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Janhavi K Aug 2018
We're a bunch of heartbroken lovers,
eager to stitch back together
the strands of our reality.
Always hesitant to take the first step,
we simply trust anyone who takes the step for us,
because we are broken enough to be wiser,
but not wise enough to stop trying.
Janhavi K Aug 2018
Drowning in voices
that sound like yours.
Touched by hands
that I wish were yours.
Crowded by memories
that remind me of you,
and surrounded by everyone
that isn't you.
It only makes me realize that
you are everywhere I see,
but nowhere where I want you to be.
Janhavi K Aug 2018
Music, for me, isn’t noise
it’s not a noise blocker either,
it’s a constant companion.
When everyone leaves,
and everyone does leave
and when the voices in my head
begin to whisper and scream
music comes to my rescue
and puts my mind to ease.
Everyone has their own drug,
this is mine.
Janhavi K Jul 2018
The stars are dying in the sky,
and hopes are being extinguished on earth.
We willingly plunge ourselves into darkness
when every time a child is denied education.
We willingly sacrifice the light of humanity
when we stand by and do nothing.
The stars will be born again,
but no hopes will ever arise,
if we don’t do our part
of being the most human we can be.
A piece about child education.
Janhavi K Jul 2018
As the sun sets on this day,
She silently congratulates herself,
For making it without him,
Until this point, when she writes,
And counts down to that day,
When she no longer needs to.
Janhavi K Jul 2018
The rains lash their love on the city,
a romance that’s hard to comprehend,
as the latter soaks up the former,
I sit in my room, fighting off the mundane.

I look over flocks of people,
moving around on the streets.
Living lives I’ve never known,
and perspectives I might not ever see.

The physical limitations of my body,
hinder the limitless thoughts it bears.
I want to live a thousand lives at once,
and my mind wants to break the cage.
Janhavi K Feb 2016
She was in love with herself,
and how couldn't she be?
Her heart was torn to shreds,
and yet love was all it bled,
Her mind was lost in a maze of lies,
And yet it dreamt of touching the skies,
Her soul was burned and wrenched,
Yet from the ashes she was born again.
Yes, she was in love with herself,
And why shouldn't she be?
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