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Camaury Robinson Nov 2018
Terrific thoughts,
Shallow breaths,
In between it all
I feel everything
Including the universe in myself
Written 11/29/18
Author C.R.
xmxrgxncy Sep 2016
In the silence, there is a sound.
Nay, it cannot be heard
by the naked ear
but rather by
the naked eye.

In the darkness, there is a light.
Nay, it cannot be seen
by your barren eye
but rather by
the passers by.

Watch your love, and watch your life
For in itself, beauty's strife
will take a hold
on your lowly, downed life.

Unfiltered lenses cover eyes
create a day where no one spies
on hearts of truth and hearts of lies
no one hurts and no one dies.

Beauty is in the unseen, unheard.
And one day, one day
more lessons shall be learned.
Bad pentameter. But I'm not in the mood for editing.
Echoes Of A Mind Jun 2016
Don't let him in
Guard the entrance
Don't let the door to your heart
Open again

Don't give him the key
Don't give him a hand
Keep him out
Ignore the man

You know how it'll end
All alone again
Left naked on the floor
Not caring anymore

A lifeless doll
And empty shell
Is what will be left
When he leaves you in hell

So don't let him in
Don't let him see
How much his presence
Actually means

Run away from the feelings
Don't realize that they're here
But pushing him away
Is something you don't dare

Think with your head
Don't listen to the heart
The head it protects you
From falling apart

But what if he comes closer
What if he wont keep the distance
What if he wants to know
So many different things about you

What if he wants to talk
Just to hear your voice
What if he gives you a lot
Of his sacred free-time

He doesn't bring flowers
Neither pay your bill
But the more he talks
The more you loose your will

But don't let him in
Don't let him see
How much his presence
Actually means

This is the things
Which my head says
To my confused  little heart
When it slowly awakes
just something I randomly wrote..
Echoes Of A Mind Feb 2016
I just killed Amor
I literally shoot him down
It was in selfdefence
Since he was aiming with his arrow

Like I wanna be in love
A death sentence
is by far more painless
So I made the decision
to put this winged baby
In a state of endless *rest

— The End —