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Allan Mzyece Oct 2021
I wish I could write something as beautiful as the writers back in the old days, but I am interpreting reality in a different way.
So I have to translate my thoughts to approximately fit in with what I am trying to say,
I will not let this opportunity slip away, for today's such a lovely day.
I shall cover the world with ink! From above it will be poetry for the extraterrestrial beings.
I shall engrave my lover's name on the stones and the trees
for the next generation to see that she was Isis and I was Osiris.
Allan Mzyece Sep 2021
Kaleidoscopes form on my way to extinguish the sun
Imma replace it with a disco ball
It's time to party and I am the boogeyman
(Charles Darwin should have seen Tarzan)
We are connected by Dodecahedron patterns but
Earth's geomagnetic field no longer supports two lovers
We are traveling by spirals not snakes and ladders
(Hausdorff dimension fractals)
Dance into different time capsules
Fly way above without a passport
Tongue tied only speak forth logos
Separate all your protons come show me you're a photon

(purple clouds up in the sky
Dropping tears
Come watch me cry
Cause I!!!!!! Don't know how I got here
But help me get out!
I tell you science is a lie
The truth is found right deep inside
You and I!)

Lots of bandwidth spectrums of light frequencies
Malevolent 3D and 4D light beings playing trickster roles
Destroying third world countries
Ai vs Si (synthetic intelligence)
Block the new entries
Remember the fall of Atlantis?
Do you believe you evolved from the UFO monkeys? Or were you mining gold for the annunaki?
This is a copyrighted poem for my Esoteric Music album
Feel free to look up my music on YouTube @LanTive The Warlock
Allan Mzyece Nov 2019
I made more profit after hiding skeletons in my closet.
Allan Mzyece Jul 2019
The Universe is tired of seeing people live basic lives!
We were all given innovative minds!
Don't you dare quit on what you truly want!
Allan Mzyece Jun 2019
I placed Medusa's eyes in my camera
And now I turn people into stone with a flash,
Now they are just memories stuck in my past.
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
Slaughter your emotions and make magic potions of success that will keep you in motion,
Let us praise the dopamine and serotonin for atleast making some effort towards the process of motivation and activation!
Your story ain't over until you are born!
Hatch from your worldly shell,
Don't you see you have been living in hell?!
You are an architect by nature!
Design your own heaven with the positivity around you!
Your story ain't over until you have won!
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