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As we just finished a part of our lives
And started to sort our plans
Seeing the future glistening in our eyes
Ready to take the first step in broad lands

" I wanna be a doctor " " I wanna be a dentist "
" I wanna be a researcher " " I wanna be a scientist "
But life isn't wrapped within your fist
Sometimes, It decides to arrange some fences for you
If you can't overcome , then forget all dreams that you pursue
You beat one and fail in another
Then you begin to think, "Bad luck " is all you gather
Once you look around; searching for someone to take your hand
All you find; are punches that taste bland !
Offensive words destroy your plans
This is the worst disaster with people standing as fans ...

You feel stunned and all dreams fall apart
" Hey look around and seek a fresh start "
That's worse than having an arrow in the heart !

So keep going in your way
Don't care about what people say
No more places for weakness to stay
There is a long journey after the end of that frustration play ....

This poem describes the state of a student who just finished high school and start to plan for their future careers . However, they have confronted to a lot of impediments that hinder them from achieving their dreams .
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Cold is, a dark winter day.
Cold is, a cup of ice.
Cold is, the house in mid afternoon after a hot summers day.
But, if cold is a temperature..
Why do I feel so cold when she looks through me?

She's back
#love   #broken   #hurt   #her   #girls   #heartbroken   #cold   #lesbian   #temperature  
Kevin Kurt Nepomuceno
Kevin Kurt Nepomuceno
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Incandescent light bulbs,
when they share their love,
it tends to light up a room.
As for pieces of broken mirrors,
they're actually just smaller new ones
awash with life experience.

So, when you told me
that you were broken
I begged to differ.

The difference between
a broken lightbulb
and a dead one
is simply shattered glass,
and the difference between
a broken mirror
and a dead one
is the person looking in it.

So please,
you may be broken,
but without you
I have no light,
and mirrors are useless
in the dark.

#love   #life   #dark   #people   #darkness   #light   #experience   #mirrors   #bulbs  
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Thought this was exactly what I wanted
But maybe that’s how it is
Another mass produced lie
A little trap that captures everyone

I have to look for a brighter tomorrow
Without the full guidance of the people who have for so long
Is that how it is?
Is this how it is going to be?

I feel like a wandering ghost rider
Aimless on the backside country roads
Wondering what my dreams might be worth
As I find no answer to give me solace

Is that how it is?
Show me beauty or hope or those other words
Before it is too late
I cannot find any

Shadows appear before
Shadows appear ahead
What do I have left?
Is this truly how it is?

I thought this was exactly what I wanted
Was I wrong?
Did the dream have me?
Is this actually how it is?

#love   #lonely   #alone   #dreams   #dark   #art   #writing   #warmth   #college   #parents  
AD Mullin
AD Mullin
1 day ago      28 minutes ago

There is power in
In mindfulness
Can look like
unminded ness
But open minded ness
Isn't silliness
It's pragmatic

Written on the road while in ceremony

Published in Longview

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Long -114.362189631
Blackheat deShanti
Blackheat deShanti
1 day ago      46 minutes ago

a lone figure
on a solitary beach.
me, pebbles, water and I.

sometimes you just want to be alone. even Poetry cannot understand.
#sad   #pain   #alone   #hurt   #lone   #micropoetry   #pebbles  
Oliver Grey
Oliver Grey
1 day ago      50 minutes ago

His eyes were an abyss
That I couldn't help
But fall into them

The soft charcoal black
Rimmed by even darker lashes
A flirty smirk
A careful poke on the nose

Each smile from him
Pulling me in


He use to say he wanted me.
#love   #black   #falling   #abyss   #smirk  
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