12 hours ago

Look how time flies so fast,
But my love for you will never last.
You will always be my greatest love
And you will always be the greatest thing that I have.

Always remember that I will always be by your side
To watch you while you're watching the other side of life.
To nurture your mind will always be my priority,
And you will always be my serendipity.

When you were being delivered in the delivery room,
It feels like I am sightseeing a thousand flowers that blooms.
You're a light in the dark
Of a small friction from our blood that sparked.

Try to forget our past in the future
And I will fulfill our moments in the present.
You are the most amazing creature,
And will forever be my nascent.

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  22s  Mary Winslow
Jeff Stier
Jeff Stier
4 hours ago

Dropping it for the first time
lysergic acid diethylamide
there on
Pescadero's beach
with night hunkered down
in the dunes

We howled at the waves
of the wild Pacific
stamped our feet
on the dense moist sand
and miracles radiated outward
from each footfall

uncounted stars
galaxies somewhere deep
in that gritty sky
the sand alive
with phosphorescent life

Oh and we laughed
swore oaths to each other
spied the turbid moon
as if for
the first time
her hair in a mess
of wind-torn cloud

It was perfection by the sea.
some wise old hippies
alerted us to our danger:
"The heat's in the parking lot, man."

Crawling like drug-addled moon dogs
on our bellies
through the dunes
to find a near-empty
parking lot.
No heat.
No hippies.
Only the wan moonlight
vacant pavement.

And so in our glorious excess
to a sandstone cave
where a box of whispers
was found
and poetry invented.

Adolph Hamilton

Love in the doldrums a place of storms and squalls ,with light shifting winds

The crew mutinied soon after the voyage began, but I cannot quit I must try again

This ship that I sail on this unforgiving sea, has a wheel and and a sail that won't respond to me

Please get me out of this horrible place.storms every night ,no wind in the day, my sails to embrace.

For years I've captained this vessel of doubt . attempting to right its ill fated course.i cry in the night my ship for a horse.

To scuttle this ship is all I have left .to send it and it's misery to the watery depths

Love drowns slowly in a calm sea. resolute to my faith I take a deep breath.

#love   #sea   #abstract   #ships  
Novita Olivera
Novita Olivera
5 hours ago

T'lah kumiliki nurani bopok dan renta
Warisan ibu ayah
Membungkus kasih, dengki, segan,
damai, resah, amarah
Begitu bancuh dan arau

Sang aku berbagi pada kekasihnya
Sosok gagah terpercaya
Aku dan gagah melanglang
Beriringan menggandeng nurani
Nurani amat bahagia
Demikian puas ceria

Hingga sosok gagah itu mulai muak
Jemu, bosan katanya
Menghempas jemari aku
Dan mencampakkan nurani serupa buangan
Cakapnya aku bersalah
Tak jago mengenyangkan

Tak tega setilik pun menengok nurani
Menepis muka, aku bertanya
"Apa nurani tak apa-apa?"
Dengan terisak, nurani menyinyir menjawab
"Terlihat nestapa dan pilu dari matamu
Aku tak seberapa
Pikirkan saja dirimu"

Terinspirasi dari C.S Lewis: "To love at all is to be vulnerable"
#love   #be   #to   #is   #all   #at   #vulnerable  
George Francis

it's 23:53 and if i were to swear that this would be the last poem i write about you

i'd be lying

pain is a far more sustainable fuel than happiness;
it keeps the poet's engine whirring

and darling

all you've ever done is hurt me

i spent six minutes contemplating how much damage you caused,
the way you ran me off the road, swerving down dark paths i'd never known existed before

i didn't receive compensation for the emotional whiplash you left me with

the words "i love you" make my nerves twinge

i'm over you; but sometimes i write about you anyway, remembering the agony in new ways while my mind refuses to let me sleep.
23 hours ago

bu _ ck _ led t _ i _ es
b £ lurr€d £in€s
WhenYourM __ outh
& your (( hands ((
don't - say - the - same
thing/s dear.
[try to be cl.      ear]
i know >> it's a stra >>>in
when¡ roses¡ have¡ thorns¡
whO    kNOws {what ¿ for}
you\do\ and. /you/don't

Avery Bellafiore
Avery Bellafiore
4 hours ago

When they asked if
We had gotten back together
I stuttered,
Unsure if I wanted to say
"I wish,"
"Never Again,"

For Niki
#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #not   #you   #maybe   #miss   #conflict   #stutter  
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