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7.8k · Jan 2015
I am no Superman,
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
but you are my Kryptonite,

and my Lois Lane.
5.6k · Jan 2015
Lips of Stardust
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
Kiss me until we form a universe in our mouths.
4.4k · Jan 2015
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
Had I told the stars
What I felt for you,
They would fall
One by one
And follow me.
3.2k · Sep 2014
Let me be your Ecstasy
Elijah Nicholas Sep 2014
Swallow me whole,
and let me dissolve into your bloodstream.
Let me flow into your brain,
and the rest of your body.

Your pupils will dilate,
your pores will open
at the realization that I am inside of you,
and I am taking over.

Swallow me whole,
and I will show you that I am not a temporary fix.
Just swallow me whole,
and I will show you what real happiness is.
2.5k · Jan 2015
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
Art is not meant to be looked at.

It's meant to be lived.
2.0k · Jan 2015
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
The night sky above us was splattered with stars.
Millions of them.
Galaxies and constellations right before our eyes.
The universe was dancing and rejoicing
To a cadence that could not be heard, but only felt.
1.9k · Apr 2015
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
Don't be so vain to think you're a *******.
I'm the whole log of ****.
Heaven has enough poets,
Satan needs a new advocate.
Something I told Paul hahaha. I thought it was pretty witty and clever
1.8k · Sep 2014
I am the sun
1.3k · May 2015
I Am
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.
With or without you,
**I am enough.
1.3k · Dec 2014
Elijah Nicholas Dec 2014
All year long I've been treading water.
I've got lost at sea
And storms took me by surprise here and there.
I've drowned more than once,
But now I am riding,
As what seems to be,
An endless wave.
1.2k · Mar 2015
Take My Hand
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
We'll turn this world upside
We'll dance with the stars
and sing with the moon.
We'll jump from galaxy to galaxy
with the world
looking up
and watching
It's been about a year
since I've known you.
A long ******* year,
but we are here.
We are here,
we are here,
and I love you.
1.2k · Jan 2015
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
I will hold you
Like the sun
Holds the moon
And the ocean
Holds the sky.
1.2k · May 2014
A Summer
Elijah Nicholas May 2014
without you
isn't really what I had in mind.
1.1k · Apr 2015
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
I'd rather have bad days with you,
Than good days without you.
1.1k · May 2014
for you
Elijah Nicholas May 2014
don't forget all the moments I've been there for you.
and all the times I took the time to make you feel understood when no one else could.
don't forget all the times I have tried everything in my power to make you feel better.
don't forget all the times I looked at you with my heart through my eyes.
and the way I held your hands as if they were as precious as your heart.
so please,
please don't forget me.
1.1k · Jan 2015
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
They say,
"Love is in the arms of the beholder."
So I built a home
Within the marrow of your bones
With your soul
As the fireplace.
1.1k · Jul 2016
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2016
I asked for the moon,
He gave me the sun.

I wanted a kiss,
and I tasted the galaxies in her lips.

I asked her for love,
and she gave me her heart.
Thank you for being much and more.
1.0k · Dec 2014
My favorite part
Elijah Nicholas Dec 2014
Is right when you are about to laugh.
That moment when your mouth stretches from ear to hear,
The bridge of your nose begins to wrinkle,
And your eyes shout life.
1.0k · Oct 2014
Journal Entry #27
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
I strummed your heart strings the way I played a guitar.

But I didn't know how to play a guitar,

And I never did know how to make beautiful things.
978 · Nov 2014
"What's on your mind?"
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
Everything and nothing in particular.

But you're there.
You're everywhere
963 · Mar 2015
When Love Arrives
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
Love doesn't always arrive
In the form of a bestfriend.
Nor does it always have a fairy tale beginning.

Love arrives in the messiest,
Muddiest times in our lives.

But how great is it
To be walking out of hell,
To be walking out of the mud,
With someone by your side.

I told myself years ago,
If to love meant to stay muddy and bruised then I will forget what it is like to ever be clean.

And alas, love has arrived
And love is here.
I love you, Rachel Ann.
962 · Feb 2015
Elijah Nicholas Feb 2015
Star-crossed lovers?
More like clashing meteors.
We were soaring from opposite ends of the galaxy,
And somehow,
Written in the foundations of time before the world was formed,
We were meant to cross paths.

At first it was brutal,
At first it was painful.

Everyone said love is beautiful,
But they forgot to mention that it is broken too.
I love you,
And I love us
961 · May 2014
would you be upset
Elijah Nicholas May 2014
if I told you

even after all this time,

it's still you.
it's still you.
933 · Jun 2015
Elijah Nicholas Jun 2015
And here I am,
Picking up the broken pieces that he left.
But I'm not a janitor, baby.
Nor am I him.
I am an artist,
And I can create anything out of nothing.
You are the blank canvas
And I am the paint.
927 · May 2014
what do you say
Elijah Nicholas May 2014
when "I miss you"
isn't enough?
you say it again.
920 · Nov 2014
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
Impulsive, and reckless, but never stupid.
905 · Sep 2014
Elijah Nicholas Sep 2014
I am more interested in your demons at 2am,
Than I am of the person you pretend to be at 2pm.
872 · Jun 2015
While we were in bed
Elijah Nicholas Jun 2015
Making love to you was never about us lying naked in bed.
Making love to you was whenever our foreheads rested on each other
And our heads were gently tucked carefully on our necks.
865 · Apr 2016
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2016
No one really has answers—
Just stories.
855 · Oct 2014
Dear you,
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
Just because you're complex,
Doesn't give you the right to be complicated.
844 · Jul 2014
Like The Sun
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2014
God didn't know what to do with the sun,
so he placed it millions of miles away from the earth.
and maybe that's why he took you away from me.
to show you (and me) that you didn't need anyone else to help you shine.
823 · Nov 2014
Honest Doubter
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
Is it wrong to admit that there are moments when I doubt God?
Is it wrong to admit that there are moments when I doubt heaven exists?
Is it wrong to admit that maybe all of this is just made up
And my entire life and the foundation that I stand upon is a fraud?
To be honest,
I think not.
I think it's okay to doubt.
I think it's okay to think twice.
I think it's perfectly healthy to take what I heard and break it down in my head.  
I am a human being.
Flawed to the core of my very soul.

But it is in these moments when I remember,
Faith, the size of a mustard seed,
Can move mountains.

So these moments of doubt do not matter,
As long as I hold onto this seed.
This seed.
This seed of faith.
821 · Nov 2014
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
Do you think God wanted to hold Eve's hand,
Whisper into her ear and tell her,
"I know what you did, and I know Adam doesn't know how to,
But I still love you and that's all that matters."
790 · May 2014
you were
Elijah Nicholas May 2014
you were my first cup of tea. . .
my last cup of tea. . .
and my favorite cup of tea.
777 · May 2014
Elijah Nicholas May 2014
I am not ready to remove you from my life.
I am not ready to accept this unwanted truth.
I want you here in my life,
please just stay.
I'm going to miss you so much.
I'm going to miss you so much.
747 · May 2015
3pm kind of love
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
The sound of our heavy breathing filled the silence around us.
Our bodies glistened with sweat
From the sunlight that pierced through the window blinds and rested on our skin.
There was nothing but love in the air
And your soul that was soaked into my bedsheets.
734 · Oct 2015
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2015
I do not have the body of David.
Sculpted and chiseled from the hands of an artist.
I do not claim to have eyes
that were kissed by Aphrodite herself.
My skin does not glow
under the scorching sun.
The world does not flock to me,
and not a lot of people
are quite fond of me.
I am not what you wanted
and what you asked for.
But this is life,
and in this life,
we shouldn't ask for more.
716 · Jun 2015
Elijah Nicholas Jun 2015
She speaks like the rain,
And walks like thunder.
712 · Aug 2015
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2015
If our love
Is not enough
To make you
Forget about
Old lovers.

Then please leave.
710 · Jul 2014
I destroyed myself
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2014
I gave you the power to control my emotions.
I let you into deeper places that not even God could touch.
I gave you the power to control my happiness
And even carved a spot into my brain just for you.
When you left,
I breathed life into the memories and moments we shared and kept replaying it
Over and over again.
I destroyed myself.
I destroyed myself.
I destroyed myself.
685 · Jul 2014
I cared,
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2014
when no one else didn't.

I loved you,
when no one else didn't know how to.
685 · May 2015
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
I peeled off her Victoria Secret's.
Between her thighs I saw desire slowly dripping down her skin.
When I slipped my tongue between her slit
I could taste love, passion, and yearning,
and in her eyes I saw the way
I wanted to be looked at, forever.
684 · Oct 2014
The Day You Left
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
I wish I could say that the sun stopped rising.
I wish I could say that the moon stopped shining,
And the stars collapsed one by one.

I wish I could say the ocean and the rivers ran dry,
And the mountains fell to the ground.
I wish I could say the sky lost it's blue and turned into blood red,
And all of humanity fell to it's knees.

I wish I could simply say: "The world ended,"
But it didn't.

The day you left,
Everyone was still alive,
And went about their daily lives.  
The sky was still the same baby blue color in the morning,
And the mountains still stood strong.

The oceans and the rivers still flowed with water,
And the stars painted the night sky.
The moon still shined with pride,
And the sun rose again.

The sun rose again,
And so will I.
669 · May 2014
when I
Elijah Nicholas May 2014
looked at you,
I didn't just look, to look.
I really looked at you.
before I even had the chance to soak you in,
my eyes were already engraving every detail of your face
into the back of my mind.
so now, when I close my eyes,
there you are.
653 · Oct 2014
Journal Entry #17
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2014
Don't be upset when love leaves.
Just simply hold the door open,

Look them in the eye,
Smile and say:

"Thank you for stopping by."
640 · Aug 2014
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2014
You ignited a fire
within the marrows of my bones,
and burnt away the lies
that were latched onto my soul.
You threw me into the furnace,
and melted away the chains
that were dragging my heart under.

You turned me into gold.
You made me pure.
You made me whole.
You made me new.
You. Are. Enough.
639 · Apr 2015
The Haunting
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
The ghosts whisper.


Haunted by a demon that no longer lives
Within me.
The Devil doesn't need to do anything,
When it's me who's holding the blade to my throat.

Screaming as the chatter screams louder

But there's nothing.
No one.

I cry and scream
And cut open my throat
And let the blood fill my lungs
Blaming everyone and everything,
Blaming demons and ghosts,

When it was me holding the blade.
627 · Mar 2015
I promise
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
When confusion comes,
And the rooster crows.
When darkness settles,
And coldness falls,
I will hold your hand,
Through it all.
Rachel Ann
592 · Jul 2014
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2014
Every night before I go to bed
I am a prisoner to my mind.
A slave to my thoughts.
The words in my head haunt me.
People are afraid of the monsters under their beds.
But I'm afraid of the ones in my head.
585 · Feb 2016
Elijah Nicholas Feb 2016
You see,
I get it.
I get it when people say, "there's nothing too big that you can't handle," or,
"God will never put you through anything you can't handle", or,
"There's no obstacle too big. . ." yada yada *******.
I get it.
I get that it serves as a reminder to us that no matter what we face in life, we are already strong enough to overcome it.
It's true. I totally get it.

But that's *******.
Everything about those sayings and statements is *******.
I want people to look at my life—I want people to look at what I've gone through and say,
"How the **** did he do that??"
I want to look at my life,
And say,
"How the **** did I do that??"
I want to be able to say that life had me cornered, but I fought my way through.
I want to be able to say that life had me backed up, but I pushed back harder.
I want to be able to say that life knocked me down, but I got back up again, again, and again.
I want to be able to say that I conquered my mountains,
I conquered my Goliath's,
I conquered the very thing that I thought I was incapable of and unqualified of conquering.
I want to be able to say that I got through things that were BIGGER than me.
And I want to be able to say that life was pressing me,
But I got stronger.
I got better,
And I got smarter.
I want to be able to say that life dragged me to my breaking point,
But I pushed it to the next level—beyond my limits.
I don't want to say "nothing is too big"
Because to me that basically says that nothing I face is worthy of something—
That nothing I face will make me stronger,
Will make me better, and shape me into the person I am today.

Character is forged through the fire of life. And we can only see what we are made of when we take on a life that is bigger than ourselves.
Hello followers, sorry it's been a while. I'm not sure if anyone will read this but I'm going to be a father. My awesome girlfriend is about seven months pregnant now and in about a month from now up until the actual due date, I might be able to meet my baby girl. Life is a bit hectic right now and I'm focusing on trying to survive and provide for my future family. Keep me and mines in your prayers and thoughts if you are able to. I appreciate it! Aloha!
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