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Liv Jan 26
i have moments where i space out completely
like in the classroom
where my teacher is talking
where i'm driving my car
down an old backroad
when i'm reading a book
or watching a movie
it's like for a split second
i'm not even here at all

sometimes i get so lost in my own mind
i feel like
i'll never make it out.
Stephen Nov 2018
I don't know how to write
The words that will end the war,
So the battle rages on,
And the soldiers don't even realize,
They could have been saved,
If only I could think straight.
Ash Feb 2018
Tell me,
How many sips does it take,
How many puffs does it take,
How many pills does it take,
How many sniffs does it take,
How many needles does it take,
To feel the way I do?

— The End —