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Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2021
Your unhanded movements and back handed ways
Will only serve you backwards
You idiots... you slaves
For angels still rise
From the spirits of the slain
Mother Nature will punish you
Justification is hers to put claim
Ken Pepiton Mar 2019
My house is built in the path which
the red leopard butterflies are using in their trek
up the east edge of the valley
where I rest,

peaceful and alive, thank you for the thought.

These red leopard butter flies are passing at
a rate of
a couple dozen every sixty
heart beats, steady

rest in peace, old man, one ******* young'n says,
we're givin' them hikers on the PCT
a run.

Yeah, I say, I'll be Odinic. Watthehey eh
I'll keep an eye out as I go
to and fro on the face o'th'earth

Sing the real song, mask off?

Can't. Won't work. Like make ying
neither ying nor yang,
hermes rules:
no comdemnation here.
Simple as pi.
A caught thought, I know not what to make of it.
sol Sep 2016
my name is bitter on your lips.
i know because i can see the way
your eyes flash, your lips curl.
i am not sweet licorice anymore.

but that is strange, because i was
never sweet. you just bit into my
center. i am the darkness in the
light. do not look into my eyes
and dare tell me what is wrong
or what is right.

you however, oh, you were always
sweet. bitter as the shell but soft
on the inside. you, oh, you were
the light inside the darkness.

i enjoyed swirling your blood on
my tongue, coating my sense of
taste in nothing else but you, sweet.
but i bit my tongue and you stung.

oh, how you stung.
and i finally knew
what it was like
to love someone
like me, as someone
such as you.

because darkness can only exist with the absence of light.
and i never needed you to complete me.
Matthew Rousseau Oct 2015
Break free from it's rain
death to life, only life to gain,
but both are the same
She is ice
And he is fire

She is an angel
And him a devil

She's often seen sitting
On a park bench
Dressed immaculately; rich
With her nose  stuck  in a book

Whereas he's often seen lounging
At a squalid pub
With a drink in hand
Smoke curling from his smirking lips

Both polar opposites,
Ying and yang.
Yet when  together
They become one

Her Fire can thaw  his ice
And his water  tames her *fire
Not one of my best but I hope you guys like it
aar505n May 2015
When the moment arrived
And two possibilities were presented
I took a step back and my look alike
Grasp the reigns and pretended to be me
Through greyscale vision
I saw him deign to stay and walked away
Leaving you behind. Unashamed.
He stood around the corner, watching.
Before leaving for good.

If he had any decency, he would’ve stayed
But he is a victim of empathy deficiency
And I fear he may have even relished
Seeing you so low.
The hellish truth is that maybe something evil
Is embellished in me.
I've got to face it.
I’ve got two faces,
And I don’t know which one is mine anymore.
Artistry Jan 2015
I a free to say and do whatever my heart desires
Judged by a code of ethics but I have acquired the combination
I am a free spirit that soars though life
I am a moral man, but what are morals anymore?
Different opinions and mind sets is what makes existence so grand
Decisions made to improve my life at another's expense
Self centeredness is the nature of the beast
My tone is just a reflection of the of my outlook
Silence has set this spirit free from worry
An ultimate power reigns on this earth,therefor, I remain good
Peoples tendencies stir up complications of misunderstandings
I adjust to the situation and remain a free spirit
Who are you to JUDGE?
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