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7d · 57
My Rose
Aching for your touch,
Just waiting for your love,
To maybe fall my way,
Blood red petal graves.
7d · 147
Balance is everything in this life,
Opposites attract..
Comets collide like theory's in maths,
The good and the bad,
The night and the day..
To much of one thing is bad,
Not enough is the same..
Live your life in balance,
Be happy and sane..
Nothing is a given..
That's all I can say,
My heart has a hole please help me repair it,
It feels like an abyss so black and so cold..
Don't panic don't threat I've a needle and thread,
Will just patch it up with a cloth patch instead..
Cross hatch the stitching so it never comes loose,
My boy you'll be good you could call it brand new..
Mar 9 · 136
>Pain Locker<
F@$k you life and the bitter taste you leave me,
All I ever did was try but words for this escape me!!
>Pain Locker<
Locking my pain in this box [ ] ✔️
Mar 9 · 65
Endless Hurt
Suicides on my mind..
I wonder what it's like?
That care free eternal darkness...
No more chains or emotions,
Just a lifeless carcus.
Fed up with being down at the bottom so often,
Rotten from my date of birth..
Designed to fall from this earth..
Lost confused and forgotten,
Feeling like nothing.
Worthless and unloved..
Fed up with this life...
I'm so close to the edge...
All I need is a shuv...
A push or a touch...
Depressed in my bed...
Try to sleep my troubles away..
Maybe these pills will help?
Or maybe they won't..
I feel to go and dance on the train tracks,
Like grandad.
I used to think you'd watch over me,
Hopelessly... I was wrong.
Your dead and your gone...
You left your daughter shattered in tears..
And her son to pick up the pieces..
No help or support...
A devoured report..
Three attempted suicides my heart has been crushed..
The queen of my world reduced to not much.
******* life and the bitter taste you leave me..
All I ever did was try but words for this escape me..
So suicide is on my mind, that blissful quiet exit.
No more monetary madness no more prospect of being homeless.
I toss and turn the idea round and round my head..
Am I better off alive? Am I better off dead?
This world is harsh and cruel but I can't take my life..
My little brother needs me and so does my mum.
Endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt
Feb 25 · 280
Frozen Feelings
Broken to my heart,
All them feelings that I've lost,
I was frozen in the dark,
A cold sibling of Jack Frost.

Frozen up my thoughts,
Chucked the chills out my spine,
There's a reason I'm called fawtz,
There's a reason I don't cry.

Colder than a Eskimo,
Colder than the snow,
Colder than the freezer I store my skeletons in,
Colder than you'll ever know.

Blast me in a blizzard,
I'll stand up and I'll laugh..
But melt my heart with warmth and love,
And watch me run a mile.
Feb 25 · 283
Lost and Found
Roses of burnt orange..
Violets ARE purple..
Violently I burst topic..
And vent In to verbal...
Hurtfull.. Outcasted..
Tired and alone..
Just me against this world..
Depressed to the bone..
Unwanted, used and depleted..
Just thrown in a box..
A little like lost and found..
No ones coming for me kid..
I'm just destined to rot.
Feb 25 · 48
Status Update
Roses are red...
Violets are blue,
Life's pretty ****..
What can you do?
Feb 6 · 121
Riders Only
Free as a bird when I'm on my bike that's how I feel.
One wheel in the air no feeling dispair, no emotions or care. Just that feeling right there... Yeah...
Live to ride. Ride to live!!
Sep 2018 · 1.8k
Diamond Guy
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018

Cut me clean as that of a cut throat.
And watch me bleed in silence.
Pull my teeth with no pain killer as I stare cold like a lion.
A concrete wall with no emotions and fists like lightning strikes.
Here I stand a scar laced man forged through the flames of fire.
From here on in there's no way back I'm only aiming higher.
With your help or without it Jack.
I'll take it and I'll fly
But relax...
You've got this kid...
Your a natural diamond guy.
Sep 2018 · 96
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018
Unless your someone with substance
Death is just another number.
Sep 2018 · 137
On the contrary
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018
Let's be positive and not talk about death.
Sep 2018 · 678
Ground Hog Day
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018
Life's a scoulding bowl of sticky custard, mustard and marmite.
Mixed up into a slop,
And plopped on your lap.
Then they **** all over you while you try to clean it up and ***** a few jokes because that ain't enough.
Chuck him some fish guts and sick to help cover it up!
And when he slips on the guts we'll **** in his face.
But make sure to keep a smile or you'll be for the waste.
Skivvy should be my first my last and my middle name.
Stuck in another ******* episode of ground hog day.
Sep 2018 · 185
Aug 2018 · 172
⚠️ Crazy ⚠️
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2018
Crazy's just a word they use to box you in a square.
Define the word crazy for me with out the use of a snare.
Clinically insane they say he's crazy in the brain.
But crazy is my shade of colour.
Its just the way I'm made.
Aug 2018 · 215
Phantom Life
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2018
I fear never living, quite rightly.
If heavens on earth then I'm not invited.
Just a passenger a stranger or a passer by..
As the parties rage high and into the night.
A spectator a spectrum or a ghost comes to mind.
Haunted in spirit by lack of any light.

I tried to get in once... For the **** of it.
That didn't go down well.
Cursed I'm sure of it black magic or a spell?
The black blood in my veins?
My luck? It's just too hard to tell.

So party on while I just watch you inconsiderate b@st@rds,
There's a party in my head and you're not f%cking invited!
Wrote this with a broken hand
Jul 2018 · 606
⚡️Be Different⚡️
Jordan LC Murphy Jul 2018
Madder than a hatter,
Crazy like a coot.
Venom of the adders,
But lucky like a hoof.

Graphic with his grammar,
Devilish charming in a suit.
Heart of artic winter,
Cut throat eyes of solem truth.

I guess I'm odd like socks,
Bellybuttons and numbers.
Biting legs of frogs,
Or frying up some fungus.

Indeed I'm normal as a flying pig,
Playing a golden trumpet.
I'm strange I'm weird I'm odd I know,
But f%k it I don't care.
I'd rather that than be the same as every c
%t out there.
Jun 2018 · 355
Petals of a Rose
Jordan LC Murphy Jun 2018
o o o o o

She loves me...
I believed her with the whole of my heart
She loves me not...
I can't stand you and can't wait till we part.

She loves me...
Whispers so sweetly in my ear,
She loves me not...
Snarling both close to a tear.

She loves me..
Keep the darkest secrets and I promise never to tell,
She loves me not...
So cold like the arctic sometimes I wish I was in ****.

She loves me...
Just one kiss tells a thousand words
She loves me not...
Without that kiss Life's **** on earth.
Jun 2018 · 159
Cold Black Rose
Jordan LC Murphy Jun 2018
o o o o o o

Feeling lonely unwanted and used,
My pride and my ego is bruised,
Someone to hold me while I'm lost and confused,
Someone to care for through a life of disputes,
Maybe it's me the cousin of Jack Frost,
To cold to the heart for a person to love,
Fugazi laugh and a smile I know I hide well,
All this anguish and pain behind my glass to the world,
I feel so empty and hollow not forgetting unloved,
I'm that single black rose too thorny to touch,
Complex by design and sheilded with spikes,
So wild pretty and enticing,
Yet too dangerous to love or like,
Cob webs of silk dresses lie draping my leaves,
Along with razor ice shards,
I dare you to pick me!
Jun 2018 · 167
Just One Kiss
Jordan LC Murphy Jun 2018
o o o o o

Baby I know I'm not the perfect guy,
Or maybe I'm just really not your type?
Even still did you have to hollow out my heart? When all I wanted was a kiss? You said I looked sharp, handsome and gorgeous..and thats so awkward because you've got the prettiest eyes Ive witnessed. My self confidence struck dumb by how amazing you looked. Maybe It was too soon in thinking I could taste your lips, I mean for f sake maybe I'm crazy but I needed your love tonight, Just one kiss to sooth my screaming soul. Just one kiss to prove I'm still breathing girl.
Just a little kiss to keep me hanging on,
Now the chance is missed I won't be hanging around,
No more dates down our local river,
No more good morning hearts to wake up and deliver,
It's all a ****** mess,
So I sent a single message with a single good bye kiss.

Jun 2018 · 377
Gorgeous Girl
Jordan LC Murphy Jun 2018
o o o o o

Gorgeous girl, pretty girl,
Sweetest of hearts, you've stole my heart
Your golden skin and those pretty pink lips that I could kiss forever!
Just the way you are is all I need to live
Love, loyalty and friendship until we sink the ship!

Beautiful girl, precious girl,
Sweetest of hearts I love you
"True love"across your chest
"Cold heart" stamped all over mine
Indeed we belong together
The same as the hands of time!

To my gorgeous girl B x
Mar 2018 · 559
Jordan LC Murphy Mar 2018
We came from nothingness and to nothingness we go. Like the flame on a match stick withering with each gentle blow.
Lifes simple pleasures...
Feb 2018 · 190
Stale old bread
Jordan LC Murphy Feb 2018
Lost and confused
Dazed and bemused
Bored of the news
Bored of myself
I tried hard not fail
And stable my tred
Instead I was trampled
Life is stale
Stale old bread
No matter how hard you try sometimes it's just not meant to be :)
Feb 2018 · 839
Quite write
Jordan LC Murphy Feb 2018
I write to right any wrong feeling I have ⚡️
Feb 2018 · 274
Jordan LC Murphy Feb 2018
Everything is not what it seems, it seems?
Even the seems are pulled apart!
The fabric of our entire existence seems to be woven in the dark?
Everything is not what it seems, it seems?
Even the seems have started to rip!
It seems I'm losing reality but reality doesn't exist?

You see..

Everything is what it seems, it seems.
No changing or diverting!
It seems the seems can stitch them selfs,
It's ever re-occurring.
Everything is what it seems, it seems.
The seems are self repairing.
All is one and one is all so please quit this dispairing.
Can some one tell me the shape of the universe please? Are you sure!?  :)
Nov 2017 · 291
Tropical Thunder
Jordan LC Murphy Nov 2017
Electrify my soul with slashes of lightning,
Flashes of neon, soothing but frightening,
That momentary silence that lights up my room,
How I envy your power of destruction,
The ability to consume and start new,
The energy of the gods cast down in a bolt...
pink, purple and blue,
Chills driven down my spine with every crackle and boom,
My eyes are alight, I feel so alive,  
I'm Ecstatic about static,
So very true,
After all,
My soul is electric, exactly the same as you! ⚡️
May 2017 · 684
Untameable Diamond
Jordan LC Murphy May 2017
Untamed in impossible conditions,
Famed for such rarity,
Harder than old prohibitions,
A fit for the largest of ambitions,
Flawless in clarity,
You're a colourless parody,
Of pure rainbows and prisms,
And in the art of perfection,
You glistened through anarchy.
Inspired by diamonds
Apr 2017 · 355
Fallen Deep
Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2017
Forgive me my sweetheart for deep I have fallen,
Into the stars of your eyes.
The prettiest of problems on which I shall thrive.
My heart has been kidnapped,
Held hostage by love.
Each kiss placed on my body,
Is electric lashed with ****.
Tantalising and gorgeous,
Silky and enduring.
Your lips are so velvet,
With every kiss to my neck,
Shudders down my body with pure pleasure and delight.
Exquisite to my taste buds,
She's like the finest of wine.
Aged to a perfection,
My lady is utterly ripe.
Nov 2016 · 543
My Oak Tree
Jordan LC Murphy Nov 2016
Carved my name on the body of a giant,
United our souls indefinitely,
Through the sands of time,
Inspired by your coloured cathedral canopies,
And the dapple scattered light that shines,
As Autumn grasps your foliage,
And the cold does grab your spine,
Still you stand defiant,
So proud and full of life.

The misty mornings dew does steeper,
Deeper through your roots,
Poison ivy vines clamber trying to steal your loot,
My mighty oak still you cope,
To me your like my anchor,
A trusted soul without a judgement,
Where I release my anger.

Through the roughest storms,
You still stand strong,
When all around has fallen,
God forbid you ever fall,
My heart will break in torment.

Under the winters howl,
Owls perched on icey diamond branches,
Squirrels running ragged creating avalanches,
My mighty oak I hope you never have to hurt,
You give so much and ask of nothing in return,
So here you are a poem I made especially just for you,
All I ask is nothing but to listen to my groans,
As you always surely do!
** ** **
To my local mighty oak tree to whom I like to confide in...
Oct 2016 · 600
Listen To Me Breathe
Jordan LC Murphy Oct 2016
L isten to me breathe,
I nhaling toxic screams,
S ounds of souls that can't escape,
T rapped for eternity,
E xhaling broken dreams,
N o escaping this disease,

T errorised by asthma,
O utcasted by my wease,

M y life is truly tainted,
E very breath is just a tease,

B ruised and battered are my lungs,
R avaged of their needs,
E radicate my air in take,
A nd expect me still to be?
T hrottle me around my neck,
H ard as heck my sour-heart,
E nslaved to death by pain from breathe from this flowers start.
"Listen to me breathe"
Oct 2016 · 470
Thunder and Heaven
Jordan LC Murphy Oct 2016
Drop dead, stunning and gorgeous!
Wild like a taurus,
She looks glorious in black,
May I dance with the devil until she bites back,
My pretty little thing your so cold to the touch,
Take my hand **** girl let us warm right up,
Invite all your friends around to their chambers,
Let's party it out and disturb all the neighbours,
Born out of hardship, my girl is a Colt,
Nineteen eleven,
And I named her myself...
'thunder and heaven!'
Oct 2016 · 718
Sweet Little Lies
Jordan LC Murphy Oct 2016
Your sweet little lies are scars deep in my heart,
You smile as you lie,
It coldens my heart,
I look to your eyes for a glimpse of the truth,
I see breaks in your gaze, I know it's not true.
Practice makes perfect and you perfected a lie,
Honesty is expensive, your credits have long declined.
I decline to gift you anything, after everything we had been through,
You could have been my everything,
Had them lies you'd never seen too.
To me your eyes are see through, the lies ignite your eyes,
Next time just be honest, learn not to live a lie.
For the lies will cause you pain and destroy the ones you love.
Every lie that you told was like a dagger to my heart.
You stabbed and stabbed and stabbed, until it tore apart.
Forgave the will to love, poisoned from the lies.
One of my older goldies.. Hope you enjoy it and please check out my others too! ;)
Oct 2016 · 586
Hollow Hearts
Jordan LC Murphy Oct 2016
I dare you to delve,
Deep inside the darkest depths,
Of a life of ****,
Where neglect is like a joy,
Caressing the shallow void,
Of an emptied out soul,
My hollowed out heart,
Now black from the cold,
Cold to the touch,
I was raised by Jack Frost,
Nothing of a much,
Born to this cruel world-lost,
Mothered up by torment,
Terror and betrail,
I'm just another orphan,
Flung From the infernos of ****.
"Some men just want to watch the world burn."
Oct 2016 · 4.1k
Hello Poetry
Jordan LC Murphy Oct 2016
Hello poetry my companion and friend,
Please allow me to dance on this sheet with my pen,
You tantalise and tame the thoughts to my world,
Not sure if I've asked? But will you be my girl?
Tiggle my sense of humality, with your horror, humour and love,
I always end up your casualty, in poetic madness I trust,
Young warlocks in scholar, intellectually robust,
The essence of poets chasing word ****,
So hello to you my poetry... A silent salut from me to you,
May you blossom like a cherry tree and enhance the publics view..
A little thank you to HELLO POETRY.
Sep 2016 · 479
Plain Toothed
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2016
My teeth show character and emotion,
A reflection of myself,
Your teeth barely have a chip,
So clearly your life was shelled,
Your teeth are neat like train tracks,
My teeth are broken and crooked as ****,
My teeth bring me eternal pain,
Yours brings you joy, prosperity and even girls,
My teeth are rotten as a fallen fruit,
Decay and time have taken its toll,
While your teeth still shine bright like a pearl,
Mine boast of a golden dull,
Tainted by life's satanised stains,
Proud of my teeth and the story they claim,
Your teeth are a perfection of shelter,
The epitome of boring and plain.
Aug 2016 · 651
Love and Glue
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2016
Electric bolts fire across the dusky sky as I delve deep into your oceanic eyes, thunderstorms snarl and crackle through the night air, trailing my fingers tips through your luscious sun kissed hair, cuddle me close and kiss me, tenderly on the lips, can you feel the electricity, that's travelling through our kiss?
There's energy between us, the very fabric of why we exist, if love is just a concept, I'll chance that risk with you, they say the universe is infinite, much bigger than we can fathom, everything's made of atoms stuck with love and glue.
Aug 2016 · 341
Lover's Risotto
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2016
Electric bolts fire across the dusky sky as I delve deep into your oceanic eyes, thunderstorms snarl and crackle through the night air, trailing my fingers tips through your luscious sun kissed hair, cuddle me close and I will never let you go, devotion as a ghost, implosion of devine I'm supposed to be your bloke, and all we have is time, inhaling life's smoke, poisoned on fumes, can you help me defuse, this atom bomb of life? I was at the bottom right, until you saved me from drowning, thorn to your rose, your the wolf that I'm howling for, always on my mind, the diamond to my flaws, ***** to my heart I'll forever be yours, I stand by my motto, "brave and hospitable" the pivitol ingredient to my lovers risotto.
Aug 2016 · 1.0k
Dance With Me
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2016
Take my hand and dance with me,
Entangle our hearts in a tango,
Let's dance my love in ecstasy,
And revel in each others shadows,
The night is young let's dance my sweet-,
Flower of joy and ****,
All I ask is you dance with me,
Before my feet do rust,
Kiss my lips I'll hold you tight,
Waltzing through the rain,
Spin with me like quilts of silk,
Let's set the world a blaze,
I feel your soul in twined with mine,
Like ivy on the pine,
So dance with me just one last time,
And set our souls on fire!
* *
Aug 2016 · 380
Weird World
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2016
From atoms to the elements,
It's definitely strange,
The fabric of this planet is far beyond deranged,
A range of living organisms foraging the space,
Coheresed into following the curve of natural place.
All for one and one for all the universal fate,
Fatally we all ignore the balance of the scales,
Delicatly balancing the karma of the world,
For good there's bad,
For death there's life and all that's in between,
The world is weird as ****,
In fact I'd say obscene!
Aug 2016 · 804
Rotten Waterfalls
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2016
Life is a toxic waterfall, pouring down emotions,
Drowning out my soul.
Hollow to your words and touch my heart is just a hole.
A empty void in a cage, I'm plagued a rotten toll.
For the bird inside it sings no more its stiff dead, died and cold.
Aug 2016 · 341
Loves Curse
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2016
I lowered my guard for a love that cut deep,
She dropped my heart in the over grown weeds,
And the dead wilted roses where no soul would see,
Thorns like knifes slice the sides to the ***** of love in me,
In slaved in vines in a dark dense forest,
Never to be found or seen,
My heart is lost through lusted horror entrusted to another,
She lost my heart with out a bother, and let it rot in sorrow,
Putrid flesh on bone and marrow I'm rotten to the core,
You left me hanging like a gutted fish, my wish is to live no more!
But my heart still beats through all this hurt,
Anguish, pain and dirt,
Weaker still, I still love you,
No relinquishing this curse!
Jul 2016 · 471
Hell or High
Jordan LC Murphy Jul 2016
Come **** or high waters,
For my family I'll be there,
Come **** or high waters,
I will rise beyond dis pair,
Come **** or high waters,
Only God shall I fear,
Come **** or high waters,
Let me make that clear!
Jul 2016 · 325
Jordan LC Murphy Jul 2016
My rage is like a dragon,
Shackled in restraints,
I'm scared of what could happen,
Dare I free my pain..
Jul 2016 · 246
Jordan LC Murphy Jul 2016
Premature departure,
Your soul escaped this maze,
Haunted by your spirit,
Just a ghost is what remains!

A floating hollow figure,
Triggered in my nightmares,
I chase you every night there,
In fields we used to live,

11 years and going strong,
Your presence and your bond,
18 years was all you got,
To give it all you had,

Bitterness, emptiness, sadness,
Was how it made me feel,
Be my angel stay with me,
My ghosted friend appeal.
Jul 2016 · 886
Lone Wolf
Jordan LC Murphy Jul 2016
Guilded by the stars at night,
Engulfed in quilts of darkness,
Raised and reared by wolves to fight,
The type that bite, no barking,
Stone cold eyes of grey and ice,
Frozen heart and soul,
Addicted to this way of life,
The lonely path I chose,

I shred from shadow to shadow,
Like a ghost with haunting habits,
Selfish cunning and savage,
Hunting for victims to ravage,
My mouth salivates for blood,
My **** for love is lost,
I dwell on desolate mountains,
And howl the winds of God.
Jul 2016 · 426
Sweet Lies
Jordan LC Murphy Jul 2016
Your sweet little lies are scars deep in my heart, you smile as you lie...It coldens my heart,
I look to your eyes for a glimpse of the truth, I see breaks in your gaze, I know it's not true.
Practice makes perfect and you perfected a lie, honesty is expensive, your credits have long declined. I decline to gift you anything, after everything we had been through, you could have been my everything had them lies you'd never seen too. To me your eyes are see through, the lies ignite your eyes. Next time just be honest learn not to live a lie,
For the lies will cause you pain and destroy the ones you love. Every lie that you told was like a dagger to my heart. You stabbed and stabbed and stabbed..until it tore apart. Forgave the will to love, poisoned from the lies.
Apr 2016 · 417
Graffiti's My Vice
Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2016
Vandals you shout as you see us at work,
The angle you take is we're nothing but dirt,
Scrooling on trains and destroying the world,
Nothing but low life's, no life and no girl,
We gamble it all over tracks of electric,
No end to the madness our minds are eccentric,
Street fame is addictive, we're displaced by addiction,
Emotion on canvas through conviction of spray,
Devotion and planning are needless to say,
We open our hearts and bleed colours on walls,
For the whole world to enjoy but still we are fools?
Paint's my companion, my love and my vice,
Expression of self for her I could die!
She's my shrink and my doctor a habitual high,
My only regret - painting out of the lines!
Apr 2016 · 1.2k
Whispers in the Wind
Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2016
No help from my mother a suicidal bi-polar,
Asthma attacks ment no help from dad,
Upped and he left without packing a bag,
So Im caught in a bother a ******* by nature,
No gran dad or nans to help me to cater,
My uncle is a drunken fool,
Ambitionless, penniless and idol,
You wonder why I'm angry?
Inward and resentful?
No help from my family!
For all of their sins,
And that REALLY is helpful,
Sort of like...
"Whispers in the wind"
Apr 2016 · 396
Little Me
Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2016
Lost in words of wisdom,
Intwined in worlds of fantasy,
**** is but a vision,
One we aptly adore,
Exploring the prisms of destiny,
Caves of gold and more,
We dive the oceans of love,
To discover the pearls of life,
Cured in curious creativity,
Refined in a **** for months,
Finally the day has arrived,
To cradle my new born son.
Apr 2016 · 369
Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2016
Destined to fly,

Despite what you say,

I dare to defy,

The laws of the brave,

To take to the sky,

And conquer the grave,

By the power of will and the engine of change,

I am destined to fly,

Despite what you do,

Even if I should die ,

My dream will come true.
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