Hayleigh Kicks
Hayleigh Kicks
2 hours ago      4 seconds ago

I awake in the morning
Her head on my chest
Her scent lingers upon my vest
And I wish her the best for the day ahead.
Whilst we lay in bed
As she leaves towards the door
I playingly  plead for a kiss,  just one more
Her smile shoots through my veins
As I lay in the remains
Of the cuddles we'd just shared
Tranquil and watch her exit
Our house, our home
I pick up my phone
And tell her
Just how much I love her.
Just once more.

2013 ©

#love   #gay   #goodbye   #soulmate   #lesbian  
So Jo Was Here
So Jo Was Here
1 hour ago      12 minutes ago

i curl into your back and you wear me
like armor into your dreams.

under your hands i turn to water
or iron and then you bend me again.

you say you knew it from the first when
the space between us bit its tongue.

i didn't know it though i ground my teeth
down that night under your name

and spat out all others in my sleep.
i didn't know single-mindedness

til you packed your suitcase and placed
it against mine outside the door.

i didn't know that it could be like this.
a reflection caught by the tail

of you watching me and i see more.
for you i am more. i have to be.

Paul Thomas Galbally
Paul Thomas Galbally
4 hours ago      26 minutes ago

We are made of
Water and sand
Creatures that live
On the line
Of the land
Drawn by
The child-gods
Seperates us
Land and the Sea
Made from sand
And water
Are we.

As the tide
Goes out
Then so
We are pulled
Toward azure
In lagoons
And deep pools
And as she
Comes back
Return so do we
Our rightful place
Land and the sea

Written on an Easter Sunday in 2014.
#sea   #land   #god-children  
Jedd Ong
Jedd Ong
2 hours ago      32 minutes ago

The book folds to reveal
The real world,
Beneath my crouched knees

Untied sneakers sprawled
All over the floor, muddy.

There is a silent joy in
Watching others consume
Realities all too
And all too
Common to

Perhaps all too so.

For the past two days
I've caught the people
Crouching beside me

6 hours ago      40 minutes ago

my biggest to desire
is to forget everything.
go somewhere i didn't know existed prior,
full of new faces and new experiences.
my biggest desire
is to start over.

mark john junor
mark john junor
23 hours ago      43 minutes ago

she cradled the thought of me in the eyes of her heart
and constructed me from fragments
of what she had thought she knew
with deliberate care stitched the pieces
of her self deceptions to the fabric of reality's rags
a wedding cake of circumstance and make believe
that was the union of her fears and madness

she crept up to my window paine
and carved into the stain of frost on winters nights glass
the thought of the face of the bitter dogs
their lonely years hanging loose upon their bones
their fear have all withdrawn to gather in moonlight
the stillness of her own reflection
fails to bear fruits of reason
so she joins them to whisper at the falling sky

she lay in the halflight of evening
fully clothed under the sheets
writing in her mind symphony's of silence
embracing the gloom
while beads of desperation's labors burst upon her brow
her tight lips pressed to retain
but the words cannot help but but be spoken
please love me

in her hearts eye she cradles me in
the embrace of a lover
in her hearts mad mind it was meant to be
she has known it since secret writings came to light
never you mind they bore another woman's name
the just feel like they speak to her alone
in her hearts mad mind
she carves heart shaped love letters
in the stain of frost of winter nights glass

Meghan Burns
Meghan Burns
13 hours ago      56 minutes ago

warm, strong hands;
the delicacy of his fingers
softly racing
the small of my back
losing my breath
heart beating;
lump in my chest.

a world unknown,
I have yet to feel for
my world spinning endlessly
as we lay
on the azure blue of his sofa couch;

feels so soft,
soft as the heaven and the clouds
as they wrap
             their arms
                          around the sun
and it slips into Darkness....

days of it.
nights of it.
yet the most remote light found
in the darkest of places

a cold lonely night,
riots; tragic news; insecurity...
he turns them into
to the white of a sandy beach;
his soft skin, his beautiful gaze...
I get lost in that blue-green ocean
that bores into me
with all of their innocence.

I let him take me away
away from it all;
in that moment...
and as my skin brushes melodiously
against his enchantment
I know somehow that everything
and it is so far

if only I could keep the sunshiny Darkness;
the togetherness of our loneliness;
the stillness of our fast-moving passions...
locked away secretly,
                                        a secret between (your lips and mine.)

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