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Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
What is the point of love
When all it does is leave.
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
**** playing games.
I need someone who's down for me
And only me.
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
Fall is beautiful.

But we forget that everything is dying.
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
I was
and always will be
just another
face in the crowd.
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
With you I can feel everything.
And every shade of gray in between.
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
Turn up the volume.
Drown out the thoughts.
It's 10:27, and I don't know where I am.
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
Our bodies,
And our souls were tangled.
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
You ignited a fire
within the marrows of my bones,
and burnt away the lies
that were latched onto my soul.
You threw me into the furnace,
and melted away the chains
that were dragging my heart under.

You turned me into gold.
You made me pure.
You made me whole.
You made me new.
You. Are. Enough.
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2015
My eyes alone
Are not enough
To hold everything
That you are.
Thoughts at work
Elijah Nicholas Feb 2016
You see,
I get it.
I get it when people say, "there's nothing too big that you can't handle," or,
"God will never put you through anything you can't handle", or,
"There's no obstacle too big. . ." yada yada *******.
I get it.
I get that it serves as a reminder to us that no matter what we face in life, we are already strong enough to overcome it.
It's true. I totally get it.

But that's *******.
Everything about those sayings and statements is *******.
I want people to look at my life—I want people to look at what I've gone through and say,
"How the **** did he do that??"
I want to look at my life,
And say,
"How the **** did I do that??"
I want to be able to say that life had me cornered, but I fought my way through.
I want to be able to say that life had me backed up, but I pushed back harder.
I want to be able to say that life knocked me down, but I got back up again, again, and again.
I want to be able to say that I conquered my mountains,
I conquered my Goliath's,
I conquered the very thing that I thought I was incapable of and unqualified of conquering.
I want to be able to say that I got through things that were BIGGER than me.
And I want to be able to say that life was pressing me,
But I got stronger.
I got better,
And I got smarter.
I want to be able to say that life dragged me to my breaking point,
But I pushed it to the next level—beyond my limits.
I don't want to say "nothing is too big"
Because to me that basically says that nothing I face is worthy of something—
That nothing I face will make me stronger,
Will make me better, and shape me into the person I am today.

Character is forged through the fire of life. And we can only see what we are made of when we take on a life that is bigger than ourselves.
Hello followers, sorry it's been a while. I'm not sure if anyone will read this but I'm going to be a father. My awesome girlfriend is about seven months pregnant now and in about a month from now up until the actual due date, I might be able to meet my baby girl. Life is a bit hectic right now and I'm focusing on trying to survive and provide for my future family. Keep me and mines in your prayers and thoughts if you are able to. I appreciate it! Aloha!
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
Everything I am
Everything you are
Elijah Nicholas Feb 2015
Star-crossed lovers?
More like clashing meteors.
We were soaring from opposite ends of the galaxy,
And somehow,
Written in the foundations of time before the world was formed,
We were meant to cross paths.

At first it was brutal,
At first it was painful.

Everyone said love is beautiful,
But they forgot to mention that it is broken too.
I love you,
And I love us
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
The cold crawled up my spine and settled onto my skin.
"Winter is here" I remind myself as I sit on the sidewalk with my cigarette in hand.
A new season,
A new beginning.
The tobacco begins to do it's work as my mind begins to fog a little bit.
I inhale, and exhale again, but instead of the smoke,
It's the cool winter breeze that I let flow into my lungs.
I look at my cigarette one more time and flick off the ashes.
Let the ashes remind me that the dead stay dead.
It is a new season,
A new beginning.
So let me not focus on the old,
But instead build upon the new.
I write this as I'm laying down on my couch feeling sick to my stomach because of the cigarettes I smoke. I feel like throwing up and this isn't fun at all.
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
If this is all a lie,
Then this would be the sweetest lie
I have ever tasted.

If what we have is not love,
Then may I never know what love is.
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2015
If our love
Is not enough
To make you
Forget about
Old lovers.

Then please leave.
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
Impulsive, and reckless, but never stupid.
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2015
And from the dirt,
Man was formed.
And from the mouth of God
Breathed life to give life.
Of all the things God created
You and I
Took his breath away.
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
Thank you for missing me.

No one has ever done that before.
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
People fear losing friendships.

I fear missing the opportunity to tell someone that they are *loved.
Elijah Nicholas Dec 2014
I love the way our lips dance to the cadence of our hearts,
When our words are not enough.
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2015
I was never afraid of fire.
And maybe that's why
I fell in love with you.
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
This is not the pinnacle of our existence.

Meeting you was just a stepping stone into another season of life.

Stay with me. . .  
Walk with me. . .
Run with me,
And we'll conquer this ******* world together.
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
Always getting the short end of the stick.
But what can you do?
Elijah Nicholas May 2016
You see, that's the thing about life. All of a sudden it kind of just cuts off mid sen–
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
Allow me to gently open your heart.
Show me the bruises they left,
And I'll let my words sing to your soul.
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
My eyes is like the ocean.
Swimming inside are the words I wish I could say to you.
I wish you could just take a chance,
And jump in
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
You're too good for me.
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
Kiss the stars on her arms,
And you'll understand why
The sun is millions of miles away.
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
Don't forget to dream a little.
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
And if I were to say
What my heart, mind, and soul
Has been dying to say
For all this time
I wouldn't know how to stop.

Maybe it is too soon,
But if you knew.

If you knew.
Here's a hint: just look into my eyes and you will know.
Elijah Nicholas Dec 2014
I want to be the smoke that fills your lungs.
I'd rather you get high off of me
Instead of some plant
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
The sun is a ****.
She always wants me,
and she is jealous of the moon
because the moon sees me more.
Elijah Nicholas Sep 2014
I just want someone to hurt for me.
Elijah Nicholas Sep 2014
I will never forget the moment you tore my heart into a million pieces.
And the way it felt to have the whole world crumbling down on me.

I will never forget the way the waves pulled me under,
And kept me under.

I drowned myself,
While you just watched.
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
I desire to be known,
But I fear when they get too close.
I desire to be found,
But I fear what they'll say when they see what (who) they found.
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
"Is she the one who captured your heart?"


She's the one who helped me pick up the pieces.
Elijah Nicholas Sep 2014
Dance with me

As I set our hearts on fire
Elijah Nicholas Dec 2014
All year long I've been treading water.
I've got lost at sea
And storms took me by surprise here and there.
I've drowned more than once,
But now I am riding,
As what seems to be,
An endless wave.
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
I may have failed,
But I didn't fall.

I will fail,
But I will not fall.
Elijah Nicholas Sep 2014
The words used to flow so effortlessly.

But now it's like the water ran dry.

Maybe when you left, you took my words with you.
Or maybe now I'm just *finally* fully over you.
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
Why ruin something so beautiful?
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2014
The hallways of my heart still whisper your name.
Tucked away inside the crevices of my soul,
Are the memories you and I made.
Buried away in the back of my mind,
Is your bones and a picture of the way you looked that night.

If they ask, "What is the best part of your life?"
I'll point at your tombstone and say,
"What could have been."
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2017
Faithful You have been,
And faithful You will be.
Dear God
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
Life is too short to run back to the people who burnt you,
The opportunities that left you,
And the doors that slammed shut.

It's time to move on
And build on the new.
Elijah Nicholas Dec 2014
I never did like the phrase "falling in love" or "fell in love"
To me it always sounded like that person was walking on the edge of a cliff and somehow misjudged a step,
And fell.
And so they fell in love. As if it was some sort of accident.

With you
I didn't fall in love.
*I ran in love. *

From the very beginning I knew where I was heading,
And I knew where I was going to end up.
With you.

So I don't want to say I "fell in love" with you because I didn't.
It was more like running a race,

I guess you can say I ran in love to get to where you are,
And so now we are in full strides and may we never ever stop
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2015
I do not have the body of David.
Sculpted and chiseled from the hands of an artist.
I do not claim to have eyes
that were kissed by Aphrodite herself.
My skin does not glow
under the scorching sun.
The world does not flock to me,
and not a lot of people
are quite fond of me.
I am not what you wanted
and what you asked for.
But this is life,
and in this life,
we shouldn't ask for more.
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
There was no light in sight.
There was no fire to follow.

For we became the fire,
And then became the sun.
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
I should be sleeping,
instead of waiting for you to reply.
you're probably sleeping.
i want to sleep too,
but i can't.
i can't.
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2014
Every night before I go to bed
I am a prisoner to my mind.
A slave to my thoughts.
The words in my head haunt me.
People are afraid of the monsters under their beds.
But I'm afraid of the ones in my head.
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