Robert Haigh
Robert Haigh
2 days ago

Ben was kinda rough around the edges,
But Sally didn't care.
He came without promises or pledges,
But at least he was there.

She'd loved many men in her time, and yet
None had treated her well.
Would Ben turn out to be a better bet?
Well, only time would tell.

Three things in Ben's favour: he neither drank,
Nor smoked, nor chased women.
For those three things alone Sally could thank
Her lucky stars. Amen!

Much more than that, Ben sure was a cute one;
Sal saw that from the start.
She loved him like he was he only son;
That kitten stole her heart!


#love   #heartache   #humour  
Spooky Babe
Spooky Babe
4 days ago

I wonder if your eyes still know me
I wonder if they'd recognize my face
I wonder if they'd water if they saw me
I wonder if I've even left a trace
I wonder if I'm in your veins
I wonder if you've gone insane
I wonder if you can still feel me
I wonder if you even miss me
I wonder if you wonder about me
I wonder if you wonder how I feel
I wonder if you even give a damn
I wonder if our love is even real

January 18, 2017 4:19pm for my love across the fucking world
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5 days ago

I am burnt down to the wick
I am smothering in the ashes
of all the time lost waiting on you

I never thought I was afraid
of the dark, lost places
but I have to confess
this silence is unbearable

I am alone.

I can feel the weight of isolation
eating holes in my skin
I am ruined
mutilated by your indecision

Who will ever love me now?

Caitlyn Emilie
Caitlyn Emilie
5 days ago

So sleep deprived, yet I still can't seem to sleep.

Thoughts about you and I course through my veins and wash over me.

Memories flood my eyes, provoking tears to stain my cheeks.

This distance.

This heartache.

Plummeting me into the ground.

Stabbing at my heart with vicious  intentions.

Been a while since I put words on paper. Played with this concept tonight.
#poem   #distance   #heartache   #long   #hurting  
5 days ago

I see constellations within your eyes that keep me warm, and dream of being wrapped within your galaxy, inside your arms. I want to be your moon at its highest high, that calls to you like the rough waves tide. You are the reasons stars exist, a fairytale feeling I cannot resist. A pathetic poetic way to spill my heart, like an open vein, that only gushes metaphors and thoughts...and bitter sweet nothings only your ears can hear, your mouth can taste, your heart only can feel. A Demigod forced to live within fallen grace, with a sinner who could never perfect her place. I know inside, what I wish for your eyes to seek, will truly never be. 
That may just be the death of me.

#love   #poetry   #romance   #stars   #galaxy   #thoughts   #writing   #heartache  

blind mess .
you a damn fool .
can't see what's right in front of you ..
" I guess .."
and yeah you guess right !
just be getting me mad tight ..
my mind so heavy , but I can see light .
too lite .
some shit just ain't sitting quiet with my spirit .
lies ? I am not even trying to hear it .
not anymore .

#love   #heart   #depressed   #hurt   #fool   #spirit   #heartache   #mad  

My soul is a song that sings a raspy tune,
About love, life and the heartache I've been through.
My heart is a book with pages and chapters written out of order about me and you.
I can't seem to remember the beginning of either and the end seems like a distant future.
But I want you to take your time listening, reading and trying to understand,
Because my life is in these words
And even if we're from different worlds
Love, pain, joy and heartache are things we've all come to know.
And by simply listening and reading each other, we can begin to grow.

#love   #life   #pain   #joy   #song   #know   #heartache   #grow   #hellopoetry107  
7 days ago

I worship your ghost
And I look for your shadow
But I've forgotten
That I'm the phantom
Running along the corridor
For my broken heart
That you keep in a jar
Too many pieces
Of bleeding love
You stored
Too many bottles of life
You've ripped out
Where's mine?!
I fall down to the floor
Drowning with frustration
Choked with anger
I'm just another additional art
Of the broken heart you've collected


Nathan A
Nathan A
Jan 15

She pulled out my heart.
She kept it warm and beating.
She smiled and I smiled back

My heart pulsated in her hand....

She stopped....
Took a look at my beating heart...
She smiled as she threw it too the floor
Stomping on it, till it was broken

Leaving me.



No one will love you more than I do,
you’ll probably realise in a month or two,
but by then it will be much to late,
for the lovers of this world hardly wait,
they search for souls that shine like theirs,
put on this planet to find their pairs,
soon I’ll find someone that appreciates me,
for you clearly never did, and one day you’ll see,
that you made a mistake, and gave up something truly great,
but by then my dear, it will be too late.

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