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Carrollton, GA    Maybe this is right. Maybe this wrong. Whatever this is, just know I'll always be here by your side. I'll ignore you. I'll fight with ...
Stephan Kwabena Kerimbout Olng
Ghana    I hold on to what's right IT WILL TAKE ME FAR
Denmark    En person der ikke drikker nok vand, og tegner grimt
a city    you have a beautiful mind i want to crawl inside
Chelsea Patton
USA (PA)    Hey guys I'm 18 and I'm senior in high school. I hope you guys like my poems. I am a Christian. Taken :) If you ...
“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” ― Robert Frost
David Zavala
25/M/San Antonio    Student at the University of Arizona. Soon to be graduate student. Crisis Counselor.
Emmy Dawn
And I spent all night Stuck on the puzzle.
In love with poetry. I write all the time so I decided to post them. Follow me, I follow back and I will read your ...
Michael W Noland
Seattle    It is all true

— The End —