One white daisy
and my two closed eyes.
These shield us from the world

Page Seventy Three
Page Seventy Three
1 day ago      3 minutes ago

Words run down rutty cheeks and phrases pour out of ears and snotty clauses pool on a top lip. A sleeping lizard with tough skin fills the mouth with a little bit of space for the foot propped up against the molars in the back. Some magnificent bastards can part their jaws to let cascades of magnificent sense pass from them. This unfortunate individual, however, cannot stream any quips out of the correct orifice. If some promising witticism manages to squeeze past the big fat iguana under that palate then the bitter thing would flick at the uvula with its tale and the witty remark would be gagged out in the most broken form it could possibly take. The lie it cultivates is that everything inside is at least a little embarrassing.  Desperately romanticising about growing a soft, lizard-less mouth must somehow cure the hard working mute someday. Because what the hell else is there to do when one needs to be undaunted and well-spoken?

6 hours ago      5 minutes ago

As I lay and wonder,
So many captivating emotions pull at my heart and mind,
Making me wonder is she dreaming of me,

As I turn to approach a new beginning of this day,
So many activities approach my heart with hope,
Making me wonder where she will be,

As I stand waiting for her to come,
So many times people will never understand us,
Making me fall in Love with you more in every moment!

Z Terner
Z Terner
1 day ago      11 minutes ago

dissect me.
i've got a backbone made of plastic
and a heart that only beats water dyed red,
dolls on shelves whisper to each other,
they say things like:
god is a fairytale,
happily-ever-after is a lie.

i'm no optimist,
but i don't think they've ever
stood out over a lake with
someone holding their hand by their side,
watching the sun rise.
watching light dance across water.
dancing across you.

i mean, i haven't, either,
but i'm sure that people who have
have felt god.
have felt happy.

happy is more of a myth to me than anything,
something there but intangible,
something you trip over your shoelaces for.
happy and love seemed to be constantly
interlocked, looped and tied,
for sale in one basket.
i don't know if i'm buying that product;
from what i've seen of love,
it always ends up tossed in the fire.

if you cut into me with a scalpel,
i will bleed sunsets and lakewater,
i will cry big, happy, tears,
and i'll tell you that i'm finally gonna get
to shake hands with this god guy.

all monsters live inside of us.

(c) Zoe Terner 2014
Sverre G Holter
Sverre G Holter
6 hours ago      17 minutes ago

His Down's Syndrome makes
His age a tough guess, I'll
Say eight to ten.

Wide eyes on machines,
Ice cream dripping on the
Pavement outside the

Construction site.
I wanna work like this when
I grow up,
he says in

Young enthusiasm to a mother
Whose eyes well up with
Gratitude when I approach

And kneel down in front of
Him. So you want a job,
I ask him with a

Wink. He suddenly remembers
His ice cream and bites into
It shyly. Nods, glancing at the

Tools in my belt, the scratches
On my arms, the brick wall
I've been attacking with a

Wacker jackhammer. Nods
Again. Well, I'll see you in a
Few years,
I say with another

Wink, this time to his mother,
Who'd look her young age if
Her eyes weren't as tired,

But you can start with this
And get some practice.
I hand
Him my Stanley Fat Max

Hammer. His ice cream
Hits the ground as he
Recieves it with both hands,

Looking to his mother for
Confirmation that it's ok.
Oh, it is. She mouths a

Thank you SO much...
They walk away, his chatter
High pitched and fading

Around the corner. And I
Head over to the foreman to
Report that I lost my hammer.

Don't ever employ me.
I can work a good game, but
I'm too soft around little heroes.

3 hours ago      27 minutes ago

The teardrop
   The sparkling stars
         The bright moon
              and the distance between them

                                            The deep sigh
                              The rumbling thunder
    And the deafening silence
in between

                  Either it's rainy
                  or dry season
                  Nature's element
                  Will always be
                  The witness of
                  Your heart's desire

#broken   #sad   #moon   #rain   #star   #dry   #thunder   #lighting  
1 day ago      37 minutes ago

Etched in my every nuance
Is that moonlit night
On the silvery sands
Where our hearts became one
As we gazed with awe
at the splendor of the
star lit indigo skies

We weaved a dream together
To serenade each other
From here to eternity

Fate intervened
Apparently, the Gods too were eager
For your love, my darling.

Now I wait here lonesome
On the same moonlit sands
With every heart cell
in unspeakable agony
barely beating
simply waiting
for your call to join hands
in speechless ecstasy!

#love   #death   #separation   #agony  
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