Timothy Stout
Timothy Stout
1 day ago      2 seconds ago

They still exist;
Both literally and metaphorically.
Little girls sex trafficked,
Boys slave in sweat shops,
Buissnessman works a 60 hour week.
Everyone's got their own chains.
Some we put on freely,
Some are thrust upon us,
like maturity on an orphaned child
--Some are cut into our wrists.
With every lie,
With every curse,
With every slander,
Pain built up creates inside
these fine little links;
Alone they are weak, but together
27 million slaves in the world
But that's just an estimate.
When we look inwards
We see so. many. more.

In the history of humanity, slavery has never been as big as it is now. Up to 27 million are inslaved today. But to help these many men, woman, and children, we must free ourselves from our masters. What is the master of your life?
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20 hours ago      1 minute ago

why do they call it
making love

when love
makes us do all those things

rose cosmos
rose cosmos
14 hours ago      31 minutes ago

people tell me that I look like her
and maybe to them I do.
because they don't see what I see.

the beauty,

the wisdom,

the grace,

the strength,

all things impossible to obtain.

so when they tell me I look like her,
I politely decline.
because she's everything I strive to be,
not everything I am.

this poem is dedicated to my Mama, who is the light of my life. I love you.
#love   #beauty   #mom   #mother   #her  
Kayla Hood
Kayla Hood
1 day ago      34 minutes ago

She ran away,
Too afraid.
She couldn't handle it.
The fear engulfed her,
Eating at her,
Like a lion
Preying on a zebra.
The raindrops
Raced down her window
As she leaned against
The pane
She caught her breath,
Unaware of what to do
Just breathe.

She gasped as he caught up.
She looked back with
An expression of terror
He got her
He’s got her heart

#love   #fear   #of   #runaway   #teenage   #caught   #starcrossed  
paper boats
paper boats
1 hour ago      41 minutes ago

I have a love whom I do not know
and when the wind blows we speak
sweet empty verses strung together
My hollow tree they seek

I do not send him kisses,
No songs are sung by birds
He does not hold me close to him
Ours is a liaison of words

His font is precarious
His emotions obscure
Soon it will fade away
Of that I can be sure

#love   #words   #days   #new   #poems   #trees   #gone   #heartbreaks   #ephemeral   #again  
Dagoth I Am
Dagoth I Am
1 day ago      44 minutes ago

the moon shining,
three hours into the best part of the day and
i want to tell you that you're so pretty and
the words come out wrong and the rage gets in the way..
dead quiet you looked at me like you were looking into space.
yeah, in space noone could hear you say good bye.
but down here i shouldn't have to read it on your face.
that's not normal.
that's not right.
that's not very nice.
no, it isn't.

the moon shining down on your body.
you look so nice.
and i want to tell you, but you don't want to hear it,
and i know. you don't have to tell me twice.
but, once would be civil. the moon shining.
i got it in my brain, and i had so much to say but there was dead quiet.
you were silent. three hours into the best part of the day.
and that's not normal.
that's not right.
that's not very nice.
no, it isn't.

and that's not normal.
that's not right.
that's not very nice.
no, it isn't.

1 day ago      46 minutes ago

The end of a sentence
is a period.
The end of a life
is a death.
The end of a road
is a dead end.
The end of a book
is a last page.
The end of the light
is the dark.
The end of a fire
is water.
The end of time
is nothing.
The end of the truth
is a lie.
The end of a person
is a gunshot.
The end of me
is you.
The end of lunch
is an empty bowl.
The end of a poem
is a message.
The end of a hello
is a goodbye.
The end of this poem
is this.

#poem   #truth   #fire   #death   #hello   #goodbye   #you   #me   #lie   #gunshot  
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