Sam Stone Grenier
Sam Stone Grenier
12 hours ago

Is there nothing
to this cerebral portrait?
I have already tried
loving— and
going for it. Yet,
I cannot deny that
a memory differs
from a moment.

The Last Wordsmith

The last words I plan to write
before the darkness, of endless night,
will be just these, short and few,
I'm sorry for what, I did to you.

Kayla Perkins
Kayla Perkins
19 hours ago

Standing at the door, hesitant.
Wondering what I'll see.
The other side is haunting,
The other side's a mystery.

It could be the hell
I've always learned to fear
With dark emerging creatures
And an exit no where near

Drowning in your sorrow
Replaying every trauma
Screaming out to no one
It's more than highschool drama

Demons crawling under your skin
Breaking every bone
Scratching and tearing to get them out
You've never been so alone

Screaming in the night
Gasping your last breath
Ripping your own heart out
But never rewarded death

These images they haunt me,
But I've come to far to leave.
I must know what's in there
And what my future will be..

So here I go..
I open the door...

Oh my god..there it is....
This is what I've been waiting for..

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8 hours ago

your drunken lips,
my vodka tongue

remind me what it’s like to feel whole -
when there’s not a gaping void in my chest.

tell me i’m beautiful
only this time, you mean it.

phil roberts
phil roberts
19 hours ago

Things get broken
It's no-one's fault
It never is
Not really
Butter fingers and distraction
Without malice or forethought
Like hearts and minds
And shatter on hard contact with reality

                                                  By Phil Roberts

1 day ago

I've never been a fan of love stories and have always strayed from catching feelings... but one day I find myself jamming to love songs all over again, attentively listening to their lyrics and letting them immerse deep in my soul.
I looked in the mirror and caught myself smiling sheepishly at the thought of you, yet at the same time I can't help but wonder -
will I take flight eventually like I always do?


I often passed the village
When going home from school—
And wondered what they did there—
And why it was so still—

I did not know the year then—
In which my call would come—
Earlier, by the Dial,
Than the rest have gone.

It’s stiller than the sundown.
It’s cooler than the dawn—
The Daisies dare to come here—
And birds can flutter down—

So when you are tired—
Or perplexed—or cold—
Trust the loving promise
Underneath the mould,
Cry “it’s I,” “take Dollie,”
And I will enfold!

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