Duncan Grant Bell
Duncan Grant Bell
9 hours ago      4 seconds ago

Do I make a difference for YOU?
Am I doing that which I should do?
Can strangers see the light burning?
Are any people really turning?
Oh LORD, banish this insecurity!
Life is not about me!

What if I died would it change the world?
If I am YOURS shouldn’t I fight the world?
LORD can YOU please use me?
I long to give myself completely!
LORD, am I different from the rest?
LORD please may YOU be blessed!

LORD has all of Christianity become about us?
My pain and sorrow for others has become so serious!
What can I do to live every day for YOU,
If normal routine is to focus on what I do?
LORD, please hold YOUR child right now!
I lay at YOUR feet longing to always bow.

LORD, YOU know my heart’s desire,
But may my eyes never look to me but to YOU!
LORD, within me there is a burning fire!
And it compels me to try do what YOU do.
LORD, please forgive my many failings doubts
YOU have lead me through all of the droughts!

LORD, please have YOUR way in me
For I am nothing without Thee!

There pass the careless people
That call their souls their own:
Here by the road I loiter,
How idle and alone.

Ah, past the plunge of plummet,
In seas I cannot sound,
My heart and soul and senses,
World without end, are drowned.

His folly has not fellow
Beneath the blue of day
That gives to man or woman
His heart and soul away.

There flowers no balm to sain him
From east of earth to west
That's lost for everlasting
The heart out of his breast.

Here by the labouring highway
With empty hands I stroll:
Sea-deep, till doomsday morning,
Lie lost my heart and soul.

Sammy L Lykens
Sammy L Lykens
2 days ago      28 minutes ago

I know that I
Have failed the Lord
And for that
I'm so ashamed
And only in my troubled times
Would I call upon his name

But God said
If you'll only speak to me
When trouble your way comes
Then you can rest assured my child
I'll surely send you some

I know I need
To spend more time
Down on my knees in prayer
For he said when
You call on me
I'll surely meet you there

Lord forgive me
Of my past
And the wrongful things I've done
I long so
Just to make things right
Between you and your son

For I know
That we're not promised
We will see The Morning Sun
And I don't want
To leave this world
Having left some things undone

Father make me worthy
To stand and tell the world
That I'm a god believer
And I believe His Word

He's coming in an hour
That we don't even know
And our souls will be
Required of us
O be ready friend to go

Eternity last forever
and 10 million years from now
my friend you will be somewhere
so why don't you humbly bow

To the God of heaven
he's waiting now on you
just ask Him for forgiveness
that's all you have to do

Then when it said and done
and he returns someday
he'll take you home to heaven
and there forever stay

Benjamin Mee
1 day ago      38 minutes ago

not enough
never will be;

it's never wasted
won't soon
be forgotten.

#love   #poetry   #sad   #depression   #life   #pain   #sadness   #hurt   #thoughts   #you  
1 hour ago      40 minutes ago

I could write sonnets eternal on that one expression
and I look away
there's a film noir voice commenting on the atmosphere

in my head where we both lived
when my obsessions were real and you
were dream fuel

#love   #pain   #sadness   #insanity   #fantasy   #insight  
John Albert T Datu
John Albert T Datu
22 hours ago      48 minutes ago

Napatingin sa kalangitan,
Luha'y pumatak dahil sa kalungkutan,
Iniisip ang kasunod na eksena,
Meron pa bang susunod o mas malala pa
Mas masaya talaga noong simula,
Ngayo'y hindi magkaintindihan..
At tila nagpapataasan,
Nagbago na nga ba ? o nagbago para maging malakas
Mga sandaling hindi ko malimutan , mga ngiti , saya na nadarama tila ako'y tinatakasan
Minsan ko nalamang madama ito at pansamantala lamang
Dahil sa bandang huli hindi parin magpapatinag ang kalungkutan,

Destiny Fleming
Destiny Fleming
9 hours ago      58 minutes ago

The notion that he could
not be fixed was held over
his head like an
I could not fathom why
in the fuck no one
pulled him from
his own thoughts,
he was drowning,
couldn't you tell?

That boys eyes held
the words
“save me”
in every native tongue

The impending death of hope
a familiar song in his bones
I wanted to be the one
to excavate it from
the marrow of his existence

Everything about this
boy was synchronized
right down to his
very name,

a ledge that he had
been dancing on for
far too long. -DDF

#love   #friends   #happy   #happiness   #friend   #friendship   #inlove   #bud   #buddies  
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