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Kenji Oct 26
Lines and lines, druggy times.
Bleeding nostrils and racing thoughts.
Fast heart beats and feeling distraught.
Alert and awake, thoughts are chasing me in a maze.
I've lost it, I'm back on the powder.

They call me Kat, because my spirit animal is one of a cat like creature, and my drug of choice.
Fierce, sneaky, stealthy, and mischievous.
Kat is my name, one of many different personalities.
Freaky is her demeanor.

Wired and full of energy, mind is coming down, muscle spasms are happening.
I need to sleep, 2 in the morning and I'm writing forbidden thoughts.
Dreams that are nightmares that aren't stopping, I have no hold.

Will it ever stop?
Control before it becomes an addiction.
Hold, or the demons will rain, toxic tears to my waking existence.
Harper Ladd Jul 19
Heavily inspired by M.F. Doom’s instrumental “Star Anïs”)
It is a thing of unimaginable, twisting, sinew-y horror.
It is out of control and absolutely horrifying.
Like a damsel strapped to train tracks on a blue-black night.
The belching and bellowing coal train runs her over and the blood is
You cannot avoid it!
It is Agrimony I tell you, Agrimony!
It is a chaotic and malicious black cloud that just is.
You are at home watching cartoons on a Thursday night.
Your mother is at work.
You are home alone eating fruit loops.
The villain in your T.V. reaches out and talks to you.
You try to resist it but this malevolent vacuum ***** you in.
You claw and grip onto your stained carpet but Dr. Agrimony wins.
It is so midnight-y in your television.
Demons prance about and cause mischief and pain and sorrow in the smoky air.
Tommy Randell Mar 26
They give an elephant ears
Thinking to make him fly.
They make a clown cry tears
Without first asking why.

They **** hope in a film
To make a cause out of irony,
Turning honey and milk
Into an epic of reality.

They're in the business of
Churning out fake news and copies
Milking dollars out of our Christmases
By making money out of stories.

They sell us dumb heroes
Leave us no cause worth dying for,
And yet they make us incurious
If all their hype is what life is for.

Netflix & Apple Inc...
Now TV and Prime...
The screens are not windows
The real world is outside!

The World Wide Wonder Web
Isn't inter-connectivity...
It's the world wrapped in fibre Net
And they are fishing for you and me!
If the leap of faith is
a quantum one
unexpected company
wants some
could be
strategically insignificant,
deemed incompetent,

rest my case
reset my face
and place an order at
the bar.

My Sunday
so far
so good.
This is what forever feels like  when you're stood at the end of a rainbow.
Ash Feb 2018
Tell me,
How many sips does it take,
How many puffs does it take,
How many pills does it take,
How many sniffs does it take,
How many needles does it take,
To feel the way I do?
Life's a Beach Aug 2014
Of feeling tired
Wrongly wired at
Each step filled
with feathers
Refuse to belong
to the Earth

— The End —