He said Jenny Williams

Maybe I'll clean up my act, just to be good.  It did give Shaun the chance to look deeply and most mournfully (nicely empathetic) into my eyes once upon a time ages ago...


I'll wear my heart upon this sleeve in pale
Excuse as oft as suits my fancy, whence
Ye all kin chide to no avail from hence,
Whiles I rebuff aught notions in betrayl
Of better sense, cuz nothing here is bail.
Or if some fragile thought seems vague defense,
Tis vanquished ere I've managed to gain thence
A foothold, and I'll be thus stripped and frail.
Ah, love.  Do thou but tempt me with the poor
Suggeston, ye kin laugh 'til ye are blue,
I'm prey, tears dried until tis proven fer
Whatever that twas aye a jest.  I'll rue
Me folly, cherry-cheeked, and pray whiles your
Much wiser sense erm, coughs.  And yes, I knew.


Nobody, last I checked.  And yes, I'll work the harder on being more polite, was that?

Trust in Jesus
Have no fear
He is your courage
He is always near


Jesus spoke many times telling us "Do not fear"
Perry Madison
Perry Madison
57 minutes ago

I wrote this poem so you could see.
I hope it finds you wherever you may be.

If my love was the wind, you'd hear it for days.
If my love was the sun, you'd feel it, always.

If my love was a storm, you'd be covered in rain.
If my love could mend, there'd be no more pain.

If my love could surround like stars in the sky,
you'd never be alone; in my arms you'd cry.

If my love was a diamond, I'd keep it true.
If my love could be held, I'd hand it to you.

This is a love poem that I've yet to dedicate to someone.
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9 hours ago

love was a hurricane, mindlessly engulfing me within its core
it came out of nowhere, and i still can’t decide whether it lasted too long, or too short
love felt like a storm i wasn’t ready to endure
i had built a shelter for my heart, but forgot to secure it within

as a result i was left alone in the strong winds of heart ache

love wasn’t always like this, though

at one point, it was kind
it had held me in its arms and convinced me that in the midst of my tangled locks and graying bags i was the sweetest thing it had laid its eyes on
it wrapped me in warm blankets and whispered sweet nothings until my breathing turned steady and my dreams carried me away somewhere love would eventually meet me again

its true, love left me
but i know it will come back
not now,
but maybe in 10 or 15 years
it will be back
next time with a brighter smile, and good intentions

and i can’t wait for that.
because i know the second time around, love will be pure
and raw
love will show me a side of itself I’ve never experienced before

its true, love hurt me
but I’ve learned to forgive it
because love comes in many shapes and sizes
and just because one didn’t suit me doesn’t mean i can’t try for a new fit

i might be young, but i know what i'm talking about.

Jay Claywell
Jay Claywell
2 hours ago

Electronic invitations are sent
to this festival of pen, paper, and ink.

No one ever shows up anymore.

I don’t mind.

It gives me more time with this notebook
and a head full of fire.

On Sundays,
the coffee is $.87 and I can have
all that I can swallow.

Today, it came black
in spite of my request
and as I made my
attempt to doctor it
into submission,
it spilled.

The next thing I know,
I have a reem of coffee-soaked
napkins and I’m hoping these
pages can be

After doing the best I can
I hit the john to wash my

Stepping away from the urinal
is a man in a suit and tie.
He shoots me a baleful look
which I gratefully return.

He didn’t stop to wash his hands
in his hurry to get away from me
so I know that his cleanliness and godliness
are about the same distance apart.

Upon my return to my wrecked altar
of ritualized scribbling I notice that there are
heavy beads of cream hanging on to the edge,
same as me.

Instead of wiping them up
I head outside and light a

There is a young couple
contented with their quick,
cellophane wrapped sandwiches,
Doritos and sodas,
a fine picnic supper.

I sit so that the wind is in my face
and the smoke blows over my shoulder
into their suppertime soiree.

Upon my exit
they shoot me a baleful

I earned this one.

And, I gratefully



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I was angry. I'm sorry.
Hadrian Veska
Hadrian Veska
2 hours ago

The air was cool and light
A half set sun
Dimly illuminated
The stained glass windows

A single candle
Wrapped in red glass
Burned still and low
Eminating an unearthly scarlet

The sun continued to sink
And as it did a thick black ink
Poured into the chapel
And spread through the air

It swirled gently
Slowly engulfing the room
With a dark elegance
That light could scarce imitate

Until the stone statues,
The candles, lamps,
And the mosaic windows
Were no more

Parsavagely Kompenere

Moronic feelings
Led me to this stage
Hyperlectric spotlights burning
Faces into brains
Unrejected homicide
Our side is up in flames
Unelected anarchists
Fell to their own games
Barbaric wreck-hugs
Weakened our domain
Undivided enemies unhated
Blame for bloodstains
Repulsive redefectives
Are all that will remain
But standing in the ashes
A martyred carved grave

Directed erasal
Water on hearts
Science of Art
Oxygen wasted
Life torn apart
This. End. Is. Us. Now.

If I die then I die
Where’s the harm or fun in that?
If I fall I will fly
I inspire truth’s attack

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