Aztec Warrior
Aztec Warrior
10 hours ago      12 seconds ago

It has been said
that when a gypsy witch sings,
the moon's silver tongue
speaks illusion in haiku,
and its beams tickle
feathers in your dream catcher.

I am no witch,
but in the darkest moments of night
where shadows dance uninhibited
with Milky Way stars,
I find serenity in your songs,
and I blow sonnets
of silver sensuality
over the contours of your beauty,
to tickle your dreams.

Aztec Warrior 7/28/15

Written for a poetic friend who said they were waiting to be tickled by a silver moon.... hope she likes... ;0)
Cheyenne W
Cheyenne W
14 hours ago      12 minutes ago

cartographer of my heart
there are days when I will not be easy to read
I will hold myself upside down and backwards
buried beneath bruised knuckles and cheap fear

and yet late at night I find you saying
“you still make sense to me”
leaving landmarks on my skin
signs that say “you are here"
and here
and here

trace the land lines in my palms
and know they will always guide you home

#love   #freeverse   #maps  
3 hours ago      22 minutes ago

it's like trying to think the glass is half full and who will be there when you fall again how the windows are locked and the floor has been burnt and how soon until this is my past and how long

#sad   #depression   #life   #anxiety   #hope   #help   #sick   #upset   #struggle   #recovery  
Antonio Ball
Antonio Ball
11 hours ago      28 minutes ago

Our love is
slowly dying
I kissed your lips
and I tasted regret
and it tasted bittersweet
and you see I somehow
enjoyed it, it was sublime
with each kiss I tasted
a little bit more hatred
but a lot more lust
sometimes I would
even taste blood
but this blood
excited me even more
me seeing your pain
and you seeing mine
but I don't know if this
was love you see
in our crazy rendezvous
you would bite me
I would smack you
you would cry
while I would join you
only to once again
reignite our deadly flame
and repeating the same cycle
over and over again
simply it's first love
then it's abuse, then it's
hate, then it's back to love
I sometimes wish you would die
just like sometimes you wish
the same for me but
I simply wish to killmyself
sometimes so I don't have to deal with
this drama and you wish you did the same
but our love is toxic, I swear I hate
you but then I want you
my mind is screwed up
just like your's....
but I guess that's just us
we just a deadly cycle
going back to each other
and I know this isn't love
but at least it's something.....

Zaid Malkosh
Zaid Malkosh
9 hours ago      30 minutes ago

While some might think you're crazy,
others might think you're a legend
Choose your actions wisely
You get one shot at life,
never a second

DaRk IcE
DaRk IcE
1 day ago      42 minutes ago

Love fuels human will to thrive and grow, knowing that someone feels more for you then themselves
Walking through life accompanied by your soulmate priceless
Feelings of solitude fade, security expands like a tree, spreading roots in every place it touches becoming impossible to be destroyed
The ground beneath you, solid and firm, able to withstand the most powerful earthquake
you cant be shook
Staring into each others eyes, seeing unknown discoveries waiting to be found and treasured
Every touch transforms into blue electric flashes dancing its beauty in the sky
Stars falling blissfully into your united galaxy
Two souls traveling at the speed of sound, airways playing our loves melody

aubrey sochacki
aubrey sochacki
2 hours ago      54 minutes ago

800 miles away
13 hour drive
3 week visits
not enough time

we want to be together
we never want to part
we are the best of best
we will be together in the end

this poem is about friendship. My cousin and best friend recently went home after 3 weeks of being together. I haven't written a poem in 2 months because I haven't had anything to cope with, so here is my coping poem.
#heartbreak   #friends   #poem   #poetry   #sad   #friend   #friendship   #best   #coping   #cousin  
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