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Riddhi Thakkar Sep 2020
I don’t love easily but I do love deeply.
The hidden love
Riddhi Thakkar Jul 2020
A girl who is kind of vocal about her feelings, she tells exactly how she feels about anything or anyone.
She has many good friends and for some of them, she has sort of soft feelings and she shared with them.
Eventually, she has feelings for them but not at the same time, all in different stages of her life.
When she was in college, she madly in love with her crush but her crush never liked her, the way she liked her. Her crush crashed her heart, having affair with her best friend.
Her crush and her best friend broke up and she stood by him as his friend. Later on she moved on her life.
One fine day, she got a request on Facebook from a stranger and what came over to her, she somehow accepted that request. They talked and it’s her first time experience to talk to a complete stranger and meet him. He was so sweet and caring so she started feeling for him. But she is naive and afraid to say to him. He went to Africa and after few months she came to know that he’s getting married. But still they’re talking normally.
In between their talking, a girl came to contact with his best friend and they got close and finally she gained some courage and told him that she likes him. But the boy was not ready for any kind of relationship due to his past experience, so a girl took a bold step and said that I should start moving on. It’s not like they are dating but she felt it’s not good to start something without ending one thing properly.
And that’s how she ended up everything.
But life always gives you back what you have asked once, when you least expected anything. Her crush starts to get attracted to her but by physically. She didn’t like it but she doesn’t wanna hurt his feelings, she said nothing to him. She talk normally. She hang out with him and they went for long drive as a friend. But she gets attached to him for that time and later on she is fine.
Her so called African friend called her out of the blue, they have talked all kinda topics which included adults. She met before his wedding and he kissed her. She let him to do, same time she didn’t feel anything for him even they have shared the kissed. She felt ping of the guilt for her actions because she somehow felt that she cheated on her not so called boyfriend.
She left everything and everyone.
But one day his African friend, again called her and meet her and then he said, she kind of **** who got laid on anyone. She hurts badly.
What’s her fault?
Being kind to those who are nothing but nuts?
Or being so naive to tell his African friend everything what’s happened?
The hidden love
Riddhi Thakkar Jul 2020
The place where we love to visit, where everything is easy to forget,
easy to love,
easy to learn,
easy to laugh,
easy to erase.
The hidden love
Riddhi Thakkar Jul 2020
I want someone who’s proud to have me even as friend.
I don’t want friendship of someone who can’t accept me as her/his friend publicly or just don’t like to see with me.
Dude then find someone else for you. I’m simply not for you..
The hidden love
Riddhi Thakkar Jun 2020
Faith will tell you to have patience when everything else is telling you to panic.
Faith will tell you to hold on when everything else is telling you to let go.
Faith will tell you to push forward when everything else is telling you to pull back.
N here i m your faith.. ☺️😘😍
The hidden love
Riddhi Thakkar Jun 2020
I’m floating somewhere,
Here and there,
Or in between your,
The hidden love
Riddhi Thakkar Jun 2020
A girl who kissed someone, does her innocence  gone?

A girl who made out with someone, does her innocence gone?

A girl who is still ******, but kissed and talked widely,
Does her innocence gone?
The hidden love
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