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Allan Mzyece Aug 10
I can feel the rage serge within my veins
I Bleed it out
But can't get rid of this pain
I shout and shout
And I figure out that I have no friends
Just old bitter memories of pretence still remain
Get me right I won't stop until I get my revenge
I will fight because you are the reason I will never repent
You can run and hide but my nose will pick up your saint
Fear the light I will leave your face all burnt
So paralyzed your spine shall be twisted and bent
Now How does it feel to be the one who's hurt?
The one who's time was spent on putting a smile on your **** face
I wasted my precious years to end up in this awful state...
I know Nobody can relate! I won't stop until I see you dead!

You created your indestructible villain
I never thought it would be this fun to get away with killing
You should have considered my feelings
But it's too late! The spider webs indicate that you will be hanging from your ceiling.
Allan Mzyece Jul 27
The Universe is tired of seeing people live basic lives!
We were all given innovative minds!
Don't you dare quit on what you truly want!
Allan Mzyece Jun 11
I placed Medusa's eyes in my camera
And now I turn people into stone with a flash,
Now they are just memories stuck in my past.
Allan Mzyece Jun 7
Her name contains the demons that possess me.
Allan Mzyece Mar 19
Slaughter your emotions and make magic potions of success that will keep you in motion,
Let us praise the dopamine and serotonin for atleast making some effort towards the process of motivation and activation!
Your story ain't over until you are born!
Hatch from your worldly shell,
Don't you see you have been living in hell?!
You are an architect by nature!
Design your own heaven with the positivity around you!
Your story ain't over until you have won!
Allan Mzyece Mar 19
I wrote this with the ripped out pieces of the **** I called my heart,
The battery, and those little wires you disconnected,
Now It's too bad I am running mad,
I hope you are glad because the only thing that makes me happy is thinking about you in the sand.
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