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 Feb 2015 Don't Exist
Anne Faye
Please be careful and don't reply or email the profile stephanibaby, they have been scamming people and sending them messages saying things like

I am Miss stephani, I have go through your profile, Well according to your profile,on this site I think I've taken an interest in it. We can get to know each other better through this way, my email is (
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Guys please be careful, thank you
i tend to lose myself
in the smallest things -
i surround myself
in distractions
so i don't lose my mind,
yet i cry myself to sleep
every night with the
thought of losing everyone

i lose myself in you, too -
your eyes are pools of
green waters held by
your hands, where life
flows along the veins
and creases in your palms

i tend to lose myself,
but there is no need
for you to worry -
if you ever find me lost,
i will come back to you,

                             a     a   p      a
                          p        p   y         p
                        p             H              p
                      y               a                 y
                     H               p                  H
                     a                p                   a
                     p                y                   p
                      p           H      a              p
                      y            p      p              y
                       H           y     H           H
                          a           a  p           a
                               p        p        p
//Jeg ved ikke hvad
der er værst, at jeg
ikke forstår verden,
eller at jeg ikke
forstår mig selv//
 Dec 2014 Don't Exist
C M Lane
Emptiness Is

Palms covered in little crescents
Your fingernails digging in to distract you
From the fact that your ribs are a cage
Without a bird.
0×9+ 1  =1
1x9+ 2 =11
12x9+ 3 =111
123x9+ 4 =1111
1234x9+ 5 =11111
12345x9+ 6 =111111
123456x9+ 7 =1111111
1234567x9+ 8 =11111111
12345678x9+ 9 =111111111
123456789x9+ 10  =1111111111
 Dec 2014 Don't Exist
bcg poetry
"We'll never be just friends, but we'll always be friends."
-the way he looked at me
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