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Shauna Bendel Feb 2018
I am alone, beginning to realize
truth and death
are more refreshing, than living in
between the spaces
Shauna Bendel Feb 2018
you and I,
burn in moonlight
darkling skies of a devil's sleep
a lust for love, attend the desire
for the flame is fiercer
Shauna Bendel Feb 2018
let me dissolve in your ocean
somewhere, someone
where waves crash
the same
and the tide doesn't mind
gentle, now
this movement touches
bare skin
at the shoreline,
she dances too often
tracing footprints in sand
before he washes hers
leaving but a seashell
a lonely goodbye,
and a smile to drown
"lady in blue"
Shauna Bendel Jan 2018
to lose slowly
drift further into
shadows and fade
behind some goodbye
because some return
and never leave
the forgotten face,
an eerie atmosphere
of kept chemistry
thought to defy
time’s condition
a passing of fate
followed by chance
caught between
maybe and what ifs
the last waltz
they must dance
for love has died
years before,
words taste alive
feeding the falsity
to which forever
burns with
Shauna Bendel Jan 2018
it felt good,
but lonesome
to be composed
of what you wanted
a lonely
feeling, that
claws at your insides
whether to belong
or fear
being misplaced
Shauna Bendel Oct 2017
the sun glistens
feel the gentle weight
of our world beneath
perfect stills,
stranger times
and leaves fall softer
as people move free
silence brings
what words
can't speak
my dearest day
lasts with you alone
in the safety found
there is only
in time shared
with you...
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