Katrine W
Katrine W
1 day ago      4 seconds ago

at forme vulkaner i mundhulen
med tungen de
flyder som glødende substans
langs ganespalten
en guldgrube af blød masse der
falder ud som sorte diamanter og
smelter sammen med min finger
når du slikker mine sår
som små eksplosioner i
hovedpulsåren der
toner frem på huden som synlig
farvepalette af antændelig anstændighed
der danner kløften i
din hage


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Crying Silhouette
Crying Silhouette
20 hours ago      6 minutes ago

None was the word
that had me breaking down,
Tear trying to leave my eyes.
One simple question
had me turn to color white,
It had me falling to the floor,
The action ending with a simple

How could this question
Be back to haunt me again,
It replayed over and over in my head
Torturing my brain.

It was a simple question
Not even directed to me,
It was rhetorical, but even so
It made me think.

"How many people know who you really are? "
The question had me tremble
Because my answer was

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4 hours ago      7 minutes ago

You fall like a tower of blocks kicked away.
Pieces go sprawling to the side,
spiraling through the air not so gracefully,
some landing by the window-sill where rain darkens the corners of glass and
trickles into vapour. Some parts bleed out
onto the carpet, purple and yellow and some are
tear-stained, vomit-covered, hope-lost. A trail
of you
hidden in the web of polished wood, twisting around
corridor-ends, stopping at a door. You wait like a car at the red-light, impatient
but resigned- lying on the floor, a broken bottle
of sorts, shards too sharp to touch. But here I am,
loose sweaters and tortured soul,
hands at the ready.
Piece after
piece, fingers cut by each shard,
I pick up every part.
All blocks, all shards,
   all of you, in my hands- bloodied but beautiful.
And I am
       fixing you.

I am always fixing you.


i miss you.
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serenity reinhardt
serenity reinhardt
13 hours ago      10 minutes ago

I hurt when i heard you had passed, pain was all i knew when everyone in my life was crying, I heard the wind whistle the first morning i woke without you in my life. Crying was something i hadn't done yet, When my mother sat me down and told me you died, all i thought was this is a joke, When i finally cried i felt every feeling i had been suppressing and i finally  showed how much it truly hurt me to lose you.

22 hours ago      24 minutes ago


"Oh, very well then Old Man, you may tag along but don't expect me to carry you along the way!"  I smiled playfully at Lazarus. "We leave at dawn, let's get some rest shall we..."

Morning broke the day from night and my eyes popped open to find Lazarus already dressed and hovering over me with a plate of eggs, cheese and some fresh bread.

We ate in silence, neither of us quite in top spirits, knowing what lay ahead.  The child, it was all about the child.  If this child fell into the wrong hands...  I felt a shiver trail down my spine.

We set off on our way, the first leg of our journey would take us through the caverns of Shorn.  It was the safest passage for us considering the influence of the dark ones over the people of Shorn.  Passing through the underground caverns was our only option. Not many know of the caverns, it's likely that we'll go completely unnoticed.  

There is one danger that lurks there however, should we awaken the beastly Kreeva from her nest, it could mean the end of our journey before we've even made any real ground.  I pray.

We travelled the main road thinking it best to try to blend in with other village and twin folk along their travels, we stopped every so often to rest.  I'm not certain I made the right decision to bring Lazarus along, but the map is important and only he can read it.  

"When do you expect we'll reach the caverns Lazarus?"

"Counting for sleep and rest, I expect we're a three day journey from Shorn."

Day began to break from the blanket of the evening now, the sky basked in a glowing red and orange dusty afterglow.

We arrived at the town of Chestermire just as the last light of day fell from the sky.  Chestermire was known for it's good ale throughout the kingdom.

"Well then Dhorna, a pint and and some pork nubs are in order I believe. Let's find an inn to stop for the night."

Entry eight:

Skip Ramsey
Skip Ramsey
1 day ago      28 minutes ago

I walked a path so narrow,
I could not keep a balance.

I walked a path so wide and wild,
I lost my way.

I sat,
Head in hands.

I looked up,
And saw my dream ahead.

I followed my path,
Wide enough, I kept balance,
Narrow enough, I kept my way.

I saw my dream,
Growing closer with every step.

I know my path,
It is right for me.

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3 hours ago      38 minutes ago

You're a fighter,
Got that fire,
When they thought you'd fade away.

Hold a fist up,
As you get up,
Feeling stronger everyday.

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