chasing vapors
chasing vapors
1 hour ago

healing takes time.
it could take several weeks,
or months or even years.
we are uncertain.
but the only certainty is that,
we will heal.
we will grow again.
we will be whole again.
we just have to be patient, love.
yes, there would still be nights
that you'd cry over what had happened,
there would still be times
that they'd pop up in your mind,
but, love, you will get through it.
the road is rough
and everything seems tough,
because heartbreak is not a joke.
yes, it is never a joke.
but let me tell you that
He, who created you---
fearfully and wonderfully---
has a purpose.
and sometimes,
His grace comes not in what He gives,
but what He takes away.
everything will get better.
keep fighting, love.
keep fighting.

And the distance between,
Kept their bodies apart
But not their hearts
In dreams of a fantasy
That befell upon each,
Every night,
As they both stared,
Throughout the midnight hour

#love   #sad   #beauty   #soul   #distance   #mates  

In love purely with a fancy
a delusion
provoking emotion and confusion

aching goodbyes
a struggle to face freedom
accepting to abandon a bond
between us two

dreading you will glide over your memory of me
within a blink of my drowning eyes
lead by desire, desperation and fear of dependance

dreading your actions will be parallel to mine
a route i am ashamed to admit to
a journey of freedom

leaving behind a bitter ending
losing the chance for another beginning

facing the near future of ending a relationship
#broken   #sad   #future   #end   #hurt   #relationship   #bitter   #illusion   #fancy  
Bryan Lauw
3 hours ago

“A memoir; for you were set apart.”

As I would wait at eleven,
At that moon ere the twelfth,
Would you be there? By the cleft?
Would I still see you, in even;

By the lights across?

Even so; and not,
Flusters in vain,
but firn; it blots not
unsieved trails by the rain.

Beseeched to cease upon this fixation,
“’Twas but a distant temperament.”

But I’d do it all over again.

I waited and still am.
#love   #poetry   #sad   #life   #sadness   #patience  
Arlo Disarray
Arlo Disarray
12 hours ago

i don't believe anybody is anybody, anymore
nobody is nobody
everybody is everybody
and i don't know who i am supposed to be
in all of this

a walking question mark
riddling my own mind
quietly behind
my soulless eyes
knowing damn well that half of them won't know until i'm gone
but still trying to form
some semblance of surprise

the walk i've been slowly enduring
upon my cracked and bleeding feet
has only managed to take me in circles
and i keep ending up back where i started

there is no finish line in sight,
only lap after lap
of the same
i'm certain i've passed this tree a thousand times
but i forgot the bread crumbs
at home, and now i'll never know for sure
which way to go

silence is the only laughter i know
and the applause in my head,
after the words form in my brain,
gives me a false sense of purpose

when in reality,
i'm laughing at my own jokes
and clapping my hands
for my own minimal accomplishments

#sad   #depression   #lonely   #pain   #anxiety  
15 hours ago

Maybe dying isn't so bad
I'm already living like I'm dead

#love   #sad   #life   #hate   #death   #depressed   #heartbroken  
Scarlet Rose
Scarlet Rose
16 hours ago

They can't see me cry
If they don't open the door

That's why I keep it locked

#broken   #sad   #alone   #crying  
16 hours ago

Maybe the stars feel lonely too,
perhaps they’re hurting inside,
crying through the night
because they can’t have you.

All I want is for your poison
to black out my light
just like the sun fades the stars
with every sunrise.

And as the stars stare at you
the sadness haunts me,
their spirits wander lonely
the same way as I do.

#love   #poem   #sad   #lonely   #stars   #her   #him  
Anna Skinner
18 hours ago

two people walked in on me today
not with a dick in my hand
or drugs

but a blade


the raw bloody beauty of the word
the sting of my fingertips
the buzz from the drink
it's better than your soft words
and caressing fingertips

it's better than the alcohol,
...than the hydros
...than the words

it's better than your words

once you're drunk enough
all wine tastes the same

once you're high enough
all life tastes the same


#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #depression   #sadness   #drugs   #sucks   #us   #high   #youandi  
Alison Latres
Alison Latres
20 hours ago

Do you know?
What's more beautiful than
Those insults that they use
To demonize, to mock?

The things you have, a great many
When there's nobody to talk to
Nobody to ask "are you okay"

What's prettier than the thoughts
That pump through your skull,
And drag you further to the grave
Than their words ever could?

Sweet crimsons, like ribbons,
When they're wrapped around your wrists
And all that flows from them is
What your flesh keeps inside

But more attractive still,
Is something much less divine..
But not to a broken child, yes?
You understand nonsense at this point.

A hanging rope,
Or a gunshot,
Maybe the weapon that pours red from your veins
Perhaps something else, you're more creative than I am

How did you want to go out?

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