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Jan 2017 · 709
The mirror
Echoes Of A Mind Jan 2017
She looked into the mirror
  But saw nothing but tears
How strange, she thought...
*  That this emptiness feels.
Jan 2017 · 602
The little bird
Echoes Of A Mind Jan 2017
Darkness was in the tunes
Which the little bird sang
Ignorance, broken hearts, despair and pain
Was all stories which the little bird
Tried to explain
But the stories stayed unheard
Because of a hunter and his aim
He shot down the little bird
And in it's heart
The stories were hidden away
Just something random I wrote the other day
Sep 2016 · 1.0k
Run from the feeling...
Echoes Of A Mind Sep 2016
I thought I had got rid of it
I really thought that I finally did
The feeling which only cause troubles
Both for me and for others...

This whole summer I did not feel  anything
Protecting the happy memories, which you gave me
Because as soon as I realized that the feeling was there
I ran away from it in fear...

Just this one,  I thought, please, not him
I don’t want this feeling to destroy everything
The friendship I worked so ******* building
Is now in danger cause I begin singing
Each morning that I know I’ll meet you...

So now I’m brought to tears again
As I’m feeling at loss
Don’t want to see you walk away
Like everybody else
Have done
I don’t want to lose another friend
Who I can speak to while being myself...

So now I’m teasing you
I’m trying to make you keep a distance
Cause I know that I’m not strong enough
To keep myself away from the one I love
But I don’t want to ruin our friendship
So I’ll hide these feelings and instead feel pain
Because of the words
Which I’ll never be able to say
Once more
I'm gonna run away...
A random poem...
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
Head to Heart
Echoes Of A Mind Jun 2016
Don't let him in
Guard the entrance
Don't let the door to your heart
Open again

Don't give him the key
Don't give him a hand
Keep him out
Ignore the man

You know how it'll end
All alone again
Left naked on the floor
Not caring anymore

A lifeless doll
And empty shell
Is what will be left
When he leaves you in hell

So don't let him in
Don't let him see
How much his presence
Actually means

Run away from the feelings
Don't realize that they're here
But pushing him away
Is something you don't dare

Think with your head
Don't listen to the heart
The head it protects you
From falling apart

But what if he comes closer
What if he wont keep the distance
What if he wants to know
So many different things about you

What if he wants to talk
Just to hear your voice
What if he gives you a lot
Of his sacred free-time

He doesn't bring flowers
Neither pay your bill
But the more he talks
The more you loose your will

But don't let him in
Don't let him see
How much his presence
Actually means

This is the things
Which my head says
To my confused  little heart
When it slowly awakes
just something I randomly wrote..
May 2016 · 693
If You see Him...
Echoes Of A Mind May 2016
If you see him
Then look away
Tell yourself
That it was just your mind
Playing again
That he wasn't there
You didn't really see him
It was only air.....

And if you realize
That you actually saw him
Just a moment ago
Then just delte the thought
And let it all go
'Cause it's only if you believe,
That he was actually there...

For your heart's sake
Treat him like air
Even when he talking
Let his voice be the only
Which you can't hear
Let his laughter drown
Act like he's already gone...

Don't let him in
Don't remember
Don't let him hurt you
Don't let him control you too
Let him become a forgotten part
Of your past
Let his memory disappear
Like he was never there...
My mind after talking with my friend- my mind is clearly affected by the conversation...
May 2016 · 5.8k
I Want To Touch You...
Echoes Of A Mind May 2016
I want to touch you
I really want to
But I'm afraid
That I'll lose you
If I ever do...

I want to touch you
You always let me play
With your hair
But what if I said
That I want to touch you elsewhere...

I want to touch you
I want to stroke your cheek
While looking into your eyes
I wanna know how it feels
To feel your lips against mine....

I want to touch you
I really do
I wanna let my hands
Run all over you
To feel every muscle and every bone...

I want to touch you
And I want to feel you too
I want to feel your hands
All over me
Feeling my curves...

I want to touch you
Would you let me
If I asked you?
Or should I skip the asking
And then just do it?...

I want to touch you
To let my tongue
Tickle the edge of your ear
To let my hands
Run down between your legs...

I want to touch you
I want our bodies
To be tangled together
Let's make the neighbour angry
Because of the noises we're making...

I want to touch you
I want to press my body
Against yours
I want to stay close to you
For hours...

I want to touch you
I relly want to
But I fear
That I'll lose you
If I ever do...
I want to feel you.....
Written 26th of march, published 29th of may
Apr 2016 · 777
Let It Burn...
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
Let it burn
Let it hurt
Let the love
Do what have made it famous
Let your heart bleed
You'll be falling down to your knees
The only way to stop hurting
Is not to cool the burning
Just let it hurt
It can't get any worse
Just empty it all
Letting the tears fall
Even if it is in streams
Let it bleed
Let it hurt
Let love
Live up to it's curse
Don't hold it in
Let it all go
This is something
We all know
Don't try to fight
Just give up and cry
Let it burn
Let it hurt
Let love
Do its worst
'Cause in the end
You'll get up again
You'll have gotten stronger
From the burn which he left...
Written on the  14th of March, Published on the 29th of April
Apr 2016 · 587
The lonely...
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
Broken dreams
Broken dreams
On this empty street
Or not that empty
After all
A person is walking
All alone

The dim light
The dim light
Form at street lamp
Brightens up the night
The lonely soul's shadow
Is walking beside

Another one
Another one
Another broken dream
Comes to the street
But the lonely heart
Still keeps beating
Through the rain
That's falling

Where to go
Where to go
The lonely mind
It doesn't know
But the body moves
And continues to go
The lonely heart
Seeks for a home

Lives freely
On the empty street
Maybe it's not that empty at all
It becomes more lively
Every time
The lonely soul falls

Pain and tears
Pain and tears
Keeps living in the lonely heart
Through the years
Creating a cold dark web
Of fears
That keeps the broken soul
From mending

Medicin and therapy
Medicin and therapy
Can't fix the scars
Created by life
Breathing is hard
But the lonely continues to fight
Hoping for a day
When they'll find a person
That can open their eyes
Make them understand
That they're not alone....
Again I'm a little inspired by Green Day- "Boulevard of broken dreams"
Written: 28. April Published: 29. April
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
There's two brothers
So similar
But also very different
Let me tell you
A bit about them...

One's like the day
With blonde hair
And blue eyes
He brightens up the room
Whenever he smiles...

The other is like the night
His hair is colored blue
Just like his eyes
And then have a mysterious aura
That reminds me of the moonlight...

The child of day
Makes friends
Wherever he is
While the child of night
Hides in the shadows
Observing his fellow people...

The child of day
Is always kind
And would never deny
To help a person in need...

The child of night
Is also kind
But refuses to help
If he doesn't think
That he can do it...

The child of day
Always follows the rules
Since he wants to keep everything
Just as it is...

But the child of night
Is disobedient
He breaks the rules
Whenever he can..

The child of night
Doesn't want everything to stay
As it is
He wishes for a change
And he'll fight for it..

The child of day can't understand
His lunatic brother's wish
So he fight against him
With everything he can...

The child of night
Now feels betrayed
'Cause he thought that his brother
Would understand
That he was lonely observing people
Since he didn't have the courage
To speak to them in their sleep...

The child of day
Grows a heart of stone
He think that his brother
Wants to destroy the world
And nothing
Can prove him wrong...

But the child of night
Refuse to back down
He answers sunbeams
With shooting stars
He attacks with nightmares
But the child of day
Let's the sunlight
Chase all the nightmares away...

So it continues
And even today
You can still feel
When one of the brothers
Is attacking...

'Cause when the child of night
Fires an attack
Then the child of day
Have to move back
But after 12 hours
He'll come back
Now it's his turn
To throw an attack...
I just wanted to try something new... So I made some kind of fairy-tale XD
Written: 26. March Published: 28. April
Apr 2016 · 2.3k
You Fixed Me...
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
I was lost
But you brought me back
Just as you always

I was confused
And didn't know what to do
But then there was something
Which lead me to you...

I was down
But you pulled me up
You stroke away the tears
That was running down...

I had lost my voice
But you brought it back
You just made me
Laugh and laugh...

I was a mess
And wanted do hide
But you brought me
Back into the sunlight...

I was empty
But you filled up the hole
You became the missing piece
To my puzzle...

I was full of distrust
But you made me see
That there are some people
Who I can believe....

I was broken
You fixed me...
You're the glue to my broken heart...
Written: March 28, Published: April 25
Apr 2016 · 669
How Much They Mean To Me...
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
All around me
These smiling faces
With kindness in their eyes
The guy who teasingly tickles me
When he comes sneaking from behind
The girl who's always ready to listen
When I'm feeling troubled
All these people
Why is it
That they care 'bout my problems?...

Every morning
We say "hello"
And when school's out
It's "see you tomorrow"
When I feel down
They try to make me laugh
If I look lonely
They'll come and hang with me

All these people
All these smiling faces
I wonder
Why do they care about me?
I too
Want to make them laugh
I too
Want  to listen
When they need it...

I want to be able to repay them
All the things
Which they have done for me
I want to tell them
How much their help means to me
I want to show my gratitude
But how to do that?
The question leaves me confused...

Missed a class?
I send them my notes
Need help with exams?
I'll free my schedule
So I can help 'em through
I want to help them succeed
'Cause I know
That they can do it...

If they need a hand
I'll borrow them my arm
If they need a laugh
Then I'll happily play the clown
If they need to speak about something random
Then I'll listen, just carry on
If they can't fall asleep
Then I'll sing them a lullaby
I would do so many things
Just to show my friends
How much it is
That they means to me...
I just love my friends ^-^ <3
Apr 2016 · 694
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
Stay strong
Take 10 deep breaths
And if it doesn't work
Then try with some beer...

Don't run
Even though you wan't to
Don't cry
While he's there...

Stay strong
Take a deep breath
There's only half an hour
Before he'll be here...

Don't run
It won't help after all
Don't cry
Your make-up will smear...

Stay strong
I know he's standing right there
Just look away
Imaginate him just being air...

Don't run
Don't give up now
Face it headstrong
Then cry when you get home...

Stay strong
Just hold everything in
And when you sit in the train
Just let the tears fall...

Stay still
But don't be frozen
When you get home
Cry behind your curtains...

Stay strong
Think happy thoughts
And act happy
Act like you aren't crushed...

Don't run
Face it head on
Smile and hide
That inside you cry...
My mind after 11:00 A.m. on Tuesdays and around 02:00 P.m on Thursdays....
Apr 2016 · 1.4k
The One I Miss...
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
I miss the laughing
I miss the talking
I miss the feelings
Which you woke in me...

I miss making memories
I miss the funny episodes
I miss hearing you talk
About all the things you love...

I keep trying to fool myself
That the one I miss
It isn't you
But no matter what my head says
Then my heart refuses to listen...

I miss your smile
I miss all the stupid things we used to do
I miss the time when I didn't cry
I miss just being with you....

I miss you being my weakness
I miss smiling like I used to
I miss when my worst sides
Comes out because of you...

My head tells me to move on
It tells me you aren't wroth it
But my heart disagrees
And it still won't listen...

I miss wondering about
How you even feel
I miss wanting to touch
I miss feeling surreal...

I miss the mess I became
When you used to be near
I miss the days out hate
When everything was unclear...

I miss not having to fool myself
Each and every day
Telling myself that my feelings
Was never even real...

I miss not having to force myself
To believe
That it's the other guy
Who I love
I hate the fact that I trick myself
To believe
That the one I miss
It isn't you...

I miss all the small things
I miss when your words sounded true
There's only this one thing I miss
And that is
Just having one of those days where I'm being honest for once....
Apr 2016 · 506
Your Dark Voice....
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
Your voice is like a warm blanket
On a winter day
I feel it slowly
Wrap around me
It makes me feel

Your voice is so **** dark
The darkest which I ever heard
I can still recall it
Though you aren't here

I can still recall you
Singing that funny song
Which brought me to tears
While I laughed and laughed
I also remember your laugh
More clear than any other man's...

The dark voice
That's so deeply carved into my heart
Is playing in a loop
That'll never stop
And for some reason
I can't never get enough
Of the warming sound
Of your laugh...

Your dark voice
Is the number one thing
Which I miss right now
No other voice
Can takes its place
'Cause your voice
Are like home to me...

Just like a warm blanket
On a cold winter day
It's the warm chocolate
On a winter evening
It's a safe place
In the confused maze
Which people call
I'm beginning to miss my two very close friends a lot...
Mar 2016 · 908
The Hurtful Memories...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
There is nothing left of you
I can see it in your eyes
Every single time
It's a fact I can't denie
The person who I thought I knew
He is gone, he died
Now you're just a stranger
Walking around with his eyes...

I lose my ground
When we're standing face to face
'Cause the person who I thought I saw
Is no longer living
He's buried in my memories
So deep that it can't be counted in feet
And I'll keep burying the memories
Until they aren't hurting me...

The boy I meet had the key
To unlock all the love trapped in me
But then you left me in pieces
Now I'm burning all the bridges
But I can't stop the tears I cry
When I think about that guy...

I got burned,
But I learned,
Now I see
That you were never real
I see nothing in your eyes
And the more I see, the less I like...

This should have been over soon
But you keep pouring salt into the wound
Every time that you come around
The pain, it blooms
The boy I loved, he died
Now I'm asking myself, Why
I'm wasting time on this unknown guy
Who only knows how to make me cry...

The hardest ones to love
Is the ones that need it the most
I'll have to remember to tell this
To the next person that I will love
'Cause I am a person
With a thousand old scars on my soul
And some of these wounds
Have just been reopened...

Could have tried to let me be
Now will you please just set me free?
So that I
Can stop hurting
Because of the memory
Which you have buried
Deep inside of me...

Though I burn another page
And though that I look the other way
Then there's still scars left on me
Why couldn't you just let me be?
I guess it's no use
Since I'm born to lose
I'm ******* up every little thing
Which I ever tried to do...

All the lies have made me colder
And the passing days have made me older
Sometimes I don't want to see your face
'Cause I can't look at you the same
The friend who died, is still on my mind
But I try to delete him, all of the time...

Don't know who you are
Don't know who you were
I don't really care
I just want to stop shedding tears
Over the guy who died
Or was he even alive?
So please leave me alone
I want the memory to be gone...

The boy I meet had the key
To unlock all the love trapped in me
But then you left me in pieces
Now I'm burning all the bridges
The person who I thought I knew
He is gone, he died
Now you're just a stranger
Walking around with his eyes...
I want to move on with my life...
Mar 2016 · 1.2k
The Coffee of My Life...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
You're the drug
Which I can't live without
You're the caffeine
That keeps me on my feet
You're the final alarm clock
That wakes me up...

And even when you're gone
Then your traces are still there
The lingering feeling of you
Is still here...

The sweet taste
Of bitterness
The warmth that's spreading
In every corner of me
The burning sensation
Left on my tongue
'Cause I couldn't wait
Until you had cooled down...

Even though I know
That I shouldn't get addicted
To you
Then I can't stop myself
From longing after you...

I'm not very happy
The days that I can't drink you
I'm actually grumpy
Until I taste you...

I prefer you black
Just as you are made by the nature
There's no need for sugar
To me you're already perfect as you can be
And I won't let anything
Change it...

I tend to seek you more
When I'm having a hard time
Because you're the element
Which brings me back down to earth again...

I want to treasure you
But that's hard to do
'Cause you'll turn cold
If I'm too slowly drinking you...

Sometimes I look at the empty cup
Imagining it being filled up to the top
With you, the one
Which I can't get enough of...

You bring peace
And stability
'Cause you're the unchanging element
In my daily routine...

For a reason
I don't know why
I know that you are
The coffee of my life...
You're the one thing that  I'm so **** addicted to....
Mar 2016 · 977
Hold me...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Hold me
Even if it's just for one night
Hold me
Please, I beg you, hold me tight
Don't even let me go
When you fall asleep
Just continue
To hold on to me...

For only one night
Please be mine
I want to touch you
Even if it's only
This one time
For only one night
Stay close to me until the end...

In the morning
I know you'll leave me
When the sun comes up
You'll abandon me
When first sunshine touches your face
You'll regret
All the things that we did...

I know
That I'll cry and be sad afterwards
I'm clearly aware of
That for you it'll only be this one night
I never thought
That you would have wanted to stay...

So for only one night
Let's forget everything
For only one night
Let's not let go of each other
For only one night
Let's let go of the feelings
And let's become animals
And act on our instincts...

So hold me
Don't let me go
Hold me
Let me spend the night with you
Hold me
Hold me close to you...
I know it's selfish, but just for tonight, would you hold me close to you?
Mar 2016 · 975
Two lost boys...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Wandering alone on a dark street
Not knowing where I am
My phone ran out of battery
Now I can't even use "Maps"
It's too dark to see
The signs on the houses
Copenhagen in a nutshell
I'm not surprised...

A stranger walks over towards me
With his eyes fastened on me
In my head panic rises
A thought screaming
******!, ******!
**** paranoia!
Calmly he asks me
Do you know where I am?
He was just a lost boy like I...

We discover
That we both are looking
For the same building
So we walk together
While we keep talking
Just like me
This guy doesn't know
Copenhagen that well
But we found the college
And said our farvel...

It's funny how two heads
Can be better than one
Since none of us
Would have found the college
On our own
But two heads only works
As long as it isn't about feelings
Because then everything
Becomes a mess...

Since there's no one
Who always
Will be feeling the same
As you
And there's no safty
That you and he
Will make peace
After having argued
But that is how
Life's supposed to be...

So this stranger and I
Only managed to function
As a team
Since we were working
On an assignment
Two lost boys
Looking for the college
And then we both know
That we won't meet again...
Just a random poem...
Mar 2016 · 620
I Love You...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I love you
Even after everything that have happened
The feeling still refuses to die
And it doesn't change
No matter what I have tried...

I tried to hate you,
But it only made me cry.
I tried to speak ill about you,
But it only brought me pain in the end.
I have tried to forget you,
But everything around me
Reminds me of you.
Coffee, I can't drink
'Cause even that will kickstart the memories.
I have lost the will
To go to school
Because of the simple risk
That I might see you...

I wonder if hypnosis can help me
So I can forget
All the memories
That involves you
'Cause no matter what I do
Then I'm still in love with you...
English translation of the poem "Jeg elsker dig"

Wrote this poem three weeks ago
And I am drinking coffee again

I'm moving away from you with one step at a time and for every step I take I slowly finds myself...
Mar 2016 · 936
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
One word
Two meanings
Or psychological
Or action
Not a thing
You can grab
Or pain
Or together
That is
What it's all about...
English translation of the poem "Elske"
Mar 2016 · 665
A Safe Place...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
When my world
Turns upside down
Then he's the one
Who can bring me
Back down
To earth...

He's the unchanging element
In my dynamic world
He'll never change
Even as we get old
He'll still
Be the same...

When everything crashes
And the sky is falling down
He's a safe place
To which I can return
To get covered
From the world...

When I cry
He's at loss
And doesn't know
What to do
But him just standing
There beside me
As I cry
Is all the support
Which I need...

When I'm mad
He's all relaxed
That it'll soon be over
And that I'll turn back
To smiling person I was
Since no one stays mad forever...

But he's also the person
Whoes presence
Calms me down
So that even when
I'm really ******
He hinders my rage
From breaking out...

And the things
Which I can't
He can do
And the things
That I don't know
He can explain
And vice versa
There's also things
Which I can teach him...

I'm the worst Dark Souls player
While he's the best
That I know
He even offered once
To teach me
How to play
I can already see him break down
As he runs out of patience...

He can make me
Laugh so hard
That I'm trying
To crawl away
From my laptop and the skype-chat
Which he's in
But in my laughter I forget
That I got headphones on...

He's not my lover
He's not any kind of partner
He's a friend
But at the same time
He's also a safe place
And sometimes I feel like home
He's the simple element
Which keeps my feet
On the ground...
Found some old poems as I did my spring-cleaning...
This is only one of them XD
Mar 2016 · 687
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Et ord
To betydninger
Eller psykisk
Eller handling
Ikke en ting
Man kan tage om
Eller smerte
Eller sammen
Det er det
Det drejer sig om...
Brainstorm over ordet "elske"...
Mar 2016 · 2.5k
May I Touch You?...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
May I ask,
If I even dare to,
Is it okay
If I touch you?...

No, No...
What are you
I didn't mean it
Like that...

I just want
To stroke your cheek,
Pat your back
Or something
Like that...

It's really okay?
Well then...
I won't
Hold back...

I said
As I let my fingers
Run through your hair's soft
Just like a newborn's...

I stroked your cheek
While looking
Into your eyes
And suddenly I
Found myself blushing...

Why was it
That I wanted
To touch you?
And why do I always smile
When I'm near you?...

The truth hit me
Like a lightning bolt
Finally after years
I discovered
That I was
In love...

I'm still looking
Into your eyes
And I feel that I
Had a raise
In my body temperature...

Longing to touch you
This time
In a not so decent way
I looked once more
Into your eyes
And then I said...

Can I touch you?...
And if possible
Can you touch me

And is it okay
If I tell you
That I
Love you...?

Can we whisper
Soft words
To each other
And never let go
Of each others hands?...

Can we become
Old together?...
Just like the relationship
You have
With your minivan?...

But right now
Let's not speak
About the future
Let's just focus
On the here and now
And just enjoy
Each other....

'Cause all
That I want to do
Right now
Is to touch you
And feel your touch
On me too...

So I'll ask you
Once more
Is it okay
If I touch you?...
Wanting to show your affection for the person you love/like through actions, but you're not sure if they're okay with it....Or if they even feel as you do...
Mar 2016 · 990
The Lock On My Heart...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
The lock on my heart
Have begun to rust
It's not looking healthy
But open it
I can not...

It have been there for ages
Since I was small
And nothing can be done
To make it disappear
It makes sure that nobody
Can take my heart away...

The lock keeps me
From falling in love
And even though
That I've gotten old
I still want
To keep it on...

It protects me
From getting hurt
And neither have I ever
A heartbreak...

So I'm living
A life out love
But you know what
I think that's an affordable price
Since you will never
See me cry...

The lock on my heart
Once had a key
But it got lost
And ended up
Somewhere far away...

The lock on my heart
Is not a burden
But sometimes I see couples
And wonder 'bout
What they are feeling
When they are together...

The lost key
Will never be found
The rusty lock will **** me
Before anyone will manage
To open up
The lock on my heart...
There's nothing as a heart made out of just that people have locked their hearts away and sometimes that lock can't be opened again...
Mar 2016 · 1.5k
Jeg elsker dig...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Jeg elsker dig
Selv efter alt hvad der er sket
Så vil følelsen ikke forsvinde
Og det er lige meget hvad jeg gør...

Jeg har forsøgt at hade dig,
Men dette får mig kun til at græde.
Jeg har svinet dig til,
Men det sårer mig kun i sidste ende
Jeg har forsøgt at glemme dig,
Men alt omkring mig,
Minder mig om dig.
Kaffe kan jeg ikke drikke,
For selv det sætter minder i gang.
Jeg har mistet lysten
Til at gå i skole
Fordi jeg kan risikerer
At se dig...

Gad vide om hypnose vil kunne hjælpe,
Så jeg kan glemme,
Alle de minder,
Der involvere dig.
For lige meget hvad jeg prøver,
Så elsker jeg stadigvæk dig...
Skrev dette digt for 3 uger siden...
Er begyndt at drikke kaffe igen i dag...

Et skridt ad gangen bevæger jeg mig væk fra dig, og for hvert skridt finder jeg mig selv igen...
Mar 2016 · 648
I Died...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I died
But only for some days
Then I came back to life
And made the choice
To change...

I'll remove everything
Which makes me feel
Like someone is stabbing
My heart...

I'll delete the memories
And the thoughts
Which pulls
Me down...

I won't bother about it
I won't worry about him

I won't let this heartbreak
Tear me apart
I'll just delete the me
Who was in love
With him...

I will go back
To who I was before
But I'll never be the same
'Cause I've learned so much
That I have changed...

But I won't worry 'bout him
Won't think about him
When I'm in school
I'll go back
To focus on my homework
And the class...

I'll patch my heart together
Lots of fishes in the sea
As my mom says
But pearls are hard to find...

I've gotten stronger
I've learned new things
About friendship
'Cause friends really are there
When you need them...

I found out
That I had a thing for
Machiavelli's politics
And that I'm actually more punk
Than even I
Would believe...

I discovered
So much about myself
These last couple of months
Crying about that
I can not...

So though I might be hurt
I'm still a little grateful
'Cause I have learned so much
From a person
Who I no longer

Simple plan once sang
"Don't wanna be told
To grow up,
'Cause I'm not gonna change
I just wanna have fun"
I've always lived my life
After these lines...

But even I have to realise
That staying true to those words
Is a harder task than I
Ever would have thought...

Because I don't know
Where life it'll lead me
'Cause some things in life
Will affect me...

So yeah, I might not want
To grow up
But neither am I
Peter Pan
I can't travel to Neverland
I'll age physically...

So one day
I'll grow up,
But that doesn't mean
That the time is now
'Cause I'm still young...

So yeah, I died
But I rebuilt myself
Now I've changed
Due to things
Which I've learned

I died,
But now I've
Finding oneself after a heartbreak...
Mar 2016 · 1.2k
The Final Goodbye...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I'm laying in the snow
Not feeling anything
The cold doesn't bother me,
'Cause it have already
Gotten through my bones...

A lonely snowflake falls on my cheek,
Softly it touches
But I don't feel it...
Thereafter it slowly melts
And runs down my cheek
Just like all the tears
Which I've cried
A thousand of...

My footprints in the snow
Is soon covered by flakes
I think to myself
That you would surely
Have liked
To see this...

This white landscape
That's softly shining
And I'm smiling,
But only for a moment.
Before I remember
That you never got the chance....

The frost bites my nose,
But for the time being
I am a half-sociopathic soul
And therefore
I don't sense it...

'Cause I don't know
How I'm gonna make it through
The day
Which the clock
Soon will great...

The last day, the last hour
Before you'll be brought
To your final resting place,
But right now, I don't want to think,
Don't want to feel, don't want to sense
The chain of sorrow,
Which is slowly pulling me down...

I just wanna lay here in the snow
Before I'll go
Inside to put the last red roses
On your coffin...
English translation of my danish poem "En Afsked"
Since it's a translation, it might not sound as poetic as the original version does...
Mar 2016 · 1.5k
Taking pills again...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Taking pills again
Filling my body
With this and that...

Taking pills again
Loosing the development
Which I had...

Taking pills again
Now I can once again
Focus on homework...

Taking pills again
Now my mood will
Become less cheerful...

Taking pills again
To delete the traces
Of you...

Taking pills again
Now I'm myself
From before I meet you...

Taking pills again
Man... I really wish
That I didn't have to...
Just something random which I wrote
Mar 2016 · 1.2k
They Pretend...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
They pretend
That they don't see
What's going on...

They pretend
That there's no bully
And that the girl

She did just fall...

They pretend
That there's no cuts
On her wrists...

They pretend
That she isn't crying
Or feeling alone...

They  pretend
That there was nothing
Which they could have done

To change what happened...

They pretend
That it wasn't their ignorance
Which killed her

In the end...

These pretenders
Keeps lying
To themselves

*It's time to wake up
Stop to pretend...
Anti-bully poem
The watcher is worse than the bully since he holds the power to stop it...
Mar 2016 · 642
Loved You for Years...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
First time I saw you
Was in the room C17 of our high school
We had music together
But we didn't speak at all
But I remember noticing
Your red n' black
Flannel shirt
And I thought
He seems like a nice guy
And I wonder what there's hidden

Behind his blue eyes...

First time we really spoke
Was when we were together
Working in a group
For the stomp-project
You were wearing a grey t-shirt
With a sad green dino'
" All my friends are dead"
I thought to myself
He's a pretty awesome guy
And there's no way that you can't

Love his T-shirt...

Then it would be a long time
Before we actually spoke again
But to my luck
We had a common friend
Who was also a friend
Of your girlfriend
Who my family and I
Also knew

Very well...

So I packed the growing interest in you
More far than far away
And focused on just being a friend
'Cause at least I could be that
And I got to know you more and more
The feelings wasn't there
They were locked far away
'Cause liking you
Would never be

You like NIRVANA
And you remind me a little
Of Kurt Cobain
Your best friends name is Julie
And me and her,
We didn't like each other
At the beginning
But today
We're best friends
And sometimes I'm even jealous of you
Always being so close to her...

We fast became a trio
We are like the three musketeer
Your are the third girl
In our little group
And I'm still jealous
On you
'Cause your hair is so **** soft
And I just love
To play with it
And luckily for me
You don't have anything against it...

You used to sneak in on me
And Tickle my sides
Making me scream out
In the foyer
Of our school
You really thought that was funny
While I got embarrassed
But again I had to remember
My mission
That no matter what

I mustn't fall for you...

Then time passed
We were at our common friend's b-day
And your girlfriend was there too
She slept in your arms
I thought it was so cute
But I didn't wish
That I was her
Since I liked both her and you...

I loved you
But only as a friend
And I was happy
How things were

'Cause you have taught me so much...

You taught me 'bout music
You made me rediscover
The rock, metal and grunge music
From my childhood
You made me grow into an adult
It was because of you
That my interest for music grew
And you inspired me
To learn how to play guitar myself
We can more or less say
That you are the reason
For half of the person
Which I am today...

It was through you, I discovered
Plato and Socrates
And that had importance
For my choice of subject
The first semestre at the university
So it was my friendship with you

That lead me to him...

But anyway let's not speak about him
'Cause something even worse happened
During the last year of high school
'Cause halfway through it
I discovered
That your girlfriend,
She had broken up with you...

See that's where hell began

Suddenly There was no longer anything
Which kept me
From falling for you
And all the hidden feelings
Began to burst through
My heart and my mind
I suddenly realized
That I had loved you

The whole time...

After becoming aware of
How much you meant to me
I couldn't look you in the eyes
Neither could I speak
Because I felt like I
Had failed as a friend
Was everything I did
Only done because I loved you?

I kept asking myself...

But no,
At the university I discovered
While being away from you
That everything
I got to know through you
Still meant a lot to me
It seems like our friendship
Had always been real
And that we really

Had a lot in common...

And then there's the secret
Which I wanna let you know:
Do you know that it was because of you
That I wear earrings today?
You gave me the peace-pair
Which I always wear when I sleep
They didn't have to be made of silver
'Cause to me they would still be priceless
Because they're a proof
That you've actually listen to me
That you've learned
Some of my likes and dislikes
That was the biggest gift
Which you could ever give me

Price doesn't matter,
but the thought behind it does...

We played WOW and Skyped
And I often found myself
Laughing with tears in my eyes
Because of something that you've said
But when we were alone in the chat
There was only silence
Since I didn't know what to say
I know you hate dumb people
And i'm afraid to make mistakes

When I'm around you...

At new years eve
You offered me
To one day come home to me
And teach me to play dark souls
It would just have been us
You and me alone
But I never took you up on your offer
'Cause being alone with you
Makes me so **** nervous
And then you would also have noticed
That my body temperature rises

When I'm with you...

Now I'm in a state
Where I can't feel anything
I'm not in love with anyone
But I still have a longing after being in your arms
Just like the time
Where you tried to keep me warm
So I hope
That I'll fall in love
With you once again
When you come back home
To Denmark
But I can't force feelings
Neither yours our mine
And I'm pretty sure
It'll take a long time
Before there will be development,
If there will be any
At all,
In our relationship
But I know that if it happens

*Then it'll be worth
Any kind of struggle
Which I'll have to face....
I found an old love poem from my time in high school and edited it a bit...
I'll probably be releasing more old love poems since I have run out of inspiration to write new ones...So brace yourself there's an army of innocent teenage love poems coming at ya XD

[To the "You"]
Let's start over again...As friends
This time I'll take you up on your offer of teaching me how to play Dark Souls - I'll buy the pizza you just have to bring your good mood and a **** lot of patience XD
Mar 2016 · 651
Stress Keeps Me in Bed....
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Stress keeps me in bed
It is as I have said
I'm not getting enough sleep
So I can barly
Stand on my feet
It's too hard
To keep my balance
I easily trip
Over the smallest thing...

I wake up every morning
Feeling very sick
Actually feel like puking
But never do I do it
Since I just skip breakfast...

Stress keeps me in bed
Once in a while
I fall asleep
Getting some of the rest
Which I am missing...

But that nap is only
One hour or two long
then a nightmare
Wakes me up
'Cause nightmares
Are the only thing
Which visits me at night
My ability to dream
I think I've lost...

Stress keeps me in bed
I feel like a caged bird
Whoes wings
Have been broken
But now I'm tired
And I can feel
The next nightmare
Knocking on my door

So I'll stay in bed
Getting some kind of rest
And if I'm lucky then
I'll soon be able to dream
Sorry if there's still typos in the poem, I'll fix it when I feel better
Mar 2016 · 904
Do I Regret?
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Do I regret
That I let you in?
I don't regret
That it was you
Who I let in.
But I regret everything
Which we have now become...

I don't regret the act done
While being afected by feelings.
Feelings which I never knew,
Before I meet you.
But I do regret actions,
Which I have done
Because you hurt me...

Because just as much
As I care about you
Just as much does it hurt me now
To see you.
I would prefer
Not to be near you
Because it hurts
When I am...

I regret the words I said in anger,
While I was being
In a hurt state of mind
Where I only knew one way
To let it all out...

I deeply regret
So many things
To write about them all
Would take forever.
But the only thing,
Which I don't regret
That I let you in...
English version of the poem "fortryder jeg"
Mar 2016 · 1.7k
I'm Not Perfect...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I'm not perfect
I have a lot of flaws...

I'm not perfect
I make a lot of mistakes...

I'm not perfect
I get easily unsecure
Or nervous as hell...

I'm not perfect
I'm very clumsy
And also very shy,
I don't even dare to touch
The person I like...

I'm not perfect
I never said I was...

I'm not perfect
I am trouble
And a mess...

I'm not perfect
Sometimes I act
Like a *****...

I'm not perfect
In some situations
I become childish...

I'm not perfect
I have a darkside
Which I hate...

I'm not perfect
I don't believe
That anyone could
Love me...

I'm not perfect
And never
Will I be...

I'm not perfect
But aren't you
Just like me?...
No one is perfect we all have our flaws and darksides which we try to hide from other people....
Mar 2016 · 498
I Love You...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I love you
Is the most
Terrifying words to say
If you ask me...

I love you
Is three words
Which everyone hope
That someone
One day will say
To them...

I love you
Is a way to tell
Another person
How much we care
About them...

I love you
Is three words
Which I don't think
That I'm ever gonna say
'Cause the first person
Who I honestly
Could have said these words to
He's no longer talking to me...

I love you
Is also
The only words
Which no one
Will ever say
To me
Because I am not
Worth loving...

I love you
I actually once had a dream
Where someone said it to me
In a bar
Right before he kissed me
But that was only a dream
And as we know
They rarely become real...
I'm one of those persons who can't say the words unless I really do love the other person....but if you try to make me say it by fishing for the words, then I won't say it...
Mar 2016 · 679
Love Doesn't Like Me...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Love doesn't like me
It never have
And it never will...

Love doesn't like me
'Cause it likes
To see me suffer...

Love doesn't like me
It doesn't matter what I do
I always mess it up...

Love doesn't like me
It hurts
And I've had enough...

Love doesn't like me
It has always been like this
You'll find me walking alone...

Love doesn't like me
Neither do I like
I wish that I had never found out what it means to love...
Mar 2016 · 1.5k
Teenage Girl in Love...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I'm confused
And my head is a mess
I got a hangover
And a giant headache...

But at the same time
I can't stop smiling
I'm so happy that I could die
'Cause he kissed me last night...

He was probably just drunk
And it probably didn't mean
Anything to him
But I'm still rolling around in my bed
Thinking 'bout what happened
While giggling
Like a teenage girl in love...
An old poem which I haven't made public before this memory only makes me sad... He really became a bittersweet memory...
Mar 2016 · 637
En Afsked...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Jeg ligger i sneen
Og føler ingenting.
Kulden rør mig ikke,
For den har allerede
Gnavet sig ind til mine ben...

Et ensomt snefnug falder på min kind,
Blidt det rammer,
Men jeg mærker det ik'
Hvorefter det langsomt smelter
Og triller ned ad min kind
Som de tåre
Jeg har grædt i tusindvis...

Mine fodspor i sneen
Er snart dækket af hvidt
Jeg tænker,
At dette ville
Du nok gerne have set...

Dette hvide landskab,
Der skinner så blidt.
Og jeg smiler,
Men kun et øjeblik.
Før jeg erindre,
At sådan blev det ik'...

Frosten bider mig i næsen,
Men i øjeblikket er jeg
Et halv-sociopatisk væsen
Og derfor
Ænser jeg den ik'...

For jeg ved ik' hvordan
Jeg skal komme igennem dagen,
Som uret snart slår an...

Den sidste dag, den sidste time,
Før du lægges endeligt til hvile.
Men lige nu vil jeg ikke tænke,
Ikke føle, ikke mærke sorgens lænke,
Der langsomt tynger mig ned...

Jeg vil blot ligge her i sneen
Før jeg går ind
Og lægger de sidste roser
På kisten...
Dansklæren gav en opgave om at skrive et digt om sorg indenfor det semantiske skema: fik 3 minutter og dette digt er mit resultat af den opgave.....sjovt nok beskriver det meget godt min følelsesmæssige tilstand lige for hvor jeg efter 3 hårde uger endelig tillader mig selv at gå ned med den stress, som jeg har gået rundt og kæmpet for at holde i skak...
Expect a lot of poems to be released since I have nothing else to do while being tied to the bed due to stress
Mar 2016 · 2.1k
Like Tea with Lemon
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Like tea with lemon
It's not always
That I'm understood
People think I'm weird
And often avoids me
Or that's how
It used to be
Back in elementary

Like tea with lemon
Some people find me sweet
While other won't even dare
To get near me
Since they don't understand
The person I am

Like tea with lemon
You can drink me from a cup
And I'll warm you up
Or you can pour me out
In your sink
Never experience
The warm feeling
Which I might have left

Like tea with lemon
You can add sugar
To make me sweet
Or honey
If that's more
To your liking

Like tea with lemon
I'll only be tasty
When I am warm
So don't let me
Get so cold
That you won't
Drink me up

Like tea with lemon
You'll have to make me
From the bottom
Begin with water and leaves
But don't forget the
I gave myself a challenge a made a impro-poem based on the sentence "Like tea with lemon"
Mar 2016 · 742
If I Hated You...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Everything would be easier
If I hated you
'Cause then I wouldn't always have
To defend
When they talk about you...

I wouldn't have to make it clear
That I'm just as bad as you
When it comes to creating this mess
I could have rejected you...

Therefore I get ******
When people call me a victim
'Cause I had a choice
So there's no ******* way
That I am a victim...

But if I hated you
Then I would have spared
All the energy
Which I'm using on defending you
And that's a task
Which is really ******* me...

'Cause if I hated you
Then I would only approve
Of the awful things
Which has been said about you...

If I hated you
Then I wouldn't care about
That you're just as troubled
As I have gotten
As a consequense of this mess...

I keep telling people
That you're having a hard time
And that it won't help on it
If we keep speaking ill about the guy
Who only has as much of the responsibility
For this mess
As I...
Don't think that I see myself as a victim...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
You might see me as a stranger
But I won't stop seeing you
As a friend...

I'll still offer you a hand
If you ever ask for help
I'll still care about you
Though you treat me like air
And I'll smile at you
Though you won't smile back at me...

Your back might be turned against me
And you might give me the cold shoulder
But once a friend of me
Means always a friend of me
And that's a rule
After which I live...

So keep treating me cold
I don't really care
But you can't stop me from worrying
About the people I hold dear
And yes, even after all this mess
You're still one of the people
Which I care about...

So though we might be back
At being strangers
And though we have hurt each other
And that bridges have been burned
Then I won't try
To treat you differently...
I don't know what to say about this poem...
Mar 2016 · 583
Time to Heal the Wounds
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
It's holiday
Now I can heal the wounds
Which you gave me
Not so long ago

I won't have any tears
Hiding behind my eyes
Just because of the reason
That I saw you pass by

I won't have this awful feeling
Of something heavy
Stepping on my chest
Who knows
Maybe I'll finally be able
To get some rest

The fact that I
Don't have to see you
Means that I can start to forget
And reset myself
Back to before we even meet

But don't begin to think
That I hate you
I'm just hurt
And hurt feelings
Are hard to show in a positive way

But the fact that I am
Angry, bitter and sad
Is only a confirmation
Of how much
You actually means
To me
Or else
I wouldn't even care
To waste all this energy
On those feelings...
Holidays... This will either be a struggle to get through the days or a struggle to put everything behind me and start over...
Mar 2016 · 572
The Joke got Real...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I used to make jokes about
That the guy,
Who I have only known
For a few months
Could be the one
Who I could end up
Loving more
Than the guy,
Who I have known
For almost
Four years...

I never thought
That the joke
Would become
I wish this wasn't true...
Mar 2016 · 656
Looking for Home
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I'm just a lost boy
Looking for a place
Which i can call home...

A warm place
Or a pair of arms
Which will hold on to me
Longer than only a night...

A place I can feel safe
When the world becomes too much
For me
To handle on my own...

A shoulder to cry on or a warm hug
When I'm feeling down
I might find it
In the place
Which I can call home...

Lots of arguments will be there too
But without fights
Life would be too

And love...
Well if my roommate
Isn't a cat or a girl
That might be there too...
Just being bored at KUA...working on my feeling of being lost...
Mar 2016 · 1.8k
Can't Keep Wasting Time...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I'm tired
And since I'm not eating
Then my energy
Is non-existing
I'm barely keeping my eyes open
As I type in the words
For this poem.

I'm trying not to make typos,
But it's hard when you only see
A cloudy version of the keyboard
Since your eyelids are slowly closing.

Outside people are enjoying
The sun
Which for once
Are shining over Denmark
But I'm just sitting inside
The University of Copenhagen
Occupying myself
So that there's no time
For crying

I bought myself a new book
One by Niccolò Machiavelli
I plan to read it
In the holiday
And I'm really looking forward to this
Since through the last four years
People have often recommended me
To read it...

So while Green Day's "Panic Song" is playing
On my headphones
I'll finish my poem
And return to my book
'Cause though I'm tempted
Then I can't keep wasting my time
Writing poems
Just to I keep myself occupied.
Maybe I'll take the book
And go read outside
In the sunshine...
Ok....Back to work!.. :)
Mar 2016 · 589
Fortryder Jeg...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Fortryder jeg,
At jeg lod dig ind
Jeg fortryder ikke,
At det var dig,
Som jeg lod ind.
Men jeg fortryder alt det,
Som vi nu er blevet til...

Jeg fortryder ikke handlingen gjort
Under påvirkning af følelser
Følelser, som jeg ikke kendte til
Før jeg mødte dig
Men jeg fortryder handlinger,
Som jeg har gjort
Fordi du sårede mig...

For lige så meget,
Som jeg holder af dig,
Lige så meget smerter det mig nu
at se dig.
Allerhelst så vil jeg ikke
Være i nærheden af dig.
For dette gør ondt
På mig...

Jeg fortyder ord sagt i vrede,
Hvor jeg mig befandt
I en såret tilstand
Hvor jeg kun kendte til en måde
at afreagerer på...

Jeg fortryder så mange ting,
At skrive om dem
Ville tage en evighed
Men den ene ting,
Som jeg ikke fortryder,
At jeg lod dig ind....
Mar 2016 · 641
Tell me Why...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Can you tell me why
It is
That I love him
Even after that
He has
Deeply hurt me
Over and over again
Broken me down
To the core
Left me bleeding
On the floor?...

Why is it
That I just can't forget
All the memories
Which now only are a pain?
Maybe I should just go
**** a random guy
So I can delete
The specific memory
Which I want to forget
The most...

Be happy
At least it was with someone
Whom you love
My mom says
Trying to cheer me up
But I'm not
So sure about that

'Cause she don't know
About all the mess
Which happened
She's not the one
Who becomes sad
When she sees him
Passing by...

So tell me why
This boy still is on my thoughts
Together with all the things
Which have been said and done?
My "Age of Depression"
Have now become real
I'm not really eating
And I feel really sick
But I'm trying to look fine
That on the inside
I cry...

Tell me why
I didn't listen
To my friends' warnings
Telling me to stay far away
From this one guy?
But I couldn't
Even when I
Actually tried...

Tell me why
Everything went
As wrong as it did ?
Why everything is a mess
And why is there
All this stress
In my life
At the moment?...

Why can't I eat
Even though I'm hurting
From starving
Through the most of the day
And then only eat a little
At dinner
With my family
To cover up
That I'm in pain...

Why can't I make myself hate
The person
Who hurt me?
Why can't I honestly
My friends
When they make innocent jokes
About him
Just to cheer me up?...

Tell me why
There isn't a remedy
Which can delete
All the bad things
Which have happened

Or maybe a time-machine?
Then I could change
My choice
Of going straight to
The university
'Cause then I would
Never had meet him
And there wouldn't be
All these problems...

Tell my why
I don't feel happy
and why my nights
Are sleepless
Tell my why
The only person
Who knows how
To handle me
When I'm feeling like this
Is out traveling
And won't be back
Before June...

Tell me why
My mind
Is humming
A sad tune...
Just sorting out in my thoughts....
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I don't want to remember him
I want him outta my head
Stop occupying my thoughts
Please, let me get some rest...

I don't want to hear his voice
Don't want to see his face
Don't want to remember his touch
I'm halfway in my grave...

I don't want to look him in the eyes
Neither do I want to talk
I don't want to get near him
I want to get away...

But since it's all memories
There's nowhere I can hide
'Cause these ******* memories
Will follow me 'till I die...
Let me forget....
Mar 2016 · 468
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I don't want to live
'Cause I'll only remember
Which I want to forget
Which before
Could keep me happy
On a bad day
Now only hurts
And reminds me
That feelings are a burden
But luckily for me
I can no longer
Feel anything...

What before was worry
Have now become stress
I'm all broken down
Not getting any rest
My dreams are affected
By the memories
So that even the sweetest dream
Suddenly turns into
A nightmare...

I want to delete
All these memories
I want to go back
Before they were made
I want to prevent them from
Ever being created
I'll start with the earliest
It all began
With a pack of my favorite chips
And a,
Back then,
Unknown person...
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
How do you get over a broken heart?
I don't know anymore...
What else can I do?...

I've  gotten me a new hobby
I've tried to decive myself to believe
That he's not the one
Whom I love...

I've tried to listening to music
Music always help,
But this time
I really can't pick myself

Music doesn't make me happy
I have no appetite
I don't feel like sleeping
I would pefer to die
If I died I'm pretty sure
That everyone would be much happier
Mostly I..

I wouldn't be crying the whole time
I can almost fill buckets
I wouldn't have to eat
There's no taste at all
I wouldn't have to try to sleep
There's only nightmares, no dreams
I wouldn't have to hate myself
For only bringing trouble
To friends and family...

So as you can see
Everyone would be so much happier without me
Specially I would be...

So I'll ask again
How do you mend a broken heart?
When your closest friends are out the country
And you're just sitting in your room
With your curtains pulled down
Just starring at the lyrics
Which you've written on your wall...

Silence is the enemy...
Don't wanna fall in love...
It amazes me this will of instincts...
Shot through the heart...
Another one bites the dust...
Chaos rules the inner hell...

Diffrent lyrics
Different songs
Different artists
But not a single one
Can cheer me up again
Singing always help
In the shower or when I'm stressed,
But right now
I don't even want to talk...

I'm a gamer
But neither this
I want to do
My guitar gently weeps
More gentle
Than I do
It's sad since I haven't been
playing for a while...

I should be making dinner
And this poem have to end
But before I leave
I'll ask again
How do you mend a broken heart?
'Cause I've never felt this dead
And I've survived worse
Afterall, I had classmates
In elementary
Who tried to push me
Out the window
From 1st floor...

I've been beaten and spitted on,
But neither that have hurt this much
So please tell me
How do I mend my broken heart?...
I know nothing about love and less about heartbreak....I really should have stayed behind my curtains...
Mar 2016 · 2.1k
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
Misunderstandings can be caused
By the slightes thing
Things that have been done
Without thinking
Over the consequenses
Actions can be done in anger
Words can be said in sadness
And in the end
They can both cause problems

Some times actions can
slove what words have caused
And some times words can heal
the wounds created by actions
But sometimes
only time
Can heal everything that have happened
And some wounds
Won't heal at all...
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