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Oct 2021 · 276
Allan Mzyece Oct 2021
I wish I could write something as beautiful as the writers back in the old days, but I am interpreting reality in a different way.
So I have to translate my thoughts to approximately fit in with what I am trying to say,
I will not let this opportunity slip away, for today's such a lovely day.
I shall cover the world with ink! From above it will be poetry for the extraterrestrial beings.
I shall engrave my lover's name on the stones and the trees
for the next generation to see that she was Isis and I was Osiris.
Sep 2021 · 438
Purple Clouds
Allan Mzyece Sep 2021
Kaleidoscopes form on my way to extinguish the sun
Imma replace it with a disco ball
It's time to party and I am the boogeyman
(Charles Darwin should have seen Tarzan)
We are connected by Dodecahedron patterns but
Earth's geomagnetic field no longer supports two lovers
We are traveling by spirals not snakes and ladders
(Hausdorff dimension fractals)
Dance into different time capsules
Fly way above without a passport
Tongue tied only speak forth logos
Separate all your protons come show me you're a photon

(purple clouds up in the sky
Dropping tears
Come watch me cry
Cause I!!!!!! Don't know how I got here
But help me get out!
I tell you science is a lie
The truth is found right deep inside
You and I!)

Lots of bandwidth spectrums of light frequencies
Malevolent 3D and 4D light beings playing trickster roles
Destroying third world countries
Ai vs Si (synthetic intelligence)
Block the new entries
Remember the fall of Atlantis?
Do you believe you evolved from the UFO monkeys? Or were you mining gold for the annunaki?
This is a copyrighted poem for my Esoteric Music album
Feel free to look up my music on YouTube @LanTive The Warlock
Allan Mzyece Nov 2019
I made more profit after hiding skeletons in my closet.
Jul 2019 · 368
Allan Mzyece Jul 2019
The Universe is tired of seeing people live basic lives!
We were all given innovative minds!
Don't you dare quit on what you truly want!
Jun 2019 · 423
Strike A Pose
Allan Mzyece Jun 2019
I placed Medusa's eyes in my camera
And now I turn people into stone with a flash,
Now they are just memories stuck in my past.
Mar 2019 · 311
Death comes before birth
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
Slaughter your emotions and make magic potions of success that will keep you in motion,
Let us praise the dopamine and serotonin for atleast making some effort towards the process of motivation and activation!
Your story ain't over until you are born!
Hatch from your worldly shell,
Don't you see you have been living in hell?!
You are an architect by nature!
Design your own heaven with the positivity around you!
Your story ain't over until you have won!
Mar 2019 · 217
Orbs Attachment
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
Infinite energy serging within my body
Ready to engulf my soul,
I can feel myself turn to zombie
And I just don't want to open the door,
No I don't want to answer your call,
I just want to watch them vanish underneath my floor.
Mar 2019 · 293
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
I am at the South Pole losing control,
Because you're more attractive compared to a magnet,
Continuously pulling me closer with your perilous magic,
I don't mind if you play master and I play the puppet,
I just wanna scream "I love this!"
I don't want this feeling to ever vanish.
Mar 2019 · 313
Everyday I am NEW
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
A different mood
A different dude.
Mar 2019 · 182
What's for the day?
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
A memory?
Travel to mercury
And reconstruct human history?
Mar 2019 · 225
Aim beyond the stars!
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
Roll the dice,
Spin and dance,
Till you reach for mars,
You only live once,

Better take a chance,
To solidify like ice,
And Ignore the glass,
Cause you're beyond the stars.
Feb 2019 · 145
Shall We Follow?
Allan Mzyece Feb 2019
A bunch of savages vandalized paradise
And now we are left paralyzed with no where to go,
the devil threw an Atomic bomb at our heavens,
Now all our guardian angels are looking for shelter in hell,
Shall we follow?
Shall we stand up Eiffel tall?
Feb 2019 · 459
Eh Rupt
Allan Mzyece Feb 2019
No man's an island,
That's why I chose to be a volcano.
Allan Mzyece Jan 2019
As the wizards wave their wands,
And as the soldiers load their guns,
All aimed at us
I will be right here by your side.
Jan 2019 · 224
Reviving Ziglar
Allan Mzyece Jan 2019
If I gave you a microscope and told you to focus on yourself,
To view your life under the microscope...
I would be degrading you...
because you can only be viewed through a telescope
You are more than what you think you are!
Allan Mzyece Jan 2019
girl, don't get close...
I emit Gamma rays!
Jan 2019 · 325
I feel Confident
Allan Mzyece Jan 2019
I know you are too!
I feel Excellent,
I know you are too!
and this feeling is permanent!
nothing can wipe these smiles on glowing faces!
we will enlight all the inner dark places!
Dec 2018 · 268
Last Valentine Story
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Phone call: "hey babe, what time are you gonna be back from work?
You need to show up on our date...
By the way, happy Valentine's day Kimberly!"

Fourteenth February; little Kimberly delayed at the library
By her boss Mr hamesty
Arranging books to get her salary,
Going home around twenty three-
Walking on a dangerous Street,
Missed a date with her charming prince
Her phone- she couldn't answer it
Because she knew that her boyfriend was ******,
Home- thirty more minutes till she reached...
Didn't know that she was being followed by three ***** creeps...
The first one whispered "uh looks like we have found ourselves some meat"
The next one whispered "uh looks so Sweet"
The third one shouted " that's some tight ****! We going up in this *****!"
Kimberly was alarmed and tried to be athletic
Screaming "help I am being followed by a ****** thirsty savage!"
These ****** laughed like hyenas fully energetic
Because the area was empty and so silent,
Caught her with an easy tactic,
Her Prada pumps kicked and kicked
While they filled her mouth with ***** stockens
The first one broke her phone and held her hands
The next one held her legs after taking her wallet,
The third one ripped her clothes so barbaric
***** broken by a gigantic ****
Forcing it's way in like a plumber stick
19year old girl turned into a joystick
She fainted while they repeatedly switched,
Praying it was a nightmare in her bedsheets...
She mastered their voices and faces so quick,
They continued till O'six and dumped her body in a ditch
They left her covered in spit and almost dislocated her feet,
After two hours of display in public
A good Samaritan rushed her in to a clinic
That day she was left traumatized thinking of suicide
Totally petrified wishing she had just died
As much as I would like to rewind
Let us fast forward to after two months
Kimberly purchased some guns
And decided it was about time
She took a walk in the same street fully armed
To her surprise
The same guys showed up
Ready to have their jocks satisfied
Till they saw shiny glocks pointing them right in the eyes
With no mercy she pulled the trigger
And ended up behind bars
For killing the men who destroyed her life.
We are who we are because of other people's actions towards us
Dec 2018 · 225
Cold Case
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
My face looks like a felony,
My personality seems to be a misdemeanor,
And this is not just irony
Do not judge me if you are not the presiding judge over my case,
In God's supreme Court is where I will be proven innocent.
Dec 2018 · 386
Late night quotes (I)
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Don't make decisions that will haunt you in the future.
Dec 2018 · 258
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
O here comes cupid with his glittering golden wings,
Under her command to strike down all the powerful kings,
not with hatred but with Love,
She has everybody hypnotized by her beauty,
She is a Queen... her eyes are made of Jewellery,
Her presence the closest to heavens,
and Her voice to ears sounds like oxygen,
she's Venus De Milo,
She's an earthly angel,

She's fantastic,
she's the opposite of cataclysmic,
An uprising cosmic,
perilous hypnotic,
she's nothing more but Majestic.
Dec 2018 · 148
True Love Chronicles
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess who came from the Roman empire,
Now this Princess was not just an ordinary Princess,
She had a face that made the angels jealous,
Her celestrial features directed her majestic walk...
and her voice-
her voice like my dear own mother's; determined everything she wanted,
It was at a bowl that the charming Prince from greece met this princess that I speak,
He fell in love short a time and he couldn't speak,
"Excuse ma lady?!" he came into the scene,
"You must be Princess Mipsy?"
"Yess that is I, whom am I talking to?" the Princess replied.
"I am Prince Allan from the greek empire, and forgive my manners but you illuminate this room like the afternoon sky!"
She smiled and said "Oh My! Saya! lets not get too far!"
"Ah" King J of Rome stepped into the scene
"I see my daughter has met the greek messenger"
Prince Allan wore a frown on his face and said "My father has sent me here to look for a bride, and I hope you don't mind if I ask the Princess for her hand?"
The king of Rome interrupted
"But there are plenty of maidens in greece boy! why here in my empire?
and god forbid! if you take my daughter this shall be war!
Dec 2018 · 137
Z For Amber
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Let these words scar unto your heart you unattractive beautiful creature,
I know you found yourself falling apart,
I know you wished for death
but I ***** your grim reaper,
Lemme be more clear,
I busted his engine and tore out his gears,
Now careful with what you think
silence is a big speaker,
I said "silence is a big speaker!"
So what, Tv has hypnotised you to become a serial killer?
Tv has brainwashed you all to become day dreamers!
oh gawd! fix your life!
you are only chasing after bronze and silver!
The gold is already in you much deeper,
have patience before attaining it- it might burst into glitter!
your brain is locked in your empty skull,
unzip the zipper and promise not to say wow!
prove to me that the creating of the earth was not a foul!
if not then why am I dragging myself to hell Far?!
why are you so keen on saving me; can't you see i am only left with a mile Haha?!
unwilling to fail as my face puts up an awful smile, :)
I am ready to break this Shell.
Dec 2018 · 574
Gisele Bundchen Pt.1
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Venus-Intergalactico princess,
Why is Victoria keeping so many ******* secrets?
It's time to let the Gucci cats out of the Louis Vuitton iconic bag,
Sparkling Supermodel? can you walk with your hands swinging behind your back?
Legs up front!
Look left!
Look Right!
Turn around!
now you qualify for first class,

Venus-Intergalactico princess,
in your hologram eyes I see a glamorous savage,
Versace snakes to replace your long hair,
Chanel number 5 the breath you fill up in the air,
Your face made of prada is nothing but expensive art,
When you deeped your fingers into glitter and plunged right through my chest to pull out my leathered heart-
I saw an Angel with Cashmere Wings
wearing a glowing Alexander Mcqueen gown
In Jimmy Choo Shoes,
You looked like a queen with a gigantic crown.
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Locked in a prison cell and forced to believe I am dead,
I never thought I would stare into you!
So authentic!
I could tell you were baptized in sulfuric acid
a million times
you showed me the magic
if I don't grab you quick,
you would vanish like static
like a black hat white rabbit,
"ACE97" girl are you ready to kick it with a savage?
girl we don't do dramatics
we beat haters with rusty golf sticks
and snap their spines like toothpicks...
Listen I am not Albert Einstein but I discovered that your heart is an atomic bomb,
and I want it to explode,
truth be told you're radioactive hot!
I first had a weak approach
but now you can crown me goat,
if you want to come to me in compound form I will split you into atoms,
cause I want the pure side of you to myself,
don't be too busy to bond,
I am always trying to get your attention
this time lets keep the phone calls and texts longer than long
I will assure you that this chemistry between us will be stronger than strong.
Dec 2018 · 315
This Is Your World!
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Don't let them tell you what to do!
it's all up to you!
The world was never made with their rules!
Defy Gravity if you wanna be above the rest!
We all know that you are the best, just prove it first!
This Is Your World!
Their Opinions are just optional!
You are The King/Queen Of This Wolrd!
Not Just In Your Mind!
This World Was Created For You!
Show Off your presence!
Make Them Jealous!
Feel Yourself too much!
You Rule!
Don't Let Anyone bring you down!
Their actions are just rubber bullets!
You have got an invisible golden Crown!
Your heart can never be broken because this is your world!
You can have whatever you want!
So don't you cry! Just defy Gravity and Fly!
You are more than what you think you are!
You are never gonna die if you realise that this is your world!
Dec 2018 · 127
Sicut Inferius
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Percieve, retrieve, achieve and never receive,
Deceive, conceive and end up like eve,
An apple half eat- A serpent active,
Adam's wrong: how can one be so massive?
it's sinful passive- psychoactive!
High class selective God burning emotive souls collective!
I am suffocating,
My nemesis relative this pain is intensive!
But I shall not be pointed victim
yet a suspect of a fruit half eaten!

Please listen! you're too magnetically attracted to temptation

Please listen! I believe I am an Alien!

Please listen! You're too magnetically giving in to temptation!

Pay close attention and you'll see that I am really an Alien.
Dec 2018 · 217
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
She is here to play games with my heart,
She will make my mind her controller,
And move me to which way she wants,
She broke up with her PS3,
She betrayed her PS4,
She even killed her PSP,
always after another Console,

She's not a game expert but she sure loves to press X,
hence I might end up being an X-box,
and I am sure the PC is next,

Dec 2018 · 246
I Want To Be Alone
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
I am tired of the world judging me
because of my petty weirdness
I am tired of making fake promises
I am tired of pretending like everything makes sense
I am tired of kissing the devil's face
and climbing up hell's fence
I am tired of lying about being depressed
I am really super stressed and i have lost my faith
I feel like there's dynamite inside my chest!
with declining health
in peace I'll rest...
I want to be alone
in my zone-
i sing a song...
I want to be alone
as my inner personalites get along-
smoke a ****...
I want to be alone
Rolling stone-
There's nothing wrong...
I want to be alone
Dec 2018 · 116
Letters To You (I)
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
I promised myself that I would never say your name again,
But here I am writing it on every single blank page,
Trapped in your maze
I can feel the rage surge
as i am on stage the crowd feels so amazed,
I can't just pretend like I am not ashamed,
all you wanted was just to be a friend
but I filled you with so much hate,
nobody can relate to these thoughts of you in my head,
Although you want me dead
my love for you shall forever extend,
yes, my heart stopped beating when you left,
clotted blood is all that's left,
But even after death
I hope you remember my name,
I pray that you will be safe
after thousands of disasters reshape the earth.
Dec 2018 · 166
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Dec 2018 · 225
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Your heart is my metropolis
Your heart is my utopia,
Your lips are all that I want to kiss
A taste of poisonous Euphoria.
Dec 2018 · 184
Don't Be Sad I Will Be Here
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
We die because we expect death,
we die because we lack faith,
we lie to avoid shame,
isn't all the same?
i told you frowns are for clowns,
not for somebody wearing a crown,
please wear that smile that makes you feel like you won a race that had millions of miles!
don't quit! you have reached too far for that
If nobody believes in your abilities
I will be here
supporting and caring for you to put up your best!
Dec 2018 · 231
Billions Of Chapters
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Do not let your story conclude without you achieving your wildest dreams!
many people are unhappy because they did not put their goals first!
You have to set high standards for yourself in life!
you only get one chance to do it!
and one mistake can have your plan ruinned!
stop sleeping it's time to work your magic!
Dec 2018 · 208
Spoiled Zipper
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
I am a suitcase stuffed with depression,
I am a wallet on vacation,
I am a dog on medication,
Hopelessly deprived of mental attention.
Nov 2018 · 172
Allan Mzyece Nov 2018
Baby do not get mad when I tell you that you're extremely hot,
because I measure temperature,
680 degrees fahrenheit
I am your thermometer!
Nov 2018 · 209
Allan Mzyece Nov 2018
feels like a big fat Python wrapped around your neck.
Allan Mzyece Nov 2018
She's writing a book that gives me a description more diabolical as compared to satan,
like i was never her spartan...
her knight in rusty armor
ready to swing a sword at her other lovers!
Nov 2018 · 284
Love is an illusion
Allan Mzyece Nov 2018
Love is an illusion
the creator placed on earth to make us produce more of mankind
Love is an illusion that fills me with confusion
Nov 2018 · 205
lesson learnt
Allan Mzyece Nov 2018
I was tuckled down by my shadow!
it got on top of me and beat the living **** out of me
it said if i dont get my life together
i will be unsatisfied forever!
Nov 2018 · 699
Allan Mzyece Nov 2018
She uses stardust as her lipstick to make me fall in love with her everyday,
but i use gun powder to push her away.
Nov 2018 · 269
Allan Mzyece Nov 2018
When I first saw her- she looked like Paradise,
then I discovered she is nothing but Cyanide.
Nov 2018 · 285
Nexus Of Greatness!
Allan Mzyece Nov 2018
Don't you dare abort the thoughts you can't raise!
Note them down! we're all here to praise!
Oct 2018 · 376
Life Is What You Make Of It
Allan Mzyece Oct 2018
It's not hard,
It's not boring
nor sad
Life is what you make of it...
dont be too lazy to woo yourself
The world has a lot to offer you!
Keep dreaming yes
and make sure you build that dream!
dont let people destroy your plans!
Be Whatever you want to be!
You will make it if you really focus
cause Life is what you make of it!
Oct 2018 · 244
Allan Mzyece Oct 2018
Trick or Treat!
Kids no longer want want candy!
They prefer marijuana or chill pills!
Trick or Treat!
Kids no longer want candy!
They prefer anything that kills
Oct 2018 · 469
Allan Mzyece Oct 2018
The noose that carries my body is tied around the moon,
you can see my corpse through the clouds in the afternoon.
Oct 2018 · 280
Happily Never LAfter
Allan Mzyece Oct 2018
if beauty fell in love with the beast,
then ugly fell in love with the prince.
Oct 2018 · 290
Switching Gears
Allan Mzyece Oct 2018
Darling, I ain't kidding when I say your brain is a battery and your heart is an engine,
All I want is for you to let the acid be the memories of us together
and the fuel be the love we will always share.
I love you, now start the car!
Oct 2018 · 283
Allan Mzyece Oct 2018
I put a black veil around Jesus' face as i began making love with the reaper's scythe,
drank a bottle full of asp venom just to feel like i've got enough faith to scare away death
But There went my life down the road torn in halfs.
Oct 2018 · 271
Water Your Roots
Allan Mzyece Oct 2018
Keep on absorbing!
Do not stop
Keep on absorbing!
Till you're at the top
Keep on absorbing!
if you dont want to drop
Keep on absorbing!
Like a mop
Keep on absorbing!
there will come a time for you to squeeze it out.
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