David Levitt
David Levitt
17 hours ago      2 seconds ago

It's never quite as romantic as they make it out to be.
These trips to France
or Spain
or Germany.
To the misty mountains of Iceland,
the wine-toasting grottos of Italy.

The romance comes about a half-hour before sun rise.
Catching, counting
and losing count
of the stars you see in her eyes.
In those sincere sighs
that come after the heartfelt goodbyes
and the soft smiles in those happy hellos:
Those are the ones
that let you know.

Romance is not a place:
It's a person.
And when you find them,
hold them close
and never let go.
Or you'll be destined to dwell on the past
and to dream only of tomorrow.
With a head full of regret
and a heart full of sorrow.

Don't let it happen to you
like it happened to me.
Hold her close, for heaven's sake:
Or lost
you will forever be.

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amy emma
amy emma
4 hours ago      1 minute ago

it hurts the most when i see how happy you are. not because i don't want you to be; because i do. that is my only desire in the world. but it reminds me of how happy you once made me, and of the possibility that, maybe for a short time, i was your happiness too.

Parv Dogra
Parv Dogra
1 day ago      6 minutes ago

And I stood there
Surprised, at what he had just said.
He had failed to remember...
The Promise of fulfilling other promises.

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5 hours ago      34 minutes ago

Started but unfinished.
Built up then diminished.
Transfixed by astral bodies
on their way to undetermined destinations.
Dilated. Validated. Consecrated and interred.
Discovered cavern never entered.
Nothing and always all at once.
Everything is everything.
Still dreaming after being woken up.
Anything as everything.
A beginning and an end.
The journey taken in-between;
that's the key:

While I'm Alive


My Worthiness is all my Doubt—
His Merit—all my fear—
Contrasting which, my quality
Do lowlier—appear—

Lest I should insufficient prove
For His beloved Need—
The Chiefest Apprehension
Upon my thronging Mind—

’Tis true—that Deity to stoop
Inherently incline—
For nothing higher than Itself
Itself can rest upon—

So I—the undivine abode
Of His Elect Content—
Conform my Soul—as ’twere a Church,
Unto Her Sacrament—

craig apogee
craig apogee
1 day ago      37 minutes ago

sometimes i wish i was literate
so i could see the writing on the wall
they say ignorance is bliss, but
nasty surprises don't hold much awe

i may feel stronger than before
but that feeling promptly subsides
when familiar pain strikes again
and salty streams bore from my eyes

a short romance has met its demise
but these reservoirs won't be as deep
nor will the mourning be as drawn out
just another valuable lesson which i will solemnly reap

just a little more sadness after some happiness. i should have seen it coming. i should have been braver to say the things that needed to be said. but i have learnt from past mistakes and i'll take this one on the chin.
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Jared A Washburn
Jared A Washburn
1 day ago      47 minutes ago

“The blood jet is poetry, and there is no stopping it,”
So the tragic Sylvia Plath muses.
As the heart pumps and beats,
It is the ever-faithful metronome,
The tempo of my life’s song;
My blood flows, pulsating passions
From my center to my extremities.
These passions are best set to words,
Hence the source and origin of
My verse…

So, beat on, heart .
I have more words to share,
I have more passions to experience.

Sylvia Plath is a writer I bring up a lot when I teach my Creative Writing class.
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