Amari D
1 hour ago      5 seconds ago

I am not crazy,
Though the voices inside my head would prove other wise,
I am not lazy,
Though I would rather stay indoors than go outside,
I am not sad,
Even though I can easily think myself into depression,
I am not mad,
Even though your cruel words can are a constant suppression
I am just me.
A teenager growing up.
Wishing, I had that extra bit of luck.

My first poem ever. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes.
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Shield Maiden
Shield Maiden
2 hours ago      2 minutes ago

I ache for my first kiss
Just a taste from her lips
An embrace from her warmth
Like the light in her heart
Kiss me in the light
Where the sun shines
To where we first met
In the middle of Tibet
So listen to what I say
I love you and I would stay
No matter where we at
I love you till my death
Beyond the stars and back

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2 hours ago      5 minutes ago

I have been silent.
I have been silent not for loss
Or mourning
For those drag words from me
With or without my consent.
I have been silent because I am trying to be
In love
When I am a thunderstorm made flesh,
A hurricane,
A seismic wave of passion and pain.
I burn
And it has been a long time
Since I have loved so deeply
As to press my sizzling hands to my own stomach
Just to keep another person from burning their fingers on the love I hold beneath my skin.
I have been silent
But I have not been extinguished-
Far from it, I have risen.
I have gone blue and white with heat.
I have wandered through the blackened trees in the ghostly calm of the night
And kindled them to flames with my palms.
I have left embers
Shifting and sighing in my footprints
And the earth has learned a new name to score into its stone and treebark when I travel through the darkness
Searching for a rest I will not find.
And there is joy in this,
There is such joy!
Although the heat presses,
Although the light licks at my ankles when I wade too far into my own heart's dreams.
I leave joy in these silent places, black and velvety and slumbering in the night-
I wake them
I wake them because I have been woken
And my heart has become something that melts
Something that burns
Something that hungers and consumes
And glows with shimmering reds and golds no matter how tightly I curl around it and hush its hissing whispers.
I leave joy because I can't contain it
And it reaches roots into the ground with every step I take-
A fearful joy,
A joy that knows its hunger
Will be its starvation.
A joy that breathes light and grasps at shadows
Because that is all it knows how to do.
A joy that turns its face up to the rain
To feel a moment's peace and cooling clarity.

Oh, I may have been silent
But I have not been quiet.

4 hours ago      32 minutes ago

Waking up before the sun
psyched to commence my journey
gold sky, walking through a dewy pasture
chilly morning, a fishing pole in hand

setting foot on this land was a blessing
each and every step was enlivening
the world was right
as I walked to my spot

a little pond so artistic
just the right scene
as if it had been created
just for me

a giant oak tree on one side
its anatomy gentle enough
for a kid to climb

cattails and willows to the left
springing up from the depths
that’s where the bass are
where each bite I lost my breath

A crane standing on the edge
same mentality as I
serenity as we both fish
as the sun rises in the sky

a squirrel in the oak
watching as I tie a hook
two ducks land in the water
colors glisten brown and green

pastures surrounding me, not a house in sight
just an old barn behind me
and some longhorns distant
looking at my line, everything’s alright.

then one day I woke up before the sun
psyched to commence my journey
golden sky, walking through a dewy pasture
but something wasn’t right

I arrived at my sanctuary
but it wasn’t what it once was
a giant blue pipe with ridges
sucking the life out of the pond

the pond half empty, some might say half full
but to me I felt violated
like I had lost all control
they hadn’t realized what they had done
to the spot created just for me
the bass that took my breath
in the mud, gasping for breath

turtles on their backs, ducks flying by
squirrels looking at me
as if asking me why

workers laying concrete foundations
right next to the little pond
each minute the water disappearing
as i stand there with a fishing pole in hand

a once perfect scene
destroyed by a blue tube with ridges
because the giant houses were more important
than what the little scene meant to me.

We become more conscious of our environment when we get to experience its beauty directly. I've never been to the amazon, or the red wood forest. But this experience I had, the emotions I felt, have helped me realize that the beauty of nature is important to many people. It's a living being. This is my poetic experience of a pond that I used to love to hang out at when I was little, some of the greatest memories. Pristine beauty destroyed.
Henry Brooke
Henry Brooke
5 hours ago      34 minutes ago

Fresh cut grass ,
the smeel is cast
that hidden stone is
clear and white atlast

It's grain is smooth
from rain and soot
Live again you ancient bed
of that passed river
which was ounce said
to hold
the earth
to balance

Uncountable names
stories forever muffled to die
in vain
A people so wide,
the crowd so many    
someone like you
probably lies here too.

Layers of Time
that all mix up
to a bundle of nothing
A piece of cloth, a needle and a bone
inbetween messengers
from dead things
to home

They went down the ground
like worms, mice and
burnt wood
Yet the grass dosen't carry their burden
for it's there you went and stood
upon their past
Not even sheding a tear
not even trying to hear

And some still hope life never ends
that you never go to sleep
the ultimate cup of coffee
fresh enough
to grind your way through eternity
buying you
a good class ticket
to the Postcard Scenery of  
Lambs and Serenity

Fresh cut grass ,
the smeel is cast
that hidden stone is
clear and white atlast
Clouds approach:
I must resort
Farewell you lands
of Tears and Hope

I love Archaeology
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4 hours ago      1 hour ago

i spent january lost and
surrounded by pieces of myself that were
too far away to discern.

[when i travel back through time,
i steer clear of the ground,
i make sure to perch
somewhere high up above my head,
for some reason
i’m always looking down
even when i’m there to
catch my own attention,
to tell myself
look up
and other things will look up, too,
look up towards me
and you will not feel so small]

Lola Stardust
Lola Stardust
3 hours ago      1 hour ago

We talk,
We know.
We kiss,
We love.


She walks away,
I fall apart.
I get together,
She starts to doubt.

She falls apart,
I'm far away.
She brings me closer,
I start to doubt.

We talk,
We don't know.
We kiss,
Maybe we're wrong.


She starts to cry,
I calm her down.
Love is here,
Why can't we see?

Blindness is gone,
I kiss her eyes.
She hugs me tight,
I can see her insides.

We talk,
Now we know.
We feel,
We can't be wrong.



So much happiness
So much love
Happy tears
And now the void.

We don't talk,
We know.
We don't know what we know.
What's going on?

(Fear gently approaches)

I start to doubt,
She's far away.
Bodies so close,
Never enough.

Beating hearts,
Holding hands,
Syncing sighs,
Silence awaits.

We don't talk.
Are we done?
We're so close,
Love can't be gone.


I start to cry,
She hugs me tight.
What does it mean?
There's no reply.

We're blind again.
What happens now?
If this isn't the end,
Where has it gone?

Why do we never know enough of happy ends?
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