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16.6k · Mar 2019
copy and paste
Dev Mar 2019
You once asked me if I could ever describe you in four words, what they would be.
I finally figured it out.
"control c, control v"
i know letters aren't words but ohhhhh weelllll (:
6.1k · Mar 2018
Damaged Goods
Dev Mar 2018
I am broken,
Come name your price

Hidden in the shelter
of a lonely life

Come choose your savage
See their perfect disguise

You could never love me
Cause I live in these lies

I am damaged goods
I’m misunderstood

I come in the perfect packaging
Wrapped up in severed ties

Stamped with a sticker on top
Come, name your price.

I am damaged goods
I am damaged goods
I am damaged goods.

I am lonely
In this sea of maddening sounds

I am hurt
From those people who aren’t around

I break my happiness
At every chance I get

And then I’ll ask myself
Why I feel so depressed

I am damaged goods
I’m misunderstood

I come in the perfect packaging
Wrapped up in severed ties

Stamped with a sticker on top
Come, name your price.

I am damaged goods
I am damaged goods
I am damaged goods.

I can’t get out
Fromt this crippling doubt

I feel so empty without
You there beside me

I need somewhere to go
Somewhere in the great unknown

Somewhere I can be alone

I am damaged goods
I’m misunderstood

I am damaged goods
I’m misunderstood

I come in the perfect packaging
Wrapped up in severed ties

Stamped with a sticker on top
Come, name your price.

I am damaged goods
I am damaged goods
I am damaged goods.
Another set of lyrics, new ones this time :)
2.1k · May 2018
cute without the 'e'
Dev May 2018
a striking slice along the creamy white
freckle galaxy that is my thighs

is this what i've become?

a dab of crimson, slow pour at first
then a scarlet waterfall, perfect picture of my pain.

why did i do this

throbbing pain, dulling my senses
my mind is numb, almost at ease.

it hurts, i knew it would

gently easing cotton over wound,
bittersweet burgundy blood, feeding into pristine purity

what have i done
Yeah, i stole the title from a taking back sunday song
1.6k · Sep 2018
im pretending
Dev Sep 2018
My head hurts like hell today
and i never left my bed
I've begun to feel myself decay,
like the hair upon my head.
The only movement to muster,
is a sharp scratch on my arm
the same place I've
been scratching for hours.
I lIft my legs and try to turn
but perish at the thought
and nothing now can match
the pain that I have brought
upon myself with this old scratch
the skin has turned completely red,
and begun to slowly peel
at the deepest part, it seeps my blood
yet it doesn't feel real
I feel light headed, and completely dizzy
like I'm running out of air
and I know I should do something to help myself
but I almost don't care.
My heart is racing and i sluggishly pull the covers over my head
i hold my breath and close my eyes
im pretending that im dead
1.5k · Sep 2019
Dev Sep 2019
I just want to disappear into nothingness
So nothing can hurt me again
1.1k · May 2018
my heart bleeds colours
Dev May 2018
My heart bleeds colours
but not the way you'd think
it drips

                    ­             B
               ­                                        S

through my veins
disdainful loss of my dignity.

Yes, my heart bleeds colours
I can no longer wear it on my sleeve
for all to see
the dazzling display that leaks

For such a heart as mine,
that appears so vividly black
I find it quite amusing,
for there certainly is a lack of

coursing through my veins

and yet when it bleeds

I've blue and yellow, mix to make green
Pink and purple
make the circle,
a full rainbow it would seem

Oh my heart bleeds colours
I am now no longer clean
for all my colours have started
seeping out my seams.
I'm trying new things,
I hope this isnt too awful ':)
there really is no structure or pattern, really using the 'free' in 'free form poetry'
My heart bleeds colours, and I use them to feed my creativity.
1.1k · May 2018
am i unlovable?
Dev May 2018
Is my body an issue?
Is it impossible to be loved the way I am?
With these voluminous waves
of body “for days”
Am I unlovable or is that absurd?

Is my personality an issue?
Is it too hard to love me as I am?
With this overachieving persona,
Am I just a effervescent loner?
Am I unlovable or is that ridiculous?

Is my face an issue?
Is it just too much effort to love me?
With these battle scars of adolescence,
Painted with the wrong message,
Am I unlovable or is that just pathetic?
1.1k · Aug 2018
You’re not fair
Dev Aug 2018
You aren’t fair.
You tease me.
You flirt.
You say that I’m beautiful.
You touch your forehead to mine.
You make me feel like it’s happening.
And then...
****. Gone. Outtie.
Why does no one love you
Is your most favourite question
Why won’t anyone date you
Is obviously second best
And you ask me these constantly
And to my answers I do attest
No one loves you cos you won’t let them.
No one dates you because you're on guard.
And I’ll stroke your head real gentle,
Im showing you my hand in this game of cards.
I’m laying it all out in everything
And you tease and flirt all the same
I’m not joking anymore
I don’t know how long I can play this game.
Because you’re breaking the rules and you know it
And now I’m really tired
Of staying awake at 2.47 am
Because you’re not fair
And you’re keeping me awake
This was NOT my best work ****.
I just wanna sleep.
1.1k · Apr 2018
Dev Apr 2018



I just wanted you

but I can't make you want me

if you don't want to
I think he just broke my heart without even knowing it.
998 · Mar 2018
Self deprecation
Dev Mar 2018
Self deprecation:

the act of reprimanding oneself by
belittling, undervaluing, or
disparaging oneself,
or being excessively modest.

It can be used in humour and tension release.

It's a breath of fresh air to see someone whose ego isn't the size of a hot air balloon

But maybe you shouldn't put yourself down so much

Oh god, not this again

It's not really funny anymore, it's just a bit sad

Are you okay? That was a little dark

Forgive me, I didn't realise you were allowed to express your emotions to me and not the other way around

God you really ******* it this time

984 · Mar 2018
Soapy water
Dev Mar 2018
I am like a sink full of soapy water.
Bubbly, happy, and clean...

On the outside, at least.

Dip your hand in, you'll find that I'm still
Warm, relatively clean until...

You slice your hand on the knife hidden just underneath those shiny bubbles

I'm sorry if I hurt you,

But you shouldn't stick your hand into soapy water

If you aren't prepared to deal with the damage
And when you cut your hand in my sink, it bleeds into me, and changes everything.
955 · Mar 2018
6ft Tall
Dev Mar 2018

You are 6 ft tall barely,
Already feeling broken,
haven't even had your first "real date."
Forgive me, I've misspoken.

You took her to a movie once,
You made her want to run,
Because she finally realised
I was the smoking gun.

I was one real reason,
bet you'd hate me if you knew.
Our newly ignited friendship?
Don't be kind, we'd be through.

Your words have too much impact,
You think things far too deep.
Your feelings have not subsided,
They haven't. Not in the least.

You say your mantra again
All thats happened, I'm above
If that is actually true,
Why do you still refer to her love?

Your heart is too invested,
I guess you're not for me.
For I was never going to accept
her seconds willingly.

Perhaps one far-off day,
When I'm comfortable with myself,
I'll remember these days,
And take my feelings off the shelf.
The angsty sarcasm is strong with this one!
792 · Sep 2018
he changed like the seasons
Dev Sep 2018
He was Autumn without chill
falling secrets, forming piles
of unearthed mystery, unknowing
how deep his soul was

He was Winter when he came
cold and distant, and lonely
needing layers to protect himself
from anything that might change
or truly discover him

He was Spring when he left
Happiness blooming through him
an aura radiating complete
and total trust

He was Summer when we finished
Overheated and over suffering from sunstroke
He'd been playing in the sun for too long
and now he was burnt, and tired.
755 · Jun 2018
Helena [beautiful soul]
Dev Jun 2018
Your flaws run deep,
Like the valleys through your face.
But do not look at that with your
Aging eyes
For all you will see is your
Slowly creeping demise.

Look with me,
At your wondrous face,
Can’t you see?
There’s not a thing out of place.

Your emerald green orbs light up with a spark
Your greying hair, is luxurious and still maintains the dark
That you wore as an oh so youthful teen
Before you married, when you were living the dream.

Though losing its marbles, your mind remains sharp,
You sit here with me, creating art
And everyone else, you seem to have lost,
Their cheerful interactions now met with frost.

You tell me you’re worried, that I’m to be next
That you won’t remember me after the fix
Your shaky hands move towards mine
In an attempt for comfort in desperate times

Because time is now slowly running out
And I believe in you, but I have my doubts
So we knit and we knit and then we crotchet
And when day time tv is on we pretend we’re okay

And then the one day I made plans to hang out with my friends instead of visiting you,
It was the very day I lost you.

September 18 2015 5:47 pm

The time I got the call.
I wasn’t there for you at all.
I knew you weren’t well that day.
And I still decided to stay away.

The last day of the school term, I thought you were fine
I truly believed we had more time.
Turns out even if I wished, I still was wrong.
I should’ve stuck with you all the way along.

I never got to tell you, that very day,
That despite the disease, you were beautiful in every way.
Though your flaws run deep, just like a valley,
To me, in my formative years, you were my greatest ally.
711 · Aug 2018
Some girls
Dev Aug 2018
Some girls eat burgers instead of salads
Some use more sugar than spice
Some link their insta directly to the bloodstream
Some pump themselves full of ice
Some girls will drink themselves into a hole
Where some girls may never come out
Some girls will split themselves open
Just so they don’t have to feel the doubt
Some girls will break you or make you
Just to make themselves whole
Some girls will beat you, demean you,
Some girls will never grow old.
Some girls eat burgers instead of salads
And are crucified for being unhealthy
But in the scheme of things, it’s not the worst.
I’d rather be carb loaded and love wealthy.
673 · Mar 2018
Thin Ice
Dev Mar 2018
I can't remember much this morning,
I had my headphones in,
jamming to my favourite songs,
And my hair was flowing like waves in the wind

And I saw you, about 20 feet away.
And I still don't quite remember it lucidly.
You barely waved,
And I practically ignored you.

The whole day,
I put up with these imbeciles
Your eye looks gross, are you going to go blind?
People are idiots

But then, as I fell to the ground laughing,
you caught my eye.
I felt like we had communicated in that moment,
with your confused smile and crinkly eyes.

And then we didnt talk.
You didn't come over,
neither did I.
We just didnt talk.

It was like I was meant to be there,
even though I wasnt
Like i was there for me this time,
not for you.

But I felt too ashamed to talk,
you seemed to have forgotten
our conversation last night
And I didn't want to bring it up.

I'm glad I can now lean on you,
the way you leant on me.
I'm glad that we're friends now,
but I still feel like I'm on thin ice.
Nothing is consistent in my life right now, except for the inconsistency
665 · Mar 2018
Dev Mar 2018
If indeed you were intent
on being real friends,
you have very little evidence
but your word to show it.

The only time we talk
is when I start the conversation
or you like the fact that my dads cake read:
"Happy Birthday, you old ****"

Even then, all I get is
Haha, thats brilliant
And what am I supposed to reply?
I don't want to look needy, so nothing.

Maybe if you took
your head out of your ***
And thought about what I've done,
and been there for you,

then you wouldn't be so rude.
This is more of like the stuff I cant say to him more than a poem, sorry for the language!
660 · Oct 2018
Dev Oct 2018
I'm sorry for ignoring you
I'm sorry for not being there for you
I'm sorry for not 'being myself'
I'm sorry for bringing you down
I'm sorry for everything you don't understand
I'm sorry for everything I don't understand
I'm sorry for being belligerent
I'm sorry for annoying you
I'm sorry for bothering you
I'm sorry for being sorry
I'm sorry for always saying sorry
I'm sorry for everything here on out.
seems like im always apologising as of late
625 · Jun 2019
You Can't Eat Flowers
Dev Jun 2019
"When I grow up, I want to grow a garden. It will be the best garden ever! It will have lots of animals for me to play with! It will have flowers, and grass, and lots and lots of vegetables. Because the animals like to eat vegetables, you can't eat flowers!"

•Sleeping silently, seducing the snakes.•

•Weeping quietly for all of God's sakes•

•I know there's calories out there, I could get them easily too•

•but we all know that •

•you can't eat flowers for food•
Quote from a little person I love dearly
621 · Mar 2018
Dev Mar 2018

She just wants to be loved
Sent all hope from high above
Eyes like a cavern
Hair like a cage
Open her book, turn the page.

Walk through the streets, see and smell the air
See its better up here than it is down there
See here you can be happy, here you are safe.
Here there are no mirrors screaming in your face

Be a little a better, must escape a little more
To feel a little better, means to feel nothing more
And if I should leave for there, I’ll leave a reason why
I’ll be the sun shining in your darkest sky

Daytime never ends, the streets are always empty.
People walking past, all these thoughts, they are so tempting
Let bubblegum girl lead you to where you want to go.
She’s travelled all these places, she knows all the roads

Run through the field, theres flowers everywhere
Moments passing by, no one has a moment to spare.
Let the breeze linger, trace some smiles with your finger
In a moment you’ll forget all the pain.

To be a little a better, must escape a little more
To feel a little better, means to feel nothing more
And if I should leave for there, I’ll leave a reason why
I’ll be the sun shining in your darkest sky
An old piece, it was written as lyrics to a song
585 · Apr 2018
Dev Apr 2018
The unexpected tingle upon your lips
Taken aback by the fiery flames
Of passion and heat upon you

Drown in a torrid affair
Melting like lava
And relinquish control of your body to hells fiery, fiery depths.

Dance the tango of feverish despair
As you reach for a cool refuge
And sigh as relief floods down your body

And please, please

Remember to wash your hands after cooking with chilli

Or risk an encore of its fury.
Just finished making fajitas, and then not five minutes later, went to bite my nail and ooof.
Was not good at all.
Might not use bird eye chilli from now on.
578 · Mar 2018
Dev Mar 2018
I was in love with a girl once,
she did all the things I wanted to,
she was braver than anyone else,
she was kind, smart, loyal.

She did crazy things,
Was rather outspoken
and every phrase that left
her supposedly "perfect" mouth was outlandish.

She would tell me her dreams,
we'd stay up all night texting,
and she would imagine our lives

But the thing about these people
who are perfect, yet completely insane
is that their insanity is toxic
and exposure to it can be too harmful for some

I fell in love with a girl,
she was beautiful, dazzling
All that wonderful sparkly ****.
But she was oh so toxic.
Things happen for a reason, we may not like it at the time, but friendships drift and people stop talking. Such is life.
544 · May 2018
with y o u
Dev May 2018
a week ago on sunday
i witnessed my brother marry
the love of his life

it rained

and it was beautiful

and it reminded me
that life is short
and wonderful

and maybe i should start

living instead of writing poems.

maybe i should start
taking wonderful opportunities
with you.
527 · Apr 2018
Dev Apr 2018
Lets walk down the street
Why’d I lose it again?

You are killing me
Keep calling me your friend

And it hurts, it hurts,
It hurts my dear.
Cause I tried, I tried to
keep you near.

I tried to keep you close

But it all just got away from me
We all lost out to misery
I have to wonder why
It always ends this way

I’ll pass you by on my way to see
And you’ll look at me despondently
Because I, I let you down

And they’ll all say their piece on me
Saying Oh she’s such a drama queen
But I, I never meant to let you down

And it hurts, it hurts,
It hurts my dear.
Cause I tried, I tried to
keep you near

I tried to keep you close

But it all just got away from me
We all lost out to misery
I have to wonder why
It always ends this way

I lost myself somewhere along the way
Trying to be perfect for you
I lost myself somewhere along the way
Trying to be someone new

And it hurts, it hurts
It hurts my dear
Cause I tried I tried to
keep you near

I tried to keep you close

And it hurts, it hurts
It hurts my dear
Cause I tried I tried to
keep you near

I tried to lock you down.

But it all just got away from me
I sealed myself to misery
Trying to be you
Another song

I'm mad as hell still but I understand a little better now I've calmed down.

And I'm sorry for reacting the way I did.
525 · Apr 2018
Dev Apr 2018
Midsummer air, without a care
Dressed up to dance all night.

Strangers abound and one with a frown
That I longed to turn upright

"Let's dance and play pool, I'll look like a fool
But right now I really don't care"

He laughed and grinned, a true cardinal sin
And popped his fedora atop my hair.

After awhile, having seen his smile,
I began to really drink.

After not very long I was well and truly gone
And ran upstairs to the sink

Said to him hey, let's not call it a day
I've some tequila upstairs, I think.

After rummaging round, I tumbled down
The stairs and round the corner.

He took one sip, and upon his lip
Lay a smirk, "this is really great water"
This is a memory I will always laugh at. Never try to impress anyone while drunk kiddos.
507 · Mar 2018
Dev Mar 2018
Nameless, but free.
Hair dyed an extraordinary shade of lilac,
sparkling a thousand which ways into the sun.
Like a diamond.

And yes, she was much like a diamond,
They make you believe that they're rare and expensive.
But really, there's millions of them.
They just want to feel special
Just a pretty face, and nothing more.
Copying her favourite sayings off an edgy tumblr blog
503 · Jun 2018
Dev Jun 2018
I am trapped here,
within the confines
of you.

This metal cage
you have me locked in,
your protection...

It's smothering me,
killing me,
sending me to my grave.

You seem to have lost the key somewhere
in your belief that you are right.
and that I am wrong.

"live! live!" you cry, whilst
i sit here, dying.
because this is killing me

I could be cliche,
tell you why the caged bird sings,
because of her dreams and hopes.

that despite her hardships,
she's happy, because she
still can sing

but what good will it do
if the caged bird only lies
and cries in her bed at night
when no one can hear her

The truth is
the caged bird dies
every time, because
she never learns to fly.
I need to make my own mistakes, I need to make my own decisions, I need to live my life instead of just witnessing it.
503 · May 2018
{ @you }
Dev May 2018
if you love the wrong people,
                          how can you expect them to

                 love you back?
501 · Jun 2018
{{{ ~ I miss you ~ }}}
Dev Jun 2018
I miss your dumb face
I miss your dumb hair
I miss your dumb laugh
I miss your dumb jokes
I miss your dumb eyes
I miss your dumb stare
I miss your dumb goodbyes
I miss your dumb hellos
I miss your dumb life

I miss you
472 · Jul 2018
Dev Jul 2018
The words will come to me eventually.
I’ll hear them, see them, taste them,
As for now this pit in my stomach has rendered me completely and utterly senseless, devoid of feeling, emotion.
Devoid of words.
I grasp at straws and empty threats
Desperate to find something within myself.
Someone within myself.
I dream the most vivid dreams but
As soon as daylight crosses my face
And pries  my eyes open
It becomes void of colour
Of clarity.
Devoid of hope.
And I sit here in wait of something
Someone within myself
For as I am
I am a shell of a human being
Waiting for something to fill me with life
To give me purpose.
And I know the words will come eventually.
They always do.
I’ll be able to see them, hear them, touch them.
But they’ll be different.
It’s  been hard to write for the past couple months
469 · May 2018
do you feel the same?
Dev May 2018
I...kinda really like you,
I know that I shouldn’t.
You’re not into me,
it’s plain to see
We wouldn’t
Make such a great couple.
We’d constantly bicker and fight
But even still
You know I will
Hold your hands all through the night.
I...kinda really love you,
I have since that very day
I buried it down,
And never made sound,
So that our friendship remained the same.

But what am I to do,
When you hold me like this
With your hand so gently teasing mine.

It feels too serious

Do you feel the same?

I hesitate to hold your hand properly

In case you’re truly leading me on.

Do you feel the same?
It lost its way a little
Dev Aug 2018
I really feel awful, I must admit
That now I am avoiding you.
See, I am embarrassed- quite a bit
Because I’ve broken another promise to you.

But you must understand when I said I wanted a man,
I didn’t like myself.
And now that I do (or am at least trying to)
I really couldn’t give a ****

If you’ve got blue *****, I couldn’t care less
There’s incognito for that very purpose
If you’re sad and alone, go pick up the phone,
I know for certain there’s girls waiting for you.

But for now leave me be, allow me my peace
And stop blowing up my phone!!
Because I talked to you when I hated myself,
But now I know I deserve more than you
431 · Sep 2018
•a l c o p o p•
Dev Sep 2018
My best friends dad once sat me down
to gift me with some wisdom
on why day drinkers and lonely slinkers
are filled with such depression.

He told me alcohol doesn't make you
an alcoholic, you see.
It's fine with a friend, as long as it ends
before you're lonely

See when you're alone you think bad things
cause nobody is around
your brain becomes loose due to magic juice
and you wear your thoughts like a crown.

and i barely listened as he talked
just waited till he was finished
it didnt mean much, and it wasn't such
a big deal to me

I never really listened to him,
which is probably why
she calls me a little alcopop
395 · Sep 2018
paint me with new colours
Dev Sep 2018
Paint me with new colours,
wipe away my dreams,
Take off all my clothes
undo me at the seams
Take out all my stuffing,
replace with feather down
sprinkle in some personality
but don't let me drown
make me the ideal
puppet on a string
make it so that I
don't feel anything
Sew me right back up
and paint on me, a smile
Make it so it doesn't wear off
at least not for a while
Yeah, I gotta give toy story credit for the inspo
388 · Oct 2018
Short Straw
Dev Oct 2018
I want to be super popular
I want to have lots of friends
I want to have flowy hair
With no pesky split ends
I want to be a superstar
Like no ones ever seen
I want to have the whitest teeth
That actually hurt when they gleam
I want to be super thin
Like a model starved for the runway
I want to have bigger lips
Like I’ve eaten a six inch subway
I want to have a small personality
That everyone can enjoy
I want to be the sorta girl
Who would never be a toy
I want to be kind and smart
And treated kind of nicely
Because I’d be the kind of person
You’d actually want to treat nicely.
I guess I drew the short straw in this life
A girl who’s completely opposite
But if I ever become this blessed girl
I’ll know that I’ll have earnt it.
I’ll stop complaining now :p
385 · Apr 2018
Equilibrium II
Dev Apr 2018
I have learned that without light
All the things that hide inside
Would be gone
Is it wrong
To wanna lurk oh in the dark
To keep this torch without its spark

I grow tired of holding up this great facade
Lets dance around without our masks
And find who we are
Oh when the light turns off and all thats left is the dark

I wanna find equilibrium
I wanna see just who I’ve become
I wish that I could just go halfway
Cant choose between these pathways
It’s made me so numb
I wanna find equilibrium
I wrote a song based off a haiku i did a little while ago, and this is that
366 · May 2018
love love love love love
Dev May 2018
What is love?
Can you honestly tell me?
For all I've found it to be over the years
late night calls
shutting out your family
shunning everything you liked about yourself
tearing petals off flowers

I've never found it to be especially lovely
especially comforting
nor do i know anyone who has experienced the lovely thrill we love to love through the silver screen.

love love love love love love love love love love love

say it enough times
it wont even sound like a word anymore

feel it enough times
it won't even feel real anymore
366 · Aug 2018
my head is a mess.
Dev Aug 2018
my head is mess
of thoughts that i dress
with an over the top
scheming smile

my head is a mess
with thoughts, i confess
that nothings as it seems
at least for a while

my head is a mess
and though it is less
appreciated for it's

my head is a mess
of my thoughts that i dress
with lies, i wish
you could see right through me.
whine whine whine
365 · Oct 2018
happy (?)
Dev Oct 2018
Who is to say
that I will ever be happy
Like shedding pounds
and downsizing gowns
is the secret thats been kept from me all along.
Like eating air
and taking care
of my hair
is important.

And yeah, I know I'm destroying myself.
And I know that if I get where i wanna be,
I probably still won't be happy.

But at least let me deceive you into thinking
that I actually believe the opposite,
cos it's easy to lie to myself
It's harder to lie to you.
360 · May 2018
Dev May 2018
You’re a distraction, nothing more
Don’t look at me like that
I don’t actually like you,
You’re just nice to look at.

A distraction.

A distraction.

Stop getting in my head
With your inside jokes,
And hidden smiles.
You stare too much into my eyes,
Or am I the one staring?

No, you’re a distraction.

This isn’t real.

I love him, not you.

You’re just a distraction.
358 · Sep 2018
musings of a lonely girl
Dev Sep 2018
if water was made to taste sweet
and pure and fluid in motion
then why do I look in your eyes
and see a most stormy ocean
where boats do sink
and love is but a barren
island, almost swallowed by
the waves of self loathing.
Where boats do sink,
and lonely travellers need no hope
because they all think
that you are enough.
Your minutes sustain them,
like sand running through
their fingertips till
they're done with you.
And boats do sink
before they wash ashore
you cast out an anchor
but they want more
And so you remain, an island
your love is barren,
you are not enough.
350 · Mar 2018
Gently, please
Dev Mar 2018
Gently please,
handle with care.
if you play too hard,
I might get scared.

If you shake me too much,
my curls will undo
The color will drain from
my face, cause of you.

If you grab me too rough,
I will try to break free
I have had enough
of your misery.

If you hold me too tightly
afraid to let go,
I will run away
into the great unknown.

so please, I beg you,
I'll beg and I'll plead.
Handle me gently,
don't make me leave.
Claustrophobic when it comes to people, yet surprisingly clingy. An enigma wrapped in a conundrum, thats me!
350 · Aug 2018
Dev Aug 2018
Hidden underneath a rainbow
Hidden in that beaming smile
Hidden in your scornful venom
Hidden in that cunning wile
Hidden in the deepest crevice
Hidden in the widest crack
Hidden in your nightly terrors
Hidden in you talking smack
Hidden in your warm embrace
Hidden in your cool demeanour
Hidden under your made up face
Hidden in a vivid dreamer
Hidden in a plethora
Of weird and wonderful things
Is a weird and wonderful being
Who does make me sing
Hidden in everything
Is you
The real you.
334 · Aug 2018
I wasn't broken before
Dev Aug 2018
I've become numb
to the blatant stares
of those who 'care'
while splitting hairs

I've become numb
to their irritated wiles
they get me to smile
for memories they file

I've become numb
to their heartbreaking games
they use to shame
and try to tame

I've become numb
cause you've broken me down
now i lie on the ground
while my pieces surround

I've become numb
and I can't feel anymore
so you close the door
while you weep and I pour

I've become numb
there's nothing left to say
you couldn't fix me
I wasn't broken.... before anyway
328 · Jul 2018
Dev Jul 2018
Lately I’ve been feeling lonely
Lately, been feeling so down
And they say that pride comes before the fall
And If so, we’re all gonna drown

They say that we are so broken
There’s just no hope for us now
And when the sky comes tumbling
My darling we’re all gonna drown

And they say this is the way
Should have worshipped that mighty man above
Should have prayed, should have stayed
Should’ve given all your faith
Before you decided on love

Lately I’ve been feeling angry
Lately been feeling so mad
And they mistake the way that I react oh darling
They all think that I’m sad

They say that I should mourn him
For I’ve lost all the light in my life
But this crown on my head hasn’t slipped my dear
So they’ll never realise my strife.

And they say this is the way
Should have worshipped that mighty man above
Should have prayed, should have stayed
Should’ve given all your faith
Before you decided on love

Lately I’ve been feeling lonely
Lately, been feeling so down.
And they say that pride comes before the fall,
And if so,
We’re all gonna drown.
325 · Sep 2018
Cahill is irrelevant
Dev Sep 2018
Cahill is irrelevant
but doesn't think he is
Cahill thinks my poetry
is more than *******
Cahill likes to think
that I still like his face
But Cahill is dead wrong
cause Cahill is

**** a phat one boii

318 · Jun 2018
can you see me?????
Dev Jun 2018
Can you see me?
I’m here, standing
Right behind the lovely
Facade you love so much.

I’m screaming, sobbing
Pleading for you to see me,
And yet your gaze falls
Directly on my lying smile.

Why don’t you notice? All the signs are there.
My mask is cracked and open and bare
And I have to wonder if you really don’t care.

I just want you to notice
To find solace in your warm embrace
To find comfort in your words
To feel safe to be myself.

But the mask still stands,
And I sit here in agony
Crumpled, praying
For you to notice
Was gonna edit this a little, but I like the way it’s come out straight from my head.
314 · Sep 2018
remind me not to tell you
Dev Sep 2018
Remind me of a haunting past
so shallow, here you creep.
At night when I have drawn the curtains
laid down my head to sleep.
And here it is, when I close me eyes
is when I first hear your peep
the ever haunting, traumatised
the scarring on your soul is too deep.

I hear your voice, it carries
through the caverns of my heart
The places left untouched, unsettled
unmasked by your own dark
You strike a match to light ablaze
a fire, not yet burnt
but by the time it's out, I'm betting
you'll have learnt

I'm not a soul to be played with
I feel all too intensely
The emotions that I carry are a hazard
A tornado of these thoughts
that I feel so immensely

I love you but it's time
to let you be at peace.
I no longer hope you realize
for my love's begun to cease.
289 · Jul 2018
Dev Jul 2018
My darling you are everything to me
You fill me with love and light
   During my darkest hours, no one to  
     save me,
       You are my shining light
         Some complain that we’re filled with      
              Others, that we manipulate.
                But we’re bound to each other  
                   through invisible bonds
                     That no one ever could  
                            You’re my truest friend, to    
                               the very ends
                                  Of the earth, I shall      
                                      follow you
                                         Because you’re my    
                                             person, and I am    
                                                    And that’s  
                                                           you can’t
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