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Under that clouds whose rain might fall
In that boulevard no one desired to walk
Getting ready by the touch of showering love
And you are there a lonely man long to stay

Can I be close to you?

Strong wind blows, blows your soul
Dancing trees made you dance in joy
Falling leaves and your heart skip a beat
And you were there a lonely man long to stay

Can I be close to you?
So we can love, we can both love the scene
And that love we hope to grow and keep
Can I be close to you?

-It is because I’m listening to The Paper Kites beautiful song “Bloom” where there’s a line Can I be Close To You? But the song has a different meaning though-
#love   #hope  
1 hour ago      2 minutes ago

The yellow we captioned was hacked,
Checking the glare to a first flat page,
Pushing the morning to a second green.

I am eighth.
Buying the frame to a third still blue.
You are seventh.
The legend we added was tenth.

The code we handled was stacked,
Dividing the chair to a last cool meme,
Driving the morning to a still flat green.

Vanilla Scotch
Vanilla Scotch
1 day ago      16 minutes ago

Your hand closes over my foot
and it melts you,
such tiny feet you say,
omg so cute-
and I stare at you in disbelief
that someone so masculine
could be brought to his knees
by a small appendage
and my face makes you laugh
because you think I think
you're high on something
and maybe you are,
I still don't know, but
it's moments like these
that my feet carry me
out the door in the dark,
and you follow me because
you think something
might happen
on my way to the car
I walk tall, you say
I have presence
but I shrink and want to disappear
when a man coos over me
and I don't know why except
I like it
and I hate that about myself.

Stream of consciousness
Sara Jones
Sara Jones
4 hours ago      17 minutes ago

Love me, hate me, bleed me dry.
Kiss me, touch me, make me believe
In happy endings and meant-to-bes.
Push me, pull me, kill me softly.
Make me sober, make me salty.
Make me miss you, make me love you
Until there's nothing left
But endless packs of half-smoked cigarettes
And bottomless bottles of Hennesy on my lips.

#love   #hate   #alcohol   #happy   #not   #blood   #cigarettes   #miss  
Joseph Red Hawk
Joseph Red Hawk
1 day ago      22 minutes ago

A yellow backhoe
with a rusting bucket
by the road.

All laid out
like work clothes
with nowhere to go.

Like someone said fuckit
I'm not digging anymore holes.

Looking for busted water pipe
dreams and whatnot.

Broken roots between its teeth.
A dry hole; no pond
for the minnows.

A pumpkin carriage
ripe for the Repo one minute
after midnight.

A yellow backhoe.

Robert Szankowski
Robert Szankowski
1 day ago      26 minutes ago

the wind passes through the music
of your breath
and clouds rejoice
with the light reflected off the moon

you can see it
as waves topple to hug your toes
on the golden sands like a trumpet
celebrating the remaining days of summer

you feel the vibration, the moment,
the glow of earth inside you
as the day opens

you try to grasp it, hold it, own it,
when you do
it runs away with the wind

you tremble and your knees kiss the ground
then minivans arrive,
they pour out a symphony
of blossoms
laughing at the sun

written with Cara de Luna
3 hours ago      30 minutes ago

i don't get so sad anymore, you know.
and sometimes i wish i could go back and do things better,
do things right,
but something in me knows it was supposed to end when it did.

you've changed, anyway.

i don't want to say that you're not the person i once knew,
because i'm sure that deep down, somewhere in there, you are,
but i'm a tired person,
and i lack the energy required
to dig down so deep through skin and bone
trying to find the worn out shards of a memory;
the last pieces of the first person to make me feel so terribly alive.


i hope you're happy.
i have always hoped that you would be happy.

but i don't get so sad anymore,
and i don't want to linger on the past.

(still i write poems about you, simply for the sake of writing).


every now and again,
i'll think about you,
you and everything and everyone else who shaped me.

and it's hard to believe it's been two years.

and it's hard to believe that i have grown,
but i have,
and the truth is that i don't need you anymore.


i don't get so sad anymore, you know.
things have gotten better.
you're gone and you don't care and i sometimes wonder if you ever did, but i'm telling you anyway that things have gotten better because i want to prove to myself that it was right to let you go,
that i needed to let you go to finally be free.

you made me feel alive in a way that tugged at my heart with a surprising aggression,
but i deserve better than that.


for a.r., two years later.
#love   #sad   #life   #loss   #memories   #alive  
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