Shaded Lamp
Shaded Lamp
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for Mr.Cole's "Magic" assignment

The Magician

Moments of wonder
performed with theatrical pazaz
A prolonged instance of dumbstruck amazement
A slight of hand
or a glittery distracting explosion
creating a captivated audience screaming for More!



Fool us again

Test our I.Qs

See if we're sane

But to perform...
I need more money the magician boldly insists
Our hands thrust into our pockets, to our wrists
But wait...
Then a collective gasp
There on the table under lock and clasp
All of our wallets
Plain to see
And the future money of each baby
Did we clap?
Oh, how we heartily clapped
And cheered and laughed like we were handicapped
Then the show stopped
But we still clapped, stamping our feet
As the Magician strode off stage back to 10 Downing Street


For Mr Cole
I do hope this qualifies as "magic"
Money from thin air
1 day ago      2 minutes ago

those nasty thoughts linger
in her head
sitting there alone in her room
on her bed
she wanted it to stop but it
kept on going
it's driving her mad, her mind
is insane

she's getting restless, her patience
grows weaker
she's a loner with no friends
or a foe
she needed to find a way to
let it out
and writing on her skin is
the only way she knew how

and so her beautiful skin became
her diary
all the marks of her misery
each lies an untold story
where she kept it secretly from

#depression   #pain   #alone   #thoughts   #skin   #selfharm   #cut   #insane   #marks  
Karunakar  Saroj
Karunakar Saroj
1 day ago      18 minutes ago

I wake up early in the morning
Because, I like to see you sleeping
Whenever I saw your face
Found reflection of good fortune
You are one of my nicest thought
You are my sweetest dream come true
You are like a blessing from the heaven
Emotion  For  You is Unexplainable

................Karunakar Saroj............................
                (31August 2014 )

#you   #emotion   #for  
2 hours ago      20 minutes ago

I know that it still hurts,
But its better to admit that you're sad,
than to fake a smile everyday of your life
Past is a nice place to visit,
But certainly not a good place to stay
Open your eyes to the ones who loves you for who you are,
give them a chance to show you they worth it
And smile because you can.

Carl Joseph Roberts
Carl Joseph Roberts
1 hour ago      30 minutes ago

The Bottom Of A Glass

His face told the story
Of a man who'd seen his share
Of broken hearts and promises
And it seemed that no one cared

So he finished off his whiskey
Then stared down through his glass
He said somehow I got lost in this
And watched my life go past

Life had been his teacher
  He had learned from his mistakes
It had been a long hard lesson
That he learned all to late

He said you only have one life
And it goes by to fast
Don't waste your life looking at the world
Through the bottom of a glass

He said he couldn't see it then
But now it was so clear
That the bottle got the best of him
And it wasted all his years

He knew time had closed the door
And he could not change the past
Those answers he was looking for
Weren't in the bottom of the glass

Life had been his teacher
He had learned from his mistakes
It had been a long hard lesson
That he learned all to late

He said you only have one life
And it goes by to fast
Don't waste your life looking at the world
Through the bottom of a glass

Robert Gene Browning
Carl Joseph Roberts

The first original idea and draft of this poem was made several years ago by my friend Robert Gene Browning. Bobby and I grew up together since we were 11 years old and I consider him my closest friend. Bobby himself is a fantastic writer and like me dabbles in poetry and song. So with that I must give credit to him as this poem is about his personal feelings.  Because it is personal in nature he gets final say on the wording as to reflect what it means inside for him. We have changed single words, lines and entire verses over the last several years. We have also put this poem to song and have tried several different ways to sing it.  We have had many discussions on the many different aspects of this poem and changed the wording often. This is my latest modified version and I hope you enjoy.
Kason Durham
Kason Durham
20 hours ago      48 minutes ago

With glee he sinks his teeth in floured delight,
The roasted beef so tender, and melting cheese so dour,
His eyes alive, and happiness flourishing,
The child so young, knows not a world forlorn.

The rip of meat from shredding teeth,
Pulls away the lunchtime meal, stretching cheese like a broken seal,
His eyes alert, and weathered years showing,
The man now strong, forgets a world forlorn.

Onwards now with finale in sight,
The drink nearly gone, and watch ticking on,
His eyes are weary, his arms reserved,
With age he is slower, but wise from a world forlorn.

Before the finish though, his eyes look up,
So brown they were, but blue they felt,
From Images of life, of love, of glee,
Both golden and grey, he remembers his first bite.

Now with a boyish glow the old man grins,
He takes his last bite and sips his last sip,
He takes a paper and pen, his hat and coat,
And leaves, happy to have lived in a world forlorn.

We often live our lives but forget why we live them. Even the simplest of pleasures can breathe light into a darkened world.
#love   #man   #sad   #life   #happy   #thought   #old   #age   #youth  
1 day ago      50 minutes ago

I really don't know
How many repetitions more
Do I have to fall
Cause I keep falling
Over & over again for you
I can't blame you again
I can never be mad at you
Cause I was always falling
When I see your face

You keep coming back

I have to erase it every time
I have to pretend every time
That I don't care about you
That these feelings didn't come back

In my mind I wished
You two would break up
And I will have my chance again
But I know it won't happen
Both of you are meant for each other
Hearts are bounded full of fire
That fire will never go out

And I was the dumbest
During those 4 years
I never even asked you out
Let alone talked to you

It's too late.

In my head
This figment was always playing
What if 'we' actually worked
I get to see those big sparkling eyes
I get see that smile that shot me in the heart
I would tell you,
"My life was the worst
But it changed the day I met you."

But it will never happen..

I'm trying really hard to keep it together
Now that we're talking again
I'm just grateful
And I don't wanna lose that
I'd rather be friends with you
Than to not have known you at all

I'll just let these repetitions of fragments
That we had replaying in my head
Even if it's in the past
It's about you

You just keep coming back. I will try my best to hold it all in
#love   #heartbreak   #life   #pain   #falling   #repetition  
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