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717 · Jan 2018
Butterflies In Our Eyes
BWriter Jan 2018
All these years have passed and still nothing has changed,
So we have to march,
Against the abomination of colour segregation,
I'm just tired of all the lies I want to know what's real,
If I stand by your side will you show me the deal?
I’ve got the moon and the stars beneath my feet,
Will that be enough to free my speech?
Tried to climb peaks that were placed deliberately out of our reach,
They envy my life but I envy theirs,
Heaven looks great until you have to climb the stairs,
I capture my emotions in a liquor potion,
It's all good swimming with your tears in the ocean,
And if I can sleep tonight,
I'll let them know I wasn't afraid of the light,
Can you feel the fluttering inside?
Just come lay with me on my side,
And let's both watch the butterflies fly out of our eyes.
554 · Jan 2018
BWriter Jan 2018
I'm scared of commitment,
I fear the feeling of resentment,
I'm scared of the tone in your sentence,
I'm scared of falling too deep,
And your heart cutting me until I bleed,
I'm scared of you covering the heart on my sleeve,
Using my seed as a weapon against me,
I'm scared of believing that my insecurities,
Are the reason for you leaving me,
I'm scared of my love not being enough,
Until you no longer see you and me as us,
And that feeling is tough,
I'm scared of not being able to feel your touch,
While you leave with more to gain,
That's pain I can't explain,
That's too much for the brain,
I fear experiencing the same,
I’ve led others along,
Wrote them fairy tale love songs,
Told them that together we would be strong,
I apologise I know I was wrong.
Its hard facing your fears........
386 · Feb 2018
BWriter Feb 2018
I can't remember the last time I a shed tear,
I just know it wasn't out of joy I felt despair,
Now the vice whispering in my ear,
Come here and take away all your fear,
When no one’s by your side the bottle will be,
Just one more pill to help you sleep,
Or be limitless and free,
Give you the ability to be everything you should be,
I know I'm not the man that I could be,
If I showed you who I really am,
Would you still love me?
Or would you just judge me?
Deep down I know I've got to do better,
I almost left my last words in a letter.

I've got to chase my vices,
Or they will be chasing me.
I've got to chase my vices.....
386 · Dec 2017
BWriter Dec 2017
I walked through hell just to show my love what lust is,
Somehow we ended up corrupted,
My hearts full of sorrow,
Wondering where we could have been tomorrow,
Instead I'm chasing my dreams at the bottom of a bottle,
This liquors got my minds distorted,
Trying to hold myself together but I can't get off it,
Blowing up your phone calling you names,
These are the moments I'm the most ashamed,
That makes me feel like a coward,
This was never meant to make me feel empowered,
I'm the same man that brought you flowers,
We fell apart like that same rose bud,
Was it a single issue or was it an issue with us?
Or was it an issue with trust?
Now you're saying that you can't look back at us without a feeling of disgust,
The mistrust you saw in my eyes was the reason for your lies,
But that just sound like an excuse to me,
I don't know who you used to be,
Or this who you really used to be,
Now I'm throwing these other people to the side once they are of no use to me,
344 · Feb 2018
Angel Wings
BWriter Feb 2018
You said no one every pays you attention but I'm listening,
I'm listening,
Your eyes look like diamonds when the tears are glistening,
When they are glistening,
All we ever do on this world is sin,
All we ever do is sin,
You won't ever win,
We won't ever win,
My mother has enough pills to look like an addict but that's just medicine,
That's just medicine,
She said she will only fall in love with an angel,
I told her my horns are covering my halo,
Together we could be invincible,
She said together we would just be invisible.
My conversation with an angel….
333 · Dec 2017
Mercy On Me
BWriter Dec 2017
I'm only human I know I’m not perfect,
Maybe the curses gifted to me were on purpose,
Maybe to suffer pain is my purpose,
But I'm still alive,
Refuse to lose to my pride,
That'll be Lucifer in your eyes,
I got a feeling that her heart isn't pure,
Or maybe I'm just being insecure,
But it's bugging me I got to know for sure,
My inner thoughts conflicted,
I remain dismissive,
It's indicative of how I cope with the stress,
I close myself away have you guess,
What's the weight bearing on my chest?
But at the same time I realise I'm blessed,
So what am I talking about?
What do I have to be depressed about?
I'm a misfit of society,
I blend in with those who hired me,
They're going to be the same ones that fired me,
But that will light a fire within me,
I've got a heart of a demon that's dreaming,
To be free of the heathen,
Just give me a reason to keep breathing,
And I’ll keep believing,
That there's a better way,
I might even pray,
The only I thing I ask for is to have Mercy on me,

— The End —