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I will take you where my heart sings,
On clouds of gentleness,
fresh understanding rings,
Wisdom wears the crown
and, all around, right judgement
beats its wings

I will take you where the merciful speak,
In cloaks of kindness, they wrap strong the weak,
Peace-filled words build bridges,
break barriers down
and raise up tall the meek

I will take you where the spirit soars,
Where my life matters, open wide the doors,
Beyond the grave ,
my thoughts on heaven fixed,
Endure, be brave,
and live love all the more

1 hour ago      22 minutes ago

I promised you
The stars will belong to us
And the Moon watching from above
Never out of sight
As we take a stroll down the path
With night lanterns hung up
Specially for you
In replace for the Sun
I can’t promise you

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17 hours ago      24 minutes ago

I see what you're doing; I know what you are.
Seen you travel some distance through
this lyrical bar.

I know your particular flavor,
as you 'give' yet leave nothing
to savor.

Did you say it all...did you feed your
callous need?
As your 'so called' critiques and comments
just left another to bleed?

How 'brave' you are behind your avatar,
but you see,
You've done little, if anything, to honestly
impress me.

You use your lack of diplomatic restraint
to simply crush spirits and leave behind
a dark, bitter taint.

Did you say all you needed, does is make
you feel better?
To ruffle thin feathers; crippling feelings

I know what you're doing; I could BE you,
if I very well wanted to!

The bile and power of your word,
leaves poor souls understanding
that their thoughts and opinions, to you,
are absurd.

Time after time I read your insolent speeches
on many a blog,
as you spew forth your 'wisdom', dispensing
a high voltage flog.

I know what you're doing; I could BE you,
if I very well wanted to!

Unlike YOU, 'friend', I prefer to pay visits
and leave a word of kindness;
never leaving them with lyrical blindness.

Sometimes I may read, and have nothing
to say...if their words overwhelm, hit a nerve,
or inspire my mind to stray...to a place of
recognition...far, far away.

I just felt this deep need to express,
how you're grating on my nerves;
with your sour, evil comments
just disguised as 'clever words'.

Go on now, my 'friend', try to pen
words that INSPIRE...
I promise I'll be kind, even as
I unleash my fire...
unto the likes of you...
such a mean spirited shrew!

So next time, give great thought
to your comment before you click away,
'cause I know many a great poet here,
that by YOUR cold, pathetic words...
will NOT be chased away!

-by Mercurychyld

Dedicated to Elsa Angelica, and all of those who've ever had to deal with harsh words in regard to something you've written. Never stop writing friends.
Lennox Jones
Lennox Jones
4 hours ago      30 minutes ago

Sometimes all you can do
is lie in bed and hope
that you fall asleep
before it’s time to
get up.

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3 hours ago      36 minutes ago

The pen has swallowed death,
needs magic to breath life into words.
The night sky holds the hidden,
so is poetry to ink...
hope the stars twinkle again ,
to send some magic mingled with the rain

writing after a long time feels like the magic is lost ... hope i get it back on HP again....*smiles*!!!
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2 hours ago      1 hour ago

I want to wrap you up in yesterdays news like fish and chips,
Spending late nights tangled up in seaweed
On a shore that will never be the same
As tomorrow or the one before.

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16 hours ago      1 hour ago

I spend the day alone
I spend the month alone
I spend the year alone
Unable to do
What I would like to do

I wish I had a friend
Who is a woman

I hope there is a woman
Who would make
A small dedication poem
About how one of my poems
Made her feel

It would be fun
My love goes out
To all the kind
And compassionate women
Of Hello Poetry

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