Sarah Pitman
Sarah Pitman
1 day ago      9 seconds ago

I carry the grief of you
between my shoulder blades.
Like stones in a heavy backpack.
I feel like I've just jumped into a river.

if it's your fault why am I still so sorry?
Kerli Tulva
Kerli Tulva
6 hours ago      4 minutes ago

Where is the truth in this world?
Does it knock on the door,
When it feels ready to enter
Or does it sneak into the heart
When it is ready to reveal?

Truth, so utopic
As it is to reach the farthest stars.
It overcomes the multiple bars
Seems as yet too metaphoric

Behind the garden of truth
You stand and watch the flowers bloom
But cannot open the floodlit door
Though the heart is seeking for the key
While truth remains still in the mystic breez.


A Field of Stubble, lying sere
Beneath the second Sun—
Its Toils to Brindled People thrust—
Its Triumphs—to the Bin—
Accosted by a timid Bird
Irresolute of Alms—
Is often seen—but seldom felt,
On our New England Farms—

Gavin Barnard
Gavin Barnard
1 hour ago      8 minutes ago

Have we forgotten
Where we belong,
Living among
Concrete walls?

Breathing it all
Into our lungs,
Black sludge and exhaust.
Geocide or genocide,
It's the same either way.

Mining is thievery,
Manufacturing is murdering,
And they will never stop
Until they can't buy water.

Every time I take the wheel,
Twist the key and start it up,
I feel bad for what has to suffer
Just so I can go someplace faster.

What will we do
When all the oxygen is gone?

Dev A
Dev A
17 hours ago      24 minutes ago

You broke me
But somewhere deep inside I always knew,
You and I were not meant for forever.

I always knew we wouldn't last;
Something in me told me that.

But over and over
My mind runs through our time
And I wonder why?

Why does it hurt when I knew we'd end?
Why does it hurt knowing I won't see you again?
Why do I wish for one more day? One more night?

My mind tells me to move on forward,
But my heart, it wishes for just a little more.
I'm at war with myself,
Logic and reasoning
Wishes and dreaming.

My mind says move on
But worse off
My heart says what if?

You broke me
But deep inside I always knew you would
And yet I still hurt.

15 hours ago      26 minutes ago

I need to read love poetry
For the same reason monks read bibles

the irrepressible need to believe

That love exists
That love is omnipresent, omniscient, all powerful
That it is eternal

For someone somewhere, at least

The emptier I feel, the more I read

Let me believe

Someone kisses
Crusty eye-lids in perfect bliss

Noah Ducane
1 day ago      40 minutes ago

In the dense, dark wood Pan is heard,

From the gravity of the darkness Pan runs naked.

Pan with his laughing mouth caught fire and drew the sun down from the sky

Pan had a hungry heart and ran with killers

Pan sounded his pipes through the dark wood

He called forth the whine of evil from the desperate earth

And wine suckled from the stillborn sea

Pan ran naked and Pan ran free

In the dense, dark wood Pan is heard

And now you can hear the trees tumble and the dark wood burn

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