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 Feb 2018 BWriter
My heart was pounding
Why was I so nervous?
Why was I so scared?
It's just you.
The friend I held so close,
loved so dear.
The one I miss the most
I can't even tell why my heart was pounding
.... longing?....
I don't even know
Part of me doesn't even want to
But maybe its because...
We just aren't as close as we were
When you.... did what you did
Made that choice...
Everything changed..
Everything from you...
Felt so... different
More distant
Even before that you were becoming more distant.
When everything had to go through him...
You stopped being close
At least... it felt like it
I felt like I was put second to everything...
And I still do sometimes
You go behind his back for me
But.. for how long?
I was so happy when we talked.. i was
Because I miss you so much
But I had so much in my head...
I couldn't think of what to say.
Because I don't know how to say it anymore...
I'm still that same boy you held so dear
I'm just....
Very closed off now
"You Don't Understand Me" - The Raconteurs
 Feb 2018 BWriter
My name is Erin
and i was *****
at the age of 7

it has taken me
14 years of my life
for those 13 words to escape
my hollow mouth

the only questions i come to now
is why
why lock me in that room
why take everything from me
my innocence
my purity
my childhood

in my own room
where my family trusted you
where i trusted you
the night terrors i have to this day
still haunt my mind

like a never ending
drive in movie that plays
only the moon in the night sky
isnt made to be found here
there is no light in these terrors

i cant sleep this time of year
because every time i do
its you
in that room
locking the door
shutting the windows
******* me
yelling at me
every single night
i close my eyes

it has taken me 14 years
to accept the fact that i was taken by you
i have been numb ever since
left in the dust
rotting away at the core
thinking i was nothing
thinking i deserved nothing
because you took everything

but not anymore
i will recover from this
i am strong enough
i believe in myself
i believe in my own happiness
and i promsie
that when i have children one day
i will never ever let them rot at the core
i will find happiness
the darkness will not take over this time
 Feb 2018 BWriter
Tiana Marie
She was like music,
and I longed to dance.

Her heart was the beat,
and I begged for the chance.

Her words were the vocals,
and I was put in a trance.

Her smile was the melody,
and I fell in love at first glance.
 Feb 2018 BWriter
Skyler M
 Feb 2018 BWriter
Skyler M
I tell myself,
I force myself,
I convince myself,
I encourage myself,
with purpose,
I plead myself.
 Feb 2018 BWriter
'the perfect royalty.'
funny how it rhymes with your disloyalty, princess.
the world's been wondering where you've been.

no, no one knows how hard your life is.
how hard it is to lie.
no, no one knows how scarred your mind is,
or how bent you are to smile.

'the perfect royalty.'
hilarious how your title rhymes with your cruelty, acquiesce?
the school's been asking questions 'bout where you've been seen.

no, no one knows how tough this act is.
this character's a show.
no, no one's guessed how rough the fact is
that your life's not one they know.

'the perfect royalty'.
doesn't mean you're perfect too, you're just a novelty, do you attest?
the mirror's looking for you 'cause you're hiding from its screen.

no, no one understands your worries.
no one cares about your strife.
no, they want to see new accessories,
or else just quit this life.

'the perfect royalty'?
Wasn't sure about this hut decided to post anyway.
 Feb 2018 BWriter
Shauna Bendel
I am alone, beginning to realize
truth and death
are more refreshing, than living in
between the spaces
 Feb 2018 BWriter
Julie Langlais
I coloured your heart red
while you shaded mine blue

Jl 2016
You know
I've always heard
People saying and ranting
About going home
Home home home

I don't know why
My home is a place
A place where i never want to be
I hate it there

It's so suffocating
The minds there are ignorant
And and stifling
I hate it there

It's where my eyelids
Are pasted together
And where my lips
Are stapled together
I hate it there

It's where my thoughts
Are are vile
And my heart is
Just an *****
I hate it there

It's where there's always
A preach about god
But what god would
Allow stifle
Allow suffocation
Allow ignorance

It's a place that i hate
I hate
I hate

 Feb 2018 BWriter
 Feb 2018 BWriter
Tell me,
How many sips does it take,
How many puffs does it take,
How many pills does it take,
How many sniffs does it take,
How many needles does it take,
To feel the way I do?
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