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4d · 84
The park is fading,
but the trees still scraping my chest,
My face, my neck.
Throwing up truths,
I see you by my side.
Once again, you clear my sky.
I don't know why you still here,
with my knotted mind in my hand,
my heart blue and my dark steps.
Jul 22 · 260
I'm not Anne Jul 22
Why is it said
"falling in love"?
Should I be prepared to find myself in the ground for someone else?
Should we fly away from our own mind and see where we land?
I think it's a big contradiction.
Love is so sweet, but falling in love? That's bittersweet.
When I'm in love, everything is upside down.
I feel it in my stomach,
I feel like I'm falling into the sky.
Mar 9 · 271
I'm not Anne Mar 9
I'm reaching the end of a tunnel,
but it doesn't matter
if I can touch the light.
Feb 16 · 230
I'm not Anne Feb 16
I know you're not okay
I know it's hard
being always upset.

I know you're not even here
the author
of your own history.

I know you feel out of place.
I know you cry
to heal the pain.

But please,
don't look at everything
through the glass.

don't let
your book burns.

Just breathe.
We've all reached that point where we feel like we don't even fit into our own lives, that things happen and we can't do anything about it. That point where we see everything from the outside, as if it were a movie.
That is the point that triggers everything: the one that makes us realize that we need a change.

Don't let intensity guide you. Just breathe.
Jan 1 · 535
I'm not Anne Jan 1
Did you realized that every drama is about love?
Don't you think love is dramatic?
Dec 2020 · 157
I'm not Anne Dec 2020
I hope I see you again.
In my future,
in my arms,
in my dreams.

I wish we could
share our lives,
'cause you are always
in my mind.

I feel you
in every breath,
you are running
through my veins.

You are more
than my past.
You are
my entire life.
Nov 2020 · 125
I'm not Anne Nov 2020
I told you how I felt
You see me cry inside.
I just gave you my heart
in the palm of your hand.

I thought you don't care
what I was thinking about.
You didn't have a reaction,
but now I think it's fine.

How would you imagine
how bad I was feeling?
How would you know
what I needed to know?

I can't explain
what I really feel.
You can't see
what I really see.

It wasn't your fault,
Now I'm so embarrassed.
You just pay the price
for non-existent empathy.
Empathy doesn't exist if we cannot experience things from another perspective. It's an illusion, it's just an attempt at empathy.
Nov 2020 · 132
I'm not Anne Nov 2020
I never thought to say it
but i'm sinking
in hypocrisy.

Smiling in every photo,
when I want to run away.

Celebrating my birthday
while I want to give up.

Laughing so loud
When I'm just a shadow

Saying i love you
Even though I can't love myself

Telling you I'm fine
when even silence stuns me.
Nov 2020 · 231
Life's friends
I'm not Anne Nov 2020
We are surrounded
for danger, for pain.
when no one is there.

But there's a friend:
fighting with our mind,
struggling at the ground.

She's there, she's here.
In every moment.
But moments are just a little bubble of time.

Because there's not an instant
or a friend
that lasts forever.

That's why we are
life's friends.
Oct 2020 · 448
Your compliments.
I'm not Anne Oct 2020
People look in a different way
what they don't see everyday.

That's why
I react like this
to your compliments.
My mind always remind me that I'm not doing well.
But "sometimes to stay alive you gotta **** your mind"
Oct 2020 · 255
I'm not Anne Oct 2020
She's crying from her smile.
That hypocritical smile
that she once swore to erase.

She doesn't want to meet anyone else
She doesn't want to come into their lives
trying to escape.

She just wants to be alone,
get on the train of dreams,
get to the other side.

She just wants to be alone
because that's better
than surround herself with strangers.
Oct 2020 · 89
Let it out.
I'm not Anne Oct 2020
listen to me.
Just hold my hand
like you used to.

don't speak,
hold me near.

Just let me
let it 
"Tonight I'll need you to stay"
Oct 2020 · 51
I'm not Anne Oct 2020
It's impossible
to hold the hand of someone
who doesn't want
to drop the past.
Oct 2020 · 145
I'm not Anne Oct 2020
Once again
I looked into her eyes
and I fell in love.

I fell for her cruelty,
I fell for her violence,
I fell for her coldness,
I fell for her essence.

She knows me so well,
she has me so close.
She ties me up,
but she never hold me.

Across the people
she walks relaxed,
everyone knows her,
but nobody evokes her.

She is very distant,
but she always gives me a way out.
She just wants
to feel alive.

— The End —