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May 2020 · 167
The Tempest
Thomas King May 2020
Swirling torment
Spinning in reverse
Riding waves of agony
Sick and perverse

Twisting and turning
Losing my sight
Grasping and holding
With all my might

Slowly losing grip
On love, life and sanity
Gasping for air
Drowning in my abnormality

Have I the strength
To stand and fight
Free myself from misery
And find again the light?

Or do I lay peaceful
And take my last breath
Hope that I find solace
In a quick and painless death

Answers to these questions
I know I shall never find
In this madding violent tempest
I shall forever be confined.
Oct 2019 · 153
My own little world
Thomas King Oct 2019
Why are so many people
So ******* rude!
They all feel so entitled
With their “IT’S All About Me” attitude!

Disrespect has replaced
Common courtesy and good will
They would rather give you the finger
Or worse attack you or even ****!

How have so many hearts
Turned so evil and black,
Is it a growing sickness?
Or a sense of humanity they all lack?

I’ve now become a cynic
A distruster of mankind
Am I the only one who see’s  and feels this?
Is everyone really that ******* blind!

No more love or compassion
For our so called fellow man
It’s replaced with greed for money and power
And **** everyone who’s not part of their plan.

So I now live in my own little world
Where I am away from their greed and inhumanity
Where I am loved and respected
And away from all their ******* insanity!
Just a little rant on my perception of how rude and insensitive our society has become
Aug 2019 · 99
Thomas King Aug 2019
I smell the pleasant aroma
Of our fatal last shot
Your beautiful **** barrel
Smoking and red hot

Oh how you fill me
With such pleasure and power
How the very sight of your loveliness
Mad our victims run and cower

Makes me laugh aloud
How the haters give you the blame
When it’s really me, not my beloved AK
Who feels the need to ****** and maim

So let them try and take you
But they better get ready to run
Because I’m another entitled American
Who can legally “HUNT” with my gun
May 2019 · 138
Thomas King May 2019
My soul is ill  
But I'll not find a cure
It is infected and rotting  
Of this I am sure.

It bleeds and aches
From this sickness you have brought
Corrupting my spirit
Twisting my every thought

Distorting my inner visions
And contaminating my sense of sanity
Totally destroying my faith
In love, life and humanity

You are the bringer of pain
The lord of heartache and dismay
And I’ve become your disciple
To your malevolence I now pray

Set my soul free
From your dark incantation
So I may find my way back
To the light and salvation

I have given you my all
And can’t bear another day
Of this beautiful chaos
And your sinful ways

Release me now
Take my last breath
So I can at last be free
Even if it’s through death

Maybe I will be reborn
Again to the light
And then I can rejoice
That I’ve finally won the fight!
Thomas King Apr 2019
As I walk down this road
Towards a destination unknown
I pray sometime soon
That place will be shown

I’ve walked many miles
In these shoes that are not mine
So I could understand why
You chose to leave me behind

These shoes are now tattered
And my feet very sore
And I understand your reason
Even less than before

So the old saying is wrong
At least for us two
Because I’ve walked more than a mile
Down this road in your shoes
Mar 2019 · 123
Up side to Down’s
Thomas King Mar 2019
You came into this world
A little different than most
But born to me as my son
Who I love and will always hold close

You’re filled with such joy
And see the world through loving eyes
That I could see past your disability
Was really no big surprise

There was so much about your condition
I had to study and learn
But with an open heart and mind
It never gave me a moment of concern

Look at you now
A handsome young boy
Learning and growing
And filling everyone’s heart with joy

I am your proud father
And will do all that I can
To make sure you develop
Into a self sufficient young man

So even though you were born
With an extra chromosome
We will make the best life together
And overcome your Down’s syndrome
Written for my beautiful son
Mar 2019 · 91
Quiet Please!
Thomas King Mar 2019
Please shut up
You’re always talking
Like a ******* chicken
You’re always squawking

Going on and on
About things you don’t even know
It’s like diarrhea of the mouth
Just a constant sickening flow

You have not a clue
On how annoying you sound
Your constant useless babble
Is causing my brain to become unwound

You’re always running your mouth
So shut your trap
And stop filling my ears
With all of your crap

Be quiet a minute
And rest your mouth a bit
Then you may realize
No one really gives a ****!
Mar 2019 · 156
Waiting For The Day
Thomas King Mar 2019
I’m waiting for the day
You will embrace my weary soul
Lift my descending spirit
And fill my hearts gaping hole

I’m waiting for the day
We can share our hopes and dreams
The day we can share with one another
What true love really means

I’m waiting for the day
I can look into your eyes
Hold you in my arms
With no fear of saying goodbye

Now no longer waiting
That day is now here
Fate has now found us
Our future is now clear

Forever united as one
Our bond can never be broken
Words of love eternal
Never needing to be spoken

Days full of happiness
And evenings of passion and bliss
Mornings started with a smile
And nights ended with a kiss

The day came and went
And is now long past
But our love continues to grow
Our wildest dreams we did surpass

A beautiful life spent together
As lover and friend
Wanting our moments to last
And the days to never end

But now I’m dreading the day
Heaven calls my angel home
And again I will be lost and broken
And left all alone

I will be waiting for the day
To be reunited once again
With my soul mate and partner
My lover, my friend

An eternal lifetime together
Where there’s no existence of time
Just an eternity of happiness
Enjoying days that never end
Mar 2019 · 100
Where Did You Come From
Thomas King Mar 2019
Where did you come from
A distant time or place
From one of my dreams
Did I imagine your face

Your voice is a familiar song
That plays through my head
The lyrics were written
From the beautiful things that you have said

You touched my heart deep
With emotions so strong
With those beautiful eyes
And your sweet loving song

Do I know you from another life
Can this be true
I see in your smile
you are wondering this too

Our closeness we have
Is beyond all compare
The understanding is simple
Of the connection we share

Both knowing and wondering
Sometime and somewhere
Our hearts were as one
And we had not a care

Though my mind is unsure
How all this can be
One thing I know for certain
Is our love was to be
Mar 2019 · 212
Lost & Found
Thomas King Mar 2019
I am no longer lost,
for you have guided my way
with your loving light.

I am no longer alone,
for your shadow accompanies me
on my new life’s journey.

I am no longer afraid
for you comfort me
in your loving arms.

I can see clearly,
for you have opened my eyes
and have found life’s beauty and purpose.

You gave me your wisdom and reassurance
so that I may understand your love
and the truths of its meaning
within my own reality.
Mar 2019 · 153
Life or Death
Thomas King Mar 2019
I sit here pondering my death.
As I look upon the remnants of my tattered remains for signs of my so called life, I come to the conclusion that to do this, I must first accept the fact that I even had a life.
But how can one have lived without the rhythmic beating of a heart, or the spiritual foundation of a soul to support ones wants and desires, or the will that encourages the thoughts and dreams of existence.

How could the emptiness that was inside me have housed such a wonder?
How is it possible the weakness I felt could ever have held such a power within?
Is it possible I had reached the pinnacle of my suffering and committed emotional suicide?

Is it possible my demise was due to the ravenous wants and needs of man, disguised as passion and love which lured me into my willingness to give all that I had so freely, to satisfy a gluttonous appetite that consumed everything in its path including the memory of who and what I was?
But to acknowledge this would be to admit I gave my precious gift of life in exchange for a lie wrapped in the promise of everlasting happiness and love.

I sit here and ponder my death but I do not mourn.
For I have only lost the vessel which held my true spirit, the one which now looks for the light and the chance to be reborn.
A new being of strength and wisdom who realizes the mistake made in that other form, but will now hold dear all that is to come and all that can now be.
Prose Poem on thoughts of my emotional mortality.
Mar 2019 · 97
Letting Go
Thomas King Mar 2019
Your smile has faded
And your eyes no longer see
The things that you loved
And what attracted you to me

I see only now
Your disappointment and hurt
And your adoring voice
Is now angry and curt

It is now as I’ve suspected
The beginning of the end
No longer wanting to be my lover
My companion or friend

I sit now and ponder
Everything that I’ve missed
The clues that were apparent
On the rare occasions we kissed

How could I be so clueless
To your boredom and disdain
Your lack of enthusiasm
When I now call your name

I guess I was just stupid
To think I had what was needed
To make you happy and content
My inner voice should have heeded

But now it’s too late
My inadequacies are too much
You no longer enjoy my company
My voice or my touch

I have only myself to blame
For wanting more than I deserve
For thinking you could really be happy
With someone who’s a little too quiet and reserved

I do want to thank you
For all the years you did try
For trying your best to love me
And to this day I’m unsure why

This is not self pity
Or an attempt to make you feel sad
It’s just a realization of me
At what I almost had

I now know it’s time
To let you be free
To unburden you with all my crap
And to succumb to what’s not to be

Losing you will be painful
And losing our life together even more so
But seeing the ghost you’ve become
I see I must now let you go.
Mar 2019 · 156
Inevitable Journey
Thomas King Mar 2019
I sit here and ponder
On the one certain thing
That I know in my mind
That someday I will find

It will come with a light,
Shining soft and of white
Surrounding my being
And filling all of my sight

It will carry me away
To that place we all know
And strive all our life
And pray we will go

I will know it as death
But not of my soul
A rebirthing of sorts
With the universe I'm made whole

So now in my mind
I’m at peace with it all
As I patiently wait
For my time to be called
Thomas King Mar 2019
A smile forms at the edge of my face
As random thoughts of you tiptoe through my head.

Your silly little laugh
As you acknowledge my poor attempts at humor

Your quiet breathing
As you sleep peacefully next to me.

The natural beauty held within your soul
And the tenderness that emanates through your eyes,
As I gaze intently into them.

Pleasing memories of your soft skin,
Fragrant scent and elegant form
Send waves of heat throughout my body.

Suddenly I feel a rumbling within the depths of my being.  

Emotions spew from my inner core
Like magma from the mouth of an erupting volcano,
Molten hot with fiery intention

Boiling blood courses through my veins like a lava flow,
Searing my heart and heating my lungs,
Turning my breath into a pyroclastic flow of lust and desire

The soft tiptoed footsteps within my mind
Transform into thunderous stomps
As deliberate memories of our unbridled passion
Run rampant throughout my head.

Tremors of elation and excitement rock my body
Like the aftershocks from a violent earthquake
As pleasure sweeps across my body like a tidal wave,
And turns my smiling face into a mirrored image
Of satisfaction and pleasure

I am left breathless, shaken.

As the thoughts of you slowly fade from my head
My smile remains

Because even though on the days you are away from me,
I am blessed to know that just the very thought of you
Leads to a happy ending
Adult write slightly ******
Mar 2019 · 206
After the Storm Has Passed
Thomas King Mar 2019
Gone is your presence
But forgotten not is its place in my heart

Away from me you flew
Carried away by the storm
As its troubled winds whispered its lies
With its cool and moist breath

Promises of joy and ecstasy
As you spun wildly in its blissful chaos
Un-mindedly subverted
By its illusion of power and beauty

But eternal is my love
And forever shall I wait for your return
From the swirling torment
That has stolen you away

Resolved is my heart
And hopeful is my demeanor
That you will soon be reborn into my calm sky
As my patient arms await your intimate embrace
Mar 2019 · 164
Candle Light
Thomas King Mar 2019
Candle light breaks
The lonely dark night
Silhouettes of lovers
Embrace one another tight
Loves uncontrollable force
They are unable to fight

Passionate kisses
They begin now to share
As a ribbon is pulled
From silken soft hair
Their hunger and lust
Fill the summer night air

Bodies intertwined
In throes of pleasure
Reaching a state of ecstasy
That is without any measure
Feeling weightless and free
Light as a feather

Heartbeats quicken
As inhibition erodes
Bodies shutter with bliss
As Intimacy explodes
Breathless and spent
As their universe implodes

Gentle caresses are shared
As they look in one another’s eyes
Not a single word is spoken
Just the sound of joyful sighs
Both lost in a world of splendor
As the candle light finally dies
Thomas King Mar 2019
As I looked in your eyes
I saw a tiny flicker
As if a small piece of your love for me
Died deep within you

A flicker so small
You barely gave it notice
But it blazed like the sun
As it seared my heart

I felt my soul shiver
As if your precious gift
Was pulled from body

A sickening wave of despair
Passes through me
As I realize your love for me
Will no longer be whole

My heart is left broken
And bleeding with regret
Unable to mend the wound
That has been inflicted.

Will time heal the damage?
Or will I have to suffer
A slow painful death
As the fire within you
Slowly dies out

Shall I continue to fan the flames
That I see still burning inside you?
Or does the fuel for my love
No longer have the capacity to sustain it?
I think I shall just close my eyes
And let fate run its course
Mar 2019 · 141
Eat, Drink, Love
Thomas King Mar 2019
My desires
Hunger for your physical form
My thirst
Craves your succulent soul

Wet lips
Dripping with moist pleasure
As I drink from your refreshing pool
Of liquid passion

My ravenous appetite is subdued
As I feast upon your nourishing essence

Your offerings infuse me
With the life sustaining sustenance
That allows my heart to flourish
And my love for you to grow
Mar 2019 · 114
Concerto De’ Amor
Thomas King Mar 2019
Those three little words
Were spoken softly into my ear
But as they entered my head
They sounded like a symphony

Every word, every syllable
Every letter a beautiful combination
Of intricate pleasing tones
Causing my heart
To beat to its rhythm

Melodic vibrations
Traveled throughout my body
As a crescendo of joyous emotions
Began to build within my being
Finally giving way
To a harmonious cantata

Those three little words
A symphonic poem
Meant only for my ears
An orchestration of perfection
That now plays
Only for me
Mar 2019 · 524
A Shadow of Doubt
Thomas King Mar 2019
I try to be strong
To hold onto my belief
That soon I will be free
From all of this grief

Solid and true
Is my resolve and my will
But that unknowing dark force
Continues to follow me still

I know it’s a manifestation
I’ve created and given life
As it cuts through my defenses
Like the sharp blade of a knife

It threatens to do harm
To all I have built
By delivering that blade
All the way to the hilt

But I know in my heart
My skin is too thick
And my nerves are aware
My reactions to quick

So cautiously I move
Aware of its presence and threat
Creating this darkness
I will always regret

In my mind I try forgetting
Try shutting it out
But I guess there is no escaping
My shadow of doubt
Mar 2019 · 469
Thomas King Mar 2019
Blood stained eyes
Gaze upon innocents sleeping form,
Malevolent intent spoils the promise of blissful slumber.

Beauty immeasurable,
As naive eyes twitch with dreams of purity and grace.

Seething abhorrence guides twisted hands towards violent deeds.

Warm sweet breath exhales from un-kissed lips,
Wet with remembrance and anticipation
Of life’s wonders yet to be lived.

Horrifying screams from now waken eyes,
As an incestuous destruction of one’s self is committed
And the very soul of god is ripped from the now ruined vessel
Of what was once,
Innocent’s sleeping form.
For those who have lived the nightmare.
Mar 2019 · 76
Once we used to talk
Thomas King Mar 2019
Why do I speak?
Spoken words silenced,
My human voice no longer heard.

Verbal communication obsolete!
Replaced by this small device
Whose buttons I now push
To spell out my thoughts and words
To deliver my now digital voice.

Emotions sent and received
Via bits and bytes
Through the cyberspace of our now wireless existence.

Uploading and downloading our virtual desires
And deleting our unwanted emotions
Like a no longer needed text.

Our need for physical human interaction
Sent with a click straight to the recycle bin
And then quickly emptied as not to be reminded
Of the reality of our own human betrayal…….
Mar 2019 · 62
Keeping It Real
Thomas King Mar 2019
I bury these feelings
Deep in my heart
To keep my soul
From falling apart

Push the memories back
To the deepest part of my mind
To a place I hope
I will never again find

Emotions and memories
So painful to bare
But I know I will be safe
As long as they are there

I will stand tall and strong
I can not dwell on the past
I must focus on the here and now
If I want my happiness to last

I’ve come so far
And fought hard to heal
But understand I’m still a little broken
So I’m keeping real.
Mar 2019 · 61
Thomas King Mar 2019
My heart is bleeding
And I wish you could see
The pain and sadness
You have inflicted on me

I have given my all
Everything that I am
But you clearly don't see
Or just don't give a ****

You feel I'm obligated
That it’s my duty to stay
To try and make you happy
In some sick and twisted way

Uncaring and condescending
Your words cut to the bone
You feel you are my life’s ruler
Sitting high upon your throne

But your reign over me has ended
No more torturing my soul
It’s my dignity I need to salvage
And my heart I need to console

You’re a fool to have thought
I would lie down at your feet
That I could live with the pain
That I would cower and retreat

I have gathered all my strength
Bandaged my bleeding heart
Now it’s time to say *******
And gracefully depart.
Mar 2019 · 167
A Sense Of Love
Thomas King Mar 2019
Passion and love
Flows from your fingertips
Stimulating the desires
Held within my humble being

As they trace the contours
Of my wanting body
Heat builds within my soul

Whispered words of eternal devotion
Caress my ears
Images of happiness and bliss
Dance before my mind’s eye

Your loving light
Shines bright within me
Chasing away the darkness
That has hidden my heart

Your supple flesh
Now lays bare before me
Your beauty and innocence
Now fill my expectant eyes

Gone now are the bindings
That have constricted my emotions
My torment and frustration
Finally set free

Wondrous new feelings
Inhabit this lonely vessel
That manifests into a life ready to be lived
And a glorious love yet to be shared
Mar 2019 · 172
Evil within
Thomas King Mar 2019
It came inside
So silent and stealthy
Not caring if I was Sick
Or totally healthy

It hid inside
Unnoticed and unseen
As if it were a ghost
Malevolent and mean

Waiting to attack
And wreak havoc in me
Destroying my body’s defenses
Without remorse or pity

It spread like the plague
Infecting all in its path
Spreading its sickness
In the wake of its wrath

My body is now ill
But I'll not find a cure
From this blackness within
It’s a losing battle for sure

I don’t understand
Guess I’ll never know the answer
Why so many of us need to be cursed
By this evil called CANCER.
For all who fight the fight.
Mar 2018 · 164
Away From You
Thomas King Mar 2018
My love please don’t leave
Don’t stray from my side
The hurt it would bring
I would be unable to hide

The pain would be deep
And the longing would ache
One single day without you
My heart couldn’t take

Please let it be so
And let it be now
To be able to look into your eyes
Or feel your presence somehow

If this is but a dream
Then please let me wake
The moments without you
I feel my sanity starting break

Please return to me now
So I can again be whole
So that I may ease the pain
That is filling my soul

Another day without you
I really can’t bear
So next time you try and leave
I will just tie you to the chair
Mar 2018 · 142
Into the void
Thomas King Mar 2018
I hear the agony of your joy
Echoing in the vast silence of my heart

Passionate cry’s filled with hatred
For the wanting of my love starved soul

Your aching pleasures sooth my pain
And lift the desires of my deep but inevitable regret

Pulling and pushing the limits of our realities
Obscuring the vision of our desperate journey
That leads us into the infinite abyss
Of our mortal lives
Mar 2018 · 137
“Prey” for Me
Thomas King Mar 2018
I searched for you through the endless expanse of night’s long blackness,
The shimmering light from a crescent moon offered little help in my quest for your elusive form. The pale light dimly lit inconspicuous objects and cast shadows of their beautiful contours upon the ground to thwart my pursuit at every turn.

Radiant eyes peered at me from within the cover of darkness,
And mysterious intonations and melodic resonance echoed into the night air, confusing my sense of direction until I was lost in a maze within your protective purlieu.

Fighting my frustration and fear that I may never gaze upon your majestic beauty, nor hold your rapturous warm body against my cool skin, or savor the taste of you on my tongue, I gathered what was left of my strength and resolve, and continued my silent pursuit.

Guided by my heart and uncontrollable emotions and hunger for you, I somehow broke free of the discountenance feints set upon me to mask your true course. The hunger within my heart and the vision of you brazed within my eyes, guided me toward your lingering essence and ultimately to where you now hide, deep within the confines of your sheltering den safely held tight within the cool moist earth.

As my long sleek form slithers into your place of refuge I strike and sink my teeth deep into your neck and as my coils embrace your supple body, I am overcome with powerful emotions emanating from your very being, and at that moment I knew my hunt was not in vain. To taste your sweet flesh wound be unlike any that has ever been known between predator and prey.
Mar 2018 · 118
We Just Are
Thomas King Mar 2018
My life is perfect
Because I accept it as it is
And it's completeness
Is reflected in your eyes

Our love is just enough
I embrace all you choose to give
And you never expect more than I can offer

We've accepted our fate
With open hearts
And see our future
With clear adoring eyes

The perpetuation of our existence
Is driven by our mutual desires
As we traverse our life's path
Together, hand in hand
Mar 2018 · 137
Stone Shaped Heart
Thomas King Mar 2018
Still hidden
and not yet uncovered
Like ancient buried treasure
Still waiting to be discovered

Like a dull white stone
Waiting to be mined
To be cut and polished
To be made one of a kind

Idling waiting
To be given a chance
My lonely heart waits
To be found by romance

To be shown how love
To share and to give
To feel passion and desire
And the joy just to live
Thomas King Mar 2018
You left without saying goodbye
You slipped so silently by
I had not even noticed
Until it was too late

I reached for you
Desperately through my darkness
Only to find an empty place
Where you used to be

I looked for you crazed
And with urgency
Like a moth who seeks the light
But was only greeted
With frustration and blindness

I called to you
But my words were returned to me
Unheard as if never spoken

I ran to you
But I stumbled and fell,
Crashing with realization of my betrayal

Please come back to me……
Forgive me for forgetting who you were,
And all that you had given me

I took you for granted
And let another’s lies
Blind my judgment

Please return to the place in me
That aches with loneliness and confusion
I have awakened from my torturous nightmare
And long for your reassuring touch

Give me your strength
So I my rise to my feet
And stand once again with purpose

Fill me again with your light
And guide me towards the path of my salvation
And never again shall I forsake you

Please return to me soon
For I am nothing without
a ” SOUL”.
Feb 2018 · 279
Deaf, Dumb and Blind
Thomas King Feb 2018
Neither song nor chant
Or glorious of hymn
Could express the music
That continuously plays inside my head

Neither sonnet nor poem
Or the purest ode to love
Can translate the verses of you
My heart now recites

Neither movie nor show
Or the finest of plays
Could tell the story of your beauty
My eyes now behold

But to this I pay no mind
Because when it comes to love
We are all deaf, dumb and blind
Feb 2018 · 316
Sunshine Of Your Love
Thomas King Feb 2018
I bask in your sunlight
As I lay upon the shore
Of your tranquil sea

Your love shines down upon me
Warming my skin
And energizing my soul

Your cool sweet breath
Stimulating my senses
As I watch the waves gently bow
And lay themselves at your feet

Flora and fauna
Rejoice in your glory
As they dance and sing
In honor of your presence

Sand and shells
Reflect the brilliance of your smile
Across the expanse,
Of an endless summer sky

As I lay here gazing
Into your infinite beauty
I feel my spirit ascend

Carried away on thermals
Created by your passion
As my mortal body is absorbed
Into the moist sand

And I become one
With all that you are
Feb 2018 · 111
The princess Bride
Thomas King Feb 2018
He came in the night
Hearing the wish you did plead
Your knight in shining armor
High atop his white steed

His armor did shine
With a pleasing white light
As visions of hope
Filled the lonely dark night

Features so striking
But gentle and smooth
The warmth of his smile
Of his gallantry it did prove

He vowed to protect you
To vanquish any foe
His loyalty and honor
Unlike any you’ll ever know

You took his strong hand
And he swept you away
Bold and flamboyant
In that old world way

You’re now his fairytale princess
But his love on you he did not shower
Now trapped like the poor maiden
Who had been locked in the tower  

Unhappily ever after
You now live a storybook life
You fell for his deceitful facade
And now you’re his prisoner and wife

He protects by controlling
He’s violent and cruel
To believe in real life fairytales
Has made you look like a fool

So be careful what you wish for
Sometimes they may come true
But they may not always turn out
Feb 2018 · 246
The Proposal
Thomas King Feb 2018
How can I speak?
Or praise your greatness
When your very presence
Takes my breath away

How can I behold your loveliness?
Or gaze upon your wonder
When your divine beauty
Blinds my adoring eyes

How can I caress your elegant form?
When the very touch of your soft skin
Sparks a flame within my soul
And burns like a wildfire throughout my body

How can I impart to you
The very essence of my emotions
When just the thought of you
Paralyzes my senses and leaves my body weak,
And my mind reeling with images of your grandeur

Slave to your beauty
And a prisoner to my own weaknesses,
I find myself lost in this realm
Of obscurity and helplessness,
Afraid that you may never know my true feelings

As a final attempt to show my heart
I offer you my hand

Hoping that you may take it into yours
And I can lead you down the aisle
Towards a new life together
As husband and wife
Feb 2018 · 105
Love is not blind
Thomas King Feb 2018
My finger traces the lines of your elegant form as I try to capture your exquisite contours in my mind. Your skin is soft as silk as I lightly move across the surface of your body, slowly outlining the intricate features that holds your beauty.  

My sense of touch paying close attention to every detail, as not to miss one single line or curve that defines your true essence of perfection. As lines of the portrait of you takes shape within my mind, I start to envision a kaleidoscope of pastel colors in which to color you in.  

Hues of light violets warm pinks and soft tans, pale yellows and reds merging into the very color of the sun, which shines deep within your eyes.  I paint you lazing on a lush green bank of a slow meandering stream, as vibrant as the light blue sky above of which it reflects.

Rays of silvery sunlight pierce downward between billowy clouds and dance upon the surface of the stream shimmering as if tiny diamonds were scattered across the surface, in your hand you hold a single calla lily as soft and white as the clouds above you.

Above your left shoulder on a low hanging brow of a conifer is perched a lone blue bird, singing praise of your kindness and beauty so that all shall know your wonder.

I complete my masterpiece with an almost invisible golden mist that surrounds you. An ever-present aura that represents your undying passion for life and eternal love, that radiates deep from within your being.

At last, my mental canvas is complete, a work of art that would rival even the greats if I had the ability to escape my mind or had sight within my eyes. So as my hand comes to rest upon your tender cheek. I add another mental portrait of you to my minds gallery walls, dedicated only to you.
A Prose poem I wrote many years ago
Feb 2018 · 110
Passion Fruit
Thomas King Feb 2018
Your body is like succulent fruit
Vine ripe, plump and tasty
I must quell my desire to gobble you up
I mustn’t be so hasty

Your skin so smooth and supple,
Tender to the touch
Wanting so to taste your flesh
My yearning is just too much

Your sweet aroma fills the air
And I absorb your pleasing essence
Entering my nose then body
Where it reacts like effervescence

My mouth is now watering
And I’m unable to fight
This thirst and anticipation
For the first delicious bite

I finally give in and peel your clothes away
Like the skin of some exotic fruit  
The goodness I find hidden within
Is exquisite without refute

I savor every morsel
The taste of you is divine
I’ll never share you with another
The pleasure of you is all mine

You satisfy my every desire
My hunger and thirst you sate
No other can compare to your passion fruit
It’s the best I ever ate.
Feb 2018 · 106
Shoulda Woulda Coulda
Thomas King Feb 2018
Should have been something
Might have been everything
Probably wasn’t anything
And most likely nothing

Would have been happiness
Might even have been true
Probably was hopelessness
And most likely a lie

Could have been promising
Or may even have been love
Instead it was emptiness
That I regrettably have chosen
Feb 2018 · 147
Out of the Mist
Thomas King Feb 2018
Like a spirit bathed in a soft warm light
You stepped out of the ethereal mist
Your beckoning smile
I could not resist

Your presence was overwhelming,
And engulfing my senses,
Shattering my world
And destroying my defenses  

You reached out your hand
And as I held it in mine,
I felt the power of your glory
And now knew the meaning of divine

Your touch was so tender
It made my heart weak,
My body felt limp
And I could not even speak

You looked deep in my soul
With eyes so calm and clear,
Searching for my truth
And all I held dear

You found my very essence
And the core of my existence
And with unyielding trust
I offered no resistance

I gave myself freely
With faith and with love,
For I knew in my heart
You were a being from above
Feb 2018 · 163
Passionate Release
Thomas King Feb 2018
Your passion runs deep
Through your body it flows
Look in your heart
And let yourself go

Release it with love
Whisper soft in an ear
Or shout it with song
For the whole world to hear

But let it come out
And let it be free
Shine your wondrous light
For everyone to see.
Feb 2018 · 129
Killing Time
Thomas King Feb 2018
Beware not the hour
But the minutes that slowly **** it
As the seconds bleed away
Feb 2018 · 396
Love At First Sight
Thomas King Feb 2018
Brilliant eyes opened wide,
sparkling orbs radiating incandescent light
upon the dark face of my loneliness.

A vast array of spectral wonders
dance just within the periphery of my mind,
like a beacon of hope
emitting a kaleidoscope of pleasing images
that soothe the inner confines of my heart,
just one look
and my life is revealed
within those loving eyes.
Thomas King Feb 2018
The light on my face
The sun on my skin
I start this new life
But where to begin

Do I walk a new path
Or continue straight ahead
Do I carry this old baggage
Or walk empty handed instead

Do I shed this old skin
And toss it aside
Like a love I have once given
That’s withered and died

Do I again give love freely
Or hang on to it tight
Should I trust in my heart
To know which is right

So, until that day comes
My courage I must own
And take that first step
Into the unknown


I took that first step
Into the unknown
And the meaning of true love
Again I was shown

I chose my new path
So down it I tread
And chose to go down it
Hand in hand with you instead

I donned my new skin
And tossed the other aside
In the shadow of the past
I no longer shall hide

My courage I do own
And my heart I did give
With strength and with love
This new life I now live.
Feb 2018 · 306
Hands of time
Thomas King Feb 2018
It seems like only minutes pass
And then you are gone
Into the nothingness
That surrounds me when you are away

Our hearts fleeting moments
Seem to go by in the blink of an eye
Our desire for one another’s touch
Is only enjoyed in intermittent flashes of time  

How we both desperately want to reach out
And take hold of the hands of time
And use them to bend and mold
The very fabric of time and space

Into a continuous shared moment
Within our very own place
Of timeless existence
Feb 2018 · 215
Don’t Drink the Water
Thomas King Feb 2018
Ascending from the depths
Of my personal sea of sorrow

I feel the pressure in my body easing
As I get nearer to the surface
The abyss no longer a blinding darkness

My lungs struggle to hold in the screams
That will surely deplete the last breath of life
Left within my ravaged body

How close I came to succumbing to the wet blackness
How easy to just slip into the depths
And let the weight of my regrets
Carry me straight to the bottom

Ready to trade my last breath
For a cold refreshing drink of death

I somehow retained enough sanity
“Or maybe it was just instinct”
To use my last ounce of energy and will
To push off of the murky bottom
And try to return to the surface
Where hopefully redemption will be waiting

As I slowly rise towards salvation
I fight to stay calm as my heart pounds
And my mind races
Fighting the urge to flail frantically
Towards the surface

Where I can feel the suns forgiving rays
As it dries my waterlogged soul
and warms my chilled heart

  where I can exhale the stale and dead air within me
And inhale the sweet freshness of a new life
Feb 2018 · 116
A desperate hearts words
Thomas King Feb 2018
A desperate heart’s words
Abandoned and floating

Like falling leaves delicately embraced
And suddenly carried away
On a warm summer breeze

Whirling and drifting
With confusing excitement
Torturous expectations
And blissful discourse

Playfully escaping their meaningless desires
And emotional emptiness

Enjoying the turbulent caress of the breeze
But not wanting to believe
Its promise of warmth and commitment

For these words were only to be spoken
And never heard
Feb 2018 · 151
This word I give to you
Thomas King Feb 2018
This word I give to you
Is as precious as new born child
But as fragile as a promise
Waiting to be broken

This word I give to you
Shines as bright as the sun
Or is as dark as a black hole
Consuming all that is near

This word I give to you
Is as mighty as an oceans current
But as gentile as a lazily flowing stream

This word I give to you
Holds the key to ones heart
Or the chains that binds ones soul

This word I give to you
Can be used to suffice ones humble needs
Or satisfy ones selfish wants

This word I give to you
Has been the bringer of many new lives
But the cause of many deaths

This word I give to you
Is like no other,

This word I give to you is
Feb 2018 · 387
My Forever Valentine
Thomas King Feb 2018
This day is set aside
So that we may impart
Our feelings of devotion
Which comes straight from the heart

Some show adoration
With chocolate and sweets,
With heart shaped cookies
Or some similar treats

Some choose to give flowers
In a vase or a mug,
With the picture of a bear
Asking for a big hug

Some send silly cards
With a balloon or a toy,
In hopes it will show
The amount of their joy

Some are more elaborate,
Expensive and bold,
In the form of a diamond
Or something made of gold

I chose to be simpler
Or humble if you will,
To try and show you
Just how I really feel

So I wrote you this poem
In hopes that you would see
Just how special you are
And how much you mean to me

Although they are just words
They are passionate and true,
And meant to express
The enormous love I have for you

You are my beautiful princess
So elegant and divine,
So I'm asking that you
Be my forever Valentine.....
Written for my forever valentine
Feb 2018 · 242
Companion Moon
Thomas King Feb 2018
You are the moon
Orbiting my world
Controlling the tides
Of my emotional oceans
And directing the winds
That carry my dreams
Creating uncontrollable storms of passion
That pummel my mountainous desires
But shine your calming reflection
Across the stillness
Of my solemn lakes
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