Danielle Suzanne
Danielle Suzanne
8 hours ago

Pave me a path to the moon
I'll walk the whole way
Encouraged by the silver dust craters
and white light.

It looks to be a gentle place
A place to go to close your eyes
and exhale.
A place to go to
have your face touched
and heart filled.

On the moon
I will be peaceful.
I will revel in the
weightlessness of it all
and store that feeling in my heart.
Remembering it in moments
when I am feeling
crushed by the heavy earth.

In the meantime
while my path is being paved
I'll keep my moon dream alive
by late night star gazing
and keeping
silver dust in my pocket.

March 23rd 2017
#love   #moon   #hope   #stars   #escape   #tired   #dreamer  
Dark Delusion
10 hours ago

Breathing in one last breath of air.
Laying with a smile painted on my lips.
Humming the melody of my favorite song,
and finally closing my eyes for the last time.

The dark is devouring the light,
keeping the shadows away.
Rain pouring down,
taking away my last flame of life.
The wind with it’s cold touch,
making my whole body shiver.

Looking at the stars
before moving my eyes to the moon.
Reaching after the light I couldn’t have.
The beautiful scenery that lasts a lifetime,
And the last glance I got before leaving.

Never looked at the night sky again.
The final hours before drifting away.
Too dark to see, too pretty to ignore.
Black was my colourful colour.

#life   #death   #moon   #dark   #beautiful   #stars   #black   #night   #sky   #light  
12 hours ago

you are a star in a street-lamp sky burning fiercely amidst the dull monotony
in every universe we find each other
in every life i look up & see your light
& i smile
for i have been here before

#love   #sad   #life   #heart   #hope   #happy   #friend   #stars   #thoughts   #you  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
1 day ago

in regards to where we would find
our hands and elbows entwined,
you never did guarantee that
you could answer with certainty.
"Anything could happen
in five years, Vin-
we could be the last two people
on Earth," you told me,
"how's that for an answer?"
well, it's a shame that we weren't.

it's a shame our love had to share
so much in common
with the stars that we swore
were living with us
when we'd bullshit in the car,
forgetting how much light years
play tricks on our eyes.

it's a shame that our love
had to be the canary that
never made it out of the coal mine;
though we reassured ourselves
it would come about before night,
the last echoes of those birdsongs
only came from the walls of our minds.

and it's a shame that
when we speak,
it's seldom that we talk,
so I may never know
just what you really wanted to do
with all of this-
whatever it was,
I just hope this wasn't it.

#love   #sad   #romance   #stars   #birds   #personal  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
1 day ago

we could move back to The Cul-de-Sac
when we're ready to visit
the simpler times,
and you could be Kevin,
revving up your motorcycle
in our driveway every Friday night,

and we'd enjoy the boiling stars
on our walk down The Lane,
and you'd tell me that it took
a few years to appreciate it,
but you love how the aroma
of my Krankshaft No. 5
has grown on you,
"'... fresh cut spring flowers
strewn across a babbling brook
with a hint of lemon.' isn't that
what that one dork said
it smelled like, back in 1999?

Funny how time flies, man,
how about when we get home,
we watch some cartoons,
and you can scratch my head,
and we can watch our tongues
change color from the jawbreakers
that I've been saving for us tonight?"

Yeah, wouldn't that be nice?

1 day ago

I waited, I waited, I waited,
and I waited a little bit longer.
Someday, somehow,
somebody had to save me.
They had to, they did,
because I never thought that I could save myself.
And you know what?
I didn't have to.

We wait for the one because anything else would be simply embarassing.
But I didn't get one, oh no.
I got three.
The moon.
The stars.
The sun.

Eventually everything stopped making sense.

There was a wolf knocking on my door, and I was begging him to break it down.
Wolves howl at the moon, that's just their nature.
But he never did.
He spent hours and hours just sitting, just staring.
What big eyes you have, Mr. Wolf.
Big, brown eyes.

The moon saved me from my past.

The stars shone like jewels that night,
the night that I encountered the troll.
Trolls live under bridges, that's just what they're used to.
He asked me his riddle,
I gave him my answers.
All of the wicked games and aggressive glares followed us.
They followed us all the way back under the bridge.

The stars saved me from my future.

For the first time, I saw the sun.
An existence of wanting and waiting was made that little bit easier by it's bright, nourishing light.
The sun made me forget why I had once cowered in fear,
once shaken with anger.

The sun saved me from my life.

I don't remember when things stopped making sense.
Maybe it was the night I tore my chest apart and screamed below the moon.
Maybe it was the night I spoke to the stars and they spoke back.
Maybe it was the morning that the sun made me forget.

#love   #sun   #moon   #stars   #space   #personal   #confusion  
1 day ago

I will love you until the day the moon will vanish into its dark vast space
Until the stars slowly untwinkle as you close your eyes during the night.

And until i see the morning sun rising reflected upon your brown eyes

I will unconditionally love you until  our universe will inevitably explode into the void

Just as how defeaning our world crashes and collides,
Is just as perfectly how i would want to loudly speak your name and yell how solemnly am deeply inlove with you

#love   #moon   #stars   #collide  
Chloe LeBoeuf
Chloe LeBoeuf
2 days ago

The reflection of countless stars
Shimmered in the dark street.
Echoed through the form of tables,
Empty and longing for its
Inevitable visitors.
The passing individuals have become
Numbers, twinkling lights in the distance.
The loving, the lonesome, the cross, the scared…
All held stories, forgotten and left spared.
Continuing their pass night to new night,
As the reflection of countless stars shines so bright.

#art   #stars   #night   #street   #painting   #lights   #vangogh   #cafe  
T      A
2 days ago

"But no."
The Sun said to the Sea.
"We cannot be close,
You cannot accept me."

The Sea simply roared.
"I only reflect you,
and so my love is assured!"

The Sun said; and so down it came.
evaporating the Sea.
"Now we will never be the same."

#love   #stars   #distance  
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