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Allan Mzyece Oct 5
I wish I could write something as beautiful as the writers back in the olden days but I am interpreting reality in a different way
So I have to translate my thoughts to approximately fit in with whatever I am trying to say,
For today's a really lovely day and I will not easily let it slip away
I shall cover the world with ink! From above it will be a poem for the extraterrestrial beings
I shall engrave my lover's name on the stones and the trees
for the next generation to see that she is Isis and I am Osiris.
Allan Mzyece Sep 22
Kaleidoscopes form on my way to extinguish the sun
Imma replace it with a disco ball
It's time to party and I am the boogeyman
(Charles Darwin should have seen Tarzan)
We are connected by Dodecahedron patterns but
Earth's geomagnetic field no longer supports two lovers
We are traveling by spirals not snakes and ladders
(Hausdorff dimension fractals)
Dance into different time capsules
Fly way above without a passport
Tongue tied only speak forth logos
Separate all your protons come show me you're a photon

(purple clouds up in the sky
Dropping tears
Come watch me cry
Cause I!!!!!! Don't know how I got here
But help me get out!
I tell you science is a lie
The truth is found right deep inside
You and I!)

Lots of bandwidth spectrums of light frequencies
Malevolent 3D and 4D light beings playing trickster roles
Destroying third world countries
Ai vs Si (synthetic intelligence)
Block the new entries
Remember the fall of Atlantis?
Do you believe you evolved from the UFO monkeys? Or were you mining gold for the annunaki?
This is a copyrighted poem for my Esoteric Music album
Feel free to look up my music on YouTube @LanTive The Warlock
Allan Mzyece Dec 2020
Before the birth of every creature on earth, there were a lot of processes that took place in the heavenly realms
Among them include soul manufacturing and soul delivery,
All these are assigned to the seraphims by the Seventh dimension deity,
However the soul manufacturing process of the human species differs from the rest of the earthly creatures because they are still connected to the Seventh dimension deity,
Hence some humans can tap through a different astral plane.
After figuring this out the Sixth Dimension deity who's made completely of anti matter thought he had cracked the code to become much stronger than the other deities,
He was going to connect a pure soul to himself but he was caught by the seraphims and brought forth to their leader who without hesitation was given a black eye by the Sixth Dimension deity,
The Seventh Dimension deity casted him out from the heavenly realms and turned him into a human being so that he could age and die because he couldn't be killed in his Deity form.

Life is beautiful where you come from and where you're going
But 97% of the human species don't know their purpose so life gets ugly for them and they influence the 3% to see it from their perspective,
The de-immortalization of heavenly entities happens on it hits the earth,
But it has to keep falling through different planes in order for it to lose it's ability to be one with the universe and it's memory.
That's how the Sixth Dimension deity was placed inside a human body
A different process compared to the Angel-Demon transformation.

Following astrology, every human is born under a planetary ruler and people who share the same planet are similar in nature,
The Sixth Dimension deity was placed in a human body that came out of the womb in the second Decan of the month of Tauras.
Carrying traits of love, diplomacy and a deep passion to achieve any goal with stubbornness.
As a baby he got physically ill more often compared to any other child.
He was named Alastair after his earthly father Alastair Mctinis who later died when he was two from chronic illness.
His mother who had no job moved back to her mom's farm with him and his young sister Zelda because she couldn't pay the rent at the house they were living when his dad was alive.
At the age of five, Alastair had another tragic moment when his mom died of malaria in his arms.

To be continued
Allan Mzyece Oct 2020
I went around town looking for a quick way to commit suicide because everything around me seems worthless,
Everyone's now looking for joy in materialistic objects,
All stuck in the matrix, programmed to not ask "out of the box" questions,
What's the purpose of living?
Does life have any meaning?
If so, why is it missing in my dictionary?
A month ago I drank rat poison,
Hoping to die but
It actually tasted like a magic potion
And I swear I heard a voice inside my head saying "look for better options"
Without a peace of mind I know my life costs no fortune,
I have had my share of love and she left me crying out a monsoon,
I can already hear the people who despise me say "gone to soon"
As they watch my body float in the sky hanging on to a noose tied around the moon.
Allan Mzyece Dec 2019
When you polish your eyes wishing that you could just drop dead-
Because you're so afraid of a little self change,
All the negative influence got you catching a flu; hence, you don't want to hang with your old friends,
You just wanna hang with a tight rope around your neck,

You just can't be in a room filled with light,
You'd rather be in a dark room because your shadow scares you,
No matter how fast you try to run, it is always in line,
When that light flashes in front-
that monster is creeping right behind,

You'd rather be in a dark room because their faces are not beautiful, their shadows are tamed and well trained,
But yours loves to misbehave and it never pretends,

So you have a phobia towards sunlight and spend all day in bed,
You're probably forced to take night school,
And you wear black shades because your shadow scares you!
I know your little secret!
Keep staying in the dark because that's where stars belong!
That's where they shine!
Mainly based on the past
Allan Mzyece Nov 2019
I made more profit after hiding skeletons in my closet.
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