If I gave you a microscope and told you to focus on yourself,
To view your life under the microscope...
I would be degrading you...
because you can only be viewed through a telescope
You are more than what you think you are!
I never asked to live!
So why should I believe?
I oftenly hear people talking about the blessings they receive,
And I won't ask for anything but eternal sleep!
I really don't want to exist...
Because I am equivalent to ****!
You can throw me in the bottomless pit
Because I can't stop this mental conflict!
I am tired of fighting something I can't defeat!
I will Probably go mad and commit suicide
Because you were the only friend I had by my side,
Ignore me
I will probably go mad and end up six feet under the sand
Ignore me,
I just want you to know that I love you so much
And I can't take seeing you with another man
I have lived my life as the laughingstock everywhere I go,
Probably the reason I was created... To be laughed at for contributing an opinion or just by my appearance,
Though I can't take it, I am not like most humans
I wish I was normal
But no!  I just had to be my family's biggest shock...
The joke.
Allan Mzyece Jan 4
girl, don't get close...
I emit Gamma rays!
Allan Mzyece Jan 4
I know you are too!
I feel Excellent,
I know you are too!
and this feeling is permanent!
nothing can wipe these smiles on glowing faces!
we will enlight all the inner dark places!
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
Python! I am about to summon a ******* Python!
No enemy of mine will ever sing you a ******* love song!
Answer your gawddamn phone!
You can't do this to me... You can't leave me alone!
For a moment I thought I was strong
But guess what? Little force applied can break a stone!
My hands can snap your spine and break your bones!
My hands can slit your throat and tear your clothes!
**** your IQ how can you always be right and say I am wrong?
7th March I smight a little classy *****,
And trust me! She will be headless by dawn
No traces found on the floor... Her body will be nailed on a ******* cross
And to **** I will be escorting her **** soul
"*******!" That's what I am called before I get cold and **** them really slow,
**** me off and imma pretend till day four!

7th March she begged for her life... I was merciless!
Pinned her with three stainless knives...
She said she was bullet proof but can she handle a human butchery?
Ayy melody! Ayy melody! Ayy melody!
Alan the real the definition of a scumfuck
Heartless as a robot programmed for ******
Only hatred exists in my world
I see no love!
It's always time to slaughter
Had enough of their laughter!
Graffiti on heaven's throne with a red and black marker!
I am about to summon a ******* Python
No heart in my chest just a huge *** thorn
You should have felt the pain when she was acting like she's everything!
Too good for me!!!
***** I am touched that you kept a ******* grudge
When you claimed you never loved my ****** up ***!
I would have killed you back in class but suicide was all on my mind!
Now I am free at last!
Beware! I will always be lurking from behind!
Police won't save your ***! You can report me if you want!
As soon as I get out!
Your entire family will be pulverized!
No love I am heading straight to prison!
Breaking news: Alan just killed the girl he loved!
R.I.P little ****!
Written on the 7th of March 2018
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