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Anna Skinner
1 day ago

shadows collapse
     at dusk
silent lightening,
     an unknown storm

her heart a bitter white moon,
     and unseen spirit
crows murmur in darkness,
     leaving tell-tale secrets

she shivers
     at midnight
I watch from the cemetery,
     spirits lost in night,
yearning to cup
     her aching bones

  18 minutes ago
Chantelle Walters

He frustrates me, more than you could ever imagine.
Twisting my mind until I become dizzy and disorientated from the confusion.
The web he weaves of contradictions and uncertainties cuts into my soul, with razor sharp words. Sharp enough to kill someone, or bring them into insanity.
Constant on and off thoughts of "does he want me?" plague my brain like a disease; but I keep going back for more as if I were a spirit trapped in limbo.

He frustrates me, more than you could ever imagine; but my God those eyes, hypnotic, dark.  That smirk, as if he knows he has me wrapped around his finger.
And I am, he feels like home, in the most toxic of ways.
Warm skinned and cold-hearted, without even a word he keeps me. I am held captive by that gaze, my God those eyes!

He frustrates me."

  38 minutes ago
19 hours ago

Exploring the catacombs of the others minds
We were so busy that we forgot to not fall in love
So now I know your soul better than I could ever know my own
As you say that this is just harmless fun
Even you don’t believe that now.

It is irrelevant how much we deny it
We’ve spent so long in hiding
But under the light of the moon and the sun
You looked at me in as I have never been looked at before
Almost as if you were examining my very soul
That is why I believe them when they say
There are different way to say I love you than through words.

  1 hour ago
Denel Kessler
Denel Kessler
1 day ago

Simoom, desert wind
from ravaged realms
through spacious skies
bear every sacred grain
to enduring fields
where amber waves
root in the fruited plain
sweet mercy nourish
shed its grace on thee
reveal our good
through brotherhood
from wasteland
to the sea.

*Credit to Katharine Lee Bates, whose words, first written in 1893 as a poem, later become the lyrics for "America, the Beautiful".
  1 hour ago
Poppy Johnson
Poppy Johnson
20 hours ago

i’m all i see.
i’m all i have.
i’m all i’ve ever known-
living in this fragile shell
filled with broken fragments
is all i’ll ever know.
it’s no wonder that i’m so lonely.

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  1 hour ago
Isabella Rose
Isabella Rose
2 hours ago

I was wondering if you still think of me?
I haven't shed a single tear since You've been gone
But it hurts deep down inside,
Don't get me wrong
I feel as though time has never past,
Yet you have past along

Can read me?
Through the crackle in my voice
As you leave me to die,
I guess you had no choice

Though I dream of us,
And who we use to be
The thought of you leaving
Brings out the hurt in me...
My tears splattered like rain drops
Upon this pillow of mine
My Mama always said
"love is blind

My never lasting love...
#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #pain   #death   #you   #gone  
  1 hour ago
Walker Marema
Walker Marema
13 hours ago

There’s a girl
I wonder what she thinks about
I think she thinks about me sometimes
How incredible to think
That I could occupy some small corner
Of a vast consciousness so different from my own
How elusive and carefree she is
I’m somewhere in there
Tucked away

#romance   #beauty   #crushes   #girls  
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