Tony Oquendo
Tony Oquendo
11 hours ago      5 seconds ago

Hands held gingerly, each a pace apart
I lead in the dance, you bring rhythm to my heart
I take my bold steps and you glide across the ground
I reach into the air, but your nowhere to be found
So I dance on alone holding on to memories
Wondering if my steps will ever bring you back to me

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Luis Mdáhuar
Luis Mdáhuar
2 hours ago      12 minutes ago

Joel is a doorkeeper
for a rusty warehouse
and has a wife
a very angry spouse
and a son
one day his hip was out
two bodies going
on different directions
his blue uniform T shirt
floating in the powdered air  
barely walking up and down

he fell
while cleaning the murky water
that flooded the region
of cement factories and grey hills
two weeks without his employers
to even pay for the pain killers
or severance pay and no off time
his face had the expression of a struggling
red snapper

we would watch a gossip show
on the TV
while he ate spiced dry beef
boiled eggs and rice
the stories on the TV were mostly about
spouses, children, abandonment and
violence and
girls sleeping with their step dad
a psychologist and the skinny loud mouthed
blond moderator
who acted as the defender of society
completed the act

Joel could not stand up to open the door
a doorkeeper who couldn’t open the door
finally, after two weeks of silent pain
they gave him an assistant
we packed the last China bound container
bellied up with modems
to be refurbished and resold
to a billion internet hungry
Chinese beings

My job was done
two weeks past and I came back
he was not there anymore
but I found him
200 yards away under his shack
a crammed cardboard cluster of homes
he was in bed
lost 40 pounds and was
piped up, draining blood
from the chest
and a bag of urine attached to the waist
someone was laying next to him
sleeping the afternoon
he smiled at me
missing two front teeth
skinny as a mummy
had three tumours
one trapped between the kidney
and the spine
one more in the stomach and the last one
next to the liver
he was to be taken to the hospital
with a danger of loosing
the kidney and his life
I gave him a kiss on the forehead
and left

It was the same pink sunny day
the same old trick of a life
but something was not right
it never usually is

2 hours ago      20 minutes ago

He cut my bones open with his bare hands and I still chose to be with him

I let his blood seep into my veins and yet
I still believe that I own control of my body

I always knew he would grab me by the neck until I couldn't breathe
I never listened to the voices in my head

He never said good night
He always said good bye

Life isn't full of lessons
He is just a mistake

He swallowed my soul and shielded himself
He always promised to protect me

No matter how hard he squeezed my heart it would never beat faster

The voices in my head told me to leave
I was too busy trying to untangle the ropes he tied around my heart

Now he is gone and I am the one who lost
I lost control of the voices in my head

All I can hear is his voice when I think of myself
I can hear him telling me all of the reasons he left

His blood still streams through my veins and my skin is cut open
His touch still remains on my lips and I can feel him when I breathe

In and out I breathe his words
Every second that goes by my mind  slowly fades aways

He chocked me before I got the chance to say good bye

You should have listened to us
#leave   #lost   #dark   #mistake   #voices  
5 hours ago      22 minutes ago

you are now a secret subject I can't talk about,
because if anyone ever knew
- you are what inspires me -
they'd question my sanity

#love   #life   #inspiration  

At a hermitage:

    A cool fall night--
getting dinner, we peeled
    eggplants, cucumbers.

Haley Lorish
Haley Lorish
9 hours ago      1 hour ago

what is not
may seem what is
an innocent thought
small things we miss

what we want is all we hear
ignorant masks to hide our faces
but don't be fooled again my dear
ugly things hide in beautiful places

Weeping willow
Weeping willow
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

For a moment I saw
All was bright
Tiny pieces of joy
passed through me

In this moment
songs were born
Filling my voice
to the core

Footprints of the Lord
passed by
Unseen by my eyes
Leaving his light to rest
upon my weary soul

For a long moment
I had life

Till shadows crept in
closing the door
Setting my heart to lay
upon the floor

Weary of life
Sorrow touched my heart
Sitting beside me once more
Till all was silent
My song was not heard

My spirit had gone into
the shadows
Waiting for the Lord to pass by
to give me life
In a moment of light
Once more.

By Weeping willow

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