1 hour ago

i am a butterfly
you wanted nothing more
than to watch me fly
but you loved my wings
so much
that you clipped them

So i said to myself
"Yeah, lets pretend like we don't each other
It's probably for the best anyway
Because when you talk to me
And grab at my shoulders the way
You use to, it all comes flooding back to me
Everything i pushed to the back of my mind
Hits me again like a tsunami
So i'll just turn my head
And walk away
Even though i can feel your eyes
On me.
Watching me.
Like you always used to."

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4 hours ago

I can't feel bad for you,
this is your own fault,
you let this happen.
You never wanted to
change your life
for the better,
and now here
you are,
and alone.

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4 hours ago

i've been breathing deeper,
caring more, loving harder,
smiling for the sake of smiling.
i've been losing sleep,
crying when you're not around,
getting high to block it all out.
i've been realizing this isn't easy.
exhausted after eight hours of sleep
spent in nightmares of lone times,
days spent fighting fatigue brought
on by the thought of your skin on
if i could tell you i would

mercy party
mercy party
4 hours ago

i quit drinking at 21
early did i have my fun
and my love she was no longer mine
in the last few days of 39.

now i'm in the Tower of London locked up and wondering
what i did and what i didn't, i'd do it all again
many questions concerning the circumstances of your disappearance
so i will go
and there's nothing to contradict.

and you will know what a secondary feeling is
when the widow understands the things you did
he was a good man
the blood is on your hands
you could of left but you insisted
not a chance

and you were right you're not going anywhere
you'll be stuck to matching chairs
things were good and you'll wanna think that they weren't
but you'll remember when her toast is burnt

and you will know what a secondary feeling is
when the widow understands the things you did
he was a good man
the blood is on your hands
you could of left but you insisted
not a chance

seems to be this stale giving up type of thing with you
like fire, submersion, someone new

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4 hours ago

You find out who people really are
when it comes down to those
important moments....

I never realized how much you
did not care.

Gracynn Hunter
Gracynn Hunter
8 hours ago

You were the darkness
To my light
Where I shine the brightest,
You will always take my light away.

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Alexandra C
Alexandra C
9 hours ago

Everyone tells you to never give up your dreams
But I am one of those dropouts
Of that philosophy it seems
I used to repeat that inspiration in my head as I drew
Pictures and pictures of things I decided were not good
At least not good enough to achieve my perfect future Where everyone is in awe of my work
And gushes about me over and over

I decided that my paintings would have to remain in the garbage
Where I believed they deserved to be
Because I had a shortage
Of belief in me
And what I thought I could be
I need money to survive
So I'll give up what I love
For a life of financial consistency

But whether or not my dreams ever come to fruition
I'm going to say what everyone else did
And tell my children and grandchildren
To never give up their dreams
While I throw away my last paintings and drawings in the trash
I pray that they will get what I never had
A dream that came true
And a job they love to do

Many people in this world give up on their dreams because they don't believe in themselves, and some people give up so they can live a comfortable life. Sadly, I believe I will be one of them as well.
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I'm so cold and lonely
My strength is fading
I weakly wave no one notices
Hello mr.candy man
Am I invisible walks out of shop
I'm lonely
I am weak
I feel fragile
But young inside
Hello is
Anyone out

Sometimes ...
#sad   #lonely   #weak   #fragile  
Anie Rose Tiu
Anie Rose Tiu
14 hours ago

Break my heart,
I want to write about you.
He left
Then I started Writing.

#love   #poem   #sad   #heart   #break   #hurt   #brokenhearted   #left  
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