Joseph B Schneider
Joseph B Schneider
15 hours ago      5 seconds ago

Don't allow yourself to feel "dumb" or "stupid" based on your inability to achieve something you care little about.

-Joseph B Schneider

© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved
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1 day ago      2 minutes ago

When the night comes,
Take the Armour,
Swing your mightiest sword,
Like a sudden gust of wind,
Gather in light,
Of thousand angels,
And fight the battle,
Of demons and devils.

Rising temper,
Waging battle,
Wound after wound,
Yet the victory is clear.

So say the prayer,
O' mighty soldier,
It is the strongest weapon,
For it is,
The Lord who win the battle!

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Bhupathi Prabhakara Rao
1 day ago      24 minutes ago

Magnetizing physics
Magnetic chemistry
Precise mathematics
Bubbling biology
Histrionic history
Attired economics
Refined fine arts
Electrifying looks
Electronic vision
Scintillating psychology
Ventilating physiology
Tantalizing mechanics
Tranquilizing metabolism
Dynamic damsel
Oh! What a scientific disposition?
Kudos to the Big-Bang Beautician.

Toni Sweet
Toni Sweet
20 hours ago      38 minutes ago

Anger, Sorrow, Happiness, Jealousy
Gears of my personality
Rotating in the commotion
Shifts in  the air making it hard to breathe

Leaving should be easy but
Makes me queasy

Felt the warmth radiate off you,
Hands touching the skin on my cheek,
Your voice vibrating through my body


The thought of him makes me itch

For the people who deserve better
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Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
1 day ago      48 minutes ago

I feel your abrasive audio emissions
stabbing into me like serrated knives.
Every coronary coiling confession
that shatters sanity, soul and spine.

I taste every rotten, mangled memory.
Sickly salivations leave an aftertaste
that remind me traces are enemies--
lingering bitterness with no haste.

I hear your twisted tongue tie around mine.
It's lies reverberate down my throat,
and its echoes make my heart cry.
I'm rendered deaf as hopes explode.

I see the torment that you instill.
Visions of my tortured spirit, receding.
Bearing witness as you mutilate my will--
leave my heart beneath floorboards, bleeding.

I smell the state of how you left things:
the wretched scent of vexation in the air.
Like pluming, black smoke that stings,
the throat and shows you never cared.

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Back of my back, they talk of me,
  Gabble and honk and hiss;
Let them batten, and let them be--
  Me, I can sing them this:

"Better to shiver beneath the stars,
  Head on a faithless breast,
Than peer at the night through rusted bars,
  And share an irksome rest.

"Better to see the dawn come up,
  Along of a trifling one,
Than set a steady man's cloth and cup
  And pray the day be done.

"Better be left by twenty dears
  Than lie in a loveless bed;
Better a loaf that's wet with tears
  Than cold, unsalted bread."

Back of my back, they wag their chins,
  Whinny and bleat and sigh;
But better a heart a-bloom with sins
  Than hearts gone yellow and dry!

Kevin Eli
Kevin Eli
4 hours ago      1 hour ago

I'm trying to get off the floor
Hard and painful to break through
This selfish, superficial glass ceiling called corporate.
I have no choice but to sit and sacrifice to it.
Why is it always about money?

No room for the artist, the poet
No time for the writer, nor the dreamer.
I know I need to be at this nine-to-five
If I ever want to afford my paper and pencils.
Determined to write through this candlelight

But when you take the time to look at my face, or stare into my eyes
You will see a river flowing with such grace and force
It will flood your world and make you cry.
With such emotion in a moment of infinite love
That you will feel like you were ready to die.

I have thoughts I want to share with you, if you have the time.
I'm patient though, at least I'm trying.

We struggle to be heard, but we are not alone... Not by a long shot my friends and loved ones.
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