Robert Fallon
Robert Fallon
1 day ago

A gentleman holds my hand.

A man pulls my hair.

A soulmate will do both.

― Alessandra Torre

A poem on how to treat women, and I always remember these simple words.
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Christian Vaughn Imhof

pink scars
like flower petals
peppered the peach skin
of her arms and legs

moss coursed
in absolute freedom
faded yellow-brick channels
sloping the crooked river mouth

clouds bulged
glazed across the Sun
like a flashlight
engulfed in sheets

Lighting cracked
the pane of sky shattered
air ignited instantly
and danced around us

two petals of a Flower

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Mercury Chap
Mercury Chap
11 hours ago

It was the witch

Who didn't know magic

Her spells rebound

Struck her heart

Tears, gloom all around,

No where to restart.

It was the ghost

Who knew the way to light

And though he wandered clueless

Without any delight,

Had a heart of a firefly

But no one to rely.

When the dark and the light

Merge with an ease

Of water paints

Where there's melancholy,

There's mutual empathy and love,

There's a new creation of hope,

It's all over above.

Story of the oer lost light and the one lost in dark.
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Avenge My Broken Song

Maybe you weren't skinny enough.
Maybe you talked too much.
Maybe you wore too much perfume.

Maybe you were never home on time, were a lousy cook, never made the bed, and liked vodka a little too much.

Maybe you weren't eloquent or quick enough, maybe you didn't have the willpower to stand up for yourself.

Or-did you ever consider-?

Maybe you were too perfect.

People who blame themselves for their failed relationships, for whatever the reason, sadden me. They need to know that in most cases, it's not their fault. I'm sure like most of my other poems that this one will go unliked and uncommented on, which is fine. It just needs to be out there, because maybe, just maybe, in a world of problems, this can be a ray of light to just one person.


A first Mute Coming—
In the Stranger’s House—
A first fair Going—
When the Bells rejoice—

A first Exchange—of
What hath mingled—been—
For Lot—exhibited to

Ridhima Dutta
Ridhima Dutta
4 hours ago

I wish I could roll you up in a joint
Lick that dry paper with the wet pad of my tongue
and smoke you all day long
Your words get me high
They are so abrasive masculine and rough
I want more
Not that I'm going to tell you
Being one of the many lovestruck
Is too much for my ego
I am more of a far away observer
Immersed but distant
You're a guilty pleasure and a secret thrill
Not that you'll ever know
Because I'd rather burn far from you
Than turn to ashes in front of your
You see pretty you may be
But you're still just one of the guys

Joel M Frye
Joel M Frye
3 hours ago

Come to me with tears, my eyes have cried.
Laugh until you hurt, I've been that manic.
Deceive me if you can, I know the lies
we tell ourselves in fear. I will not panic.
Pound my chest in anger, feel my strength;
know I know your pain, yet do not feel it.
Tell me of your breaking heart at length;
words absorbed and heard the salve to heal it.
We together know we can survive;
after all, we'd chosen different roads and
gone our separate ways just to arrive
in time to hold up one another's loads.
You think you weigh me down, yet do not see;
my burden's lighter when you lean on me.

Do you hear me now...my friend?
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