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Mar 2023 · 1.2k
The Most Honest Poem
Blue Butterflies Mar 2023
I wanted to be so **** beautiful
I wanted nature to fall to my feet
I wanted the mountains to bow
I wanted the trees to weep for the love of me

I wanted to charm the dumbest of boys
I wanted to tempt the strongest of men
I wanted to break thousands of hearts
I wanted them to wake screaming my name

I wanted to be everyone's wildest daydream
I'd play my game without a fault
I'd fulfill my role to perfection: be it
Angel or *****, beggar or queen,
I'd be whatever they needed me to be
And when they relied on me the most
I would leave without a trace, without remorse

Because then, I would never be the one to wait,
The one to cry to sleep each day, I'd
Never be rejected, but keep them staring
At the blankness I'd leave behind me

(As a sidetone:
There are fantasies I'd never dare project into words
Thoughts I've buried deep within my soul,
But, believe me,
This might be the most honest poem I ever wrote).
Nov 2022 · 1.3k
Gold Rush
Blue Butterflies Nov 2022
I don't have the right to write you a poem
But let me do it anyways.

I wish I had been prettier,
more kind, more bold,
I wish I had deserved one of your thoughts.
I was content, though,
Watching you from a distance,
While around you they caved the gold mine,
And all the girls tried their luck.
I was happy enough,
Knowing you knew my name.
I remember you
Not without nostalgia,
Because I wish I had been prettier,
more kind, more bold,
To have deserved one glance, one touch.
But our threads got lost in the riverbed,
I threw my coin and lost you to fate,
That is why I let you go
And be another's,
And maybe someday I'll see you again
And be brave enough to say
That I took my chances and lost the gold,
But that someone I hope deserved you more.
Oct 2022 · 1.7k
Blue Butterflies Oct 2022
And the pale moon over my head,
My lonely nights and
Memories haunting me like a wolf
Ferocious and hungry.

And a vast forest of yew trees
Darkness and silence,
And an owl watching like a ghost.
Amidst the darkness I found a voice:
‘I’ll love you forever, if you let me’.

And vigilantes with wide eyes.
I never knew what to do
With the unconnected clues,
But you would always
Ask the right questions.

And a faithless heart like mine
That saw monsters and terrors.
My heart like a cold star in the distance.
But you held me close
And put me in the moss
With a blanket of new,
unrecognised, kindness

And a reason to be alive:
I have finally found a place to rest.
Like a meteor you broke into my space
And I was surprised to notice
How lovely it is
To rely on someone
So completely.

It was midnight,
When I realised:
I am here,
I can breathe,
And I can finally love.
Oct 2022 · 3.3k
A Winter Spell
Blue Butterflies Oct 2022
A cup of tea, a lullaby
A winter day spent outside.
A warm jumper with frayed edges,
A book bound in leather
With yellow pages.
A love letter and a hand-written message.
Coming home late
For soup and pie,
Outside the full moon
Is watching over us.
Little snowflakes cover the land,
The bare trees sing lullabies.
The barn owl, the snow hare,
They stay cosy in their beds, and
The little birds hide in their nests.
As we go home,
The wind blows,
But we worry not,
We know,
Soon spring will come along.
Sep 2022 · 130
I want you here next to me
Blue Butterflies Sep 2022
Fallen apples
Fallen trees
I want you here next to me
When the storm begins

The bees kiss the withered roses
The swans swim swiftly through the river rapids
Acorns and chestnuts fall to the ground
Fog and rain all through the day
When the storm begins
I want you here next to me

Great waves transform the shore
The seagulls float and call each other
The boats that left
Have not returned yet.
The sun set, the moon came
But even in the darkness
I can recognize your face.
The storm is beginning
But you are here with me

Your opal eyes, your vintage smile,
Your big rough hands that take mine
I was an old cat that slept too much
But now I'm transformed
And run through the night
By your side

The storm has come
But I know you will stay
Until the end.
nature, love, autumn, sea, storm, night, cat, rain, September, October, December
Sep 2022 · 3.1k
Blue Butterflies Sep 2022
I have loved you for so long,
I have have heard your
Love song days
And I have seen
Your colours march through
The bright green of summer days,
I have learnt to love your authority,
Your soft spoken command,
And I follow because
I love you
Despite the melancholy
You bring with you.

Because I love you,
I love you,
I love you with your tangled branches and barn owls,
With your cold trunks and fallen leaves,
With your empty nests and snow hares,
With your blackberries and marigolds,

I love you.

                               ­  October
Sep 2022 · 1.8k
Blue Butterflies Sep 2022
Slowly fall
The teardrops of the rain,
Slowly into the lake.
Slowly comes September,
As always,
Slowly clasping its hands around us.
Slowly the trees transform
Into ghosts,
Slowly the apples fall and rot,
And the pumpkins, slowly too,
Grow and mature.

Autumn comes slowly.
We feel it in the
Nights and in the wind
Growing colder and colder.
Slowly summer came and left.
And now,
We are left with what
We always had,
Not much:
Two warm hearts
Holding each other,
Two minds content
With time well spent,
Despite the changing times,
Despite September.
Aug 2022 · 2.9k
A Cup of Coffee
Blue Butterflies Aug 2022
A cup of coffee,
I feel its warmth in my hands.
This warmth, I know,
Will soon vanish against
The cold, salty air.
The clouds bring rain.
We know that.
The clouds scream your name
And the trees resemble your face,
Serene, as you ponder, as you wonder.

A cup of coffee,
You brought me,
And I think of you
As a warm cup I hold in my
Trembling hands,
Whilst the cold, wet air
Tries on and on
To push me away from you.

But for now,
We are here together,
Watching as the tiny pebbles
At the beach
Get damped slowly.
And we know.
The storm will soon fall upon us.
But for now,
We stand here,
Looking into each others eyes.
Nov 2017 · 408
Broken Shield
Blue Butterflies Nov 2017
I can feel a gun pressed to my head,
a soft breeze to my neck,
his tender breath
- I am waiting for every word like an explosion-

Arbitrary colors surpass my mind,
there isn't a reality strong or safe enough for me to call home.
And I understand,
this torture is my paradise,
this moment of mindfulness
and heroine feels like
I am capable of all pain

I used to be me
I used to wake up feeling sick
Days were useless just because
I'd spend them trying to figure out
who I was
and fixing myself to death
cause I was never good enough
to please my inner voices
( they'd shout to my ear:
"What are you so afraid of?")

Now it is done
And I am free.
afraid superation depression feeling living safe death enough
Blue Butterflies Nov 2017
It is a future that exists
A line out of time and space that is real,
A possibility.
Even if it is yet out of my reach,
It is not for me.
But I will become the person that future belongs to.
Soon enough.

— The End —