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Gheeft Apr 2019
The door is locked behind him
         He places his lip on mine with intensity
          But, no!! Am not loosing my virginity
I'll fight with my everything
To push away his crazy Fantasy.

A phedophile I bet he is
Destroying life's if innocent teens
But, not this time, not with me
I'll fight with my everything
To push away his crazy Fantasy.

For *** everyday he pleads
To get to my ****** he seeks
But, no!! Am not letting him in
I'll fight with my everything
To push away his crazy Fantasy.

Mother, father, everyone I'll tell
From authorities down to my friends
I won't stop till this madness ends
I'll fight with my everything
To push away his crazy Fantasy.
Enlightment to the abused
Val Vik Oct 2018
~ One day will come
when I am part of the Universe. ~

~ My soul lingers to reincarnate
from the roots of the tree,
and the body wills to bring life to another.

~ to become part of breath ~
~ mind eternally at peace ~

I will become a flower.
I'll walk on the clouds
and my waters will fill the rain. ~

Hasn't it come true?
~Samsara no longer a punishment~

was written in 2013 (maybe even later) by mini me
as a Freestyle.
Umi Apr 2018
Feelings, the treasure of ones heart,
A flame, cast ablaze by the purity of righteousness, warm alike sunlight, yet not as burning or uncomfortably hot if exposed too long,
As embracing, as a motherly tugging hug, full of love and dearness,
It feels so gentle, like a soft breeze, sweetly touching the blossoming petals, after a soft rain pours water over their delicate, little bodies,
So warm, as if enlightment were close to reach beyond the border of consciousness, growing strong and happy, alike a peach tree,
Celestial is what it tastes like, sweeping over my transience in awe,
It is but an emotion, which would soften a stone hard heart and make it alike cotton and wonderfully sweet as candy from amongst heaven,
Inner peace, served on a golden plate behind a courtain of sunlight, describing the greatest pleasure,your drink and thankfulness for what you have, without greed, the desire to have more, despising violence,
And even though humans will keep on living, such whilst being in a wretched, poor state, destined to fight on and hope for the better,
Living, is what I find very beautiful.

~ Umi
Ryan Seth Cole Aug 2017
Heart's are broken when soul's are at stake.

When eye's are unopened when fully awake.

When ignorance is wisdom and standing is shamed.

When reaching with love is taken for hate.

When progression is reversed and the pure are maimed.

When the appeal of hope becomes a game.

When the voice of truth becomes contained and the work's of many wash down the drain.

Nothing is easy when you live in His name.

When you become the salt against the grain.

Welcome past your first few trials.
Banita khanal May 2016
If you are always gloomy when everything looks normal
If you are in dilemma what is right and what is wrong
If you are not able to decide which way to go
If you have been thinking of that freedom you want,

Then remember it’s not always poor to be unhappy
Many enlightened masters have felt this usually
Thus they chose their own path to find out the reason
And finally they were there with their principles, when they finished their path
Their path towards enlightenment,

Don’t be upset when you see others happy and you couldn’t make
Remember that they are following those principles provided
And you have rather chose your own path

Your own path towards your enlightenment
If you follow Buddha, you probably become another Buddha, but if you follow your own path, you might become someone above Buddha
Ashish Nand Mar 2016
The problem is
We all have a problem
Problems which lasts forvever
The problem with problems
Is that problems come uninvited
But every problem has a solution
Not a different solution to every problem
But one single solution to all problems
And the solution to all problems is
That when you get a problem the next time
Then don’t see the problem as a problem
But see the problem as an event you didn’t see coming
Don’t give a problem a very special treatment
But see the problem as a task you have to carry out anyway
Never let the problem get to your head
But treat the problem as if it is a part of your life
Indeed a problem is not a problem
When you don’t consider it a problem
And just classify it as an ordinary stuff
So always remember that every problem
Has this not-so-problematic solution
And if you are living a life full of problems
Then problems are not just problems
But problems are a part of life that you just have to live
And if reading this entire thing was a problem
Then you’ve just passed a problem without treating it as a
See it works!
Mike Essig Apr 2015
To stand alone
before the Burning Bush.

No Jesus, no Buddha,
no Muhammad,
no intercessors.

To stand alone
before the Burning Bush,
to hear the Voice,
feel the Fire,
to be penetrated
by its Light.


To stand alone
before the Burning Bush.

To become One
with the Am that Is.
  - mce
Don't Exist Dec 2014
Rats Dropping Like Flies
I eventually encountered one
A crime scene it was
Its sulfuric acid smell of hell was overpowering me
Making me numb

And I saw the maggots
Crawling for a place called home
Although they made a home which was never secured

There was no funeral for the rat
He was just thrown in the trash
It was ******
Destroyed by poison
Its mouth was open
As though calling for help

Nobody wept
For the fear of being victimized

But a close friend of my died
Should I weep or should I have thrown the remorse in the trash?

I didn't hesitate
For in this world
A rat is just a rat
A Simple Poem
the other Umi Nov 2014
Eyes closed
Blinded by violent sun rays
The land seems foreign
But you own and nurture it
Now you walk its valleys and peaks
With your soul as your only guiding light

They think you can't see
But you've survived centuries
Inside the deep seas
You're an old soul
Perhaps odd too
But one thing for sure
You've had too much to see

Your eyes filled with desert sands
Mixed with water from the oasis
You gasp for air
For long you've had oxygen supplied to you
Food chewed for you and fed to you as pulp
Now you want to take control
And once again throne the chair

Fists clenched
As if you'd just woken up
From a terrible dream
The whole neighborhood awake
Because of your loud screams
How far did you sleepwalk
And strayed from your spiritual beam

You think they wanna open your fists
And read the secret seams
The exotic path on your palms
A sacred pact between yourself
And your originator
Now you choke
From all the fear you've generated

To your surprise
Everyone around you is smiling
And you immediately ask yourself
"Are these people happy or are they lying
Pretending to rejoice when they're only gathered here to watch me dying"

"Welcome to the puzzle game"
A voice inside you says
"The only baffling factor here
Is that you are the puzzle
And the puzzle is you
The world is but a mold
Complete and incomplete
With and of itself"

Just like a folding daisy
You slowly open up
And take it all in, the light, the madness
And slowly you regain your sight
You lift your arms and feel the wind
Brush against your broken wings

Gradually you learn to unclench your fists
For therein lies your secret code
The coordinates to your destination
The part of the world better known as home
Ironically, this is not the end
But the beginning to this beautiful game called life

Be it a map to a secret treasure
A key to a door to unsolved mysteries
Or a keyword that will capture
Someone's heart until time
Raptures love without all the miseries
Or simply a fortune cookie with a prank written inside

That code is yours
Etched upon your tiny hands
It is your responsibility to decrypt that message
And interpret it to fit your purpose
And your purpose is nothing more
Than what you make it.

— The End —