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Dev Mar 2018
Gently please,
handle with care.
if you play too hard,
I might get scared.

If you shake me too much,
my curls will undo
The color will drain from
my face, cause of you.

If you grab me too rough,
I will try to break free
I have had enough
of your misery.

If you hold me too tightly
afraid to let go,
I will run away
into the great unknown.

so please, I beg you,
I'll beg and I'll plead.
Handle me gently,
don't make me leave.
Claustrophobic when it comes to people, yet surprisingly clingy. An enigma wrapped in a conundrum, thats me!
ryn May 2017
careless fingers,
they will
always take.
they never
will learn that...
fragile hearts
don't just break.

so brittle they crack
under pressure.
then into
a million shards,

Caitlin Apr 2015
This which I am giving to you,
You must handle with care.
It's seen more wear and tear
Than you've ever seen in your life.
It's been bruised and broken,
Mended and glued back together.
Handle with care.
It's seen a lot, and been through a lot.
You must handle with care.
And if you don't..
Well you'll become responsible for some more of that wear and tear,
Those bruised and missing peices.
Another notch in the book.
But I am warning you now-
Handle with care.
My heart is fragile.
Please, handle with care.
a gale Aug 2014
She held her heart out
Filled with tape and glue
As her hand shakes
You can barely read
How it was plastered with
“Handle with care”

*a. gale

— The End —