the road to our destiny

We must now leave some friends behind

But do not be saddened

Do not fret

For they too

Have roads that they must find

We now all have one great mountain that we must conquer

That we must climb

Do not dare give in

Don’t dare give up

They are our own two hands

We must now guide ourselves to that mountain top

We may make mistakes

We may fall

But because of our time here

We’ve learned to rise again

To stand tall

I hope you enjoyed your years here as much as I did

And as you begin the next step of your lives

I wish the best of luck to you all.
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