Cath Night Court
Cath Night Court
15 hours ago

Not bonded in any blood relation,
they were so close
Brothers by choice.
They shared the smallest of things
Thought, when they grey older,
ones life blossomed
and the others' doomed
He surrounded himself with pain
and darkness
Into a dark well, he fell deeper and deeper
Soon, he just breathed...
His betterhalf,
did every possible thing to bring hope
but there was no way out of the well
And so, he made him his favourite drink
and let him free.

He freed him
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Rickie Louis
Rickie Louis
1 day ago

Bestow to me your inner beauty and I will accent it evermore. Like a flower in bloom,  your fragrant and pulchritude all do adore.  To tend to you is more than an honor and privilege. May your thorns relinquish those who come deceivingly into the night, with lulls of lie and lye, as they aim to pluck you away.  Depart with what you see and close your eyes and feel the soft bellows of my love, like a warm breeze caressing your delicate petals. The true strength of a man is not dictated upon some ladder he can climb to look down upon others with judgment, or how swiftly he may come to take in such deceptive ways as to infer a prose that fate had commissioned him, but by the depth and dedication of his love despite those who try to conjure some defeat.

taia iverson
taia iverson
7 hours ago

the sky a faint grey
suddenly turned black as night
wind roars, thunder cracks

Tan Pratonix
Tan Pratonix
17 hours ago

I am waiting for Facebook to die,
so that people can be freed from Internet captivity.
It’s a shame that so much time is spent
on social networking sites
in a false illusory world, a world of fantasies and lies,
(not to refer to the unspeakable filth on many sites;
so many young people and children out in this jungle,
it gives me a fright!).

The actual world is right by our side
waiting for us to interact with reality
(abandoning our stubbornness and pride!)
Why can’t we speak to real people in real life?
Why should so many live boring, lonely lives,
chit-chatting, sharing silly posts and pics
and other trivial stuff
(so much fakery and fluff)?

It’s really a waste of time;
ruining precious lives.
Are the millions on Facebook sane,
or are they dupes like most of us,
addicted to the Internet,
getting high with hearts & thumbs ups & smiles;
it’s an awful shame
(and Net Addiction is to blame!).

I’ve written this so that people who
want to escape from the miry clay,
the squalid fen of Facebook
will respond bravely and say,
“Certainly, Yes!
I want to get out of this mess;
I’ve been caught in a web of delusion,
this nightmarish Fakebook Illusion!”

Tan Pratonix

Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
1 day ago

One decision
One choice
Can destroy
You love

Written 3 February 2016
#poem   #word   #10w   #ten   #poetfreak  
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
2 days ago

I so often wish I could find a cottage garden home
and hang just the right curtains,
plant beautiful flowers
take leisurely hot, steaming baths and showers
never again leave to go work in the grind
of dealing with customers
who have seemingly lost their minds...
just give me a cottage garden home
a few books to read
where my mind can roam
and allow me the quietness and solitude
just some peace and quiet -- shhh!!!
no, I'm not trying to be rude--
it's just that all day long I hear grumbling
I hear complaints galore
and my job is such that I can't ignore
the craziness of the public tis all too true--
so I really do NEED that garden cottage home
to escape and run away to...

This time of year retail really bites (well, on most days...)
Melanie Little
Melanie Little
4 hours ago

This is for the people who don't have the suicide hotline number memorized just in case.
For the people who have never cried sitting across from a counselor because their lives are actually perfect.
For the people who have never chainsmoked a pack of cigarettes while their brain flirts with the danger of "what if..."
Whose hands don't shake uncontrollably with the memories of what used to be.
This is for the people who haven't drank an entire bottle just for the peace of sleep
The people who haven't wondered if waking up isn't the scariest part of their day
This is for the people who weren't diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression all in a spin of words.
The people who don't have to hold themselves together with fake promises that survival is only half the battle.
To the people who have never met the call of a razor blade with the skin of their bodies.
This is for the people who say that mental illness is just whining.
Do you realize just how lucky you actually are?

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