freeing the mind
freeing the mind
16 hours ago      4 seconds ago

As the months have gone by,
I have seen you try and try,
To turn things around& pick yourself up from the ground,
No matter what the rumour, never let it affect your humor,
A smile on your face,
Seems you have everything in place.

The fight goes on and on,
But still you, you remain strong,
The shine in your eyes,
Behind it you hide, the lies
of being okay, a struggle you face everyday.

But still through it all, you remain there,
Advice you give, your heart you share,
The love its real, you make sure I feel, creating your own little armour of steel.

An inspiration for me,
A true friend not hard to see,
Beside you I will remain,
No matter what the pain.

Quick poem for a friend, it is not complete needs work but i will complete it soon
#love   #pain   #happiness   #hurt   #friend   #friendship   #close  
Belle Victoria
Belle Victoria
16 hours ago      4 minutes ago

suddenly everything reminds me of you

the stars in the night sky, how they twinkle just like your eyes
stupid love songs on the radio and empty bottles of cheap alcohol

teenagers who were craving for a little danger, crazy adventures
to end up in bed totally drunk, telling each other jokes and silly stories

being able to finally say that someone is in love with you too

because darling I could watch you for a minute
and find a thousand things that I love about you

no words can describe how much you mean to me
and how happy you make me feel, every single day

we lost our thoughts and forgot where we belonged in the world
The only thing that mattered was us being together, forever.

wrote this poem about the girl I adore the most.
#love   #girl   #happy   #sweet   #together   #forever   #teenage  

Almost happy now, he looked at his estate.
An exile making watches glanced up as he passed,
And went on working; where a hospital was rising fast
A joiner touched his cap; an agent came to tell
Some of the trees he'd planted were progressing well.
The white alps glittered. It was summer. He was very great.

Far off in Paris, where his enemies
Whispered that he was wicked, in an upright chair
A blind old woman longed for death and letters. He would write
"Nothing is better than life." But was it? Yes, the fight
Against the false and the unfair
Was always worth it. So was gardening. Civilise.

Cajoling, scolding, screaming, cleverest of them all,
He'd had the other children in a holy war
Against the infamous grown-ups, and, like a child, been sly
And humble, when there was occasion for
The two-faced answer or the plain protective lie,
But, patient like a peasant, waited for their fall.

And never doubted, like D'Alembert, he would win:
Only Pascal was a great enemy, the rest
Were rats already poisoned; there was much, though, to be done,
And only himself to count upon.
Dear Diderot was dull but did his best;
Rousseau, he'd always known, would blubber and give in.

So, like a sentinel, he could not sleep. The night was full of wrong,
Earthquakes and executions. Soon he would be dead,
And still all over Europe stood the horrible nurses
Itching to boil their children. Only his verses
Perhaps could stop them: He must go on working: Overhead
The uncomplaining stars composed their lucid song.

1 day ago      10 minutes ago

you told me stories about black holes in outer-space
about the void which exists
and the lack of existence itself
you told me about the lack of being
of living
of thinking
of dying
about the emptiness- and the lack of, therein
and the whole time
all I could think of
was how the black holes
and the void
and the labyrinth
have no right to complain of emptiness
of isolation
of darkness
when there are people
with souls like mine
present in this world

// emptiness will kill you faster than a bullet //
#empty   #space   #darkness   #black   #soul   #existence   #isolation   #void   #emptiness   #holes  
Tonya Maria
Tonya Maria
1 day ago      24 minutes ago

Each winding trail was painted
a master's  
work of art
Each step.. I took.. grew deeper
carving valleys
through my heart

I've taken many journeys
born a seeker
in many ways
Always wanting every answer
from the winds
the rivers
the rains

I walked along the lakeside
filled my pockets
with stones and shells
Held frequent conversations
with trees
fallen leaves
lake swells

Just left a land  
down under
with calm awareness
directing me
To a new understanding
that anguish
dissolves in  

Long may you flow
my loves,
Jordan and Logan

Hiked my son's solo trek in NZ. Absorbed each moment deep into my spirit. Saw what he saw, smiled with his smiles, stood amazed in his tracks.
He and his brother now make the most beautiful place on earth...
more beautiful.
dieR recnepS
dieR recnepS
1 hour ago      26 minutes ago

What will become of you
Without any dreams to follow?

#girl   #dreams   #of   #10w   #you   #path   #become   #follow   #without   #10ws  
Özcan Mermaid
Özcan Mermaid
11 hours ago      34 minutes ago

The wind whispers in soft, lilting echoes;
that enchanct and linger the presence of idle stars and graceful jasmines;
on a musky summer midnight

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