Dust has settled
on your pillow,
all the tiny
that you laughed

all the hearts
for your

the dust does
not believe

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Tumelo Mogomotsi
Tumelo Mogomotsi
2 hours ago

after centuries and centuries and centuries of:
pain and suffering,
chains and ankle cuffing,
segregation and impossible laws,
human degredation and deaths for the cause,
coloured lines and last picks,
work in the mines and barbie-like wigs,
culture termination and the education of self-hate,
fake freedom motivation and penitentiary execution dates,
community sabatoge and destruction of black owned schemes,
settle down for hip hop dialogue and basketball dreams
racial slurs and monkey metaphors,
television blurs and the world shutting doors,
the white man's drugs and melanin filled prisons,
talent that lacks funds and vietnam missions,
death of our black icons and imprisonment of mandela
death of trayvon and others on the death list which could go on forever...

do you have the right to tell "bottom barrels" not to dream to be on the top?
do you wonder why forgiveness is slowly yielding in the world, as if it sees a sign that says it's time to stop?

do they not say we must practice what we preach?
are they not preaching hate?
are they not preaching inequality?
are they not preaching the false levels of life?

is it too hard for the world to practice equality?
is it too hard for the world to live in harmony?
is it too hard for the world to see the similarities in our differences?
is it too hard for the world to live without fear of colours?

is it too much to ask for peace???

3 hours ago

She must be beautiful
Whoever meets her gives up their life
Stops living

elise rosewood

stopped selling my
favourite cigarettes

these new ones i
inhale them
until the tar covers the
bottom of my lungs and
still i
don’t get the same rush
those old ones
gave me

(he isn’t you)

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Chris Fortune
Chris Fortune
3 hours ago

I have already wrung out the thoughts I conceive.
After the storm is over I will finally breathe.
Why do I put myself through so much pain.
Why do I have to keep on living in vain?

There are some things I just can't explain.
I just try to keep level and stay on one plane.
And the plane I'm on is what takes me to reform.
And I will surely find it after the storm.

After the storm is when I can pick up the pieces.
And after the storm is where all my peace is.
And I will not falter and I will not mourn.
It will be in the rear view after the storm.

Although there are situations that are sure to arise.
But I will keep myself strong to avoid spiritual demise.
And my mind, body, and spirit will take a new form.
When I find the peace within me after the storm.

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1 day ago

it is a new day, a new hour, a new second, and i have new skin.

i'm hoping it's impenetrable, but as i fall down and scratch my knee, i realize it isn't.

i'm hoping it's smoother, but as i run my fingers over the rough scab from yesterday's tumble, i realize it isn't.

the sun is shining down on my skin, and i see that it's causing me to glow.

this has happened before, but it's different now, because it's stretching deeper than my skin.
i can feel it within.


the moonlight casts a shadow on my skin.
it's unsettling.
it makes me feel blue.
but i am tired of feeling blue,
so i go inside,
so that maybe i will feel green
or yellow
or red.

anything but blue,
because i always end up drowning in it,
yet here i am,
talking about it like it will not
swallow me when i wake up tomorrow morning.
or afternoon.
or maybe i won't wake up at all,
so that way i am no longer held captive
by this blue ruin.

i haven't written in a couple months. these are two different poems with one very thin relation. my mind is blank. this is shitty. and blue ruin is a movie reference. i apologize for everything.
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Marcus Belcher

The problem with being
A genius
Is if learing
Is the line between
Life and Death
The path
Is too clear

Spur of the moment
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