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Don't Exist Feb 2015
Let it drip
rain droplets
that stings my face
and flows across my sullen face

my eyebrows drench
my lips moist
my eyes surrounded by water
where the cornea of my eye became a pool

those same wet eyes looking to the heavenly skies of charcoal
blocked by branches full of red berries
red dots in the sky
Like an insane painting

I vigorously wave my hands to the sky
trying to rid the blood
like a car's windshield, stained by someones brain organs
spaghetti and tomato sauce
the blotches of red from the sky fell
like greasy bullets

Gravity increased its accelerating
piercing my skin
infected piercings, my skin turn green

one sour green berry slowly fell into my mouth
Now I'm finally free.
A poem that I forgotten. If not acknowledge, at least let it be exposed to the world for all eternity.
Don't Exist Jan 2015
I don't know what to do
I try to escape
but I am imprison in hate
and although I submit
all they do to me
is spit

when i cry
all by myself to call for help
I begin to drown
and loose my light

"my light" I exclaimed. Thats what I need
I try to reach the sun but all it does it scream!

"Go away!" it said You do not deserve
But why does it not give me the confidence I need
in order to utilize its light
and spread to all who plead?

Betrayal I felt is only left now
dark and light I had neither crowned
I tried to reach inside for help
but both sides oppress me without a doubt

what do you do when you're oppressed
by the evilest of witches and the saints of pests?
do you just submit and hope the best?
And let your fate just slit your neck?
A Depressing Poem( I apologize to anyone who felt offended. I am just trying to sustain the light within me.
Don't Exist Dec 2014
Rats Dropping Like Flies
I eventually encountered one
A crime scene it was
Its sulfuric acid smell of hell was overpowering me
Making me numb

And I saw the maggots
Crawling for a place called home
Although they made a home which was never secured

There was no funeral for the rat
He was just thrown in the trash
It was ******
Destroyed by poison
Its mouth was open
As though calling for help

Nobody wept
For the fear of being victimized

But a close friend of my died
Should I weep or should I have thrown the remorse in the trash?

I didn't hesitate
For in this world
A rat is just a rat
A Simple Poem
Don't Exist Dec 2014
When I wash my dishes
I wonder if it will crack
the extremities of hot water mixed with lead
steaming its skin
making it dry and wet at the same time

When I put my wet plate in the air
the water dripping from its surface
I wonder if it will become my heart
the red moon
that will drip with blood
staining the floor
consistent, but flexible

When I put my dishes away
I wonder if
the dishes dry due to their exhausted fear
from being touch
for indulgence
and thoes plates that crack
finally becomes tolerant...
A simple poem
Don't Exist Dec 2014
it portrays
it imitates
But at the same time
it clouds its own image

"Clean" it says
"Kind" it says
"Holy" it says

Then tell me why
it attracts electrons
who all have the same sinful lust for

Maybe those neutron
dead and lifeless
and Heavy
can they tell the whole story
A simple poem
Don't Exist Dec 2014
A cloud
such a thing only lives in the imaginary

Where rain comes from,
and those metallic flying objects
that roams the sky
touches the ground

The ground soak with rain droplets
mix with pollution
I felt under my feet

makes my skin tingles
no angry
no berserk

The skin wanted to rip itself
inside out
into tiny pieces
like rain droplets
the imaginary
the cloud

At least it has a chance to rise
but my soul
was cemented on the ground

So cry
I cried a tear
I cried a dream
A real Cloud
It seems that I only make sad poem
(Again), a simple poem
Don't Exist Nov 2014
Like a Flower
It blooms at night
With its preying eyes it awaits its next victim
and when the victim appears
does it finally turn to ashes
A simple poem
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