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Thomas King Mar 2019
A smile forms at the edge of my face
As random thoughts of you tiptoe through my head.

Your silly little laugh
As you acknowledge my poor attempts at humor

Your quiet breathing
As you sleep peacefully next to me.

The natural beauty held within your soul
And the tenderness that emanates through your eyes,
As I gaze intently into them.

Pleasing memories of your soft skin,
Fragrant scent and elegant form
Send waves of heat throughout my body.

Suddenly I feel a rumbling within the depths of my being.  

Emotions spew from my inner core
Like magma from the mouth of an erupting volcano,
Molten hot with fiery intention

Boiling blood courses through my veins like a lava flow,
Searing my heart and heating my lungs,
Turning my breath into a pyroclastic flow of lust and desire

The soft tiptoed footsteps within my mind
Transform into thunderous stomps
As deliberate memories of our unbridled passion
Run rampant throughout my head.

Tremors of elation and excitement rock my body
Like the aftershocks from a violent earthquake
As pleasure sweeps across my body like a tidal wave,
And turns my smiling face into a mirrored image
Of satisfaction and pleasure

I am left breathless, shaken.

As the thoughts of you slowly fade from my head
My smile remains

Because even though on the days you are away from me,
I am blessed to know that just the very thought of you
Leads to a happy ending
Adult write slightly ******
Lou Jan 2019
Whenever I give pleasure to myself I wonder why I always do it.
At the beginning it is exhausting and it feels okay.
As the tension in my body starts to grow and I’m getting closer to the light, I understand why I do it.
It is a feeling of joy in my complete body and it is exhausting.
Lora Lee Jan 2018
There is a storm
gathering in
            my womb
soon to explode
into a thousand
crimson stars
lighting up
my veins with fire
and unraveling
          knotted scars
and the gentle rage
outside my window
presses on, inside my head
as I lie here,
my thoughts twisted
in a cozy, yet empty bed
my thoughts unfurl
in misty haze
           curl into
as nightsky thunder rolls
into creamed saxophone
the snare drum beats
in firelight
ripple sheets
in silky flutter
as my fingers strum
my womanly instruments
into loamy, primal butter
my voice in quiet utterance
as the heavens open
           to heavy rains
                    that liquefy
                           my desert
                 hydrate my
           bare-soul caves
so I electrify my echoes
into fruited, crystal drips
frothing up my
cherry wine
upon these moistened,
hungry lips
All these emotions move in waves
Pixievic Mar 2016
On a throne of pillows
I languish
Eyes closed
Mind composed
Lost in a memory
Body aching
Pulse racing
As my hands .......
My hands
Travel slowly
Down my body
Seeking pleasure
Finding my centre
Releasing the agony
Of my ecstasy
Spilling through my fingers
As I spiral
Towards a supernova

(C) Pixievic
Working from home sometimes has its advantages!! ;))

— The End —